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Carolina Herrera Iris Empire ~ new fragrance

Carolina Herrera has launched Iris Empire, a new addition to the Herrera Confidential collection... ...
31-08-2020 18:55

La Nuit De L'Homme Le Parfum by YVES SAINT LAURENT

La Nuit De L\'Homme Le Parfum by YVES SAINT LAURENTMen EdpLa Nuit de L`Homme Le Parfum was launched by YVES SAINT LAURENT in 2010. is a Oriental Foug ...
31-08-2020 19:55

Six Scents Essentials: A Scented Comeback

Six Scents Parfums is a brand that Joseph Quartana (also known for his other line, Parfums Quartana) started in 2008 with an impressive lineup of col ...
31-08-2020 18:55

Vince Camuto Terra Extreme

  Beside the newest feminine fragrance Brilliante launched recently and presented in our news, one of the American lifestyle brands, Vince Camuto, i ...
31-08-2020 18:55

How to Satisfy Wanderlust with Perfumes

Perfume can inspire wanderlust as well as satisfy it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve planned my vacations around the harvest perio ...
31-08-2020 18:55

Atelier Cologne + Quentin Monge

A quick spot for the limited edition summer bottle of Atelier Cologne Clémentine California, designed by illustrator Quentin Monge. ...
31-08-2020 18:55

Monday scent of the day 8/31

It\'s Monday and the last day of August. A very happy 75th to Van Morrison! (PSA: the next swapmeet will be on September 12, and we\'ll have a freebi ...
31-08-2020 18:55

MARC JACOBS Splash Pear Tester Perfume

Splash Pear by MARC JACOBSUnisex Edt TesterLaunched in 2009, MARC JACOBS Splash Pear is a fresh and ripe fragrance, capturing a delicious summer indu ...
31-08-2020 19:55

Kenneth Cole Mankind Unlimited

  The masculine Mankind perfume collection from the house of Kenneth Cole presents the newest creation of aromatic-citrusy-fougere character. The co ...
31-08-2020 18:55

Lippizan Parfums de Marly: Classics Never Die

The history of the niche brand Parfums de Marly is connected with the French palace of Marly, commissioned by Louis XIV in 1680 and demolished in 180 ...
31-08-2020 18:55

Current Copyright Problems: Olfactory Law And The Minefield

Music is easily copyrighted, the legal precedent that assigns and protects reproduction and usage rights to creative and artistic expressions of idea ...
30-08-2020 18:54

Ariana Grande R.E.M. ? Salty Lavender in Zefir

Celebrities\' fragrances can\'t afford to be unique, because their purpose is usually purely commercial. Not all of them though, and those exceptions ...
30-08-2020 18:54

BVLGARI Petits et Mamans Tester Perfume

Petits et Mamans by BVLGARIWomen Edt TesterAlcohol-free fragrance, Petits et Maman which is classified as aromatic-floral was launched in 1997. iIt is ...
30-08-2020 20:05

A Walk With Someone PROAD: The Smell of a First Date

Thai indie perfume brand MITH Bangkok continues to grow rapidly. If you remember, it started out as an inexpensive souvenir perfume project with one ...
30-08-2020 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope: August 31 - September 6

  We are facing a very dynamic week, I?ll call it ?Mind over stalled emotions? week instead of the typical ?Mind over matter." We may experi ...
30-08-2020 18:54

Total Recall: Magie Noire

 Magie Noire perfume ad in the first Soviet issue of Burda Moden, 1987   While collecting material about Fidji, I remembered that I first saw the pe ...
30-08-2020 18:54

Lost in wonder

A spot for Jo Malone Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine. ...
29-08-2020 18:54

Maison Francis Kurkdjian L'Homme À la Rose

  Francis Kurkdjian\'s roses have an amazing quality ? they are memorable. Until now, all of them were made for women: the powdery-marmalade Essence ...
29-08-2020 18:54

Nino Cerruti Pour Homme 1979: The First Cerruti Fragrance

The first fragrance of the Italian house Cerruti somehow passed by most of our radars - everyone knows the Cerruti 1881 perfume collection, launched ...
29-08-2020 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late August 2020

We\'re marking the last weekend in August with our standard-issue open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today ...
29-08-2020 18:54

Maya Njie Les Fleurs, Nordic Cedar & Vanilj ~ fragrance revi

I\'ve never been a minimalist ? not by nature, not by nurture. I\'ll never live in an airy space with bare white walls or limit my clothing to a caps ...
29-08-2020 18:54

MARC JACOBS Splash Cucumber Tester Perfume

Splash Cucumber by MARC JACOBSUnisex Edt TesterThe MARC JACOBS Splash Cucumber is a delectable summer treat with the crisp cool scent of cucumber. Lau ...
29-08-2020 19:58

New Perfume Musk Deer by Zoologist

Viktor Wong of Zoologist has announced the launch of his new perfume Musk Deer. The perfume is created by Pascal Gaurin of IFF (New York). According ...
29-08-2020 18:54

Cartier La Panthère Parfum

  The Cartier house is famed for its panther motif, present on its jewelry and fragrance works, symbolizing femininity, mystery and elegance. This w ...
28-08-2020 18:55

Straightforward and clear

The first reason was the delicacy of this rose, its pure color, its beautiful sunny heart and the fact that it reminded me of a wild rose. But what su ...
28-08-2020 18:55

TokyoMilk Classic Collection

American brand TokyoMilk Parfumerie Curiosite is owned and operated by designer and illustrator Elena Margot, who also owns the brands Lollia, Librar ...
28-08-2020 18:55

Friday scent of the day 8/28

Happy Friday! Today is the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington. Our community project for today is Dealer\'s Choice, edition 4: propose a the ...
28-08-2020 18:55

New From Armani: Some Hits and Some Misses

  Armani?s scent output has been prolific over the last few years. So far in 2020, with only 8 months gone and in consideration of Coronavirus, the ...
28-08-2020 18:55

The Rochas Chronicles Nº3: Eau de Rochas Pour Homme, a Very

  Eau de Rochas Pour Homme is one of the few perfumes I purchased five times in my life. This can only also be said about Pierre Cardin Bleu Marine, ...
28-08-2020 18:55

Spread love not germs

A (product-oriented) PSA from Bath & Body Works. ...
28-08-2020 18:55

Guerlain Shalimar Philtre de Parfum ~ new fragrance

Guerlain has launched Shalimar Philtre de Parfum, a new fragrance for women. Shalimar Philtre de Parfum is a flanker to 1925\'s Shalimar... ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Aerin Lauder Fleur de Peony

  Aerin Lauder continues to please the fans of romantic floral-fruity fragrances by launching the newest Fleur de Peony, which brings beauty to any ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Artificial Intelligence Is Learning To Smell More Accurately

Headlines about artificial intelligence?s efficacy at predicting the smell of new molecules have evolved leaps and bounds over the last few years. In ...
27-08-2020 18:54

We needed it

We needed it. I sat here in the evenings, because I was here late every night, and when I looked out over that and saw people dancing, I was like, ?Wo ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Caron Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis

  In August 2020, the French house Caron presents their newest masculine edition AIMEZ-MOI COMME JE SUIS; a surprising blend of hazelnut and envelop ...
27-08-2020 18:54

4711 Floral Collection Magnolia

  The floral collection for the house 4711 presented in the past year celebrates three special flowers and their seductive essences: jasmine, lil ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Louis Vuitton Meteore ~ new fragrance

Louis Vuitton will launch Météore, a new fragrance for men, tomorrow... ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Patchouli News: Van Aroma Launches ?Nilampedia? For Patchoul

Two years ago, we reported on the patchouli crisis in Indonesia that was moving primary cultivation from island to island as over-farmed soils turne ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 8/27

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Pots de Creme Day. Birthdays today: Man Ray, Lester Young,* Ira Levin, William Least Heat-Moon. What fragrance are you ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Review: Coco Mademoiselle's New Version

As announced on our site before, the house of Chanel unveils at the end of August 2020 a new face of the hit perfume Coco Mademoiselle from 2001, nam ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Game On

  The collection CR7 by CRISTIANO RONALDO will present the third fragrance CR7 Game On in summer 2020. It follows the aromatic fougere, CR7, from 20 ...
27-08-2020 18:54

The Story of Monomolecular Fragrances

For every trend and concept there is a story and the requisite history behind it. And a train of thought that proves there is no parthenogenesis in a ...
27-08-2020 18:54

Xerjoff Lunosa (Harrods Exclusive)

  Exclusively for Harrods, Italian niche house Xerjoff has introduced a new perfume, LUNOSA, "which will take us on an intriguing journey where ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 8/26

It\'s Hump Day, National Dog Day and Women?s Equality Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in a summer favorite: Thierry Mugler Cologne. Re ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Vince Camuto Brilliante

  The new edition in the Signature line of the Vince Camuto brand is Vince Camuto Brilliante, launching at the end of August 2020. Announced as a sp ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Collector's Edition Eau de Parfum (

  For fans of the very popular Libre Eau de Parfum fragrance, Yves Saint Laurent is preparing a surprise by creating a limited (collector\'s) editio ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Laboratorio Olfattivo Mandarino ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Laboratorio Olfattivo has launched Mandarino, a new fragrance... ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Perfumed Plume Awards Ceremony on September 3rd

The Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism will be held via virtual conference on Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. The co-founders, Lyn Leigh ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Flavor and fragrance corner

But the news from the industry?s flavor and fragrance corner is different. At two leading players?Givaudan and Symrise?both sales and earnings were up ...
26-08-2020 18:52

Marc Jacobs Perfect: An Imperfect Soapy Skin Scent

The notes list for Marc Jacobs? newest eau de parfum is very enticing, promising us rhubarb and narcissus set against almond milk, cashmeran and ceda ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Blu Mediterraneo + La Double J

A quick spot for the Blu Mediterraneo + La Double J collaboration. ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Is This Scent A ?Niche? Sauvage"

Bella announced the two new colognes from French brand Les Indémodables earlier this month, both created by newly independent perfumer Antoine Lie: E ...
25-08-2020 18:52

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Tester Perfume

Be Tempted Eau So Blush by DKNYWomen Edp TesterDKNY Be Tempted is a new sexier take on the classic DKNY Be Delicious collection. DKNY Be Tempted Eau S ...
25-08-2020 19:36

Anna Sui Sky ~ new perfume

Anna Sui will launch Sky, a new fragrance for women... ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Jo Malone Lost in Wonder: Fig Lotus Flower and Cypress G

How often is it you hear about a perfume story inspired by antiquity" Not very often, though antiquity has certainly fanned the flames of perfum ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Demeter Puppy?s Breath ~ new fragrance

Demeter has launched Puppy\'s Breath, the latest addition to their Fragrance Library... ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Five Memorable Fougeres Anyone Can Wear

Far too often, fougeres are seen as an "easy reach" for heading to the office or an important event. But I think wearing a fougere should b ...
25-08-2020 18:52

If you?re ready

Adria Arjona for Giorgio Armani My Way. Below the jump, a longer spot advertising the fragrance\'s ecological credentials. ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Tuesday scent of the day 8/25

It\'s Tuesday and Banana Split Day. A very happy 90th to Sir Thomas Sean Connery. What fragrance are you wearing" Tired, tired, tired...I\'m goi ...
25-08-2020 18:52

Caleche Eau de Toilette by HERMES

Caleche Eau de Toilette by HERMÈSWomen EdtWritten in 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was Hermès? first fragrance for women. A highly feminine, woody, chy ...
24-08-2020 19:35

Lingers like the melancholy ramblings of an old inebriate

This sounds like an admirable scheme and the descriptions of the candles on the website are great: ?The Local?, which ?evokes the classic British booz ...
24-08-2020 18:52

WIDIAN Limited 71 Intense

WIDIAN Limited 71 Intense is the new launch connected to the the original Widian Limited 71, which was presented for the very first time in 2016  ...
24-08-2020 18:53

Guerlain Iris Torrefie ~ new fragrance

Guerlain has launched Iris Torréfié, the latest addition to their L?Art et la Matière collection... ...
24-08-2020 18:52

Monday scent of the day 8/24

Monday, Peach Pie Day (yes please), National Waffle Day, International Strange Music Day and Pluto Demoted Day. Literary birthdays: Max Beerbohm, Jea ...
24-08-2020 18:52


La Nuit De L\'Homme by YVES SAINT LAURENTMen EdtLa Nuit de L`Homme is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions. The fragrance was launched by h ...
24-08-2020 19:35

Sweet Dreams 2003 A Lab on Fire: Mediterranean Dreams

A light floral citrus cologne with a French accent done by Thierry Wasser" Obviously, this is Guerlain\'s new cologne. Or not"   Thi ...
24-08-2020 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : August 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
24-08-2020 18:52

Dior J'Adore Infinissime

A new perfume from the J\'Adore Dior family will be released in September 2020, called J\'Adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime, announced as an "inf ...
24-08-2020 18:53

A Lab On Fire A Blvd. Called Sunset & Freckled and Beautiful

Niche line A Lab On Fire will launch two new fragrances, A Blvd. Called Sunset and Freckled and Beautiful, in September... ...
24-08-2020 18:52

A Subjective Podium Of The Best For Men From Prada

  Daniela Andrier is due more industry credit than she usually receives. Whilst Jean-Claude Ellena is the name everyone associates with the term ?si ...
23-08-2020 18:52

Rito - A New Italian Perfume House With an Arabian Touch

This year, despite all the difficulties in the perfume industry, I have been witnessing a lot of small new brands emerging. I assume most of them hav ...
23-08-2020 18:52

CK IN2U for Him by Calvin Klein

CK IN2U for Him by Calvin KleinMen EdtCK IN2U was launched by the designer house of Calvin Klein in 2007. CKIN2U fragrances for him capture the sponta ...
23-08-2020 19:29

Perfumed Horoscope: August 24 - August 30

  I wrote a few weeks back about the entire month of August and I recommend that you take another look at the greater pattern of this month: Perf ...
23-08-2020 18:52

Kilian Angels' Share Roses on Ice

  Niche house Kilian is launching two new perfumes inspired by the rich aromas of alcoholic beverages. Angels\' Share and Roses on Ice interpret cog ...
23-08-2020 18:52

The Beauty of the Golden Sun: Kajal LAMAR

  LAMAR, the fragrance of a radiant beauty. The newest fragrant jewel from KAJAL paints their perfume collection with the sensation of light and shi ...
22-08-2020 18:52

Iris Malikhân Maison Crivelli

French niche perfume house Maison Crivelli will launch its new perfume, Iris Malikhân, on the first of September, 2020. The niche brand is known for ...
22-08-2020 18:52

Scent Of Kiss My Heart by Armand Basi; Some Musings on Kisse

A year after Scent Of Kiss, Armand Basi\'s first feminine fragrance dedicated to kissing and its scent, the company released its new version, Scent O ...
22-08-2020 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ road trip! (episode 2)

A repeat of a poll we did in 2016. The pandemic is over, and you\'re going on a road trip. You can go anywhere that you can reach in about a day\'s d ...
22-08-2020 18:52

Friday scent of the day 8/21

Happy Captured Unicorn Friday! Our community project for today: wear a perfume that you thought would be impossible to get, but you managed it. If yo ...
21-08-2020 18:52

Dry vs Sweet vs Bitter : Perfume Descriptors (New Video)

What does dry mean when applied to a perfume" In fragrance, dry is used to describe compositions that are not sweet–it’s similar to w ...
21-08-2020 18:52

Diptyque Othoniel Rosa ~ new fragrance

Diptyque has launched Othoniel Rosa, a new fragrance in collaboration with artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. (The Othoniel Rosa candle was introduced last ...
21-08-2020 18:52

Three New Parfums du Voyage by FiiLiT

FiiLiT Parfum du Voyage is a young perfume house from France, obsessed with travel destinations and natural perfume ingredients. The first three com ...
21-08-2020 18:52

Montblanc Legend Eau de Parfum

  Montblanc presents Legend Eau de Parfum, a stronger and more powerful version of the original Legend fragrance from 2011, which already inspired ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Carven: Three Dans Ma Bulle Fragrances

Wondering how the Dans Ma Bulle concept and name could have come about in 2018" Living in your own bubble is the story of 2020, when we were all ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 8/20

Happy Almost-Friday! It\'s also National Lemonade Day and World Mosquito Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Gobin Daudé Sève Exquise, ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Tie That Knot: Vassilis Zoulias The Bow A Decant Draw

Although retro fashion is nothing new, with the vogue for vintage treasures soaring during the 2000s, there are always wonderful specimens of vintage ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Green Notes in Perfumery

Fresh and juicy green fragrances have become a significant perfume trend. From a supporting role, the green note has become a star following the grea ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Revisiting Allsaints: Powerhouses You Probably Overlooked

The debut trio of scents from British fashion brand Allsaints, released in 2018, deserved more attention than it got. Each of the three fragrances (I ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Laura Biagiotti Forever Touche d?Argent ~ new fragrance

Laura Biagiotti has launched Forever Touche d?Argent, a new flanker to 2019\'s Forever... ...
20-08-2020 18:53

The odour of the ?clean? smelling detergent

That makes enduring the hauteur of his latest client, professional ?nose? or fragrance designer Mademoiselle Anne Walberg (Emmanuelle Devos), all the ...
20-08-2020 18:53

1881 Silver: A Special Edition to Celebrate 30 Years of Cerr

  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Cerruti 1881 from 1990, the brand launches in September 2020 a special edition, named Cerruti 188 ...
20-08-2020 18:53

Fendi Uomo: The First Man of the Fendi Family

The first masculine Fendi fragrance released in 1988, Fendi Uomo became, if not the Holy Grail, then the representative of the extinct unicorns of th ...
19-08-2020 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 8/19

Hump Day, World Humanitarian Day, International Orangutan Day and National Aviation Day, Coco Chanel\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" ...
19-08-2020 18:53

Bath Body Works Bonfire Bash and Sunset Glow

Last week, my freshly-turned-sixteen-year-old daughter and her friends held me hostage for five hours in the local mall while they flitted about, sip ...
19-08-2020 18:53

Valentino Voce Viva ~ new fragrance

Valentino will launch Voce Viva, a new fragrance for women, in September. Voce Viva will be fronted by Lady Gaga... ...
19-08-2020 18:53

The Red Square Smell Imagined by Guerlain

In 2013, the venerable perfume house of Guerlain released another fragrance for its devoted Russian fan base, Place Rouge, named after the Red Square ...
19-08-2020 18:53

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Sky Tester Perfume

Incanto Sky by Salvatore FerragamoWome Edt TesterIncanto Sky is a fresh and zesty fragrance for women that awakens the senses. Launched in 2016, It o ...
19-08-2020 19:38

A Book Liaison In Lisbon - Conceptual Disconnection

  Among Zara\'s new collections, one fragrance caught my attention due to its name: A Book Liaison In Lisbon. It\'s the second time that Zara has lau ...
19-08-2020 18:53

Bvlgari x 2

Perfumers Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier talk about Bvlgari Le Gemme Erea and Kobraa. Then below the jump, a bottle porn video for the Le Gemm ...
19-08-2020 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 8/18

It\'s Tuesday and Pinot Noir Day. Happy 84th birthday to Robert Redford! What fragrance are you wearing" I am 99% better, but I\'m taking one mo ...
18-08-2020 18:53

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Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Parfum

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Parfum

In 2022, Elizabeth Arden launches White Tea Eau de Parfum as an aroma of simple joys and private pleasures. The fragrance encourages a sense of well-being in its wearer. It is a new flanker to the original White Tea that joined the tea fragrances... -
Ralph Lauren Ralph's Club Parfum

Ralph Lauren Ralph's Club Parfum

  In a huge, trendy wave of "parfum" editions that promises high intensity, great sillage, or longevity, here is a new launch to gather the parfum crew. After the success of Ralph\'s Club Eau de Parfum, launched in 2021, the newest... -
The Wonderful Taste and Smell of Dendê Oil

The Wonderful Taste and Smell of Dendê Oil

During the month of September, the southern hemisphere welcomes spring with joy, and we prepare for the intense heat of summer. It is also during this period that we begin the harvest of palm trees. The dendê tree is responsible for the production... -
By Rosie Jane Dulce ~ new fragrance

By Rosie Jane Dulce ~ new fragrance

By Rosie Jane has launched Dulce, a new warm gourmand fragrance... -
Ambrette and ?mbrettolide in Perfumery

Ambrette and ?mbrettolide in Perfumery

Ambrette or musk mallow, often mentioned in a perfumery context, is a plant of the Mallow family (lat. Malvaceae), which is officially called Abelmoschus moschatus. Originally from East India, ambrette is also grown in other humid tropical regions... -
Rochas Eau de Rochas L?Essentiel ~ new fragrance

Rochas Eau de Rochas L?Essentiel ~ new fragra...

Rochas will launch Eau de Rochas L\'Essentiel, a new flanker to 1970\'s Eau de Rochas, in October... -

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