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Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Omnia Profumi New Perfumes

  At the largest regional exhibition Beautyworld Middle East 2019 a separate place was allocated for niche perfumery. It can be said that this place,...
21-04-2019 18:52

New perfume SPIRITO by Meo Fusciuni

The Italian brand Meo Fusciuni launches the new fragrance SPIRITO. We haven\'t smelled it yet, so I let the brand founder, Giuseppe Imprezzabile, ex...
21-04-2019 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope April 22 - April 28

  This week look carefully into what makes you frustrated. Do you have plans for what to do with it" The keyword of the week is "freedo...
21-04-2019 18:52

Widian Rose Arabia Collection: Almond, Taifi and Lily

  From the Widian house, we always expect something new, luxurious, created with extreme attention to detail, design, and composition. The new co...
21-04-2019 18:52

AquaFlor Jalousie

Walking the Dubai Mall reveals new releases! AquaFlor perfume house from Florence presented the new Jalousie creation that appeared on the market in...
20-04-2019 18:53

A New Bombshell From Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Paradise

The Bombshell perfume collection by lingerie house Victoria\'s Secret has been expanded with a new edition named Bombshell Paradise, aiming to evoke...
20-04-2019 18:53

Masque Milano Kintsugi: chypre with a heart of gold

Italian niche brand Masque Milano presents a new fragrance called Kintsugi. It is named in honor of the Japanese technique of repairing of ceramic p...
20-04-2019 18:53

QUINTESSENCE: The Niche Perfumes at Beautyworld Middle East

  QUINTESSENCE is a niche platform where for the fourth time prestige perfume brands were presented as part of the Beautyworld Middle East exhibi...
20-04-2019 18:53

Marc-Antoine Barrois Launches Ganymede

  Marc-Antoine Barrois is a French Haute Couture designer for men, who works in a classic but modern style, with obsessive attention to quality and d...
20-04-2019 18:53

New Indie Perfume House Laughing Saint's Debut Giveaway

  Laughing Saint is a new east coast based independent perfume house that recently came over my radar. I was fortunate to receive samples of the two ...
20-04-2019 18:53

Scents for Easter

  The holiday known in various parts of the world as Easter (likely from the Germanic Ostern), Pascha, or Resurrection Day, will be upon us this Sun...
19-04-2019 18:52

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Scent Your Future, Created By

Continuing our reports on the special perfume art-projects presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2019, we should mention the futuristic Givaudan proj...
19-04-2019 18:52

Byredo Sundazed

The Swedish niche brand Byredo, recognizable by their minimalist packaging and less is more philosophy, will launch its new perfume creation called ...
19-04-2019 18:52

Aftelier Announces a New Release: Embers and Musk

  California-based natural perfumer Mandy Aftel announces her latest perfume, Embers and Musk, which is her first new liquid perfume in two years. Ma...
18-04-2019 18:54

When Fragrance is a Ghost: The Scent of Loss

  Some fragrances are ghosts. I say this in the here and now, from a particular point of view. A few weeks ago, someone very close to me unexpected p...
18-04-2019 18:54

Meo Fusciuni Introduces Spirito: Liquid Poetry of An Inner J

  At the end of Metamorphosis Cycle, introduced a little over one year ago with the launch of Little song, Meo Fusciuni unveils a new fragrant creati...
17-04-2019 18:53

The Scent of Sunday: The Kickstarter Campaign for Arielle Sh

    The luxury scenting brand Arielle Shoshana, Washington D.C\'s first niche fragrance boutique, is thrilled to announce the launch of their Kicksta...
17-04-2019 18:53

Beautyworld Middle East Dubai 2019: A Joy for All Senses!

BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST 2019, the region\'s largest exhibition and trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances, and wellbeing, started on April...
17-04-2019 18:53

Meo Fusciuni Introduces Spirito, Liquid Poetry of An Inner J

  At the end of Metamorphosis Cycle, introduced a little over one year ago with the launch of Little song, Meo Fusciuni unveils a new fragrant creati...
17-04-2019 18:53

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: The Smell Of Dubai, Created By

  The great thing about perfumery corporations is strategic planning. They plan their participation at key regional exhibitions for a long time, tryi...
17-04-2019 18:53

Bvlgari Aqva Atlantiqve

    The original Aqva Pour Homme was created by Jacques Cavallier in 2005 and can be considered a variation on the megapopular aquatic aromatic fouge...
16-04-2019 18:55

Azzaro - Mademoiselle Azzaro L'Eau Très Charmante

Azzaro continues the fragrance line inspired by the image of a young Parisian woman - Mademoiselle Azzaro - with the new "mischievous" edi...
16-04-2019 18:55

The Brand Les Liquides Imaginaires Bewitches us With Beauté

  Indomitable, elusive, the beauty of the devil is adorned with the attractions of the night to bewitch us. Emanations of gin, puffs of absinthe, the...
16-04-2019 18:55

The Salty Rose of Bleu Abysse by Les Extravagants de Rosine

    We have previously presented the new line by Les Parfums de Rosine, i.e. Les Extravagants de Rosine (2019) on Fragrantica, and our editor-in-chie...
16-04-2019 18:55

ESXENCE: Master Parfums Contest 2019

Saturday, April 27, 5-6 pmVilla Quarzo conference room Attention Esxence participants!   The ESXENCE MASTER PARFUMS Contest will take place on Satu...
16-04-2019 18:55

ATKINSONS: The Bright Young Things

Read the first part of our story on the House and their scents in ATKINSONS: Georgian Bear Redux.   Life in 1920s London was truly bustling. The Gre...
16-04-2019 18:55

Eternel Gentleman by Samuel Akata

    Samuel Akata was born in Togo and has lived in Paris since his early childhood. He began working in the fashion business as a model for Kenzo, I...
15-04-2019 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope April 15 - April 21

  ?According to folklore, the period from the full Moon through the last quarter of the Moon is the best time for killing weeds, thinning, prunin...
14-04-2019 18:54

Euphorium Brooklyn Perfumery Presents An Exhibition of Curio

  Euphorium Brooklyn is a niche perfume house founded in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC, by artist and self-taught perfumer Stephen Dir...
14-04-2019 18:54

Liu Jo Milano

Liu?Jo  presents Liu?Jo Milano - a new perfume that is announced as enchanting, glamorous and glittering. The fragrance is intended for women who re...
14-04-2019 18:54

Yohji Homme: The Vintage Version

  The transparent and very unusual fougere Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto (1999) is one of those vintage fragrances that I adore from the first breath...
13-04-2019 18:53

Italian Spring By Simone Cosac: Lilac, Roses, and Jasmine

  The Simone Cosac Profumi story is rooted in Florence. It was there, in the Renaissance villa, Villa La Tana, a former lawyer and happy mother of th...
13-04-2019 18:53

I Don't Recognize You in Disguise, or Why Has My Fragrance C

Most of us know the feeling: you test a very familiar, favorite fragrance at a store and you are surprised that something in it has changed. In our ...
13-04-2019 18:53

Prada - La Femme Prada Water Splash L?Homme Prada Water Sp

  The concept of the latest limited editions of Prada - La Femme Prada Water Splash and L\'Homme Prada Water Splash ? paints an ideal holiday picture...
13-04-2019 18:53


Anne-Laure Hennequin, a specialist in perfume sales with a rich experience of over 20 years in international training, has introduced an entertainin...
13-04-2019 18:53

Dame Perfumery Chilehead: Peppery Sharpness for Cool Guys

If the title or the illustration is any indication, then spicy sauce lovers unite and read on, for Dame Modern American Perfumery is launching somet...
12-04-2019 18:54

Homoelegans Like a Jewel

  Freddie Mercury, the legendary voice from The Queen, is the inspiration for yet another fragrance from the Italian brand Homoelegans. This house al...
12-04-2019 18:54

Saint Morits: The Strange Story

  Perfume house Saint Morits Paris is interesting for two reasons. First, because it  was founded in 1735, when it was selling fragrant floral and la...
12-04-2019 18:54

Fashion and Math: The Choices of Hipsters and Those Mainstre

  Recently, I accidentally found out about a mini-study by Jonathan Touboul (Department of Mathematics, Brandeis University, The Hipster Effect artic...
11-04-2019 18:54

ATKINSONS: Georgian Bear Redux

    Atkinsons, a renowned British perfume house, is both young and old, and that is exactly what makes it so irresistible. Over two centuries ago, in...
11-04-2019 18:54

Leonard Pour Homme: Their First Fragrance For Men

  The history of the French brand Leonard began in 1958, when a Lyon textile manufacturer, Jacques Leonard, entrusted his name to Daniel Tribouillard...
11-04-2019 18:54

Caswell-Massey, IFF, Yellowstone Forever Launch Yellowston

  Caswell-Massey\'s President, Nicolas Arauz, exploring Yellowstone with the park\'s botanist to develop the collection.   Caswell-Massey, America?s ...
11-04-2019 18:54

Carolina Herrera CH Queens CH Kings

Carolina Herrera launches two new, limited editions of the original fragrances CH and CH Men ? CH Queens and CH Kings.   CH QUEENS "Love is li...
11-04-2019 18:54

Between Venice and the Middle East: Discovering Dolce Fiore'

  Instagram can be a beautiful thing for fragrance aficionados. Someway, somehow, I discovered this profile from a new brand called Dolce Fiore, and ...
10-04-2019 18:53

Rochas Eau de Rochas Escapade Exotique

Rochas (Interparfums) has launched a new, limited edition from the line of the original Eau de Rochas (1970) ? Eau de Rochas Escapade Exotique ? whi...
10-04-2019 18:53

Esxence 2019: New Perfumes By Francesca Bianchi

    Let\'s add some intrigue to our awaiting of the ESXENCE 2019 exhibition in Milan. Francesca Bianchi, who created the perfume The Lover?s Tale tha...
10-04-2019 18:53

1,2,3, Stella!: The New Fragrance by Maison Gabriella Chieff

  Since the first creations from her brand, Maison Gabriella Chieffo, the owner, art director, and lately, nose, Gabriella Chieffo offers a perspecti...
10-04-2019 18:53

Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Eau de Parfum: Bergamot +

    Ermenegildo Zegna is one of the most important Italian fashion houses: For over one hundred years, this family-owned company has produced fabrics...
09-04-2019 18:54

Michelle Pfeiffer Presents the Henry Rose Collection

In collaboration with IFF perfumers Yves Cassar and Pascal Gaurin, famous American actress and producer Michelle Pfeiffer has launched a genderless ...
09-04-2019 18:54

Sergio Tacchini Club For Her

After three men\'s Club releases from the Sergio Tacchini brand (Club from 2012, Club Intense from 2015, and Club Edition Monte-Carlo from 2016),...
09-04-2019 18:54

Lucas Sieuzac Joins Eurofragance as a Senior Perfumer in Fin

  At the beginning of April 2019, LUCAS SIEUZAC joined the Spanish company Eurofragance as a Senior Perfumer in the Fine Fragrance sector. From his b...
08-04-2019 18:53

L?Air de Panache: Mark Buxton for Wes Anderson

  If you\'ve watched the film ?The Grand Budapest Hotel? by Wes Anderson, then you remember that the concierge of the hotel, Monsieur Gustav H., does...
08-04-2019 18:53

Welcome Spring! Modern Floral Perfumes That Fit the Season (

  Spring is felt by many as this miraculous experience when the whole world comes back to life, after you almost started thinking everything was...
07-04-2019 18:58

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Gold Blend

Ralph Lauren launches Polo Blue Gold Blend in the spring of 2019, the new masculine fragrance that is a flanker of the original Polo Blue from 2003....
07-04-2019 18:58

Perfumed Horoscope April 8 - April 14

  You made some steps and choices this year towards truth that will set you free. Isn?t it comforting to live in your own truth" It is a rea...
07-04-2019 18:58

Burberry Her Blossom

Burberry Her is the new pillar perfume in the line of British fashion house Burberry; the first under the new creative director Riccardo Tisci and t...
06-04-2019 18:57

Bortnikoff: The Third Collection

  A Russian architect by training, and now a specialist in the distillation of exotic plants and resins residing in Thailand, Dmitry Bortnikov has re...
06-04-2019 18:57

Collecting Impressions, Beyond Façades: An Interview with Wi

  For over a decade, Alexander Lauber?s research projects and historical investigations through the medium of scent have gathered under the brand Wie...
06-04-2019 18:57

Repetto Dance with Repetto Florale

Dance with Repetto Florale (or Floral Dance with Repetto) comes out in the spring of 2019 and expands the new collection of perfumes started with th...
05-04-2019 18:53

Hard Like Wood: Ebene de Pierre Balmain

Ebene Pierre Balmain was first released in 1983, under the supervision of the American company Revlon, which acquired the license to manufacture and ...
05-04-2019 18:53

Vanille Farfelue: Jeffrey Dame Goes CraZy!

  Jeffrey Dame has been at it again. Does this guy ever sleep" I don?t think so, judging by how quickly he answered all of my emailed questions....
05-04-2019 18:53

Happy Anniversary Molinard! 170 Years of History, Craft, an

The house of Molinard just celebrated its 170th anniversary, an event they graced with the launch of a new fragrance named Bel Air. The fragrance ev...
05-04-2019 18:53

Jil Sander Sunlight Review

  The new release by Jil Sander impressed us not so much by its novelty, although I like this brand, but by the "right choice" of celebrit...
04-04-2019 18:54

Avon Flourish Honey Blossom

Avon is inviting us to "experience the first sweet bloom of spring with this uplifting scent." With their newest fragrance launch of great...
04-04-2019 18:54

Like a Pink Cloud at Sunset: Exploring Fluffiness in Scent

  What is fluffy" Most of us would define it by naming things that are fluffy: clouds, whipped cream, a powder puff, a baby chick, or freshly l...
04-04-2019 18:54

Frederic Malle: New Mini-Bottles

Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle perfumes found its new mini-bottles in a volume of 30 ml. These black cylinder bottles have magnetic stoppers, and...
04-04-2019 18:54

Sunday Brunch Kierin NYC Fragrance Review

  Kierin is a new perfume house from New York founded by a couple, Mona Maine de Biran and her husband Didier Maine de Biran, in 2018.     "...
04-04-2019 18:54

Guerlain Eau de Bain: The New ?au de Rituel Fragrance

  Guerlain is busy populating their line of fragrances with an unstoppable productivity in recent years. Their collection Eaux de Rituel ("ritua...
03-04-2019 18:54

As Above So Below, a Fragrance by artist Bunny Rogers and Ré

  As Above So Below is a new collaboration between the Los Angeles-based perfume house Régime des Fleurs and multimedia artist Bunny Rogers. The perf...
03-04-2019 18:54

New Brand From Italy: Venezia 1920

  I hate having to keep secrets, so today my heart is feeling lighter. Finally, I got the green light to publish the news and my opinions about this ...
03-04-2019 18:54

Discovering Phlur Perfumes: Quality Fragrances Crafted With

  Those of us who spend a decent amount of time browsing around on line for perfume related topics are very likely to have encountered the name Phlur...
03-04-2019 18:54

Amouage Portrayal Woman, Portrayal Man

  On April 1st, Amouage presented a new duo called Portrayal as an olfactory portrayal of the 1920s Bohemian culture. As Amouage Creative Director C...
03-04-2019 18:54

Guerlain Les Parisiennes Imagine Celebrates London

  The collection Les Parisiennes by Guerlain is presenting the newest fragrance at the beginning of April 2019, which was created as a fresh, spa...
02-04-2019 18:54

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal A Paris

  Jean Paul Gaultier expands his Scandal line with a new release that comes after the first Scandal launched in 2017, and Scandal by Night from 2...
02-04-2019 18:54

Jo Malone London Blossoms 2019: New Frangipani Flower Cologn

  Jo Malone London presents the new spring collection Blossoms, which adds the new creation of Frangipani Flower Cologne to the three existing an...
02-04-2019 18:54

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

In the spring of 2019, following the first two editions of the Daisy Love Collection, Daisy Love from 2018 and Daisy Love Sunshine from 2019 (launch...
01-04-2019 18:53

UERMI OR ± Damask: Perfume-Snowflake

  After the ESXENCE 2018 exhibition, where many admired the new fragrance UERMI OR ± Damask and called it one of the best perfumes of the event, we s...
31-03-2019 18:53

Dzintars My Charm: Elegant, Grace and Special

Latvian cosmetic brand DZINTARS has presented a new perfume collection MY CHARM which includes three fragrances: My Charm Elegant, My Charm Grace ...
31-03-2019 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope April 1 - April 6

  This week we are looking at Chiron. He?s a former asteroid, former minor planet, and currently a comet. Spiritually, he brings a very exciting ...
31-03-2019 18:53

Lanvin A Girl In Capri

A Girl In Capri is a new fragrance from the house of Lanvin that comes out in the spring of 2019. As the new "pillar" of the Lanvin house,...
31-03-2019 18:53

Gods and Demons Collection Parfum Prissana

  I first met Thai indie-perfumer Prin Lomros, twice the finalist of the Art Olfaction Awards independent perfumers competition, at The Scent Dubai ...
30-03-2019 18:54

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds En Rouge

  One of Hollywood\'s greatest names continues to influence for years after her death. In the spring of 2019, a new perfume with the name of actress...
30-03-2019 18:54

Here Comes the Sun: Celebrating Sunshine as a Trend

  The Sun is shining much stronger this year in our perfume industry. Last year it started shyly with a few perfume creations that may have not ...
29-03-2019 18:53

About Perfume Creation: Participate in the Webinar with Alex

Esxence is a big perfume show that will take place in Milan at the end of April 2019. Organizers of the show always prepare something special, both ...
29-03-2019 18:53

Diptyque Eau de Minthé

Diptyque, inspired by ancient Greece, launches a new fragrance from Les Eaux line - Eau de Minthé. According to Greek mythology, Minthé was a watery...
29-03-2019 18:53

Country Cologne Henry M. Betrix: Maurice Roucel's Debut Perf

  The first time I learned about Country Cologne for Ellen Betrix was in our interview with Maurice Roucel. The legendary Symrise perfumer recalled i...
29-03-2019 18:53

Now in Stores: The Wind Chimes in Cartier's Carat

Sometimes in the pursuit of the rare we lose sight of that which is in front of our eyes. Beyond the psychological "blind spot" of not not...
29-03-2019 18:53

On Fougères, Once Again

The question "What is a fougère"" would hardly puzzle even a novice fragrance aficionado. Everyone is certainly aware of Houbigant\'s...
28-03-2019 18:53

Olympea Legend and Invictus Legend: Two Flankers That Bloom

  It was in the middle of the desert of Namibia that the advertising campaign of the two new flankers of Paco Rabanne, Olympea Legend and Invictus Le...
28-03-2019 18:53

Nerosa Laboratorio Olfattivo: Yet Another Black Rose

  The black collection of the Italian brand Laboratorio Olfattivo, which is notable for its perfumes-equal-to-statements, has been replenished with a...
28-03-2019 18:53

Lancôme Trésor en Or

Trésor en Or is a new, limited edition presented in March 2019 from Lancôme. TRÉSOR EN OR adds a twist to the iconic Trésor fragrance, composed by p...
27-03-2019 18:53

Viktoria Minya X Costes: Perfumes and Desserts

  Do you remember the beautiful perfumer Viktoria Minya from Hungary with her sweet Hedonist perfumes" The last two years she has been busy rais...
27-03-2019 18:53

Moon River: Tea Time with Maison Huygens

  The house of Huygens, a French cosmetics company focusing on the most beautiful natural raw materials and working with a maximum of organic ingredi...
27-03-2019 18:53

An Ode to the Perfumes I've Loved Before

Okay, so this isn?t technically an ode, but good and catchy titles are hard to come up with, people! I confess that I did attempt (albeit briefly) a...
26-03-2019 18:53

Love By Kilian Don?t Be Shy Eau Fraîche

Love by Kilian, the perfume with the subtitle Don?t Be Shy, was launched in 2007 in collaboration with perfumer Calice Becker. It was the first unde...
26-03-2019 18:53

Fumerie Parfumerie Portland Event: Sample Swap

You may have noticed our past announcements of the Fragrance Swap events at Fumerie Parfumerie in Portland, Oregon, which is a very popular, recurri...
26-03-2019 18:53

Hendley Perfumes Presents Untitled

Perfumer Hans Hendley founded his perfume house Hendley Perfumes in 2014, based in New York City, and takes pride in being a one-man show; he meticu...
26-03-2019 18:53

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Legend Invictus Legend

  PACO RABANNE, under the licence of PUIG, is presenting new flankers of the popular Invictus and Olympéa fragrances in March 2019, as well as new a...
25-03-2019 18:53

Fragrance for Mother's Day (UK): Gift Suggestions from our E

With Mother\'s Day celebrated on March 31st in the UK we look into some wonderful fragrances to gift to that special woman in our lives...or to ...
25-03-2019 18:53

Giorgio Armani Code Absolu Femme

  At the beginning of 2019, Giorgio Armani presented the men\'s edition of Armani Code Absolu with the Canadian actor and producer Ryan Reynolds ...
25-03-2019 18:53

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