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Monday scent of the day 12/31

Happy Monday, and happy New Year\'s Eve. It\'s also the 7th day of Christmas (swans a swimming) and the 6th day of Kwanzaa. Birthdays: Diane von Fürs ...
31-12-2018 18:53

Two Shiseido Unsung Treasures: Inoui and Koto

    There are some civilizations which seemingly have reached the apex of their arc. The Japanese have always impressed me as one of those, with thei ...
31-12-2018 18:53

The prized white flower

The pair started planting jasmine grandiflorum - a key ingredient in top French perfumes like J?adore L?Or or Chanel number 5 - in their farm in June. ...
31-12-2018 18:53

Voskanian Parfums: Eco Perfumes from Armenia

  "More people worship the rising than the setting sun." -Pompey The Great   Natural perfumery is eternal. According to archeologists who f ...
31-12-2018 18:53

Aurora Charles Wong: For the Modern Mr. Darcy

  First was France. A man from Hong Kong came there to work and was conquered by the French savoir vivre: the French classical style of clothing (esp ...
30-12-2018 18:53

Elie Saab Girl of Now Forever

The happy spirit of the GIRL OF NOW fragrance is especially highlighted in the new edition GIRL OF NOW FOREVER, which comes out in early 2019. Sweet ...
30-12-2018 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, almost done with 2018

With apologies, I am behind once again. I have not yet finished reading Friday\'s comments, and I\'m not sure when I\'ll be able to chime in this wee ...
30-12-2018 18:53

Tiffany Co Eau de Parfum Holiday Edition

In 2017, in cooperation with Coty, Tiffany jewellery house opened a new chapter in their fragrances with the release of Tiffany Co Eau de Parfum. I ...
30-12-2018 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope December 31 - January 6

The upcoming year will create rewarding obstacles. The obstacles will be highly sophisticated, but will each serve like a portals towards some fo ...
30-12-2018 18:53

Vers Toi Worth: Towards You

  Not long ago, we reviewed the most popular Worth fragrances from its poetic collection: Our Je Reviens perfume review covered the start of the stor ...
29-12-2018 18:52

Hidden Cheap Gems

  Have you noticed how many additional features are attributed to modern fragrances, besides its main function - to smell good" For example, per ...
29-12-2018 18:52

Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather ~ new fragrance

Jo Malone has launched Bronze Wood & Leather, a new fragrance in the Cologne Intense Collection... ...
29-12-2018 18:52

Efva Attling: Captured Harmony

The seventh fragrance by Efva Attling, the Swedish jewelry designer who is also known for her twelve-year career in modeling, has been presented in ...
28-12-2018 18:53

Zoologist Presenting Chameleon in Spring 2019

  In 2018. Viktor Wong presented three fragrances for his own niche line Zoologist: Hyrax, composed by Sven Pritzkoleit; Moth, by Tomoo Inaba; and Ty ...
28-12-2018 18:53

First Instinct Blue for Him by ABERCROMBIE & FITCH

First Instinct Blue for Him by ABERCROMBIE & FITCHMen EdtFirst Instinct Blue is an unexpected, bold and very masculine fresh fern in which freshness a ...
28-12-2018 19:37

Seven scented stones

To take part in the virtual reality experience, in-store shoppers at Julieraque, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are prompted to wear a virtual re ...
28-12-2018 18:53

Tokyo Gallivant: Walking in a Morning Fog

Last year, former L\'Artisan Parfumeur art-director Nick Steward created his own brand. The idea was based on tourism - each city in the world has i ...
28-12-2018 18:53

Friday scent of the day 12/28

It\'s Best of 2018 Friday! (It\'s also the fourth day of Christmas, and the third day of Kwanzaa, and there are 3 days left until the end of 2018.) O ...
28-12-2018 18:53

Best of 2018 : 12 Perfumes To Bring into The New Year

Taking a look at my favorite perfumes from 2018 ...
28-12-2018 18:53

Giorgio Armani In Love With You & Stronger With You Intensel

Giorgio Armani has launched In Love With You for Women and Stronger With You Intensely for Men. The new fragrances are followups to 2017\'s Because I ...
27-12-2018 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 12/27

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Fruitcake Day! It\'s also the third day of Christmas (that would be French Hens), depending on how you count, and the s ...
27-12-2018 18:54

Notable Perfumes of 2018 From Our Editors

Traditionally, at the end of the year we sum up which perfumes have been the most popular among our members, and our Reader\'s Choice Awards is now ...
27-12-2018 18:54

American Perfumer Colorado & Desert Flower ~ fragrance revie

About a year and a half ago, I was aggravated enough by an article in a women\'s glossy magazine to write a response on my own blog and to encourage ...
27-12-2018 18:54

Amber Pour Homme by PRADA

Amber Pour Homme by PRADAMen EdtPRADA first ever mens fragrance launched after the female version in 2006. Built on a platform of rich amber, this co ...
27-12-2018 19:45

Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Fou De Toi ~ new perfume

Tory Burch has launched Love Relentlessly Fou De Toi, a new fragrance for women. Love Relentlessly Fou De Toi is a flanker to 2016\'s Love Relentless ...
27-12-2018 18:54

Liquid scents

The mission found special perfume-making ovens and murals that demonstrate how workers extracted liquid scents out of flowers. The village was a world ...
27-12-2018 18:54

CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Sexy Men Tester Perfume

212 Sexy Men by CAROLINA HERRERAMen Edt Tester212 Sexy Men was launched in 2006. This is another great addition to the collection. It is classified ...
26-12-2018 19:36

A whole new world

We actually got rather burned out on perfume after we wrote the first guide where we reviewed about 1,800 perfumes more, so we weren\'t paying very mu ...
26-12-2018 18:53

COACH Floral Eau de Parfum by COACH

COACH Floral Eau de Parfum by COACHWomen EdpCoach Floral is inspired by Coach\'s signature leather Tea Roses and evokes the warmth of a summer\'s day ...
26-12-2018 19:36

Wednesday scent of the day 12/26

Hump Day, Boxing Day, Candy Cane Day and the first day of Kwaanza. Happy birthday to Caroll Edwin Spinney ? thank you for all those years of Big Bird ...
26-12-2018 18:53

Salvatore Ferragamo Rinascimento: Classic and Slightly Diffe

  This year, Salvatore Ferragamo remodeled the entire exclusive collection, which is now simply called "Tuscan Creations," with stunning l ...
26-12-2018 18:53

The Perfume Shop: Olfactory Art at The Ryder Projects, Londo

  In 1993, the Italian-Canadian artist Clara Ursitti had the novel idea of creating an olfactory self-portrait. Instead of the visual supremacy used ...
25-12-2018 18:53

Angela?s Fragrance Highlights of 2018

This year, 2018, marks my twelfth year writing about perfume. I?ve passed a period where I bought a bottle of fragrance a month, and I no longer need ...
25-12-2018 18:53

Monday scent of the day 12/24

Monday, and you have 7 days left in 2018. Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! What fragrance are you wearing" I will be in Aftelier Ca ...
24-12-2018 18:54

Favorite Samples Giveaway #2

A giveaway of a set of samples ...
24-12-2018 18:54

Calvin Klein Eternity Flame ~ new fragrances

Calvin Klein has launched Eternity Flame and Eternity Flame for Men. The new fragrances are flankers to 1988\'s Eternity and 1989\'s Eternity for Men ...
24-12-2018 18:54

D.S. Durga: Amber Kiso and Amber Teutonic

American niche house D.S. Durga presents two new fragrances that come after the I Don\'t Know What release and are based on combinations of very in ...
24-12-2018 18:55

Put the lime in the coconut

A spot for Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime. ...
24-12-2018 18:54

Perfumology's Clutch and the Scent of Driving

  Perfumology, the brand built as an extension of Nir Guy?s retail establishment in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, has released a third fragrance for ...
23-12-2018 18:54

Best in Show: Fragrances for the Holiday Season (2018)

December - a time for parties, get-togethers, worship, vacations, family reunions, or maybe pensive evenings in front of a colorfully lit tree. In t ...
23-12-2018 18:54

Arte Olfatto: The Art Of Following Trends

  Popular niche perfume exhibitions in Milan and Florence have heated up the perfumery market in Italy so much that this country is becoming the lead ...
23-12-2018 18:54

Yummy Festive Indulgences on a Budget

  It\'s so nice that Christmas and/or the festive season is such a special time of the year, plentiful of its own aromas, etched in our memories, rec ...
23-12-2018 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope December 24 - December 31

We always like to look back, and see if what was predicted in past worked  out, and to make a connection to the future. A year ago I wrote about ...
23-12-2018 18:54

Dior Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl

Dior\'s new format of the ROLLER PEARL perfume bottles, which implies a new form of perfume application, first appeared in 2018 with the releases of ...
22-12-2018 18:53

The Boy and The Piano

Folks in the UK have probably already seen this umpteen times, but in case anyone elsewhere missed it, here is the John Lewis & Partners Christmas ...
22-12-2018 18:53

A Few Fragrant Gift Ideas From France

  At the approach of Christmas, Fragrantica\'s French editor Sophie concocted a small gift selection with a classic, a novelty, a niche edition and s ...
22-12-2018 18:53

DOLCE & GABBANA The One Essence Tester Perfume

The One Essence by DOLCE & GABBANAWomen Edp TesterThe One Essence was introduced in 2015 as a delightful blend of floral and fruity accords fragrance. ...
22-12-2018 19:35

Dark Vanilla: Marie Le Fevbre Interview

  To introduce her new perfume Dark Vanilla in Russia, owner and perfumer of indie-brand Urban Scents Marie Le Fevbre arrived to cold Moscow, to par ...
22-12-2018 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late December 2018

It\'s our same old lazy weekend open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today, any fragrance-related regrets yo ...
22-12-2018 18:53

An icy cocktail

She settled on an icy cocktail of Scotch pine, blue spruce, French lavender and black cardamom, which she began selling in 2013 at just three local bo ...
22-12-2018 18:53

Antonia Puredistance: Archetypal Mother

  Antonia Puredistance was created in 2011, and it was the third fragrance in the brand collection after Puredistance I, the pure and innocent girly ...
22-12-2018 18:53

MOSCHINO Funny Tester Perfume

Funny by MOSCHINOWomen Edt TesterMOSCHINO Funny was launched at the end of spring 2007 by house of fragrance MOSCHINO. It is a floral-fruity funny fr ...
22-12-2018 19:35

On Escentual: Party Season Fragrances

As you may have guessed by the sporadic posts, I?ve been winding down for Christmas. I?ll be back […] ...
21-12-2018 18:53

The Red Rocks of Sedona: Sedona Sweetgrass, Win a Sample

Sedona Sweet Grass is the latest fragrance made by Providence Perfume Co., an indie artisan line with US roots, masterminded by Charna Ethier, who ha ...
21-12-2018 18:53

From your pits to your cheeks, you will smell magnifique

The 4 minute spot for Lume, a natural deodorant "for Pits and Private Parts". Warning: general silliness, plenty of double entendre plus far ...
21-12-2018 18:53

Tambour Sacre Rubini: African Spirit

    Probably, I must immediately confess that I really like the Italian brand RUBINI. Founded by Andrea Bissoli Rubini in Verona and far from the wid ...
21-12-2018 18:53

Man Blue by JIMMY CHOO

Man Blue by JIMMY CHOOMen EdtHouse of design JIMMY CHOO opens a new chapter with JIMMY CHOO Man Blue that was launched in early August 2018. It is a d ...
21-12-2018 19:37

Bohoboco Perfume: Collection Review

I learned about this new niche perfumery project from my Polish friends - they scolded Bohoboco Perfume for their commercial approach, high prices a ...
21-12-2018 18:53

Friday scent of the day 12/21

Hey, it\'s What\'s your number Friday! (And, here\'s a number for you: there are 10 days to go for 2018.) Our community project for today: wear a per ...
21-12-2018 18:53

Vero Kern Passed Away on December 18

  Yesterday, Vero Kern has left us, leaving only memories and her unique perfumes.   Vero Kern presenting her perfume Naja at Esxence in 2017 Vero ...
20-12-2018 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 12/20

Happy Almost-Friday! There are 11 days to go for 2018. It\'s also International Human Solidarity Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Ri ...
20-12-2018 18:53


BRIT RHYTHM for Her by BURBERRYWomen EdtBRIT RHYTHM woman combines a powerful femininity with a rock n? roll edge. Inspired by the exhilaration and ad ...
20-12-2018 19:42

Orsay L'Or De Say Magnolia

In November 2018, the German fashion house Orsay presented for its collection of perfumes a new fragrance that celebrates the femininity and beauty ...
20-12-2018 18:53

The ways in which coho salmon process and respond to smells

New research from the University of Washington and NOAA Fisheries\' Northwest Fisheries Science Center shows this powerful sense of smell might be in ...
20-12-2018 18:53

A Festive Limited Edition: Avon Haiku 2018

In celebration of the holidays, AVON launches a special Avon Iconic Holiday Collection, which includes the popular Haiku fragrance from 2000 belongi ...
20-12-2018 18:53

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Collection

Marc Jacobs (Coty) will launch new limited editions of the fragrances from the Daisy line: Daisy from 2007, Daisy Eau So Fresh from 2011, Daisy Drea ...
19-12-2018 18:53

Vanilla Collection by Sylvaine Delacourte: Vanilla and Mirac

I love the smell of natural vanilla pods: thick, dense, sweet with a dash of bitterness and an occasional cured note? I do not enjoy the smell of ...
19-12-2018 18:53

Buy me x 3

Quick "buy our perfume for Christmas!" videos from Jean Paul Gaultier, and below the jump, Chloé and Lacoste. ...
19-12-2018 18:53

The cult of smellness x 3

According to the Business of Fashion, candle sales are growing faster than the rest of the fragrance market, rising by one-third over the past two yea ...
19-12-2018 18:53

Hugo Boss Hugo Reversed Eau de Toilette

  Hugo Reversed SS 18 Lookbook with Anton Hugo Boss launches a new fragrance for the Hugo Collection which was inspired by t ...
19-12-2018 18:53


AIGNER Debut By Night By ETIENNE AIGNERWomen EdpAIGNER Début By Night was launched by house of ETIENNE AIGNER in 2014. It is an evening fragrance w ...
19-12-2018 19:40

Rosendo Mateu Olfactive Expressions No 6: Jasmine, Sandalwoo

  Master perfumer Rosendo Mateu is presenting his sixth fragrance for the Rosendo Mateu Olfactive Expressions line, which follows five very succe ...
19-12-2018 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 12/19

Hump Day, and 12 more days to go for 2018. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in The Different Company\'s delicious incense, Le 15. Reminder: ...
19-12-2018 18:53

Tom Daxon's Memorable Offerings in 2018

  Tom Daxon has added two new perfumes to his steadily growing line in 2018: Midnight Saffron and Laconia. The Tom Daxon line is one that has been gr ...
19-12-2018 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 12/18

Tuesday, International Migrants Day and Jacques Pépin\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m off-season but on-project in CB I Hate P ...
18-12-2018 18:53

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Intense

At the beginning of 2019, Yves Saint Laurent will launch a new edition of the Black Opium fragrance, Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense. So far, the ...
18-12-2018 18:53

Discover What Your Nose Knows With MASTER PARFUMS Educationa

The French company Master Parfums invites us to direct our focus to our fifth sense, with their MASTER PARFUMS ® educational games. "Stimulate ...
18-12-2018 18:53

Agonist: Exclusive 100 ml Sizes

  The Swedish perfume house AGONIST, founded by creative couple Niclas and Christine Lydeen, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special and excl ...
18-12-2018 18:53

Bad news

Shoppers 35 and under want to smell like themselves, not everyone else, and that?s bad news for the many celebrity products that occupy the midrange. ...
18-12-2018 18:53

Gold Fair in Mayfair by Atkinsons: The Fragrance of Cozy Lux

  Gold Fair In Mayfair is a beautiful and truly wonderful fragrance. The fact that it was launched just before the holidays is a clever marketing mov ...
18-12-2018 18:53

Happiness smells like?

Pale yellow roses. It?s so hard for a perfumer because I don?t think of things in terms of emotion very often, you know" But yeah, it has to be p ...
17-12-2018 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : December 2018

A place to find perfume and fragrance recommendations ...
17-12-2018 18:53

Monday scent of the day 12/17

Monday and Wright Brothers Day! It\'s also Maple Syrup Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m starting my community project count in Parfumer ...
17-12-2018 18:53

All I Want for Christmas: A Letter to Santa (2018)

The festive season is upon us and whether you\'re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Yule, Shabe-Yalda or whichever version of winter solstic ...
17-12-2018 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope December 17 - December 23

  This is an uplifting week when, as if by miracle, we avoid stress and have the all time to do what we want and intend. A few things that have the ...
16-12-2018 18:53

Flocked Gilded: Euphorium Brooklyn and The Golden Age

  I can?t recall the exact work of art that my sculpture teacher in college had been referring to, but during a first year course, he had been tellin ...
16-12-2018 18:53

Or Noir: Pascal Morabito's First Perfume

  The first Pascal Morabito perfume was created for women, a side road this jewelry brand chose for a reason; everyone knows that jewelry and perfum ...
15-12-2018 18:53

Amouage Opus XI ~ new fragrance

Amouage has launched Opus XI, the latest fragrance in the niche brand?s Library Collection... ...
15-12-2018 18:53

Essential Parfums Orange x Santal: Light, Breezy, Fresh

  It\'s funny sometimes how the designation "niche perfumery" nowadays can mean so many different things. It can even mean accessible (inst ...
15-12-2018 18:53

JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy Noir Tester Perfume

Viva La Juicy Noir by JUICY COUTUREWomen Edp TesterViva La Juicy Noir is another limited edition by JUICY COUTURE. An enticing rendition of the origin ...
15-12-2018 19:34

Scents of Scotland: Alexander McQueen, Child of the Unseelie

When I heard somewhere in 2010 that Alexander McQueen had committed suicide, I hardly noticed the news. It took me a trip to Edinburgh to understand ...
15-12-2018 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ five questions for December 2018

Five questions for a December weekend. As always, answer as few or as many as you like, or just talk about something else. 1. What fragrance are you ...
15-12-2018 18:53

Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Sheer

Abercrombie Fitch (Inter Parfums) launched the First Instinct Collection with a masculine aromatic-fougere scent in 2016, followed by its femini ...
15-12-2018 18:53

MARC JACOBS Lola Tester Unit

Lola by MARC JACOBSWomen Edp TesterA bit flirtatious with a playful wink this captivating fragrance is the essence of the Lola by MARC JACOBS. Irresis ...
15-12-2018 19:34

Very bad

That almost unconscious application habit?misting a little scent on your wrists and then pressing them together before reaching for your neck?is actua ...
14-12-2018 18:55

The Wartime Adventures of Chanel's Perfumes: From Collaborat

Gabrielle Chanel (1883-1971), known by the sobriquet, Coco, from her cabaret singing days, was a prickly character who truly captured the collective ...
14-12-2018 18:55

Amina Ali : The Cake Wizard of Lahore

Amina Ali is a painter and a cake wizard of Lahore. ...
14-12-2018 18:55

Friday scent of the day 12/14

It\'s Friday and it\'s World Monkey Day! Our (monkey-free) community project for today: wear a fragrance by Dame Perfumery, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Div ...
14-12-2018 18:55

BedeauX Chouette and Hibou: Smelling the Night

In 2017, when self-taught Amanda Beadle came up with her first fragrance called Chienoir, she didn\'t expect to become the winner of the Art Olfact ...
14-12-2018 18:55

Rake Ruin Beaufort London: Gin and Smoked Wood

  My Florentine meeting with Leo Crabtree, the owner of Beaufort London, started not with perfumery. There was a big black bottle with a silver label ...
14-12-2018 18:55

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Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2021 Millésime

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2021 Millésime

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New from CLEAN RESERVE: Sel Santal and Citron Fig

New from CLEAN RESERVE: Sel Santal and Citron...

In 2003, without any prior knowledge of the cosmetics industry, Randi Shinder from Canada followed her intuition and desire to enter the ever-growing, but competitive marketplace. She developed a unique creation after all the positive feedback she... -
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Shalini's New Fragrance: Vanille Rêve

The truly luxurious house of Shalini prepares to launch Vanille Rêve in March 2021. Vanille Rêve is a vanilla scent that, according to the brand, "captures the alluring sweetness of desire and ineffable dreams without limits." This... -
Fiery Gourmand: Nishane Fan Your Flames

Fiery Gourmand: Nishane Fan Your Flames

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Diptyque Orphéon

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Maison Margiela Replica: New Fragrance Sailing Day, Paros 2001

Maison Margiela Replica: New Fragrance Sailin...

Maison Margiela launched the initial Replica fragrances in 2012, two years after the introduction of the fragrance Untitled which was the first perfume of the designer in 2010. Each of the Replica fragrances triggers a characteristic memory and is... -

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