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Orange & fig

Linda Pilkington of British niche line Ormonde Jayne gives a cooking demo on making and using orange oil and peel. Then, below the jump, a quick fig a ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Smelling the Wilderness with Bravanariz

  One of the things that bring me joy in perfumery is to see projects that go beyond just making a nice-smelling fragrance and venture into olfactor ...
30-11-2018 18:53

The Scents of Les Fleurs du Mal

During his lecture presented at The Perfumative conference, Dr. Martin Jaeggi called Charles Baudelaire a poet-perfumer for his ability to create scen ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Friday scent of the day 11/30

It\'s Renegades Friday (and the last day of November). Our community project for today: wear a perfume by one of the Project Renegades perfumers (Mar ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Essence Fall Back To Nature

The German cosmetics line Essence has presented a new autumn collection named FALL BACK TO NATURE that includes the same-named Eau de Toilette, a hi ...
30-11-2018 18:53

On Escentual: The Best Perfume Gifts We’ve Ever Receiv

Click here to read. Disclaimer Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. My views […] ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Pierre Guillaume Mecanique du Desir ~ new fragrance

French niche line Pierre Guillaume has launched Mécanique du Désir, a new fragrance in the Black Collection... ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Aftelier Alchemy: The Reimagined Elements

  The first fragrance for perfume house Aftelier was Alchemy - a solid perfume that explored a number of simultaneous facets: The notion of alchemy a ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime ~ new fragrance

Atelier Cologne has launched Pacific Lime, a new fresh citrus fragrance... ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Parfums Ciro: Back to the Future

  It is no secret that many perfume brands are using their history to come across as an old and respected brand. Some brands did actually exist in th ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Jaguar Stance ~ new fragrance

Jaguar has launched Stance, a new fresh woody fragrance for men... ...
30-11-2018 18:53

On the Right to Change One's Mind: Scented Escapades in the

  Have you ever had a fragrance turn from hate to love, for you" Sure you have. We all have. We just don\'t admit it as much, especially when ot ...
30-11-2018 18:53

Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths ~ fragrance review

When the long hours Azzam Issa pulls at his family?s bakery begin to interfere with his day-job as a security guard at The Louvre things turn bizarr ...
29-11-2018 18:53

Spotlight on Natural Perfumehouse Skylar

Cat Chen, the founder of the hypoallergenic fragrance company Skylar, founded the house after having her daughter, which made her more aware of what ...
29-11-2018 18:53

Protected treasures

Perfume-making techniques used in Grasse, a southerly French commune where iris, jasmine and other fragrant plants have long flourished, won U.N. reco ...
29-11-2018 18:53

People and Cats

  Out of all animals that have ever been domesticated, the cat is the most self-sufficient and headstrong. It is also the most mysterious one. There ...
29-11-2018 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 11/29

Happy Almost-Friday! There are 32 more days to go for the year. Birthdays today: Clive Staples Lewis and Madeleine L\'Engle. What fragrance are you w ...
29-11-2018 18:53

Fiddah Collection by Kajal: Five Silver Perfumes

  The perfume house Kajal Paris presented its first masculine perfume collection, Fiddah, in September at Pitti Fragranze 2016. I managed to get acq ...
29-11-2018 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 11/28

It\'s Hump Day and French Toast Day. Birthdays: Jon Stewart, Martin Clunes. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m going with L?Artisan Parfumeur ...
28-11-2018 18:54

Imaginary Authors Sundrunk & Masque Milano Luci ed Ombre ~ f

Day and night. Beachy sun and evening fog. Sunshine pop and a cello concerto. This is how I think of Imaginary Authors Sundrunk next to Masque Milano ...
28-11-2018 18:54

Sarah Baker Perfumes - Jungle Jezebel by Miguel Matos

The London-based niche perfume house of Sarah Baker, known for small-batch fragrances that pride themselves on really being art, announces a new per ...
28-11-2018 18:54

BeauFort London Rake & Ruin ~ new fragrance

Niche line BeauFort London has launched Rake & Ruin, the second fragrance in the Revenants series (see Iron Duke)... ...
28-11-2018 18:54

The means to develop the brand

Rose 31 was the perfume that set us up for Santal. When we started the brand, we originally developed nine fragrances with no idea as to which would b ...
28-11-2018 18:54

The Perfume Revival Project: An Interview With Michel Gutsat

  We covered the story of the Le Jardin Retrouvé Vintage Formula Revival Project earlier this year. First, Michel Gutsatz, the son of former Roure Be ...
28-11-2018 18:54

Over the top

Behind the scenes of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows for 2018. ...
28-11-2018 18:54


GOOD GIRL EDP Légère by CAROLINA HERRERAWomen Edp LégèreGOOD GIRL EDP Légère is a fresher, bold evolution of the iconic GOOD GIRL fragrance by house o ...
27-11-2018 19:43

More Perfumes From the Provence Region: Isnard

  Among the perfumery tourist attractions of Grasse, another history-rooted perfume house, Isnard, has been added to the row of famous houses known a ...
27-11-2018 18:54

The gift factory

The holiday video from Paco Rabanne: "a gang of 2 rabannettes & 1 paco boy craft metal gifts in a metallurgist workshop in a joyful and spark ...
27-11-2018 18:53

Maison Rebatchi Review

  Maison Rebatchi was first presented at the Pitti Fragranze 2018 exhibition and our  French colleague Sophie wrote the first short overview of the i ...
27-11-2018 18:54

A one-of-a-kind fragrance

In updating the historical story, this six-part season also gets a detective show twist, with a group of investigators looking into the death of a sin ...
27-11-2018 18:53

Salvador Dali Haute Parfumerie Fabulous Tian Shan

  "Salvador Dalí, one of the greatest artists in the modern History of Art, was intensely Mediterranean and deeply impregnated by the Medite ...
27-11-2018 18:54

Huda Kattan Launches the KAYALI Perfume Line

  Huda Kattan, an American makeup artist, a beauty blogger and entrepreneur who launched her blog Huda Beauty in 2010, become an true influencer in t ...
27-11-2018 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 11/27

Happy Giving Tuesday! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in the very comforting Comme des Garcons series 3, Incense: Ouarzazate by Mark Buxton ...
27-11-2018 18:53

New Edition From St. Clair Scents; Created by a Famous Butte

Diane St. Clair is a dairy farmer in Orwell, Vermont, who about two decades ago founded her creamery called Animal Farm, where she specialized in tur ...
27-11-2018 18:54

Ex Nihilo Brompton Immortals

Conceptually combining heritage and innovation, Parisian niche perfume house Ex Nihilo launches a new exclusive edition for the UK\'s Harrods - Bromp ...
26-11-2018 18:54

The Seven Women of Antonio Croce

  Antonio Croce is an Italian high-fashion designer who has a talent and passion for contemporary looks that depend on materials of the best quality, ...
26-11-2018 18:54

It smells perfectly like the idea I had for it

I go into that with all of my fragrances. I have to consider them perfect. It?s not like it has to be perfect in the sense that ?everyone will love th ...
26-11-2018 18:54

Guerlain Mitsouko and Favorites Samples Perfume Giveaway

A giveaway of Mitsouko and a set of perfume samples courtesy of our reader A ...
26-11-2018 18:54

On Escentual: Rose Mignonnerie and Magnolia Folie by Roger &

Click here to read. Disclaimer Samples and image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. […] ...
26-11-2018 18:54

Monday scent of the day 11/26

It\'s Cyber Monday and Cake Day. Happy birthday Tina Turner! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m starting the week in Ormonde Jayne Ta\'if. Rem ...
26-11-2018 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope November 26 - December 2

  This could be easily the best week of the year when measured by positive astrological influence (Sun and Jupiter aligned with Jupiter.) It is also ...
25-11-2018 18:53

Lilac Accord in Perfumery

  The lilac (Lat. Syrínga) is a genus of flowering woody plants that belongs to the olive family (Lat. Oleaceae). It has about 10 wild varieties whic ...
25-11-2018 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ whispering to Santa (or the gift-giving

Our eleventh annual holiday gift poll. Here are the three questions: What is the fragrance-related gift you?d most like to receive this year" L ...
25-11-2018 18:53

Moresque Midnight London (Harrods Exclusive)

In addition to the new Secret Collection, which includes five fragrances presented in November 2018 (Alma Pure, Jasminisha, Seta, Soul Batik and Uba ...
25-11-2018 18:53

Tom Ford Private Blend Collection Coffret

TOM FORD Underwear Collection The new offering from the Tom Ford Private Blend collection comes out in late November 2018 in the form of a set ideal ...
25-11-2018 18:53

L?Occitane Collection Rose ~ new fragrances

L?Occitane has launched a new rose collection, with a Rose Eau de Toilette and three fragrance waters for layering: Eau Parfumée Souffle Vivifiant Ro ...
24-11-2018 18:53

A New Perfume Line: Hersip Fashion House with Nathalie Feist

  Last Wednesday, the Japanese brand Hersip was launched at La Place, the new temporary place centered around art and perfume which is nestled in the ...
24-11-2018 18:53

Wish in Dior

Dior\'s holiday campaign for 2018. ...
24-11-2018 18:53

Best in Show: Amber (2018)

A very common note in fragrance, amber is most often used in the context of an "oriental accord." Amber is warm, cozy, rich, and luscious  ...
24-11-2018 18:53

Friday scent of the day 11/23

Happy Black Friday / Buy Nothing Day! Our community project for today: pick your Black Friday poison...wear the last fragrance you bought, wear a che ...
23-11-2018 18:54

Holiday Joy 2018: Ornament Style

Each year when autumn starts, perfume brands begin to present numerous special editions and gift sets specially designed for the holidays. This year ...
23-11-2018 18:54


GIVENCHY Pour Homme by GIVENCHYMen EdtGIVENCHY Pour Homme is a scent of an exquisite fragrance launched house of GIVENCHY in 2002. It is a fresh and ...
23-11-2018 19:41

Black Baies

A quick spot for Diptyque\'s limited edition Baies candle. ...
23-11-2018 18:54

Now in Stores: I Feel Happy in Jo Malone's Honeysuckle Dav

One of the most difficult parts of being a professional fragrance writer is keeping up with all the newest releases, with last year\'s total surpass ...
23-11-2018 18:54

Tabacora Parfums: New Chariot of Love

  I understand that this sounds somewhat unauthentic, but the Polish brand Tabacora Parfums does make great oriental oil-based fragrances, and calls ...
22-11-2018 18:54

New Perfume Collection by Yanina Yakusheva: Idol Gallery

  We first met Yanina Yakusheva and her scents in Dubai, and this year I was surprised to learn that she had completely changed all of her fragrances ...
22-11-2018 18:54

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 ~ open thread

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating today! Whether you?re celebrating or not, feel free to talk about anything you like: what fragrance ...
22-11-2018 18:54

Smells and Fragrances of Thanksgiving

Those of us who live and work in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving today, a holiday that always falls on a Thursday, and because of its timin ...
22-11-2018 18:54

Roger Gallet Extraits de Cologne: Rose Mignonnerie Magno

The Roger Gallet collection of Extraits de Cologne was presented in 2017 with five fragrances (Cassis Frénésie, Néroli Facétie, Thé Fantasie, Tubére ...
22-11-2018 18:54

The Fourth Collection by Areej Le Dore

  Areej Le Dore, the Thai perfume brand founded by Russian Adam, has released its fourth limited collection of fragrances. We have written about Adam ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Four familiar and unmistakable scents

Sharpee and her colleagues analyzed odor molecules found in four familiar and unmistakable scents: strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries and mouse urine ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Agent Provocateur Fatale Orchid

Agent Provocateur, a British lingerie retailer founded in 1994 in London?s Soho, combines a cheeky sense of humor, classical pieces, contemporary and ...
21-11-2018 18:53

AmberChris: A Perfume Tribute to Chris Georgio

  Fragrance video reviewer Josh Thibodeaux (Scentsence) and Perfumer Christi Meshell (of House of Matriarch) worked together to create a limited edit ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 11/21

Hump Day, plus World Television Day and René Magritte\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m keeping cozy in Dries Van Noten par Fréd ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Bond No 9 Le Parfum du Salon, A Harrods Exclusive

In addition to the novelties that refresh the Bond No 9 collection this season, it\'s worth mentioning the limited edition that Bond No 9 develop ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 11/20

We\'re getting started rather late in the day, but better late than never" It\'s Monday\'s ugly little sister, and it\'s Universal Children?s Da ...
21-11-2018 18:53


AMYTHST by LALIQUEWomen EdpAmethyst is a feminine perfume by LALIQUE. The scent was launched in 2007. This gem of a perfume blends fruity, floral and ...
21-11-2018 19:45

Perfume Bottle Design Contest: Bottle Your Creativity!

  Just like every year, the International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) is currently promoting its bottle design contest. This is an exciting way ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

The 2018 holiday video from Burberry, with Naomi and Valerie Morris-Campbell, Kristin Scott Thomas, M.I.A. and Matt Smith. (Vogue UK says: "In co ...
21-11-2018 18:53

Tiger Spirit: Âme Fauve Hayari Parfums

  At Esxence 2018 in Milan, French perfume house Hayari presented its new Origines collection. Immediately after the exhibition, our colleague Sandr ...
20-11-2018 18:53

Perfume Review: Pūroto Rose by CurioNoir

CurioNoir is a fragrance brand created by New Zealander, Tiffany Jeans. It’s a brand based on craftsmanship with […] ...
20-11-2018 18:53

Lucid Dream and Love Crime: The New Ex Idolo Perfumes

  Ex Idolo, the perfume brand from London that became famous with its debut perfume Thirty Three, based on 33-years old oud oil and Chinese rose, is ...
20-11-2018 18:53

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Uptown Moonshine ~ new fragrance

Indie perfume house Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has launched Uptown Moonshine {Holiday no.18}... ...
20-11-2018 18:53

The Scent of Jasmine is Stronger: Jasmine in Perfumery

    Of strawberries and of bananas The creamy scent of jasmine speaks. Igor Severyanin   "There are no perfumes without jasmine." That old ...
20-11-2018 18:53

Zara In Pink: Frosted Cream, Fizzy Pink, Tempting Rose

  Recently, we have included many of the new male fragrances from the Zara perfume collection in our encyclopedia, and now I want to focus on the ne ...
20-11-2018 18:53

Interview: Sonja Ciccateri About Her Brand Mille Centum Parf

  Marco Sonja Ciccateri, Mille Centum Parfums.   MILLE CENTUM PARFUMS is a relatively new perfume house founded in 2016 in Sweden and officially ...
20-11-2018 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : November 2018

You can find perfume recommendations here ...
19-11-2018 18:53

My forever scent

The scent of my two boys. I mean, take into consideration that they?re small and maybe I will change my mind about that in ten years! [Laughs.] But fo ...
19-11-2018 18:53

Platinum, But Not Egoiste: Fougère Platine by Tom Ford

  The Tom Ford Private Collection was completed in 2018 with some modern gourmand perfumes (Fucking Fabulous, Lost Cherry, Vanille Fatale) and two pe ...
19-11-2018 18:53

Eros Flame

Gigi Hadid and Salomon Diaz weep for Versace Eros Flame. ...
19-11-2018 18:53

Perfume Review: Tonka 25 by Le Labo

Aesthetically, Le Labo is one of the coolest brands out there. Everything they do looks hip, from the […] ...
19-11-2018 18:53

First Fragrances: Armani Femme by Giorgio Armani (1982)

  One of the first perfumes that I donned on my juvenile person and came to absolutely love, earning lots of compliments in the process and assuming ...
19-11-2018 18:53

Monday scent of the day 11/19

Happy International Men?s Day! It\'s also, unfortunately for everybody, another Monday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m celebrating the hol ...
19-11-2018 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope November 19 - November 25

  This past weekend, did you observe some uncommon reality twitches, especially related to communication" The news has probably spread, Mercury ...
19-11-2018 18:53

The Debut of House of Gray

  Elizabeth Rose has moved deeper and deeper into perfume over the past years, and dreamed for a long while about creating her own perfume house, off ...
18-11-2018 18:53

Pekji: An Indie Brand From Istanbul

  "More people worship the rising than the setting sun." -Pompey The Great   A perfume aficionado from Istanbul, and illustrator and graphi ...
18-11-2018 18:53

Officina delle Essenze Oud Gourmand

Italian niche perfume house Officina delle Essenze launches a new oriental perfume Oud Gourmand in late 2018. Oud Gourmand is conceived as a scent o ...
18-11-2018 18:53

A Chypre of the XXI Century: Chypre 21 James Heeley

  The Englishman in Paris, designer James Heeley, could not stay away without getting infected with the perfumery fever. His first fragrance, Menthe ...
18-11-2018 18:53

Chanel 1957: Les Exclusifs de Chanel new perfume

  On November 15, 2018, Les Exclusifs de Chanel perfume collection had a new addition by introducing its latest, 1957 Chanel. The fragrance is presen ...
18-11-2018 18:53

Ralph Lauren Saffron: New addition to The Luxury Collection

  Saffron is the latest addition to the Luxury Collection by Ralph Lauren, launched in 2018. The line was introduced in 2016 with 10 fragrances. As ...
18-11-2018 18:53


The store is readily Instagrammable, right down to the circular tent in the middle and the suit owned and worn by Kendrick Lamar. It?s also scented wi ...
17-11-2018 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, mid-November 2018

Our usual lazy weekend open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today, the last fragrance tried that exceeded yo ...
17-11-2018 18:53

April Aromatics Irisistible ~ new fragrance

Berlin-based indie natural brand April Aromatics has launched Irisistible, a new iris fragrance... ...
17-11-2018 18:53

The New Chapter of Gucci Guilty Perfume

Gucci Guilty came out in 2010 and was followed by Gucci Guilty Pour Homme in 2011. In the meantime, Coty took over the Gucci perfumes license, and A ...
17-11-2018 18:53

The French particularity

A short film from International Flavors & Fragrances\' in house naturals facility, Laboratoire Monique Rémy, about the cultivation and processing ...
17-11-2018 18:53

On display in the suitably swish Berkeley Square

Today, the first 2.5-metre-high bottle is on display in the suitably swish Berkeley Square and will appear at the fashion house?s New Bond Street bout ...
16-11-2018 18:53

"It's Mademoiselle, Actually...." Coco Mademoisell

  Modern perfumery may serve as a bright example of a subject that is positioned at the junction of technology and creativity. On the one hand, we ha ...
16-11-2018 18:53

First Love by Van Cleef & Arpels

First Love by Van Cleef & ArpelsWomen Edt First Love by Van Cleef & Arpels is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. First Love was launched in 2006. ...
16-11-2018 19:46

Charriol Infinite Celtic Ultimate

  Under the Cofinluxe license, The Swiss jewelry house CHARRIOL presented their latest masculine fragrance INFINITE CELTIC ULTIMATE for the first ...
16-11-2018 18:53

Friday scent of the day 11/16

Happy Friday and happy International Day for Tolerance! Our community project for today: wear a savory perfume (something spicy, herbal, salty, or ot ...
16-11-2018 18:53

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A New Fragrance from Francesca Bianchi: Luxe Calme Volupte

A New Fragrance from Francesca Bianchi: Luxe ...

Luxe Calme Volupte is the latest fragrance to be released from Francesca Bianchi.  Described by the brand as "an elegant yet intense fruity-floral ambery fragrance with fresh and green nuances," Luxe Calme Volupte is inspired by... -
Serge Lutens Dent de Lait & Borreau des Fleurs ~ new fragrances

Serge Lutens Dent de Lait & Borreau des Fleur...

French niche house Serge Lutens is repackaging and streamlining its fragrance offerings, and introducing two new scents. Dent de Lait (milk tooth) joins the Collection Noire, which will merge the prior Collection Noire and Collection Beige... -
Vince Camuto Ciao

Vince Camuto Ciao

As previously announced at the TFWA, the new fragrance from the Vince Camuto line is Vince Camuto Ciao. Floral, fruity and oriental, the new scent represents new beginnings, as well as the warm rays of the Italian sun. The fragrance comes out at... -
Accendis Nooria

Accendis Nooria

NOORIA is the latest fragrance from Italian niche brand Accendis, inspired by the light. "We are all animated by the light in our souls, and we recognize, in different ways, its great importance. Somewhere in our souls, there is an awareness... -
Edward Bess Spanish Veil ~ fragrance review

Edward Bess Spanish Veil ~ fragrance review

Last week I swooned a bit over La Femme Bohème, one of three new fragrances from high-end cosmetics line Edward Bess; this week I\'ve been wearing Spanish Veil. This is another oriental scent, also developed by perfumer Carlos Benaïm, with notes... -
Holiday fragrance gifts 2016, part 4

Holiday fragrance gifts 2016, part 4

Part four in our eight-part series on fragrance related holiday gifts features various and sundry coffrets and gift sets. Do add any of your own recommendations in the comments! From Givenchy, 5 ml bottles of seven fragrances in the L?Atelier de... -
Room 1015 Sweet Leaf & Cherry Punk ~ new fragrances

Room 1015 Sweet Leaf & Cherry Punk ~ new frag...

French niche line Room 1015 has launched Sweet Leaf, a new fragrance. Last year, the brand introduced Cherry Punk... -
Britney Spears Fantasy in Bloom ~ new perfume

Britney Spears Fantasy in Bloom ~ new perfume

Britney Spears has launched Fantasy in Bloom. The new fruity floriental fragrance for women is a flanker to 2005?s Britney Spears Fantasy... -
Maison Martin Margiela Replica - Autumn Vibes

Maison Martin Margiela Replica - Autumn Vibes

Maison Martin Margiela is launching a new Replica edition called Autumn Vibes Replica. It is part of a collection of fragrances inspired by personal memories and moments from the life of the perfumer; its full name is Reproduction of Familiar... -

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