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Chanel Chance and Tauer PHI Une Rose de Kandahar Perfume Gi

Today have a generous giveaway made possible by Bois de Jasmin’s reader Leslie. She would like to give away two full bottles: Chanel Chance EDP ...
11-10-2021 18:55

Perfume Industry, Diversity, and Becoming a Perfumer

I continue the topic of perfume industry professions. I receive many questions and most of them are similar, so I decided to record a follow-up video....
08-10-2021 18:53

Opulent Fragrances To Escape Routine and Grey Weather

With everyone enraptured by minimalism, Cleanfluencers, and Marie Kondo, it seems in bad taste to suggest the need for opulence, especially since what...
04-10-2021 18:53

Top Classical Patchouli Perfumes : Part 1 Patchouli

A green plant that evokes the scent of earth. A leaf that smells like wood. A wood that smells like chocolate. Patchouli is a complex, intriguing, and...
01-10-2021 18:53

Anton Chekhov?s Gooseberries: On Happiness

Anton Chekhov’s “Gooseberries” tells a story–two friends, Ivan and Bourkin, shelter from the rain at another friend’s ho...
27-09-2021 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : September 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
20-09-2021 18:54

What Makes A Perfume Great

?The art of fortunate proportions? is how Edmond Roudnitska described perfumery. According to the legendary perfumer, a good fragrance has balance and...
17-09-2021 18:53

Corsican Eucalyptus and the Scent of the Maquis

A few years ago I met a woman who talked about her fiendishly complex emigration from Russia to Israel in the ’80s and how instead of Jerusalem ...
13-09-2021 18:54

Favorite Perfume Books to learn about history, science, and

Whenever I’m asked about my favorite books, two parallel thoughts flash through my mind–how much time do you have to listen to me and whic...
10-09-2021 18:54

Favorite Scented Candles for Daydreaming

I have a weakness for scented candles and the autumn-winter season brings many temptations. L?Artisan Parfumeur’s collection, for instance, offe...
06-09-2021 18:53

3 Perfume Trends for 2021 and beyond

Today’s topic is trends in fine fragrance, air care (candles, diffusers, room sprays,) and body care. Based on my professional experience and st...
03-09-2021 18:54

5 Light and Radiant Jasmine Perfumes

It always surprises me that jasmine, one of the most luminous floral notes, is considered to be heavy and smothering. Then I realize that while my att...
30-08-2021 18:56

Recommend Me a Perfume : August 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
23-08-2021 18:54

Popular Brands and Perfumes of 2020

For those who like lists and rankings, I have a little treat today courtesy of the Cosmetify Index, a service that ranks the most searched for and fol...
20-08-2021 18:53

Brand Spotlight: Serge Lutens and 5 Favorite Perfumes

Niche perfumery is synonymous with originality, boldness and surprise, and Serge Lutens deserves much of the credit for shaping it and giving it a set...
16-08-2021 18:53

Are You Confused By Fragrance Families"

When we were discussing whether the oriental fragrance family should be renamed, a few people asked a question — do we need fragrance families i...
13-08-2021 18:54

5 Modern Perfumes with a note of surprise

A good fragrance smells familiar, a great fragrance smells surprising. The whole quest of modern perfumery can be summed by this sentence. We’re...
09-08-2021 18:53

100 Fragrances That Influenced Perfume History E-Book

Many of you have been asking me to continue the series 100 Fragrances That Influenced Perfume History. These articles still remain among the most visi...
02-08-2021 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : July 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Blending History and Architecture : Arquiste Parfumeur

I first came across Arquiste Parfumeur when I was looking for an original gourmand fragrance. Most of the dessert-inspired blends crossing my path wer...
23-07-2021 18:54

Three Crisp and Bright Incense Perfumes

Frankincense, the subject of my recent article and video, is on my mind again. Today I would like to reply to a request for fresh and bright incense f...
19-07-2021 18:54

On the Rose Trail: The Art of Distilling Rosewater

The 10th century Persian philosopher and scientist Avicenna is credited with many contributions to astronomy, geography, psychology, logic, mathematic...
16-07-2021 18:54

Why Frankincense Is On The Verge of Disappearing

Incense is one of my favorite notes, whether it’s the classical frankincense (olibanum) or the blends meant to evoke the aroma of Japanese or In...
12-07-2021 18:56

Scent Diary : Lindens

It’s this time of year when lindens smells so intensely that I only need to open a window, and my whole room becomes filled with their honeyed s...
09-07-2021 18:54

Three Favorite Perfumes of the Moment

Three perfumes for warm days. Three ideas to evoke freshness. Three different scents for different moods. I originally wanted to make a list of summer...
05-07-2021 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : June 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
28-06-2021 18:56

Is It Time to Rename the Oriental Fragrance Family"

My original article on this topic was published in FT’s magazine, March 2016 issue, but the topic is as relevant as ever so I decided to continu...
25-06-2021 18:56

Famous Perfumery Roses : Rose Damascena

Last week I covered the topic of rose de mai, or rosa centifolia, and it’s only fitting to turn my attention to the other famous perfumery rose,...
22-06-2021 18:55

Fougere Perfumes and Fragrant Ferns

The first abstract fragrance in modern perfumery is considered to be Houbigant?s Fougère Royale created in 1882. Since I didn?t find myself around fer...
14-06-2021 18:55

Why Is Rose Centifolia Such An Expensive Ingredient

I had a chance to harvest roses in Grasse on a couple of occasions and to observe the process of rose absolute and rose essential oil distillation. Th...
11-06-2021 18:56

What Materials Are Valued by Perfumers And Why

If you’ve ever been confused by a term “matières nobles” or “noble materials” in a perfume marketing description, I have...
07-06-2021 18:55

Classical Perfumes For Those Who Don?t Like Classics

The more I delve into perfumery, the more the subject of fragrance classics fascinates me. Although when it comes to my day-to-day choices I still wea...
04-06-2021 18:53

Penhaligon?s The Favourite Perfume Giveaway

I hope that everyone’s week is starting well. Today we have a generous giveaway made possible by Bois de Jasmin’s reader Steven. Steven wo...
31-05-2021 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : May 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
24-05-2021 18:53

The Beauty of Simple Things : Orange

The orange is ubiquitous in perfumery. We easily get taken with oud, gardenia, frangipani, or other more flamboyant notes, but for the most part, oran...
21-05-2021 18:53

Uplifting, Spring-like Perfumes for All Year Round

Spring is more than a season. It’s a feeling. A mood. I always long to capture it somehow to experience its effervescence whenever a yearning st...
17-05-2021 18:53

Fascinating Perfumery : What Do Modern Violets Smell Like

The discovery of ionones gave modern perfumery a distinctive violet inflection. In the first article on this topic, I’ve described how ionones w...
14-05-2021 18:53

The Scent of Empire Chanel No 5 and Red Moscow by Karl Schlo

The Scent of Empire: Chanel No 5 and Red Moscow by Karl Schlögel The first time my grandmother was introduced to my future grandfather, he was perform...
10-05-2021 18:53

The Perfect Scent of Spring and Cherry Blossoms

Be wary of perfumes called Cherry Blossom. They promise a whirlwind of pink petals and poetry, but they’ll deliver a wan fruity-floral scent tha...
07-05-2021 18:53

Fascinating Perfumery: How Violets and Ionones Made History

It’s not an understatement to say that without the humble violet we wouldn’t have perfumery as we know it today. At the end of the 19th ce...
03-05-2021 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : April 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
26-04-2021 18:54

Roger & Gallet Bois d?Orange : Perfume Review

When I was preparing the bitter orange series and researching fragrances that showcase neroli and bitter orange, Roger & Gallet’s Bois dR...
19-04-2021 18:54

Bitter Orange Smells Sweet : Favorite Perfumes

Bitter orange peel has a beautiful sweet-floral fragrance, with hints of spice and pine. Yet, in contrast to sweet orange, bitter orange essential oil...
16-04-2021 18:55

Rhubarb and Roses in Cuisine and Perfume

Every spring I make a Persian rhubarb sherbet by cooking sliced stems and sugar in water. Once the flavor and pink color infuse into the syrup, I filt...
12-04-2021 18:55

How Artist Serge Lutens Revolutionized Perfumery

In his marvellous essay Why Read the Classics" Italo Calvino offers 14 definitions of what makes a classic piece of literature. Reflecting on his...
09-04-2021 18:53

What Does Petitgrain Smell Like and My Favorite Perfumes

What is petitgrain and how does it smell like" This iconic perfumery material is derived from the same plant as neroli and orange blossom absolut...
05-04-2021 18:53

Jean-Louis Scherrer Perfume Giveaway

We have another generous giveaway made possible by Bois de Jasmin’s reader Rainboweyes. She would like to give away an almost full bottle of Jea...
02-04-2021 18:54

Cultivating Creativity : Perfumer Dora Baghriche & Victoria

Firmenich Senior Perfumer Dora Baghriche and I recently met on @FirmenichFine?s IGTV on Instagram to talk about cultivating creativity in today’...
29-03-2021 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : March 2021

Happy Nowruz! Happy spring! Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share yo...
22-03-2021 18:55

Celebrating Spring and a New Century

Happy Nowruz! ????? ????? ! Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is celebrated on the spring equinox, which March 20 this year. It will also mark the start o...
19-03-2021 18:52

Why Violet Perfumes Retain Their Timeless Appeal

Swan down puffs, lace camisoles, ivory fans, tulle skirts, satin shoes? If these words evoke an appealing vision for you, then you?re the right candid...
15-03-2021 18:55

Scent Diary : Green Tea

Do you like the smell of green tea" This morning I wanted to write about a completely different topic, but I brewed a cup of Japanese sencha, unf...
12-03-2021 18:56

What are Perfume Accords and Bases"

Today I will continue the technical series on perfumery that many of you have enjoyed, and I will cover the topic of accords and bases. What are these...
08-03-2021 18:55

Jacomo Silences Perfume Giveaway to support a good cause

We have a generous giveaway made possible by Bois de Jasmin’s reader Rainboweyes. She would like to give away an almost full bottle of Jacomo Si...
05-03-2021 18:55

5 Books about Dance and Resilience

Dance, like all arts, is about making a connection with others. I was thinking lately about Gelsey Kirkland, a dancer with whom I was fortunate to stu...
01-03-2021 18:55

Spring Fragrances with Green and Floral Notes

I’m in the mood for spring, although the weather doesn’t yet cooperate. No matter, the beauty of perfume is that it can transport us out o...
26-02-2021 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : February 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
22-02-2021 18:54

Scent Diary : Radiant and Sheer

What perfumes smell light and gauzy to you" I bought a bunch of hyacinths the other day, and while the scent of these flowers is usually heavy an...
19-02-2021 18:55

Sultry Perfumes and Hollywood Glamour Fragrances

What is the hallmark of the ultimate bombshell perfume" I wonder this as I?m enraptured by the first glimpse of Ava Gardner in The Killers, a 194...
15-02-2021 18:55

Gallivant Bukhara : Perfume Review

Gallivant is an indie perfume house that wants to make us travel via its scents. Its journeys have previously included well-trodden places such as Lon...
12-02-2021 18:55

Do You Want to Be a Perfumer" Things to Consider

I receive many questions about training as a perfumer–how does one go about entering a perfumery school, what the salary is like, how many years...
08-02-2021 18:54

Perfume as a Fantasy : Let?s Dream

Despite a persistent belief that perfumers aim to imitate nature, fragrance is about a fantasy. So looking for the exact smell of a rose in a bottle i...
05-02-2021 18:54

Seasonal Flowers : Mimosa

My new video is about one of my favorite flowers, mimosa. First, I will clarify what flower I am talking about, since the whole topic of mimosa can ma...
01-02-2021 18:55

Recommend Me a Perfume : January 2021

Our first ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread of 2021 is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries...
25-01-2021 18:55

Perfumes with the Best Sillage (and how to figure it out)

Perfume wearers and boats have more in common than one might reasonably suspect. Sillage (pronounced as see-yazh) is a French word that means ?wake?, ...
22-01-2021 18:54

One Week Perfumery Course with the Jean Carles Method

Continuing the Professional Perfumery series, in which I explain how perfumers are trained, how they create fragrances and how you can use their techn...
18-01-2021 18:55

Why Bad Smells Are Important in Perfumery

One of the paradoxes of perfumery is that to create a good smell, you need a bit of funk. A strawberry accord won?t smell convincing without a sulphur...
15-01-2021 18:54

How to Apply Perfume

The topic I’m taking up in my new video seems straightforward–how to apply perfume, but it’s a question I receive often. There are s...
11-01-2021 18:56

Professional Perfumery Training and tips for improving sense

I’ve made a video explaining how professional perfumery training is organized. My explanation is based on my own experience as a perfumer studen...
08-01-2021 18:54

Your Personal Museum of Scents

Last year, I received an email from one of my readers asking me an interesting question–if I could create my personal museum of scents, what wou...
04-01-2021 18:54

Reflections on 2020

I don’t like the phrase “new normal,” especially since there is nothing normal about the situation that 2020 forced us to acceptR...
31-12-2020 18:54

Classical Challenge

?I have no luck with classical perfumes,? confessed a friend. ?My grandmother wore Jean Patou Joy, my mother loved Chanel No. 5, but when I wear these...
28-12-2020 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : December 2020

Merry Christmas! I wish all of you happy holidays. May this season be full of light, beauty and happiness for you. May all of us make the most of what...
25-12-2020 18:55

Synthetics in Perfumery : Hedione Part 2

As a counterpart to the first series of Synthetics in Perfumery, here is the second part. The material I cover today is hedione. I explain how and by ...
21-12-2020 18:55

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

?When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy. On entering the house, they saw the child with Mary, his mother; and they kn...
18-12-2020 18:54

Synthetics in Perfumery : Intro and Background

I’ve made a series of videos about synthetics in perfumery–from a perfumer’s perspective. I would like to explain why certain synthe...
14-12-2020 18:55

The Nutcracker and Its Perfumes

?The Sugar Plum Fairy bade Marie and Nutcracker sit down while a feast was brought before them: teas, cakes and the rarest of fruits ? Marie hardly ha...
11-12-2020 18:55

The Elusive Perfume of Matthiola and Night-Scented Stocks

The fragrance of night-scented stocks is so heady, sweet and spicy that if you’ve experienced it once on a balmy summer evening, you’ll un...
07-12-2020 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : Holiday Gift Ideas and Guides

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. Since many of us are looking for holiday gift ideas, why don’t we use this thread to shar...
30-11-2020 18:57

Myrrh and Almonds : The Secret of Serge Lutens La Myrrhe

As a complement to my article about Autumnal Fragrances, I recorded a video about the fragrance that scented my fall this year, Serge Lutens La Myrrhe...
27-11-2020 18:52

Autumnal Perfumes in the Spirit of the Season

One of the most interesting principles in Japanese garden design is the idea of borrowed scenery, shakkei. Using existing landscape elements?distant m...
23-11-2020 18:54

A Promise of Spring in Every Autumn

Autumn. Sonbahar in Turkish. Son means last. Bahar means spring. Bahar, a Persian loanword ????, means also blossom, blossoming. And so, sonbahar, aut...
20-11-2020 18:52

The Idea of Radiance and What It Means in Perfumery

Radiance in perfume is an elusive quality. The best way of understanding it is to envision a candle burning in a dark room, its glow lifting the dark ...
16-11-2020 18:52

Perfumes That Make You Feel Dressed Up

In the beginning of the lockdown, my friends and colleagues reveled in casual dress, especially those of us who have worked together for years and no ...
13-11-2020 18:53

Ukrainian Borscht Poltava Style : My Family Borshch Recipe

You can spell it borscht, borshch, or borsch, but by any name, it’s the dish that embodies the essence of Ukrainian food culture–colorful,...
09-11-2020 18:52

Stained Glass and Light : Postcard from Brussels

Among the hidden jewels of Brussels is a tiny Art Deco church called Église du Divin Sauveur. Located in the commune of Schaerbeek, it is decorated wi...
06-11-2020 18:52

L?Artisan Parfumeur Traversee du Bosphore Giveaway

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. We have a generous giveaway made possible by Bois de Jasmin’s reader Sara. Sara would like to give awa...
02-11-2020 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : October 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
26-10-2020 18:54

The Heavenly Voice of Mohammad Reza Shajarian

I woke up in Tehran on a cold October morning. The city outside of my hotel window looked grey and aloof. I was in a new city. I was alone. Tehran is ...
23-10-2020 18:53

Sappho?s Moon

In an effort to start the week on a positive note, I bring to you a dose of beauty via Sappho. We travel to the island of Lesbos circa the 5th century...
19-10-2020 18:52

Smelling in Colors : Blue

Do you smell in color" Or perhaps you associate scents with shapes, textures or tastes" For some people, a synesthetic perception of the wor...
16-10-2020 18:52

Mood-Enhancing Perfume with Chanel Misia Giveaway

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. We haven’t had giveaways for a while, but today I am back with a particularly generous one made possib...
12-10-2020 18:53

Women?s Fragrance for Men : Let?s Be Daring with Tuberose

As a counterpart to my article and video Three Men?s Fragrances for Women : Modern Classics, I would like to talk about women’s fragrances for m...
09-10-2020 18:53

If Your Perfume Doesn?t Last ? a few solutions

You find a perfume that seems perfect and you eagerly put it on. You enjoy the first few moments, but then over the course of the day, you can?t smell...
05-10-2020 18:52

Three Men?s Fragrances for Women : Modern Classics

The modern concept that scents can be gendered–roses are for women and cedarwood is for men–dates to the post-WWII consumer boom when mark...
02-10-2020 18:52

Mir Taqi Mir?s Jasmine Pilaf

While reading the memoirs of Mir Taqi Mir, a great Indian poet who lived in 18th century Delhi, I came across a charming anecdote about a jasmine pila...
28-09-2020 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : September 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
21-09-2020 18:52

Sandalwood : Woods Series (New Video)

I?m continuing my woods series and today I?m discussing sandalwood, the most distinctive sweet wood in the perfumer?s palette. The beauty of sandalwoo...
18-09-2020 18:52

Poetry and Enigma of Mike Johansen

Why not start Monday with poetry" I’ve selected my favorite poetry by Mike Johansen (1895-1937), a Ukrainian poet of the 1920s. Johansen de...
14-09-2020 18:52

Learning Languages and Reading Techniques

Reading is one of the biggest pleasures for me, and often when I learn a new language, I relish the chance to read in it. It’s also a great way ...
11-09-2020 18:52

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News most viewed Today

Kerosene Triptych ~ new fragrance

Kerosene Triptych ~ new fragrance

Indie line Kerosene has launched Triptych, a new fragrance... -
Penhaligon?s Savoy Steam ~ new fragrance

Penhaligon?s Savoy Steam ~ new fragrance

Penhaligon?s will launch Savoy Steam, a new unisex fragrance, in March. Like the now discontinued fragrance Elixir, Savoy Steam was inspired by the brand’s first scent, Hammam Bouquet… Read the rest of this article » -
Davidoff Horizon Extreme ~ new fragrance

Davidoff Horizon Extreme ~ new fragrance

Davidoff has launched Horizon Extreme, a new fragrance for men. Horizon Extreme is a \'warmer\' flanker to 2016\'s Davidoff Horizon... -
Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua ~ new perfume

Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua ~ new perfum...

Donna Karan has launched Liquid Cashmere Aqua, a flanker to 2014\'s Liquid Cashmere... -
Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

Tender Romance by Ralph LaurenWomen Edp Launched in 2016,  Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Eau de Parfum celebrates the sweet and gentle moments of falling in love for the first time. It is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women with top notes of... -
Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense

Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense

  After the success of Brioni Eau de Parfum, LALIQUE GROUP launched the new version of the fragrance in October 2021. Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense continues the inspiration, story, and collaboration with Master perfumer Michel Almairac, who worked... -
L'Occitane Rose Callison

L'Occitane Rose Callison

  A rose in a sweet, gourmand embrace. The new, limited creation from the house of L\'Occitane en Provence was created as a modern interpretation of the Rose aroma. ROSE CALISSON combines a rich rose heart with sweet fruits and traditional... -
Eutopie No10 on the Silk Road

Eutopie No10 on the Silk Road

Tireless travelers cannot sit still. Fedor Konyukhov probably considers a day at home no longer an option ? so does Elodie Pollet Herbeau, art director of French perfume house Eutopie, although she travels now in her imagination, but still does not... -
Vince Camuto Terra

Vince Camuto Terra

In winter of 2016, Italian-inspired American fashion house Vince Camuto launched thier 6th men\'s fragrance, Terra (Italian for "land"). Terra is preceded by: Vince Camuto for Men (2012) Vince Camuto... -
By Kilian Black Phantom ~ new fragrance

By Kilian Black Phantom ~ new fragrance

French niche line By Kilian will launch Black Phantom - Memento Mori, a new unisex fragrance... -

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