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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Launches Éclats d?Amandes

Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a French brand that aims to bring us exotic and carefree happiness; a refuge from the monotony of everyday life. It was fou ...
30-04-2019 18:52

Boucheron Quatre En Rouge ~ new perfume

Boucheron has launched Quatre En Rouge, a new fragrance for women. Quatre En Rouge is a flanker to 2015\'s Quatre, and follows 2018\'s Quatre En Rose ...
30-04-2019 18:52

Tuesday scent of the day 4/30

Happy Tuesday! It\'s also International Jazz Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Byredo Flowerhead. I had not worn it in ages and for ...
30-04-2019 18:52

ESXENCE 2019: M. Micallef Botanique Collection

The French niche brand M.Micallef presented its new collection at the artistic niche exhibition ESXENCE 2019, bringing the focus on florals. The love ...
30-04-2019 18:52

Strict binaries

Despite evolving conversations around gender fluidity, fragrance is the one space that continues to be defined by strict binaries of feminine and masc ...
30-04-2019 18:52

ESXENCE 2019: Carthusia Tuberosa

You may already have started to get the picture: Florals are so in! Tuberose is one of the blooming flowers that stole our attention at the Esxence 2 ...
30-04-2019 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : April 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations. ...
29-04-2019 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope April 29 - May 5

  The big teacher (Saturn) is coming with rewards over the next 4 months. He wants to see your good deeds. If you haven?t been as well-behaved an ...
29-04-2019 18:52

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eclats d?Amandes ~ new fragrance

Comptoir Sud Pacifique has launched Éclats d\'Amandes, a new fragrance in the Eau de Voyage collection... ...
29-04-2019 18:52

Perfume Review: Un Jardin sur la Lagune by Hermès

Hermès? Un Jardin series, which was started by the previous in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, is an ode to […] ...
29-04-2019 18:52

An uneven distribution of fragrance

For example, at Cire Trudon, wax and fragrance are mixed in small batches before the perfumed wax is carefully poured into candle holders. This is les ...
29-04-2019 18:52

Monday scent of the day 4/29

Monday (argh), International Dance Day, Duke Ellington\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" You would not know that it\'s almost May fro ...
29-04-2019 18:52

A Coffee Break with Téo Cabanel

  Maison Téo Cabanel is one of those niche brands that like to take their time. After the launch of Kasar and Jaspé in 2016, today their eleventh fra ...
28-04-2019 18:54

ESXENCE 2019: Evody Collection Cachemire

  Since last year, Evody Parfums Paris has been presented at the Profumitalia booth, and this year the brand is announcing a new launch, the Evod ...
27-04-2019 18:54

Hermes Un Jardin sur la Lagune ~ fragrance review

A bit of background: The sixth in the Hermès Jardin series, and the first from perfumer Christine Nagel, who took over as the house perfumer in 2016. ...
27-04-2019 18:54

The Art and Olfaction Awards Finalists Announced at Excense

The Art and Olfaction Awards are an awards mechanism celebrating excellence in independent, artisan, and experimental work with scent. Their annual p ...
27-04-2019 18:54

They want you

A spot for Azzaro Wanted Girl. ...
27-04-2019 18:54

The trajectory of the modern fragrance industry

You may not know Annette Green?s name, but if you have ever worn perfume, shopped for perfume, or enjoyed the scent of someone else?s perfume, you hav ...
27-04-2019 18:54

ESXENCE 2019: Premiere Note Mimosa Austral

Premiere Note, a niche house from France, is presenting their newest fragrance at the Esxence 2019 perfume show in Milan, inspired by the blooming sp ...
27-04-2019 18:54

Ralph Lauren Woman Intense ~ new perfume

Ralph Lauren has launched Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum Intense, a new woody floriental flanker to 2017\'s Ralph Lauren Woman... ...
27-04-2019 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, National Sense of Smell Day

Saturday is National Sense of Smell Day and Independent Bookstore Day (go smell a book!), and Sunday is Superhero Day. We\'re celebrating all the hol ...
27-04-2019 18:54

A New Collection With Roots in Japan from Rituals

Dutch cosmetics and fragrance company Rituals, founded in the year 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, offers a luxurious collection of high quality produc ...
27-04-2019 18:54

Eau d?Italie Easy To Love ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Eau d?Italie has launched Easy To Love, a new fragrance... ...
27-04-2019 18:54

YVES SAINT LAURENT La Nuit De L'Homme Miniature Perfume

La Nuit De L\'Homme by YVES SAINT LAURENTMen Edt Miniature La Nuit de L`Homme is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions. The fragrance was ...
27-04-2019 19:36

An earned media perspective

From an earned media perspective, the campaign generated a flurry of press coverage, including 400 broadcast clips, and dozens of digital placements i ...
26-04-2019 18:52

Friday scent of the day 4/26

It\'s Friday, and our community project for today is edition 4 of the picture challenge, part 1. Wear a perfume that matches the picture, which is Ge ...
26-04-2019 18:52

Why Perfume Doesn?t Last and what to do about it

Why do some perfumes don\'t have any longevity, how to make perfume last ...
26-04-2019 18:52

ESXENCE 2019: Early Impressions and New Releases

  Exsence is always an exciting and even overwhelming experience: So many fascinating niche perfume brands collected together in one place, each with ...
26-04-2019 18:52

Candy Night

A quick spot for Prada Candy Night. ...
26-04-2019 18:52

Ellis Brooklyn Launches WEST, Their First Citrus Scent

The luxury, non-toxic fragrance and body care brand Ellis Brooklyn, founded by beauty columnist and author Bee Shapiro, has been steadily launching ...
25-04-2019 18:53

Complex, very independent women

While ?classic? might be the first word that comes to mind now when describing Chanel No. 5, when the iconic perfume made its grand debut in the 20s, ...
25-04-2019 18:53

Eroica Kanebo: Daddy as a Hero

  This bottle slipped into my perfume collection during my period of fascination with everything Japanese. Books, poems, cartoons, music, fashion, a ...
25-04-2019 18:53

Amouage Portrayal ~ new fragrances

Amouage has launched Portrayal, a new fragrance duo... ...
25-04-2019 18:53


GUCCI Guilty by GUCCIWomen Edt GUCCI Guilty  imbues with a feeling of power, a sense that she can attain whatever she wants, even the thrill of the ...
25-04-2019 19:38

Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Say Anything ~ new fragrance

French ready-to-wear line Zadig & Voltaire has launched Girls Can Say Anything, a new fragrance. Girls Can Say Anything is a followup to 2018\'s ...
25-04-2019 18:53

The process that creates flavor

The receptors that dot our noses and help us to smell also populate our tongues, according to a new study. Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses C ...
25-04-2019 18:53

Diptyque Eau de Minthe ~ fragrance review

If I\'d been presented with Diptyque\'s new Eau de Minthé* in an unmarked vial, after the first sniff I\'d have bet it was a vintage fougère perfume ...
25-04-2019 18:53


The 11th ESXENCE is starting tomorrow, and once again we will have the pleasure to try and explore the new Nishane collection! The latest line of ...
25-04-2019 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 4/25

Almost-Friday, National DNA Day, World Penguin Day and Ella Fitzgerald?s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m still on yesterday\'s pr ...
25-04-2019 18:53

New perfume by nomenclature ? fluo_ral

  American perfume brand from New York, nomenclature, launches its new fragrance  fluo_ral. A radical reinvention of aquatic fragrances, fluo_ral tak ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Wednesday scent of the day 4/24

Hump Day already, and International Guide Dogs Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m smelling pretty in Jour d\'Hermès, since ElisaP, SheriG ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Le Labo Introduces the New City Exclusive Tabac 28

  New York-based luxe perfume brand Le Labo aims with their collection City Exclusives, launched in 2006 with the Dallas and New York edition, to mar ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Bottega Veneta Illusione ~ new fragrances

Bottega Veneta has launched Illusione, a new fragrance duo... ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Italian profumerias: An Integral Part of La Dolce Vita

I spent most of my teenage years in Rome where my dad was stationed as a foreign correspondent for the Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Russian newspaper. It ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Nomenclature Fluo_ral ~ new fragrance

Niche line Nomenclature will launch Fluo_ral, a new fragrance highlighting the synthetic note Calone, in May... ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Cachet Prince Matchabelli: An Endless Source of Nostalgia

  For thousands of people, Cachet is a special fragrance that is larger than the brand under which this and many other fragrances were created. It is ...
24-04-2019 18:59

Perverso Baruti: Tobacco And Sweets For a Sybarite

  If you hadn\'t noticed, on March 21, 2019, the International Fragrance Day was celebrated on our planet (International Fragrance Day grew out of th ...
23-04-2019 18:59

Orto Parisi Megamare ~ new fragrance

Niche line Orto Parisi has launched Megamare, a new fragrance... ...
23-04-2019 18:59

JD Jeffrey Dame Postmodernist Perfumes

  American perfumery veteran, Jeffrey Dame (Parfums Retro, Dame Perfumery, Long Lost Perfumes) created a new brand of modern American perfumery named ...
23-04-2019 18:59

Gabrielle Chanel Goes West

Chapter 25 of Inside Chanel. ...
23-04-2019 18:59

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Maison Rebatchi's New Perfumes

  At the Beautyworld Middle East 2019 exhibition, several niche brands were presented that used the Quintessence niche fragrance space as a platform ...
23-04-2019 18:59

Twinset Milano Presents Their First Fragrance

The Italian clothing brand TWINSET, established in Carpi (Modena) in 1987,  launches its first fragrance for women, created by Dora Baghriche, the F ...
23-04-2019 18:59

Tuesday scent of the day 4/23

Tuesday, World Book Day, St George\'s Day, UN English Language Day and Shakespeare Day. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: same as yesterday, n ...
23-04-2019 18:59

Davidoff Run Wild ~ new fragrances

Davidoff will launch Run Wild, a new fragrance duo, in May... ...
23-04-2019 18:59

#NextGenPerfumer: Meng Gu

  This series shines light on the future talent of the fragrance industry. True for any craft, what youth might lack in experience and wisdom it m ...
22-04-2019 18:55

Remix, again

Young people, van, lavender fields, beach, for 4711 Remix Cologne Edition 2019. ...
22-04-2019 18:55

Monday scent of the day 4/22

Believe it or not, Monday is back. It\'s also Earth Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m on a brief Easter trip. At the moment my only scen ...
22-04-2019 18:55

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Firmenich Art-Projects

  Here, we continue our series of articles devoted to the perfume art-projects of Big Corporations, presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2019 to sho ...
22-04-2019 18:55

Bulgaria Travel Reading List

Some of you will be joining me in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley this May, and I’ve received a couple of requests for reading that would prepare y ...
22-04-2019 18:55

Floris Neroli Voyage ~ new fragrance

British niche line Floris has launched Neroli Voyage, a new citrus floral fragrance inspired by the 19th century southern Mediterranean travels of Ro ...
22-04-2019 18:55

Widian Rose Arabia Collection: Almond, Taifi and Lily

  From the Widian house, we always expect something new, luxurious, created with extreme attention to detail, design, and composition. The new co ...
21-04-2019 18:52

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Omnia Profumi New Perfumes

  At the largest regional exhibition Beautyworld Middle East 2019 a separate place was allocated for niche perfumery. It can be said that this place, ...
21-04-2019 18:52

New perfume SPIRITO by Meo Fusciuni

The Italian brand Meo Fusciuni launches the new fragrance SPIRITO. We haven\'t smelled it yet, so I let the brand founder, Giuseppe Imprezzabile, ex ...
21-04-2019 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope April 22 - April 28

  This week look carefully into what makes you frustrated. Do you have plans for what to do with it" The keyword of the week is "freedo ...
21-04-2019 18:52

QUINTESSENCE: The Niche Perfumes at Beautyworld Middle East

  QUINTESSENCE is a niche platform where for the fourth time prestige perfume brands were presented as part of the Beautyworld Middle East exhibi ...
20-04-2019 18:53

Marc-Antoine Barrois Launches Ganymede

  Marc-Antoine Barrois is a French Haute Couture designer for men, who works in a classic but modern style, with obsessive attention to quality and d ...
20-04-2019 18:53

New Indie Perfume House Laughing Saint's Debut Giveaway

  Laughing Saint is a new east coast based independent perfume house that recently came over my radar. I was fortunate to receive samples of the two ...
20-04-2019 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ Easter basket, episode 7

Happy Easter, everyone! It\'s time to fill your (fantasy) Easter basket: 1. You can pick one perfume, new or old: what is it" 2. And you can hav ...
20-04-2019 18:53

AquaFlor Jalousie

Walking the Dubai Mall reveals new releases! AquaFlor perfume house from Florence presented the new Jalousie creation that appeared on the market in ...
20-04-2019 18:53

A New Bombshell From Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Paradise

The Bombshell perfume collection by lingerie house Victoria\'s Secret has been expanded with a new edition named Bombshell Paradise, aiming to evoke ...
20-04-2019 18:53

Masque Milano Kintsugi: chypre with a heart of gold

Italian niche brand Masque Milano presents a new fragrance called Kintsugi. It is named in honor of the Japanese technique of repairing of ceramic p ...
20-04-2019 18:53

Byredo Sundazed

The Swedish niche brand Byredo, recognizable by their minimalist packaging and less is more philosophy, will launch its new perfume creation called ...
19-04-2019 18:52

Friday scent of the day 4/19

Happy Twice as Nice Friday! (It\'s also Dutch-American Friendship Day and Bicycle Day.) Our community project for today: wear a fragrance that you\'v ...
19-04-2019 18:52

My Article about The Shalimar Gardens in Oh Comely

I visited the fabled Shalimar Gardens in Lahore and discover why Mughal gardens were the fragrant abode. ...
19-04-2019 18:52

Seven Perfume Cravings that Prove I?ve Lost My Mind

Photo by Beata Cervin. You can read more here.It?s not that I?ve stopped wearing Miel de Bois, thick velvety chypres, or any old amber-vanilla-sandalw ...
19-04-2019 19:36

Scents for Easter

  The holiday known in various parts of the world as Easter (likely from the Germanic Ostern), Pascha, or Resurrection Day, will be upon us this Sun ...
19-04-2019 18:52

A bad, bad thing

Karlie Kloss in a quick spot for the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dot Drama collector edition. ...
19-04-2019 18:52


BVLGARI Man Extreme by BVLGARIMen EdtLaunched by the design house of BVLGARI in 2010. Inspired by Rome?s vitality and strength, this fragrance sta ...
19-04-2019 19:36

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: Scent Your Future, Created By

Continuing our reports on the special perfume art-projects presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2019, we should mention the futuristic Givaudan proj ...
19-04-2019 18:52

Elie Tahari Eau de Parfum ~ new fragrance

Designer Elie Tahari has launched his debut fragrance, Elie Tahari Eau de Parfum. The brand celebrates its 45th anniversary this year... ...
19-04-2019 18:52

When Fragrance is a Ghost: The Scent of Loss

  Some fragrances are ghosts. I say this in the here and now, from a particular point of view. A few weeks ago, someone very close to me unexpected p ...
18-04-2019 18:54

Aftelier Embers & Musk ~ new fragrance

Indie natural line Aftelier has launched Embers & Musk, a new fragrance. Embers & Musk is the brands first new liquid perfume since 2017\'s C ...
18-04-2019 18:54

Demeter Mountain Laurel ~ new fragrance

Demeter has launched Mountain Laurel, the latest addition to their Fragrance Library... ...
18-04-2019 18:54

Aftelier Announces a New Release: Embers and Musk

  California-based natural perfumer Mandy Aftel announces her latest perfume, Embers and Musk, which is her first new liquid perfume in two years. Ma ...
18-04-2019 18:54

Shay & Blue Watermelons & Parfums MDCI Bleu Satin ~ fragranc

The scent and taste of watermelon screams !SUMMER! to me. As a child, cracking open a chilled watermelon was a celebratory event during steamy Virgin ...
18-04-2019 18:54

KIERIN NYC – Review & Giveaway!

There’s something really exciting and free about new niche brand KIERIN NYC. They may not offer any complicated […] ...
18-04-2019 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 4/18

Happy Almost-Friday! It\'s also World Heritage Day / International Day for Monuments and Sites. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Carthusi ...
18-04-2019 18:54

Meo Fusciuni Introduces Spirito, Liquid Poetry of An Inner J

  At the end of Metamorphosis Cycle, introduced a little over one year ago with the launch of Little song, Meo Fusciuni unveils a new fragrant creati ...
17-04-2019 18:53

Byredo Sundazed ~ new fragrance

Niche line Byredo will launch Sundazed, a new unisex fragrance, in May... ...
17-04-2019 18:53

Beautyworld Middle East 2019: The Smell Of Dubai, Created By

  The great thing about perfumery corporations is strategic planning. They plan their participation at key regional exhibitions for a long time, tryi ...
17-04-2019 18:53

Meo Fusciuni Introduces Spirito: Liquid Poetry of An Inner J

  At the end of Metamorphosis Cycle, introduced a little over one year ago with the launch of Little song, Meo Fusciuni unveils a new fragrant creati ...
17-04-2019 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 4/17

Hump Day, Banana Day, Bat Appreciation Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m testing a mod of the upcoming Arielle Shoshana Sunday (and if y ...
17-04-2019 18:53

The Scent of Sunday: The Kickstarter Campaign for Arielle Sh

    The luxury scenting brand Arielle Shoshana, Washington D.C\'s first niche fragrance boutique, is thrilled to announce the launch of their Kicksta ...
17-04-2019 18:53

Liquides Imaginaires Beaute du Diable ~ new fragrance

French niche line Liquides Imaginaires has launched Beauté du Diable, the first fragrance in the Eaux de l?âme trilogy... ...
17-04-2019 18:53

Beautyworld Middle East Dubai 2019: A Joy for All Senses!

BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST 2019, the region\'s largest exhibition and trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances, and wellbeing, started on April ...
17-04-2019 18:53

ESXENCE: Master Parfums Contest 2019

Saturday, April 27, 5-6 pmVilla Quarzo conference room Attention Esxence participants!   The ESXENCE MASTER PARFUMS Contest will take place on Satu ...
16-04-2019 18:55

Tuesday scent of the day 4/16

Tuesday, Charlie Chaplin\'s birthday, Emancipation Day in DC, and the ever popular Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. Taxes are but a distant memory, and ...
16-04-2019 18:55

ATKINSONS: The Bright Young Things

Read the first part of our story on the House and their scents in ATKINSONS: Georgian Bear Redux.   Life in 1920s London was truly bustling. The Gre ...
16-04-2019 18:55

Dunhill Signature Collection ~ new fragrances

Dunhill has launched the Signature Collection, a new quartet of fragrances for men: Arabian Desert, Indian Sandalwood, Moroccan Amber and British Lea ...
16-04-2019 18:55

Bvlgari Aqva Atlantiqve

    The original Aqva Pour Homme was created by Jacques Cavallier in 2005 and can be considered a variation on the megapopular aquatic aromatic fouge ...
16-04-2019 18:55

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Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible ~ new perfume

Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible ~ new perfu...

French niche line Juliette Has A Gun will launch Musc Invisible, a new fragrance... -
Byredo Tobacco Mandarin

Byredo Tobacco Mandarin

  The Byredo line of Night Veils perfume extracts was revived in 2019. The new edition within this collection, Tobacco Mandarin, comes out in October 2020 and joins the perfumes Reine de Nuit, Casablanca Lily and Sellier, which bring a different... -
ACQUA DI PARMA Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria Tester Perfume

ACQUA DI PARMA Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di...

Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria by ACQUA DI PARMAUnisex Edc TesterBlu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria is a unisex perfume by ACQUA DI PARMA was launched in 2010. The land of Calabria is strong and intense. Only here does authentic... -
By Kilian Roses on Ice & Angels? Share ~ new fragrances

By Kilian Roses on Ice & Angels? Share ~ new ...

French niche line By Kilian will launch two new liquor-inspired fragrances, Roses on Ice (gin) and Angels\' Share (cognac). (See also: Apple Brandy, Vodka on the Rocks, Single Malt and Lemon Zest...) -
Smellier feet

Smellier feet

She has found, for instance, that the malaria parasite seems to alter the mosquitoes? sense of smell so that they are even more attracted to smellier feet, swarming to worn socks like bees to a flower bed. ?There is some evidence that some proteins... -
Guerlain Cuir Intense ~ new fragrance

Guerlain Cuir Intense ~ new fragrance

Guerlain has launched Cuir Intense, a new fragrance in the limited distribution unisex Les Absolus d?Orient series... -
Kilian Angels' Share   Roses on Ice

Kilian Angels' Share Roses on Ice

  Niche house Kilian is launching two new perfumes inspired by the rich aromas of alcoholic beverages. Angels\' Share and Roses on Ice interpret cognac and gin as fragrances. Angels\' Share, the scent of cognac and warm gourmand notes, is... -
JD Jeffrey Dame JUSTE FILTHY Homme: Dirty!

JD Jeffrey Dame JUSTE FILTHY Homme: Dirty!

This article was written for lovers of powerful, animalic, dirty, and almost obscene perfumes.Other readers can safely scroll further so as not to upset their digestion nor distort their sense of beauty. It?s about a masculine fragrance called... -
Vilhelm Parfumerie Peony Couture ~ new fragrance

Vilhelm Parfumerie Peony Couture ~ new fragra...

Vilhelm Parfumerie has launched Peony Couture, a new fragrance... -
Gallivant Bukhara ~ new fragrance

Gallivant Bukhara ~ new fragrance

London-based niche line Gallivant will launch Bukhara, the latest in their series of "urban exploration" fragrances, later this month... -

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