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Candy Sugar Pop Eau de Parfum by PRADA

Candy Sugar Pop Eau de Parfum by PRADAWomen EdpLaunched in 2018, PRADA Candy Sugar Pop takes the addictive energy of the PRADA Candy family and dips i ...
28-02-2021 19:38

Perfumed Horoscope: March 1 - March 7

  How can we make the scents of this world even richer, and more powerful" If we love mother Earth, at least like she loves us, we could make ...
28-02-2021 18:57

Angel Etoile des Reves by Thierry Mugler

Angel  Étoile des Rêves De Nuit (Eau de Parfum for The Night) by Thierry MuglerWomen Edp (Limited Edition)Thierry Mugler has launched Angel Etoile de ...
28-02-2021 19:38

Capelli d?Oro Linari: Goldilocks Falling In Love

The Linari perfume house of Hamburg is named after the picturesque Tuscan village Linari where the brand concept was born. It was there that the foun ...
28-02-2021 18:57

Attar Collection Floral Musk

  The newest fragrance from ATTAR COLLECTION brings a musky - oriental atmosphere featuring the beauty of gentle white flowers. The fragrance Flora ...
28-02-2021 18:57

Calvin Klein Euphoria Pure Gold for Men Tester Perfume

Euphoria Pure Gold for Men by Calvin KleinMen Edp TesterEuphoria Pure Gold for Men by Calvin Klein was released in 2017. Pure Gold for men richly radi ...
28-02-2021 19:38

60 Years of Moods by Diptyque: A Selection of Favorites

Niche perfume house Diptyque started out as a small store on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. Christiane Gautrot, interior designer; Desmond Knox ...
28-02-2021 18:57

Emblem Intense by MONTBLANC

Emblem Intense by MONTBLANCMen Edt MONTBLANC Emblem Intense is stronger, deeper, more sensual and spicy version of the original version Emblem. Emb ...
28-02-2021 19:38

Lalique Soleil Crystal Edition Extrait de Parfum

The beauty of the Soleil creation is crowned with the exclusive LALIQUE edition presented in 2021, Lalique Soleil Crystal Edition Extrait de Parfum ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, International Polar Bear Da

Saturday is International Polar Bear Day (and Pokémon Day). We\'re hanging around with our same old open thread poll, just waiting for February to en ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Bogue Profumo Lita - The Cozy Side of Smoke

Many perfumers are known for having a specific style, a particular structure that they like to build their fragrances with, or a favorite family of ...
27-02-2021 18:56

The 7 Virtues Santal Vanille ~ new fragrance

The 7 Virtues will launch Santal Vanille, a new addition to the brand\'s Peace Perfumes collection, on March 8 in honor of International Women\'s Day ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez Men Edt Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir fragrance is for the mysterious, modern and ele ...
27-02-2021 19:37

Risk Perception: Vamps and Gender Fluidity in Fragrance Hist

How much does history and the change of morals shape the perceptions and stereotypes we carry about perfumes" Until the end of the 19th century, ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Does Tomato Work in Fragrances"

Have you ever tried a fragrance that had a note of tomato or tomato leaf" Or a scent that was themed entirely around the fruit and vines" U ...
27-02-2021 18:56

A fragrance beyond the lines

Man walking, for Hermès H24. ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Les Bains Guerbois Perfumes That Tell a Story of a Building

French niche brand Les Bains Guerbois emerged in 2017, two years after entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Marois took over the once famous Parisian entertainme ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Biggest olfactory flex

H24?s biggest olfactory flex is rosewood essence ? the ultra-rare ingredient extracted from a wild South American tree. After much searching, [perfume ...
27-02-2021 18:56

Cancelled Plans: Pandemic-Themed Candles That Smell of Comfo

Cancelled Plans, a tongue-in-cheek candle company that has made the most out of our collective mindset during the pandemic, has released a new set of ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Friday scent of the day 2/26

Happy Friday and happy Levi Strauss Day! Our community project for today: along with Jacob Davis, Strauss invented and patented the riveted blue jean ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Historical Coty Fragrances: The Anniversary Edition 2004

Just a short while ago, Fragrantica published an article about a set of three legendary Coty fragrances, released as a limited edition by Association ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Van Cleef & Arpels Orchid Leather ~ new fragrance

Van Cleef & Arpels will launch Orchid Leather, a new addition to the brand?s Collection Extraordinaire... ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Jo Malone Blossoms 2021 ~ new fragrances

Jo Malone has launched the limited edition 2021 Blossoms collection, including two relaunches (Frangipani Flower and Nashi Blossom) and two new fragr ...
26-02-2021 18:54

The Milk of Fragrant Kindness

It?s stating the obvious to say that for many of us times are tough right now, and they have been for a while. The pandemic, which has stubbornly r ...
26-02-2021 18:54

BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking, Pas Ce Soir, Nuit de Sable & Gris

I\'ve been thinking again about Kevin\'s recent post about samples. I recognize his frustration with so many niche brands: the ever-higher prices and ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Spring Fragrances with Green and Floral Notes

I’m in the mood for spring, although the weather doesn’t yet cooperate. No matter, the beauty of perfume is that it can transport us out o ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Hilde Soliani Disobbedienza - Diary of a Non?Existent Curtai

In the last few months, perfumer Hilde Soliani has presented two new creations that are completely opposite to each other and complement her creati ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Bath & Body Works Hibiscus Paradise ~ new fragrance

Bath & Body Works has launched Hibiscus Paradise, a new fragrance for women... ...
26-02-2021 18:54

Paco Rabanne Olympea Blossom Eau de Parfum Florale and Invic

  The two very popular pillars of the Paco Rabanne brand, Olympea and Invictus, get their new flankers in February 2021. The female version, Olympea ...
26-02-2021 18:54

The prevailing aromas of my distorted reality

My Ponds facial moisturizer smells like cookies. My hair products, shampoo, and soap oscillate between crayons and cantaloupe. Peanut butter smells li ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Butterflies in My Stomach: Finding Out What a Backwoods Barb

The announcement of a Dolly Parton fragrance stressed me out. We all know how hit or miss or otherwise mediocre these kinds of celebrity licensing de ...
25-02-2021 18:56

PRADA Infusion D'Oeillet Tester Perfume

Infusion D\'Oeillet by PRADAUnisex Edp TesterLaunched in 2015, PRADA Infusion D\'Oeillet is a bouquet of fragrant woody, balsamic and sweet scented ...
25-02-2021 19:39

Mediterraneo and Albizia: New Phaedon Paris Fragrances

The French perfume niche house of Phaedon Paris has launched two new fragrances: the masculine fougere Mediterraneoand the feminine floral Albizia in ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Rose Done Right: Ormonde Jayne's Indus

This might be (okay, will be, if I know anything about human nature!) a controversial statement, but I\'m going to say it anyway: Nobody does a rose ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Thursday scent of the day 2/25

Almost-Friday plus National Toast Day and George Harrison?s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Hermès Brin de Réglisse, which has ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Victorinox Forget Me Not

Swiss lifestyle brand Victorinox launches a new feminine fragrance named Forget Me Not as part of the Signature collection. In 2020, the brand rela ...
25-02-2021 18:56

L?Occitane Osmanthus ~ new fragrance

L\'Occitane has launched Osmanthus, a new fragrance for women... ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Dolce Gabbana Fruit Collection: Colourful Tailoring Made f

The Dolce Gabbana Fruit Collection is hard to get hold of (available, on the whole, in their clothes stores but not elsewhere). So, I forgot about i ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Liquides Imaginaires Bete Humaine ~ new fragrance

French niche line Liquides Imaginaires has launched Bête Humaine, a new unisex fragrance. Bête Humaine follows 2015\'s Peau de Bête and 2016\'s Belle ...
25-02-2021 18:56

CLINIQUE Happy Eau De Parfum by CLINIQUE

CLINIQUE Happy Eau De Parfum by CLINIQUEWomen EdpCLINIQUE\'s Happy has been a staple daytime perfume for many women since it was introduced in 1997. ...
25-02-2021 19:39

Pupa Vamp! Collection: Three Personalities in Black, Red and

The Italian cosmetic and makeup brand PUPA presents their newest collection of fragrances that takes the name from their makeup line PUPA VAMP. The ...
25-02-2021 18:56

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2021

Embodying the essence of the season, the limited summer edition for 2021 of CK One Summer is announced as a scent full of vitality, purity, and fres ...
24-02-2021 18:54

Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor: New Deminiche Collection Re

Colombian fashion designer Ricardo Ramos (rooted in Granada) and his niche brand, Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor, are not well-known in Russia. His ...
24-02-2021 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 2/24

It\'s Hump Day and Pink Shirt Day. What fragrance are you wearing" We\'re actually expecting the temperature to go over 50...I am celebrating wi ...
24-02-2021 18:54

(And one more) wild thing

Angelina Jolie, again, for Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet. ...
24-02-2021 18:54

The New Hermès Men's Fragrance H24 - Discover the Hot Iron N

A major new fragrance from a famous house like Hermès is always a big deal in our microcosm. H24, which is released today (February 24, 2021) at all ...
24-02-2021 18:54

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Them

Back in the mid-90s and early \'00s, Tommy Hilfiger marked a generation with iconic Tommy fragrances. In the present day, the brand has updated its ...
24-02-2021 18:54

????: A Sibyllic Fragrance by Gerakinis Matos

The news about Omen Eau de Parfum reached me during the end of 2020, a fragrance birthed via the collaboration of our own Miguel Matos and Greek frag ...
24-02-2021 18:54

Lancome Rose Peonia & Jasmine d?Eau ~ new perfumes

Lancôme has launched two new fragrances in the Maison Lancôme collection (formerly the Les Parfums Grands Crus collection), Rose Peonia and Jasmine d ...
24-02-2021 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 2/23

It\'s Teapot Tuesday and Banana Bread Day. Birthdays today: Samuel Pepys, W. E. B. Du Bois. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m drinking a cup ...
23-02-2021 18:54

Patchouli Mazzolari: A Cozy and Comforting Patchouli

Perfumery brand Mazzolari is a line of 23 fragrances created by the famous Milanese perfume and cosmetic boutiques. One of them, Profumeria Mazzolari ...
23-02-2021 18:54

Diptyque Orphéon

The French perfume house Diptyque definitely has a historic vibe, founded in 1961 in Paris at 34 Boulevard St-Germain, but it didn\'t start out as ...
23-02-2021 18:54

A smell good movie

A teaser for the new Nose movie from Dior. At the moment, it is $5.99 to rent on Amazon. ...
23-02-2021 18:54

The Launch Of Eden Ecosystem: The Future Of Raw Material Ext

The minds behind Atelier Français des Matières and Les Indémodables have just launched a new venture designed to turn the fragrant raw materials indu ...
23-02-2021 18:54

Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly and the Appetite for Drinkable Perfu

I honestly usually walk past the Juicy Couture shelf in stores, even when there are novelties, as the quality and craftsmanship is typically so low. ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : February 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
22-02-2021 18:54

AVON Lucky Me Intense for Her: Champagne in the Tropics

The women\'s fragrance, Lucky Me Intense For Her Avon, was launched simultaneously with its masculine counterpart, Lucky Me Intense For Him, which we ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Diptyque Orpheon ~ new fragrance

Diptyque has launched Orphéon, a new unisex fragrance... ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Town Country: The Crown Perfumery Co Review

The British company The Crown Perfumery Co was founded in 1872 in London by William S. Thomson, an American manufacturer of the famous Thomson?s Glov ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Monday scent of the day 2/22

It\'s another Monday, and my town is expecting another day of snow. Luckily it\'s also National Margarita Day. Birthdays: George Washington, Edna St. ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Le Parfum

  BAD BOY ? a warm, balsamic, and spicy fragrance with the addictive cacao note presented in 2019 and the perfect companion to the female Good Girl ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Shiseido Ginza ~ new perfume

Shiseido has launched Ginza, a new fragrance for women...* ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope: February 22 - February 28

  This week we are looking into the dreams of Goddess Ceres and her journey from Pisces to Aries (until May 8). This is how our friend and wonderfu ...
21-02-2021 18:54

Zaharoff Signature Royale: Making Classic Style Work for Eve

After a very successful comeback to the world of fragrance from the American fashion brand Zaharoff with Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme in 2018, the b ...
21-02-2021 18:54

The Allure of Cashmeran

I remember when I was first learning how to draw, one of the most valuable instruments I encountered was something called a tortillon - it\'s essenti ...
21-02-2021 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ 7 questions, February 2021

An update of a pandemic poll we did in late March, again in May and then again in September. As always, answer as many or as few as you like, or just ...
20-02-2021 18:54

Murad Mesud and His Fragrances From Azerbaijan

Murad Mesud is a man of the twenty first century. He writes, he appears on television to talk about fragrances. He works within the oil industry, he ...
20-02-2021 18:54

Les Liquides Imaginaires Bête Humaine

French niche house Les Liquides Imaginaires presents Bête Humaine, the new fragrance of Les Eaux de Peau line featuring the 2016 editions Belle Bete ...
20-02-2021 18:54

A fistful of samples

In the Before Times, my idea of a perfect day was popping into Sephora, sniffing as many scents as humanly possible, and walking out with a fistful of ...
20-02-2021 18:54

Musc Noir, or the Art of Mystery According to Narciso Rodrig

The house of Narciso Rodriguez recently announced their new flanker, Musc Noir, within the iconic For Her line. The edition was developed as a darke ...
20-02-2021 18:54

Easy Tuberose: Tubéreuse Nue Tom Ford

We usually either love or cannot stand tuberose, and even before familiarizing oneself with a fragrance, the word tuberose itself prepares us for cer ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Luxury Overdose Extatic Gardenia and Luxury Overdose Black O

French niche brand Absolument Parfumeur based in Provence has announced the launch of two new fragrances in the Luxury Overdose collection. The new ...
19-02-2021 18:55

The role of odors in bat mating behavior

Male birds may sport flashy feathers to attract females, lionesses prefer lions with thicker manes and colorful male guppies with large spots attract ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Victoria's Secret Pink Paradise Collection Offers Bronze on

The American brand VICTORIA\'S SECRET offers a new collection inspired by idyllic summer and the bronze color of tanned skin. The collection arrive ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Cristian Cavagna: Musa Paradisiaca

Cristian Cavagna is an Italian fragrance specialist and enthusiast, as well as the leader of the Italian fragrance group Adjiumi, which launched a p ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Thursday scent of the day 2/18

Happy Almost-Friday! It\'s also Drink Wine Day and Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (why not do both), plus we have a few birthdays: John Travolta, Yo ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet

Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet is a new edition of Guerlain\'s Mon Guerlain collection. The collection includes Eau de Parfum original from 2017, Mo ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male On Board

Under PUIG license, the newest flanker of the popular and now-iconic Le Male arrives on the market. LE MALE ON BOARD follows the several wonderful ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Scent for all

The spot for Zadig & Voltaire This is Us! ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2021 Millésime

The French house of Guerlain continues the tradition of glorifying the awakening of Spring and cherishing the cherry blossom accord as the inspirat ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Mr Malone

Jo Malone tries again, after things didn\'t work out with John Boyega. ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Victoria's Secret Pink Astrology: A Collection Of Four Body

For all astro fans, Victoria\'s Secret is launching a new body mist line inspired by the four elements and astrology. The key elements of air, fire ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Scent Diary : Radiant and Sheer

What perfumes smell light and gauzy to you" I bought a bunch of hyacinths the other day, and while the scent of these flowers is usually heavy an ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Friday scent of the day 2/19

Happy Friday, and welcome to the Picture Challenge, edition 6. Our community project for today: wear a perfume that matches the picture, which is The ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Step Aboard: Welcome to Milano Anytime

The Italian niche brand Step Aboard first appeared at Pitti Fragranze in 2019. Its 150 ml metal canisters resemble graffiti paint cans, while the fiv ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Marc Jacobs Daisy vs Daisy Spring

I?m a fan of the Daisy legacy but haven?t gotten close to smelling all its incarnations. Here?s a list of them, following the classic 2007 Daisy or ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Masque Milano Madeleine & Ray-Flection ~ new fragrances

Italian niche brand Masque Milano has launched Madeleine, the third fragrance in the Le Donne di Masque collection. Also coming soon from the brand, ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Spazio Krizia Donna Krizia Review

Today in our Vintage Fragrances rubric is a fragrance of the recent past, released at the turn of the century. Spazio Krizia Donna, like most Krizia ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Blue Blood by RicHarD Maison de Parfum: Breakfast in Bed

Everyone craves diversity. It is impossible to enjoy eating only meringues or dumplings all your life. It is also impossible to constantly listen to ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Zadig & Voltaire This is Me! ~ new fragrance

French ready-to-wear line Zadig & Voltaire has launched This is Me!, a new unisex fragrance for children... ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Dior Tobacolor

Dior presents Tobacolor in February 2021, a novelty from the luxurious Maison Christian Dior line. The new edition calls for the discovery of a note ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense ~ new fragrance

Marc Jacobs has launched Daisy Eau So Intense, a new flanker to 2007?s Daisy... ...
19-02-2021 18:55

Viktor Rolf Bonbon Extreme Pure Perfume Edition

  The popular, floral-fruity-gourmand fragrance BONBON by Viktor Rolf, launched in 2014, received a more concentrated version that belongs to the s ...
19-02-2021 18:55

They fell in love

A love story for Avon Ginza Stefany. Then below the jump, a spot for Avon Rose du Soleil. ...
16-02-2021 18:55

L'Occitane en Provence Fleurs de Cerisier Infusion Fruitée

  French house L\'Occitane en Provence presents their new scent of spring inspired by blooming cherries, their romantic spirit, and the sweetness of ...
16-02-2021 18:55

Shiseido Ginza Eau de Parfum

In February 2021, the Japanese brand Shiseido introduced a new fragrance for the first time in the past five years. It was given the symbolic name ...
16-02-2021 18:55

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum

  At the beginning of February 2021, Carolina Herrera presents a new flanker in an attractive bright red stiletto bottle. Red is definitely a trend ...
16-02-2021 18:55

BURBERRY Touch For Men Tester Perfume

Touch for Men By BURBERRYMen Edt TesterBURBERRY Touch cologne is an addictive blend of masculine mossy woods. Touch for Men was launched in 2000. To ...
16-02-2021 19:31

Tuesday scent of the day 2/16

It\'s a Tuesday in February. Happy birthday to LeVar Burton, and congrats on being named the inaugural PEN/Faulkner Literary Champion. (And if your c ...
16-02-2021 18:55

Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette pour Femme

In February 2021, Gucci presents the new Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette with the design and packaging of the 2019 Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum. Directed ...
16-02-2021 18:55

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