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New Style-Chypre Perfumes

Chypre perfumes that rely on an intricate interplay of citrus, florals, moss, woods and musk are among the most intriguing and complex. As I’ve ...
10-08-2020 18:53

Vietnamese Green Oil, DIY Colognes and Other Cool Delights

The second part of my refreshing scents series focuses on non-alcoholic and DIY options. Some people prefer to skip alcohol during hot days, and I?m o...
07-08-2020 18:53

What?s a Perfume Pyramid and Why It Can Be Ignored

I have a new video based on this oft-requested topic. What is a perfume pyramid and how much can it be trusted" I wont bury the lead and tell you...
03-08-2020 18:52

Cooling Perfumes : Seeking Freshness

This summer has been strange in many ways, and the sudden onset of heat threw everything off-kilter. Normally I’d escape my sweltering apartment...
31-07-2020 18:52

My Favorite Summer Perfumes (at the moment)

I came back from the market the other day with a big bouquet of cornflowers and as I sat admiring their vivid color, I realized that these blue flower...
27-07-2020 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : July 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
20-07-2020 18:52

Learning Scents (or Words) : A Few Tips

Recently I was making a new series of videos on learning languages, and as I was jotting down notes on learning words, I realized that for my studies ...
17-07-2020 18:52

Tuberose Perfumes for Men and Women ? The Most Voluptuous of

What flower evokes all things lush and sensual to you" To me, it would definitely be tuberose. This blossom has many elements that make it comple...
13-07-2020 18:53

How To Give Perfume as Gift?Or Not

What kind of perfume do you give as a gift" In my experience, selecting the right perfume for a gift is tricky, because guessing someone’s ...
10-07-2020 18:52

Carnations, Cloves, Eugenol : A Short History

Carnation is not the trendiest of floral notes, and yet modern perfumery would be unthinkable without it–or specifically, the carnation effect. ...
06-07-2020 18:52

6 Luminous Musk Perfumes

Why should summer be all about colognes and fresh florals" Why not don a plush tuberose or a bittersweet chypre" Why not explore how our dar...
03-07-2020 18:52

How to Smell Peaches in Guerlain Mitsouko

When I wrote my article about lactones, I explained that Guerlain Mitsouko was one of the first perfumes to use these compounds redolent of peach skin...
29-06-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : June 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
22-06-2020 18:52

The Beauty of The Old-Fashioned

Lately I’ve become fascinated by the perfumes that I’d characterize as old-fashioned. Or if you don’t like the word, vintage or retr...
19-06-2020 18:52

Dungan Spice Blend and Summer Salad : From Bishkek Via Bruss

Last weekend I had a cooking class with Zulfiya Ma Tian Yu of Dungan Food. Zulfiya lives in Bishkek, Kyrgystan, but we managed to overcome the Bishkek...
15-06-2020 18:52

The Beautiful Lactones : Of Peaches, Cream and White Flowers

What are lactones and why are they so enticing" As their name hints, lactones are aromatic organic compounds with a milky, creamy scent. Lactones...
12-06-2020 18:52

Guerlain Eau de Cologne du Coq, Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat and

With the start of summer it seems natural to reach for a cologne. This style of fragrances based on citrus is uplifting and bright, and wearing a colo...
08-06-2020 18:52

The Simple Magic of a Soap Bar

For many people around the world soap is the only scented product they use. Fine fragrances are outside of their reach. I remember my grandmother Dash...
05-06-2020 18:52

Revolutionary Perfume : A Brief History of Chypre

1917 was the year when the Bolshevik Revolution took place. It was also the year when another revolution happened. It wasn’t bloody, its scale w...
01-06-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : May 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
25-05-2020 18:52

Rubbish to Gems : A Tale of Javanese Tea Wedang Uwuh

While driving around the Indonesian countryside, especially in Sulawesi and Java, you see sheets of tarp spread along the side of the road with cloves...
22-05-2020 18:52

15 Years of Bois de Jasmin : The Essentials

What is the place of art in difficult times" The world has changed within a matter of weeks in a way that most of us couldn’t have envision...
18-05-2020 18:53

Putting Scents Into Words : Smelling Exercises

Describing aromas can be difficult. We’re used to associating a scent with something concrete–an orange, a rose, a steaming bowl of pasta,...
15-05-2020 18:52

My Three Classics : Introduction to Classical Perfumery

Who is afraid of perfume classics" Classical perfumery often elicits two different reactions. There are those who worship at the altar of Guerlai...
11-05-2020 18:53

Crafts as Cure

In Ukraine, there is an old tradition of embroidering a rushnyk, a hand towel, during dark periods of one’s life. It matters less what’s e...
08-05-2020 18:53

Contemplating a Peony : 5 Perfumes for the Peony Viewing

Cherry blossoms may be the flowers most strongly associated with Japan, but the peony is another beloved bloom. If you visit Tokyo in late spring, you...
04-05-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : April 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
27-04-2020 18:53

Why Enjoying Scent is Important

“Is there any point in wearing perfume these days"” asked one of my readers, arguing that in our socially distant reality, perfume is...
23-04-2020 18:53

Ballet Inspired Perfumes

?Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.? This wonderful quote nonetheless misses the mark. Music can be captured in words just as dan...
20-04-2020 18:53

How a French Perfume Company Influenced Ukrainian Embroideri

One of the most quintessentially Ukrainian embroideries is called rushnyk (pl, rushnyky), richly decorated hand towels that accompany a person from bi...
17-04-2020 18:52

How to Learn Multiple Languages at the Same Time

It’s usually recommended to focus on one language at a time, become fluent in it and only then start learning another one. However, language acq...
12-04-2020 18:52

Exercises to Sharpen Sense of Smell : Cloves and Roses

Starting one’s morning by smelling consciously is the best and the easiest way to sharpen your sense of smell. I’m sure that many of you w...
10-04-2020 18:52

The Turkish Art of Kolonya or How to Wear Cologne

The sight of a driver bearing a bottle of kolonya on the bus journeys across Turkey has always left me with mixed emotions. They always insisted on wa...
06-04-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : March 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
30-03-2020 18:53

Make Time for Yourself and Banish Guilt

If a person with children and living in an extended family were to write my article How to Handle Self-Isolation and Not Lose One’s Mind, they w...
27-03-2020 18:53

How to Maximize Your Sense of Smell (and an announcement)

Hope that all of my friends are well. I’ll start with the bad, although not at all surprising, news. The Ukrainian Scent and Taste Adventure is ...
23-03-2020 18:53

Asya?s Secret

Happy Nowruz! Happy Persian New Year! Happy Spring! Two days ago I recorded a short film for my Instagram stories about something I learned from my gr...
20-03-2020 18:52

How to Handle Self-Isolation and Not Lose One?s Mind

My daily routine during intense writing periods is almost always the same. During the week, I wake up at 6am, start working at 7am and continue until ...
16-03-2020 18:53

Haft Seen for Celebrating New Life and New Spring

Persian New Year is on March 20th this year, and as always, I set up my haft seen, or Nowruz sofreh–a presentation of 7 auspicious objects that ...
13-03-2020 18:52

Vanilla Orchids

Stepping inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory during Kew Gardens? annual orchid festival is an opulent fragrant experience. While the most popula...
09-03-2020 18:52

How to Save The Kashmiri Shawl

“On 5 August last year, I was finalising the itinerary for my upcoming trip to Kashmir. The same day, the Indian government revoked its special ...
06-03-2020 18:53

Lindens, Ukrainian Weaving, and Nataliya?s Other Favorite Th

I like meeting people who pursue their dreams. My friend and partner on our Ukrainian Scent and Taste Adventure, Nataliya Cummings, studied theater in...
02-03-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : February 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
24-02-2020 18:53

Green Perfumes : Spring Inside You

I grew up in the city, but every summer I traveled to Poltava to spend several months with my great-grandparents. In the Soviet Union, grandparents fu...
21-02-2020 18:52

À rebours (Against Nature) by Joris-Karl Huysmans : Scents i

?From black-rimmed plates they ate turtle soup and eaten Russian rye bread, ripe Turkish olives, caviar, salted mullet-roe, smoked Frankfurt black pud...
17-02-2020 18:52

Postcard from Ukraine : Kalyna Berries

Guelder rose berries, called kalyna in Ukrainian, taste like cranberries and have a bitter-sour scent reminiscent of almonds and lingonberries. After ...
14-02-2020 18:52

Chanel No 5 Body Cream : Between Silk Sheets with Marilyn Mo

“I know what we need. We need a bed, and we need white silk sheets ? they must be silk. Frank Sinatra records, and Dom Pérignon champagne.”...
10-02-2020 18:52

Postcard from Ukraine : Lavra and Cornflowers

One of my first rituals on returning to Kyiv is to visit the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, the 11th century Monastery of the Caves, to see the painting of Uk...
07-02-2020 18:53

L?Artisan Parfumeur Couleur Vanille : Perfume Review

The combination of salt and vanilla is not common in perfumery, despite the ubiquity of these ingredients in modern patisserie. For one thing, salt is...
03-02-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : January 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
27-01-2020 18:52

Postcard from Bulgaria : Ice

It’s been a long time I’ve seen snow and ice covering the entire landscape and turning the world into a black and white Japanese painting....
24-01-2020 18:52

On the Spice Route

I spent much of last year traveling and researching the way spices and other aromatics are grown. My pursuit took me to the clove gardens in Indonesia...
20-01-2020 18:53

Niche Perfume Giveaway

On days like this nothing is more welcome than the kindness of other people. And here is one such example–Leslie, a Bois de Jasmin reader, wants...
17-01-2020 18:54

Cooking by the Nose

This article appeared as Cooks, Follow Your Nose in Zester Daily in 2011. The great Marcella Hazan complimented me on it, noting that she also cooked ...
13-01-2020 18:53

Ukrainian Christmas Giveaway

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ukraine celebrates these holidays on January 7th and 14th respectively because the Orthodox Church follows the cal...
10-01-2020 18:53

Victor Horta and Art Nouveau in Brussels

I have many reasons to love Brussels, and the Art Nouveau architecture is one of them. You can stroll through the city and come across the most beauti...
06-01-2020 18:53

Scent Diary for the New Year

Happy New Year! My best wishes for 2020 to all of you. I hope that this year will be a healthy and peaceful one, but also that it will be full of new ...
03-01-2020 18:53

Best of 2019 in Perfume

When it comes to  fragrances, 2019 has been a good year. There have been the usual commercial releases, but innovative launches were also numerous. I ...
30-12-2019 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : December 2019

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! I wish you much joy and I hope that you will find all that you wish for under the Christmas tree. Our ?Recommend Me a...
23-12-2019 18:58

Single Note Perfumes

Simple is rarely a compliment when applied to perfumes. Fragrances compared to symphonies or classic multi-volume novels are thought to be superior. Y...
20-12-2019 18:54

5 Books for Language Lovers

Babel comes from the Hebrew verb meaning “to confuse,” and the story of Babel is the story of human folly in aiming to reach the heavens b...
16-12-2019 18:53

Why Is The Scent of Lipstick So Nostalgic"

Do you remember the scent of your mother’s lipstick" Do you enjoy the aroma of Nivea cream" Have you ever wished to have the fragrance...
16-12-2019 18:53

Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir Perfume Giveaway

Today we have a generous giveaway thanks to Rainboweyes, one of our Bois de Jasmin readers. Rainboweyes wants to give away her 50ml bottle of Ormonde ...
13-12-2019 18:53

Michael Edwards?s Perfume Legends II

I’ve been waiting for Michael Edwards?s Perfume Legends II in the same way that Star Wars fans anticipate the new sequels. First published in 19...
09-12-2019 18:54

What Does Rembrandt?s Chiaroscuro Smell Like"

Her golden hair, her pearly skin, and her melancholy face emerge out of the shadows. Bathsheba, an Old Testament heroine desired by King David enough ...
06-12-2019 18:53

Incense Sample Giveaway

It’s the time of the year for my incense sample giveaway. The set this time I made includes 10 x 0.05 oz/ 1.5 ml samples such as Serge Lutens L&...
03-12-2019 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : November 2019

Are you looking for a new fragrance" Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can this space to find perfume recommendations, t...
25-11-2019 18:56

My Name is Red : Chanel Rouge Allure Ink and Guerlain Nahema

?I?m so fortunate to be red! I?m fiery. I?m strong. I know men take notice of me and that I cannot be resisted? Wherever I?m spread, I see eyes shine,...
22-11-2019 18:56

Perfume Class 2020 : Flowers and Herbs

Bois de Jasmin Perfume Seminar 2020 will have a theme of Flowers and Herbs. Please join us on June 2-9, 2020....
18-11-2019 18:58

Carine Roitfeld Parfums George : Perfume Review

In a memorable scene in Joris-Karl Huysman’s novel Against Nature, his character Des Esseintes is so inspired by reading Dickens that he decides...
15-11-2019 18:54

Power to the Pumpkin in Art and Perfume

Pumpkins in modern art and contemporary fragrances...
11-11-2019 18:53

Pumpkin Rice Pudding with a Millet Variation

The fall market in Ukraine is all about pumpkins–the delicate yellow squashes that resemble melons, orange rounds large enough to become Cindere...
08-11-2019 18:53

Rembrandt?s Bathsheba at Her Bath

The master of light and shadow, Rembrandt and his painting, Bathsheba at Her Bath....
04-11-2019 18:56

Ukrainian Scent and Taste Adventure : June 2-9, 2020

Bois de Jasmin and Experience Ukraine are taking you on exciting Food and Scent Journey in June of 2020...
28-10-2019 18:56

Recommend Me a Perfume : October 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations....
26-10-2019 18:55

Vetiver Mist

Facial toner with vetiver from an Ayurvedic skincare and perfume company, Forest Essentials...
21-10-2019 18:57

Boris Pasternak : Let?s drop words as gardens drop orange-pe

The god of small things and the poetry of Boris Pasternak...
18-10-2019 18:57

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Giveaway

Tara is giving away a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum...
14-10-2019 18:53

Night, Moon and Jasmine

A Mughal miniature painting of a lady draped in jasmine waiting for her lover...
11-10-2019 18:53

The Allure of Extrait de Parfum

What makes extrait de parfum so irresistible and how to use it....
07-10-2019 18:57

Spanish Still Life : A Study of Jasmine and Fruit

What does the Spanish baroque smell like"...
04-10-2019 18:53

The Olfactory Equivalent of a Souffle

Capturing souffle in a perfume bottle....
30-09-2019 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : September 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations....
23-09-2019 18:57

Tamara Toumanova?s Perfume Collection

Ballet Russes dancer Tamara Toumanova and her perfume collection...
20-09-2019 18:53

The Olfactory Delights of Bulgaria?s Rose Valley

Perfumes using the Bulgarian rose essence...
16-09-2019 18:53

5 Things That Inspire Me

What are the things that inspire you"...
09-09-2019 18:53

The Allure of Estonian Birch Tar

The smoldering beauty of birch tar and perfumes that use this fragrance ingredient...
06-09-2019 18:54

Perfume Samples Giveaway

A giveaway of a selection of perfume samples...
02-09-2019 18:52

Illyria : Postcard from Albania

I was walking up the hill, leaving behind me the ancient town of Apollonia with its graceful ruins of temples and arcades, when I saw this vista. A go...
30-08-2019 18:55

Guerlain Herba Fresca : Perfume Review

Mint plays a curious trick on our senses.  Menthol, the main component of mint essence, triggers the cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors found in the skin ...
26-08-2019 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : August 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations....
19-08-2019 18:52

Mint and Other Cooling Perfumes

Have you ever wondered why some perfumes feel cooling, giving you a refreshing sensation, and others produce little effect, despite being dosed with c...
16-08-2019 18:53

The Color of Love

On the mystical beliefs of Sufism, on Hafez and on the power of love...
12-08-2019 18:54

By Kilian Perfume Samples Giveaway

A by Kilian perfume sample giveaway...
09-08-2019 18:52

Perfumes for Reading The Pillow Book

In my recent FT magazine article, Three Perfumes for Sei Shonagon, I select three favorite fragrances....
05-08-2019 18:54

How to Capture the Aroma of Mango

My favorite perfumes with the notes of mango...
29-07-2019 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : July 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations....
22-07-2019 18:53

Late Summer Lindens, Lingering

Lindens have long finished blooming. They seem so distant, the early summer days when the city was filled with the fragrance so sweet and rich that I ...
19-07-2019 18:53

Laurent Gerbaud: The Chocolate Treasure of Brussels

Brussels is a city renowned for its chocolate, but even so, the creations of Laurent Gerbaud stand out. Their flavors are exquisite, their quality is ...
15-07-2019 18:52

Scent Diary : Bulgarian Roses

The fragrance of Bulgarian roses in the Rose Valley, Kazanlyk....
12-07-2019 18:52

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Dunhill ICON Absolute by Alfred Dunhill

Dunhill ICON Absolute by Alfred Dunhill

Dunhill ICON Absolute by Alfred DunhillMen Edp ICON Absolute by Alfred Dunhill was introduced in 2015. The new aroma builds on the signature spicy, leather touch of the original Dunhill ICON now including a few ingredients popular with the Middle... -
Liu Jo Glam

Liu Jo Glam

Under the license of Perfume Holding, the Italian fashion house Liu Jo is taking another glamorous step by launching the attractive Glam in a bright red bottle in November 2019. Liu Jo Glam arrives on the shelves after Liu Jo Milano, also promoted... -
Thierry Mugler Angel Tester Perfume

Thierry Mugler Angel Tester Perfume

Angel by Thierry Mugler (Refillable Comet Edition)Women Edt TesterAngel, the first perfume by Thierry Mugler, evokes the emotion of tender childhood memories together with a sense of dreamlike infinity. Top notes are melon, coconut, mandarin... -
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Mikimoto Eau de Parfum ~ new fragrance

Mikimoto, best known for their pearl jewelry, has launched its debut fragrance, Mikimoto Eau de Parfum... -
Nino Amaddeo: The Founder of Réminiscence Launches His Own Brand

Nino Amaddeo: The Founder of Réminiscence Lau...

Nino Amaddeo founded the French brand Réminiscence together with Zoé Coste in 1970, offering perfumes alongside their jewelry collection. Today, he has turned a page in this story by withdrawing from the brand to continue on his own.   Nino... -
Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Lavande ~ new fragrance

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Lavande ~ new fragranc...

Tory Burch has launched Jolie Fleur Lavande, the fourth fragrance in the Jolie Fleur series (see Jolie Fleur Verte, Jolie Fleur Bleue and Jolie Fleur Rose)... -

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