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A genomic nosegay

Call it a genomic nosegay. Unlike a floral nosegay, which releases scents, the genomic nosegay?a 3D spatial arrangement of olfactory receptor genes?he ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Tom Ford Beau de Jour for the Private Blend Collection

  The new Tom Ford fragrance Beau de Jour has started appearing in stores. Tom Ford released another fragrance for their Private Blend collection ? ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Signature for Him by DAVID BECKHAM

Signature for Him by DAVID BECKHAMMen Edt DAVID BECKHAM presented perfumes in cooperation with Coty in 2008 named Signature for Him. A woody-orient ...
31-01-2019 19:42

Like a very bespoke piece of jewelry

Jo Malone brand ambassador Karen Elson and British jeweller Duffy in a spot supporting the birthstone cap collection. ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Issey Miyake L?Eau d?Issey Pure Petale de Nectar ~ new fragr

Issey Miyake has launched L\'Eau d\'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar, a new fragrance for women. L\'Eau d\'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar is a flanker to 201 ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir

  Lacoste Fragrances presents a new women\'s fragrance belonging to the popular Lacoste Pour Femme collection, which started with the first Lacoste ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Thursday scent of the day 1/31

Almost-Friday and Backward Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m taking partial credit for the cherry pipe tobacco in Diptyque Volutes. Remi ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Perfume Review: Siren & Sailors by Jusbox

Amy Winehouse was a tremendous talent. Her voice (that voice!) was unlike any other and she crossed the […] ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Eterno Simone Andreoli: Some Eternal Things

  Italian niche brand Simone Andreoli has regularly participated in art-perfume exhibitions in Milan and Florence since 2016, but our paths never cro ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Victoria?s Secret Bombshell Wild Flower ~ new fragrance

Victoria\'s Secret has launched Bombshell Wild Flower, a new flanker to 2010\'s Bombshell fragrance for women... ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Jimmy Choo Floral

Jimmy Choo Floral Eau de Toilette comes out before the spring of 2019 as a subtle and bright floral and fruity fragrance. The bottle follows the Jim ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Baiser Vole Lys Rose by Cartier

Baiser Volé Lys Rose by CartierWomen EdtBaiser Volé Lys Rose by Cartier was released in 2014. It is a fresh, white floral perfume with hints of fruit ...
31-01-2019 19:42

Azzaro Chrome Aqua ~ new fragrance

Azzaro has introduced Chrome Aqua, a new flanker to 1996\'s Chrome for Men... ...
31-01-2019 18:55

Wednesday scent of the day 1/30

Happy Hump Day and happy Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution! (And if you\'re in the path of the polar vortex, do take care.) ...
30-01-2019 18:53

Pullman Dana: First Class Perfume

  The perfume house Dana is known primarily for its women\'s fragrances. Legendary spicy Tabu, floral Chantilly, and oriental Emir have become popula ...
30-01-2019 18:53

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pure Petale de Nectar

Issey Miyake launched L\'Eau d\'Issey Pure in the spring of 2016 as "the second chapter in L\'Eau d\'Issey\'s perfume history." It was foll ...
30-01-2019 18:53

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Oceanic Expedition by ISSEY MIYAKE

L\'Eau d\'Issey pour Homme Oceanic Expedition by Issey Miyake Men Edt Inspired by a journey into the water to explore the power of water in unknown ...
30-01-2019 19:47

Joop! Homme Absolute ~ new fragrance

Joop! will launch Homme Absolute, a new flanker to 1989\'s Joop! Homme. ...
30-01-2019 18:53

New Home Fragrance Line From NEST Fragrances New York

According to NEST Fragrances New York, the luxury home fragrance company founded in 2005, fragrance has a powerful effect on our everyday lives, cre ...
30-01-2019 18:53

This Week I’m Mostly Wearing….Jasmine Absolute P

This week I’m mostly wearing the euphorically beautiful Jasmine Absolute (IFF-LMR) Préparation by Ostens. Smelling this perfume oil, […] ...
30-01-2019 18:53

1957 From the Exclusifs Collection: The American Romance of

  1957 is the newest opus within the Exclusifs de Chanel collection, drawing once again from the life of Gabrielle (Coco Chanel). After Misia (2015) ...
30-01-2019 18:53

Mugler Angel Eau Croisiere ~ new perfume

Thierry Mugler will launch Angel Eau Croisière, a new limited edition flanker to 1992\'s Angel... ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose ~ new perfume

Guerlain has launched Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, a new fragrance for women. Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is a flanker to 2017\'s Mon Guerlain, and fol ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Candy Crush: Terre d’Hermès Limited Edition 2019

I?m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I […] ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Night ~ new fragrance

Paco Rabanne has launched Pure XS Night, a new fragrance for men. Pure XS Night is a flanker to 2017\'s Pure XS, which was a flanker to 1993\'s XS... ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Tiziana Terenzi Caput Mundi

  Caput Mundi is one of the latest fragrances from the Tiziana Terenzi collection. I was introduced to it in Cannes, during the TFWA expo inside the ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Mugler Alien Fusion & Alien Man Fusion ~ new fragrances

Thierry Mugler has launched Alien Fusion, a new flanker to 2005\'s Alien fragrance, and Alien Man Fusion, a new flanker to 2018\'s Alien Man... ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Tuesday scent of the day 1/29

Tuesday, and 50 days until the end of winter. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Comme des Garçons Red Play, although the cherry part ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Invictus Aqua by Paco Rabbane

Invictus Aqua by Paco RabbaneMen EdtInvictus Aqua (2018) is a new perfume by Paco Rabanne for men and was released in 2018. This edition is a new spi ...
29-01-2019 19:41

Lancome La Vie est Belle en Rose

From Lancome\'s collection of La Vie Est Belle fragrances, of which each in its own way represents an ?ode to happiness?, comes the new La Vie est B ...
29-01-2019 18:55

Shay & Blue White Peaches ~ new fragrance

UK-based niche line Shay & Blue has launched White Peaches, a new fragrance... ...
28-01-2019 18:55

Les Eaux de Politesse by Serge Lutens: The Gentility of Clea

    "Come into the light or disappear into the shadows" There is a time for everything." ~Serge Lutens With that slogan, perfume guru ...
28-01-2019 18:55

A capable perfumer

I began my perfumery training with a company in Holland which is now part of Givaudan (one of the top perfumery companies), after studying Chemistry a ...
28-01-2019 18:55

Sweet Like a Persian Lemon

Persian lemon, limu shirin, is a highly fragrant citrus fruit that smells floral and tastes sweet. ...
28-01-2019 18:55

Perfume Review: L’Interdit by Givenchy

L?Interdit was originally a fragrance comissioned by legendary couturier Hubert de Givenchy for iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. […] ...
28-01-2019 18:55

Vetiver Lorenzo Villoresi

  Probably, I should have reviewed this fragrance before now, as it is one of my favorite vetiver fragrances. I should not wait for another trip to F ...
28-01-2019 18:55

Monday scent of the day 1/28

Happy Monday! It\'s also Data Privacy Day and Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette\'s birthday. (PSA: the freebiemeet is still ...
28-01-2019 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope January 28 - February 3

This week starts with our good intentions, but there is a learning curve to it, and we end it with a change (planetary train formation, led by Ju ...
27-01-2019 18:53

David Beckham Follow Your Instinct

  David Beckham presents the newest men\'s fragrance FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT, which adds another chapter to the INSTINCT collection, and will be availa ...
27-01-2019 18:53

VERSACE Dylan Blue Pour Femme Miniature Perfume

Dylan Blue Pour Femme by VERSACEWomen Edp MiniatureVERSACE Pour Femme Dylan Blue is an alchemy of irresistible notes. Launched in 2017, is everything ...
27-01-2019 19:39

Christi Meshell, House of Matriarch and a Perfume Giveaway

According to word research, ?Matriarch? was a term that had been falling into disuse. This is an important fact to keep in mind when you encounter t ...
27-01-2019 18:53

Three New Kimoji Hearts for Kim Kardashian KKW Fragrance: Ba

Kimoji Hearts collection presented in the KKW Fragrance line by Kim Kardashian in 2018 just got three more editions under the names Baby Girl, Baddi ...
27-01-2019 18:53

DAVIDOFF Horizon Extreme Tester Perfume

Horizon Extreme by DAVIDOFFMen Edt TesterHorizon Extreme is a unisex perfume by DAVIDOFF was launched in 2017. This fragrance captures the freedom of ...
27-01-2019 19:39

The freebiemeet, episode 13

The freebiemeet is open! PLEASE read the instructions, even if you\'ve read them before! Really, pretty please, with sugar on top! There\'s not even ...
26-01-2019 18:53


VALENTINO Donna by VALENTINOWomen EdpVALENTINO Donna was launched in 2015. Donna is the feminine counterpart to last year\'s VALENTINO Uomo. VALEN ...
26-01-2019 19:35

Mugler Angel Eau Croisière

For the 2019 season, Mugler fragrances has prepared a new summer edition of the iconic gourmand perfume Angel - Angel Eau Croisière. The new limited ...
26-01-2019 18:53

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One 2 ~ new perfume

Dolce & Gabbana have launched The Only One 2, a new fragrance for women. The Only One 2 is a flanker to 2018\'s The Only One, which was a flanker ...
26-01-2019 18:53

Individuel by MONTBLANC

Individuel by MONTBLANCMen EdtIndividuel is a rich, light scent by the design house of MONTBLANC was introduced in 2003. Classified as Oriental Woody ...
26-01-2019 19:35

Euphorium Brooklyn Event: An Evening of Fragrance, Chocolate

  Join Euphorium Brooklyn, Elements Truffles, Cara Antoinette, Tal Shpantzer for a decandent celebration. Featuring CHOCOLATL, FLOCKED GILDED, and ...
26-01-2019 18:53

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Banane ~ quick fragrance revi

The background: French niche line Comptoir Sud Pacifique released Vanille Banane in 2003. At that time, the brand had a bit of a cult following for t ...
26-01-2019 18:53

The Scent of Books in Perfumery

I get the biggest pleasure in the world from three things: books, music and perfumery. But if we can safely say that fragrances associated with a ce ...
26-01-2019 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, Australia Day 2019

We\'re celebrating Australia Day with our standard issue lazy weekend open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing t ...
26-01-2019 18:53

The New Dusita Perfume Got Its Name!

In November 2018, Fragrantica together with Dusita Paris, launched a contest among our readers to name the new fragrance created by Pissara Umavijan ...
26-01-2019 18:53

Friday scent of the day 1/25

Friday, and Opposite Day and Irish Coffee Day. Birthdays today: Robert Burns, Virginia Woolf, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Etta James. Our community project ...
25-01-2019 18:54

On Escentual: Lucky Fragrances

Click here to read. Disclaimer Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert, my views […] ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Xerjoff Shooting Stars Amber Gold Rose Gold

The Shooting Stars collection of the Italian luxury brand Xerjoff will reiterate the success of the first duo, Amber Star and Star Musk, launched ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision ~ new fragrance

Viktor & Rolf will launch Spicebomb Night Vision, a new fragrance for men. Spicebomb Night Vision is a flanker to 2012\'s Spicebomb, and will be ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Viktor Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision

A new masculine scent from Viktor Rolf Spicebomb (launched in 2012) is available as of February 2019. Spicebomb Night Vision is the first flanker a ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Lights off game on

Jacob Whitesides strips to his skivvies for peeping Tom, or if you prefer, Jane (she is below the jump), for Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision. ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Plants may be able to detect many more odors than animals

Humans have about 400 odor receptors. Elephants have about 2,000, the largest number in animals. But based on how many transcription factor genes are ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Reflection Man Amouage: Mirror For Your Soul

  The history of Amouage could be roughly divided into two unequal parts -- before Christopher Chong and after he was invited to be the art director. ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Auphorie Eau de Nyonya Perfume Giveaway

A giveaway of a full bottle of Auphorie Eau de Nyonya. ...
25-01-2019 18:54

Les Parfums de Rosine Bois Fuchsia

  Les Parfums de Rosine is a French niche line established in 1911 by Paris fashion designer Paul Poiret, who named the fragrance house after his ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Lancome La Vie Est Belle En Rose ~ new fragrance

Lancôme has launched La Vie Est Belle En Rose, a new flanker to 2012\'s La Vie Est Belle... ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Extremely tolerant

I mean, when it?s your profession, sometimes you can turn it off and turn it back on (laughs). I will put my nose into everything and anywhere, even t ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Wild Flower

Leading up to Valentine`s Day, the popular American brand Victoria`s Secret is teasing us with their newest Bombshell flanker: the younger "sis ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Les Parfums de Rosine Les Extravagants ~ new perfumes

Les Parfums de Rosine has launched Les Extravagants, a new quartet of fragrances: Bleu Abysse, Bois Fuchsia, Eloge du Vert and Vanille Paradoxe... ...
24-01-2019 18:53

#NextGenPerfumer: Tanja Schumacher

This series shines light on the future talent of the fragrance industry. True for any craft, what youth might lack in experience and wisdom it makes ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 1/24

Thursday, and Edith Wharton\'s birthday. There are 55 days left of winter, and the freebiemeet is coming up this Saturday. What fragrance are you wea ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Ombre De La Nuit Ungaro: To the Fertility God

  Today, I would like to write about a rare and discontinued fragrance. Twenty-five years ago, only 12,000 bottles were released. Therefore, to find ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Miller Harris Violet Ida ~ new fragrance

British niche line Miller Harris has launched Violet Ida, a new fragrance inspired by the Graham Greene novel Brighton Rock... ...
24-01-2019 18:53

Rasei Fort's Earliest Childhood Memories: Kolonya

In January 2018, Fragrantica writer Sergey talked about a new Australian perfume brand he met at Pitti Fragranze 2017, named Fort Manlé, and about ...
23-01-2019 18:52

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

In March 2019, Guerlain will launch Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, a new edition of the contemporary Mon Guerlain line that combines lavender and vanil ...
23-01-2019 18:52

Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe ~ new fragrance

Italian brand Trussardi will launch Riflesso Blue Vibe, a new fragrance for men, in March. Riflesso Blue Vibe is a flanker to 2017\'s Riflesso... ...
23-01-2019 18:52


I have a soft spot for CHANEL fragrances – I always have and it’s likely that I always […] ...
23-01-2019 18:52

L?Air du Ciel Nina Ricci Limited Edition

  Nina Ricci has announced the limited edition L?Air du Ciel of their iconic perfume L\'Air du Temps. "Pink or orange tainted rays mingle in th ...
23-01-2019 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 1/23

Hump Day and Pie Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m ignoring the weather in Tauer L\'Eau. Reminder: on 1/25, wear one of your favorite fr ...
23-01-2019 18:52

A fragrance from Carphone Warehouse

Major fashion houses have long created fragrances that align with their identities. You might reasonably expect a new scent from Chanel to have a clas ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Club de Nuit Intense Man Armaf: What's the Hype"

  I am a simple person; when I see a mega-hype - I try to understand it. I think every male perfume lover knows what the abbreviation CDNIM means in ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Boss Bottled Oud Saffron & Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic ~ new f

Hugo Boss has launched Boss Bottled Oud Saffron and Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic, two new woody fragrances for men. Boss Bottled Oud Saffron and Boss Bo ...
22-01-2019 18:53

The Magical Colors of Rainbow Fantasy by Britney Spears

  During the world exhibition TFWA 2018 in Cannes we had the chance to explore the novelties of all brands under the Revlon license, and one of t ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 1/22

It\'s a Tuesday in January. It\'s also Lord Byron\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m staying warm in a dab of Chanel Bois des Ile ...
22-01-2019 18:53

5 Perfumes for Palm Springs

February in my home town is dark and rainy. Smart Portlanders book flights for Mexico and other parts south. My budget usually keeps me home with sta ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Scent Story 24 Elixir Rise Of The Superb

  SCENT STORY presents a new fragrance for the 24 Elixir Collection, and it comes after three editions launched in 2017: Ambrosia, Azur, and Neroli. ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Material Impressions by Ostens

One can accuse the perfume industry of many things, but one cannot call it unproductive. There are now […] ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Cabaret ~ new fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier has launched Classique Cabaret, a new fragrance for women. Classique Cabaret is a variation on 1993\'s Classique... ...
22-01-2019 18:53

Armani Sì Fiori

The house of Giorgio Armani continues to develop and expand the Armani Sì collection of fragrances. After last year\'s red edition Sì Passione, a ne ...
21-01-2019 18:54

Giorgio Armani Si Fiori ~ new fragrance

Giorgio Armani has launched Sì Fiori, a new fragrance for women. Sì Fiori is a flanker to 2013\'s Armani Sì... ...
21-01-2019 18:54

Chocolate: Seduction and Magic

  The fragrance of chocolate is much more enticing to me than the taste. Don\'t get me wrong, I certainly do love chocolate. I especially love cocoa ...
21-01-2019 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : January 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations. ...
21-01-2019 18:54

White Linen by Estee Lauder

White Linen by Estée LauderWomen EdtWhite Linen was introduced in 1978 by house of Estée Lauder, with the crispness of clean sheets on a summer day a ...
21-01-2019 19:40

Nomade Chloe

The new Chloé Nomade Eau de Toilette has been announced, and before we start talking about the new version, I would like to remind you how good the ...
21-01-2019 18:54

Best in Show: Lancôme (2019)

The house of Lancôme Paris is among the most recognizable brands in the world, catering to millions of consumers who buy and love their cosmetics, s ...
21-01-2019 18:54

Monday scent of the day 1/21

Happy National Hugging Day! (Sorry, but it\'s also Monday.) What fragrance are you wearing" Christian Dior was born on this day in 1905, and in ...
21-01-2019 18:54

Otto Kern Signature Eau Fraîche

  The SIGNATURE collection from German fashion brand Otto Kern is presenting its fifth fragrance, OTTO KERN SIGNATURE EAU FRAÎCHE, in mid-January 20 ...
21-01-2019 18:54

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Baby Doll Tester Perfume

Baby Doll by YVEST SAINT LAURENTWomen Edt TesterLaunched by the design house of YVEST SAINT LAURENT in 1999. Classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance ...
21-01-2019 19:40

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Play It Cool

  CRISTIANO RONALDO CR7, a fragrance introduced in 2017, which started the new line of the brand Cristiano Ronaldo, was presented after the Legacy l ...
20-01-2019 18:53

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Parisienne Tester Perfume

Parisienne by YVEST SAINT LAURENTWomen Edp Tester Parisienne by YVEST SAINT LAURENT is an adaptation of the iconic rose perfume Paris. Launched in 2 ...
20-01-2019 19:35

Perfumed Horoscope January 21 - January 27

The time has come to ask yourself: What is the best thing that can happen to you" If you are not already happy, some research shows, winning ...
20-01-2019 18:53

Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance

  Last year, the German fashion house Betty Barclay enriched the beautiful Pure Pastel collection with two lovely creations: Pure Pastel Peach an ...
20-01-2019 18:53

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Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2021 Millésime

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2021 Millésime

The French house of Guerlain continues the tradition of glorifying the awakening of Spring and cherishing the cherry blossom accord as the inspiration for their Cherry Blossom line. The newest creation CHERRY BLOSSOM 2021 MILLESIME is created to... -
New from CLEAN RESERVE: Sel Santal and Citron Fig

New from CLEAN RESERVE: Sel Santal and Citron...

In 2003, without any prior knowledge of the cosmetics industry, Randi Shinder from Canada followed her intuition and desire to enter the ever-growing, but competitive marketplace. She developed a unique creation after all the positive feedback she... -
Shalini's New Fragrance: Vanille Rêve

Shalini's New Fragrance: Vanille Rêve

The truly luxurious house of Shalini prepares to launch Vanille Rêve in March 2021. Vanille Rêve is a vanilla scent that, according to the brand, "captures the alluring sweetness of desire and ineffable dreams without limits." This... -
Fiery Gourmand: Nishane Fan Your Flames

Fiery Gourmand: Nishane Fan Your Flames

In mainstream perfumery, I find that the gourmand category is the most vulgar, boring and cliché of them all. However, in the niche segment, it seems that this year many good surprises are coming from strange new gourmands. In this category I... -
Diptyque Orphéon

Diptyque Orphéon

The French perfume house Diptyque definitely has a historic vibe, founded in 1961 in Paris at 34 Boulevard St-Germain, but it didn\'t start out as a perfume house. It first sold avant-garde fabrics and wallpaper, as well as products brought... -
Maison Margiela Replica: New Fragrance Sailing Day, Paros 2001

Maison Margiela Replica: New Fragrance Sailin...

Maison Margiela launched the initial Replica fragrances in 2012, two years after the introduction of the fragrance Untitled which was the first perfume of the designer in 2010. Each of the Replica fragrances triggers a characteristic memory and is... -

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