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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Mon Paris Gold Attraction E

Yves Saint Laurent releases new limited editions dedicated to the 2018 winter holiday season, tagged with the words Gold Attraction. The fragrances ...
22-10-2018 18:53

TFWA 2018 Profumitalia: Pineider Nero Incenso, Panama 2.0, H

At the world exhibition TFWA 2018, PROFUMITALIA presented the innovations and collections of brands that it represents and distributes. The stand...
22-10-2018 18:53

Roja Dove, the Perfumer. Part One

  I had the pleasure of meeting with Roja Dove, one of the world\'s most respected perfumers, and interviewing him in Moscow. He arrived to open the...
22-10-2018 18:53

Rich Mess by Ryan Richmond

Ryan Richmond, a New York-based art director and designer who has been working on campaigns and digital platforms for leading luxury, fashion and bea...
22-10-2018 18:53

Best in Show: Narciso Rodriguez (2018)

Narciso Rodriguez is a designer that has really caught our attention in the last 15 years and his perfume line is frequently making the headlines of...
22-10-2018 18:53

Berdoues 1902 Eaux De Toilette Figuier Sichuan

  Until next summer, we can expect a lot of new fragrances from the French brand Berdoues, a variety of creations that will delight fans of fresh ye...
21-10-2018 18:55

L'Erbolario Dance of Flowers - Danza di Fiori

DANCE OF FLOWERS / DANZA DI FIORI is the new floral fragrance of the Italian cosmetic house L\'Erbolario presented together with the Rhubarb line. A...
21-10-2018 18:55

Herrera Confidential Eaux de Toilette: Six Soft Colors of Sp

  In 2015, Carolina Herrera started the new precious line Herrera Confidential, which, as the house stated, distinguished itself from the other Herr...
21-10-2018 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope October 22 - October 28

This is the time of the year, around Halloween, when we get the extra courage to do things we otherwise wouldn\'t. This week with an ambitious an...
21-10-2018 18:55

Nishiki Shiseido and Japanese Brocade

  Japanese perfumes are known to most Western users by the Shiseido brand, the first Japanese manufacturer of cosmetics and perfumery. The first form...
21-10-2018 18:55

Xerjoff Coffee Break: Golden Moka and Golden Dallah

I love coffee; the smell of the roasted beans, ground or spiced, combined with hazelnuts, chocolate or caramel... A hot cup of coffee is for me s...
20-10-2018 18:53

L'Erbolario Rhubarb - Rabarbaro

RHUBARB / RABARBARO is a bittersweet fragrant line presented together with Dance of Flowers / Danze di Fiori. Both lines are presented as Fall 2018 ...
20-10-2018 18:53

New Collection Gratte-Ciel Serge Lutens L'Innommable

  Perfumes of the collection Gratte-Ciel ("Skyscrapers") by Serge Lutens have started to appear in stores worldwide. Eleven perfumes are h...
20-10-2018 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2018: Pierre Guillaume Interview

    Pierre Guillaume has been a regular guest of the Pitti Fragranze perfume show in Florence for years, but he missed the 2016 and 2017 events. So I...
20-10-2018 18:53

L'Occitane en Provence Rose

L\'Occitane en Provence launches a new rose fragrance - simply named Rose Eau de Toilette - primarily intended for the Asian market. This light, fre...
20-10-2018 18:53

Revisiting a Classic: Revlon's Jontue (1976)

  I can?t count the number of times that the perfume Jontue has been mentioned in popular culture. I think I?ve heard the name in TV shows and films ...
20-10-2018 18:53

Fly Away Mugler Review

The news about the dispersion of the Mugler cologne ray upon the five, distinct, multicolored fragrances that Sandrina reported on earlier made me h...
19-10-2018 18:53

Mûre et Musc: 40 Years Old Without Aging at All!

Jean-Francois Laporte never imagined in 1978 the success his newest creation would meet. The small wonder of balance, Mûre et Musc, still seduces its...
19-10-2018 18:53

Mugler Aura Eau de Toilette: Aura of Piety and Compassion

  More "concentrated" versions of perfumes usually raise doubt about the purpose of less concentrated ones. Very often, people think that ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Æther Supræm Series

    This spring Æther, the experimental side project of Nicholas Chabot, creator of the French niche brand Le Galion, introduced a new collection ca...
19-10-2018 18:53

The Dominique Ropion Daily: Maison Margiela Mutiny Givench

And now a short break for the latest news. Lately, two new fragrances have appeared in stores, and both were created by the perfumer Dominique Ropio...
19-10-2018 18:53

Sprays and Candles: New Home Scents From Lalique

  The house of Lalique is famous for its jewelry, glass, crystal and perfume. But these areas of design can also come together, and not only with per...
18-10-2018 18:53

Montblanc Explorer

After Legend and Emblem, Montlanc announces the new male pillar fragrance that comes out on the market in February 2019. Montblanc Explorer tells th...
18-10-2018 18:53

Two New Fragrances by Rituals Based on the Yalda Tradition

Dutch cosmetics and fragrance company Rituals, founded in the year 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, offers a luxurious collection of high quality produc...
18-10-2018 18:53

Atelier Prada: Customize the Look of Fragrances L'Homme Prad

The Prada brand is excited to offer a fashion touch to their popular perfumes L\'Homme Prada and La Femme Prada from 2016, creating  Atelier Prad...
18-10-2018 18:53

NOVA Astrological Candles

Brooklyn-based perfumery Nova was founded by self-taught perfumer Julia Zangrilli in 2012, and made its name offering custom blended fragrances whil...
18-10-2018 18:53

40th Anniversary of Polo Ralph Lauren

  Let\'s imagine for ten minutes that perfumes can be masculine or feminine again, and that they can differ greatly. For example, in men\'s fragrance...
17-10-2018 18:53

Armand Basi Night Blue and In Flowers

  Two new ARMAND BASI fragrances have already appeared in perfume stores, and sales assistants are actively offering them on smelling blotters to eve...
17-10-2018 18:53

Now in Stores: Calvin Klein Women Burberry Her

  Do you apply your perfume in association with the style of your outfit of that day" Whatever your ritual is, this association isn?t easy to a...
17-10-2018 18:53

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Tommy Girl Now

  American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger recently held its Tommy Hilfiger Fall Winter 2018/2019 fashion show in Shanghai, China, which was broadca...
17-10-2018 18:53

New Fragrance: Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex

Victor Wong, the creator of Zoologist perfumes, has joined forces with perfumer and architect Antonio Gardoni, to create the brand?s latest creature...
16-10-2018 18:53

Oriflame Eclat Mon Parfum by Emilie Bevierre Coppermann

  The Eclat Collection by cosmetics brand Oriflame brand is widely known and counts more than 10 creations for women and for men. The first Eclat fr...
16-10-2018 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Oil Musc Parfum

  Narciso Rodriguez added to his fragrance line a new perfume oil that celebrates the first fragrance of his perfume line, the iconic Narciso Rodrig...
16-10-2018 18:53

Goldfield Banks in the USA and Their New Rare Edition Sout

The arrival of a fragrance brand in the US is always of interest to those who keep up with the newer niche offerings. Goldfield Banks Australia is ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2018: Vetiver Forever Emmanuel Levain

While at the Pitti Fragranze 2018 perfume event in September, I decided to take a chance on getting acquainted with the Swiss brand Emmanuel Levain ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope October 15 - October 21

The truth may not always be a matter of facts. Sometimes it can be bent, refurbished, and sometimes not saying something is worse than a lie. Wit...
15-10-2018 18:52

Bvlgari Rose Goldea Jacky Tsai Edition

The new limited edition of the already best-selling and popular Bvlgari perfume Rose Goldea comes out in October 2018 to mark its first anniversary....
15-10-2018 18:52

Zara The Naturals Collection Molecules Collection

  In the past few months, the Zara fashion brand has launched numerous fragrances, including two very interesting lines: Molecules and The Naturals....
15-10-2018 18:52

Best in Show: Shower Fresh Scents (2018)

Charles Dickens once mused on the merits of the shower: "I think it is of service to me as a Refresher ? not as a taker out, but as a putter in...
15-10-2018 18:52

Jacques Bogart Club 75 VIP

  Jacques Bogart is a classic French brand characterized by multiple interpretations of its fougère DNA ever since the iconic debut fragrance was lau...
15-10-2018 18:52

D.S. Durga for Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf, Come Und

David Moltz, co-founder and perfumer of the Brooklyn-based niche fragrance house D.S. Durga, is behind a special project, launched in October 2018 ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Parle Moi De Parfum: Interview With Benjamin Almairac

Parle Moi De Parfum is a bit complicated to pronounce, but that\'s okay, since you are trying to pronounce it for the first time. The house is brand ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Original vs. Flankers: Givenchy Insensé

"A great fragrance is recognized by the nearly physical shock you experience when coming across it for the first time," wrote Edmond Roudn...
14-10-2018 18:52

Gattinoni Armonia

Having a history of 72 years in the world of fashion, including Couture, Prêt-à- Porter and Accessories,  the Italian house of Gattinoni was founded...
14-10-2018 18:52

Perfume Your Home with Rye Whisky by Joya

  The New York based perfume house Joya, founded by Frederick Bouchardy and known for their beautiful porcelain, exclusive perfumes and scented candl...
14-10-2018 18:52

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature: Cut the Sugar

  It\'s been a year since I was introduced to Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature, the new edition of the Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo line. But only now...
14-10-2018 18:52

Désert Suave, the New Journey of Liquides Imaginaires

Philippe Di Méo presented last Tuesday at Villa Rose the very beautiful fragrance Désert Suave, the latest creation of the trilogie Eaux Imaginaires....
13-10-2018 18:53

Which Kinds of Love" Kilian at Sephora Reviewed

  What?s meant when someone says ?niche perfumery? is increasingly harder to define. Many noses often cross over between small houses and major firm...
13-10-2018 18:53

A Fragrance Of Pure Happiness: Happy Chopard Bigaradia

  In a private apartment at the Majestic Barriere Hotel in Cannes, during the TFWA 2018 perfume show, Chopard Parfums presented the newest fragrance...
13-10-2018 18:53

Tuscan Creations by Salvatore Ferragamo

  Salvatore Ferragamo has just renewed, reshuffled and embellished its exclusive fragrance editions under the new and unique line called Tuscan Creat...
13-10-2018 18:53

Hervé Gambs Ice Cologne: Ice Lemon, Ice River Ice Land

At a TFWA stand in Cannes, Hervé Gambs presented his upcoming collection of fresh, citrusy, aquatic and minty creations. The new Ice Cologne line co...
13-10-2018 18:53

Let?s play with Moschino Toy 2

  Toy 2 was presented at TFWA in Cannes in October 2018 The brand of Moschino keeps on trying to bring out our inner child and to revive our pre-te...
13-10-2018 18:53

On Molecules, Yet Again: Molecular Fragrances

  Lately in fragrance-related writing we have increasingly encountered mentions of successes in the field of so-called "molecular perfumery.&qu...
13-10-2018 18:53

Now in Stores: Fresh Rose Morning

  Fresh is a company I?ve had my eye on for a number of years. Their Cannabis Rose and Patchouli Pure are some tried and true favorites. I wasn\'t su...
12-10-2018 18:53

Bottega Veneta L'Absolu

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta (Coty) began building its fragrance collection with the first feminine Eau de Parfum edition in 2011, a fragran...
12-10-2018 18:53

Atkinsons Gold Fair In Mayfair

Perfume Holding premiered the new limited edition from the Atkinsons brand - the perfume called Gold Fair In Mayfair - at the  TFWA show in Cannes. ...
12-10-2018 18:53

Olfactive Studio Presents Their New Collection Sépia

One of the highlights of the TFWA perfume show in Cannes was for me the discovery of the new Collection Sepia by Olfactive Studio. I never kept it ...
12-10-2018 18:53

Nu EDP Yves Saint Laurent (2001) Review

    I love the smell Nu YSL EDP as much as I do not understand its concept. It\'s all about contradictions. The name ?nude? hints at Yves Saint Laur...
12-10-2018 18:53

Mauboussin Private Club For Men

  Under the Lorience licence, MAUBOUSSIN presened at this year\'s TFWA 2018 fair in Cannes the new masculine fragrance that we can expect on the mar...
12-10-2018 18:53

Good News: The House of Caron is Not Lost!

  In June, the lovers of the historic French house of Caron had some disturbing news: the Alès Groupe (which also owns cosmetics brands like Lierac ...
11-10-2018 18:52

Love Tuberose Amouage: Delicate, Sweet, Desired

I adore Amouage and I adore the scent of tuberose. Not just \'like\'; I adore it. Totally obsessed. In case with some Amouage perfumes with a leadin...
11-10-2018 18:52

Dotting the Rose to Illustrate the Perception of Smell

Reflecting on the subject of smell perception I often recall one magic trick. The magician asked a member of the audience to smell a handkerchief cl...
11-10-2018 18:52

Jennifer Lopez Enduring Glow

The new fragrance was presented at TFWA in Cannes.  Designer Perfums is the new license holder of Jennifer Lopez fragrances, and their first ...
11-10-2018 18:52

The Complete List of Novelties from Pitti Fragranze 2018

  27 87 PERFUME The brand launched the second fragrance of its The Next Generation Collection   ? Genetic Bliss. It is a very woody fragrance with...
10-10-2018 18:54

6th Annual Art Olfaction Awards Opens Submissions

For the sixth time, The Institute for Art and Olfaction is organizing the annual Art and Olfaction Awards event. Continuing their tradition of hosti...
10-10-2018 18:54

Less is More: Angel Schlesser Femme Adorable

  Among the latest launches at the TFWA 2018 show in Cannes, ANGELINI BEAUTY put the focus on the new fragrance of the Spanish fashion brand Ange...
10-10-2018 18:54

Dior J'Adore Absolu

J\'Adore Absolu, available since the beginning of October 2018, is a new edition of Dior\'s J\'Adore collection. The original J\'Adore was created ...
10-10-2018 18:54

Lemon Liada: Carefree Cologne in the Old School Manner Sam

What does it take to shed a ray of sunshine on an autumn\'s day" You know the song, the one the Fool\'s Garden sang about a Lemon Tree about tw...
10-10-2018 18:54

Time is Fragrant: Franck Muller Perfume Collection

The Franck Muller brand was one of my lucky finds in Florence, while it was not presented at Pitti Fragranze 2018. It was presented in a hotel lobby...
10-10-2018 18:54

Bond No 9 Presents New Bond St. , Dubai Platinum and Lafayet

One of the most beautiful booths that won\'t leave anyone indifferent, with numerous attractive flacons, many novelties, as well as plenty of rem...
10-10-2018 18:54

Olivier Cresp Introduces Akro, His Own Fragrance Brand

Welcome to Akro, Olivier Cresp\'s personal brand. Akro is Olivier breaking rules with a new and surprising rock attitude. We have never seen this ma...
09-10-2018 18:52

Magnetic Wood The Harmonist

I also grunted when I first saw the name of this brand. The Harmonist" What can we expect from a harmonist, some old melodies" So I left a...
09-10-2018 18:52

Collistar Prestige Collection: La Vaniglia

The new addition to the Collistar Prestige Collection is named La Vaniglia, and premiered at the TFWA exhibition in early October 2018. "A sens...
09-10-2018 18:52

Glory FC Barcelona: The Smell Of Victory

Each name that becomes a brand, sooner or later appears on a perfume bottle. Most cars and jeans, the best jewelry brands and even politicians have ...
09-10-2018 18:52

Valentina by Guido Crepax

  Created by the Italian company The First, from Milan, Valentina by Guido Crepax was the highlight of its booth at the TFWA exhibition in Cannes. Th...
09-10-2018 18:52

Kenneth Cole - Serenity, Energy Intensity

Presented at last year\'s TFWA exhibition and launched this year, the new fragrances from American designer Kenneth Cole (Parlux) - Kenneth Cole For...
09-10-2018 18:52

Atkinsons White Rose de Alix

The new fragrance from Atkinsons belongs to the Legendary Collection line, and was premiered at the end of September in London at the Burlington Arc...
09-10-2018 18:52

Tauer Scented Candles

  In the niche world of perfume, Tauer Perfumes and Tauerville fragrances are known and loved for their creativity, quality, longevity, and intensity...
08-10-2018 18:53

Xerjoff Allende Presented in Cannes

  During the TFWA 2018 perfume event in Cannes, the Italian luxury house Xerjoff presented all their collections on an yacht at Marina Village, wher...
08-10-2018 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope October 8 - October 14

  This week we are observing the Venus retrograde motion which started October 5th in Scorpio. The Goddess of Beauty will be going backwards as ...
08-10-2018 18:53

Elle L'Edition

Elle fashion and lifestyle magazine starts a new chapter with the new Elle L\'Edition perfume that comes out in October 2018. The new fragrance is a...
08-10-2018 18:53

Porsche Design 180

Porsche Design (licensed by Designer Parfums) launched a new men\'s fragrance, named 180, inspired by an innovative flacon design that, when turned 1...
08-10-2018 18:53

???? - Ukranian Woman by Jeroboam for Parfum Buro

  The French perfume house Jeroboam in collaboration with the Ukranian project Parfum Buro, has introduced the new fragrance ???? (pronounced as \'V...
07-10-2018 18:53

Jil Sander Simply Eau de Parfum Poudrée

Jil Sander (Coty) continues the Simply Jil Sander line of elegant, sleek and refined minimalism with the new edition Simply Eau de Parfum Poudrée, d...
07-10-2018 18:53

Best in Show: Chamomile (2018)

Chamomile is an international herb of great significance; there is almost no culture that doesn?t use it or at least acknowledge its presence as a s...
07-10-2018 18:53

John Varvatos JV x NJ Crimson

In August 2018, fashion designer John Varvatos released the JV x NJ fragrance dedicated to American award-winning musician and actor Nick Jonas, as a...
07-10-2018 18:53

The Merchant Of Venice Blue Tea

The Merchant of Venice continues its journey into the Far East with the launch of a fragrance inspired by the aromas and precious materials of Asian...
06-10-2018 18:52

Jacomo Goes Gourmand With Night Bloom

  The house of Jacomo has been making fragrances since 1970 and it is responsible for masterpieces like Silences and Jacomo de Jacomo, for example. T...
06-10-2018 18:52

Trussardi Sound of Donna - The Sound of Gourmand!

Presented just a couple of days ago in certain perfumery stores and in travel retail, the latest Trussardi for women takes a step towards gourman...
06-10-2018 18:52

Acide Editions M. R.: Eau de Cologne Reinvented

  Acide is the debut fragrance by Editions M. R., the Parisian fashion label for modern men. The brand is the initiative of childhood friends Mathieu...
05-10-2018 18:53

New Le Labo Tonka 25

  Following the launch of Thé Noir 29 in 2015, Le Labo is now launching its newest scent, Le Labo Tonka 25, in late 2018. Perfumer Daphne Bugey of F...
05-10-2018 18:53

What is The Best in New Niche"

  The perfume show TFWA held in Cannes every year has ended today. Together with Pitti Fragranze we visited just a few weeks ago, it was a main sourc...
05-10-2018 18:53

Burberry - Burberry Her

In August 2018, Burberry entered a new era under the creative director Riccardo Tisci, (replacing Christopher Bailey) who presented the new logo...
04-10-2018 18:53

Histoires de Parfums Invites You to Their Perfume Ateliers i

  Fall is here and with it comes new adventures! With great enthusiasm, HISTOIRES de PARFUMS is announcing the launch of its first Perfume Ateliers....
04-10-2018 18:53

Founders of the Osmotheque: Who Were They"

  Most of our readers know what the Osmotheque is. This is an international perfume archive, located in Versailles, where they carefully preserve the...
04-10-2018 18:53

Community The Zoo Review

  When Christophe Laudamiel announced that he was launching his own brand, The Zoo, I was delighted. The perfumer has created several interesting pro...
03-10-2018 18:53

I Am Trash - Les Fleurs de Dechet Etat Libre d'Orange

  In Florence, during the Fragranze 2018 perfume event, I had the opportunity to try the notorious perfume I Am Trash - Les Fleurs de Dechet by the n...
03-10-2018 18:53

TFWA: Iceberg Since 1974

  Perfume Holding, which holds the license of Iceberg fragrances, is presenting a new perfume pair, Iceberg Since 1974, inspired by the essence of ...
03-10-2018 18:53

New From Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin: No. 25 Bouquin

  The perfume brand and boutique Frau Tonis Parfum was founded in 2009 and is known for its extensive fragrance collection and its location near the...
03-10-2018 18:53

First Ever Men's Fragrances in the Collection by Jo Malone

British niche brand Jo Malone has long made fragrances that appeal to men and women at the same time. Their concept was closely connected to nature ...
02-10-2018 18:52

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News most viewed Today

John Varvatos + Nick Jonas JVxNJ ~ new fragrance

John Varvatos + Nick Jonas JVxNJ ~ new fragra...

John Varvatos has launched John Varvatos + Nick Jonas JVxNJ. The new fresh fragrance for men is part of the duo\'s limited edition capsule collection for Spring Summer 2018... -
FRAGRANZE: Mancera Paris Jardin Exclusif, Aoud Exclusif, Vanille Exclusif

FRAGRANZE: Mancera Paris Jardin Exclusif, Aou...

The newest collection by Mancera Paris was presented at Pitti Fragrance in Florence bringing the focus to three Exclusive editions: Jardin Exclusif, Aoud Exclusif and Vanille Exclusif. The collection offers the typical Mancera styles,... -
Jennifer Aniston Near Dusk ~ new fragrance

Jennifer Aniston Near Dusk ~ new fragrance

Jennifer Aniston will launch Near Dusk, a new fragrance for women, this month. Near Dusk is meant to capture "that glowing feeling that comes over you as the sun sets and night falls"... -
Jo Malone White Moss & Snowdrop ~ new fragrance

Jo Malone White Moss & Snowdrop ~ new fragran...

Jo Malone has launched White Moss & Snowdrop, a new limited edition fragrance for holiday 2018. (Orange Bitters has also been reissued for the holiday season...) -
Their moment even inspires a new fragrance?

Their moment even inspires a new fragrance?

Two lovers escape a blaze at a famous London hotel. Out of the flames steps a hero, carrying the woman who loves him. It?s romantic, heroic and a photographer slaps them on the world's front pages. Their moment even inspires a new fragrance. But... -
Perfume Review: Mont de Narcisse & Mandarina Corsica by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Perfume Review: Mont de Narcisse & Manda...

L’Artisan Parfumeur has been at the forefront of niche perfumery for forty years and in those four decades […] -

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