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The Olfactory Equivalent of a Souffle

Capturing souffle in a perfume bottle. ...
30-09-2019 18:53

Filippo Sorcinelli Presents Quando Rapita in Estasi

The Italian line Unum, by Filippo Sorcinelli, is now in Cannes showing its newest fragrance to press and buyers. The latest opus is called Quando Rap ...
30-09-2019 18:53

Buontalenti Profumo Di Firenze: The Best of Florentine Gelat

The Florentine perfume brand, Profumo di Firenze, is known for embodying in its fragrances all of the best things that the touristy part of Florence ...
30-09-2019 18:53

Perfume Review: Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivrée

Twilly d’Hermès was the first mainstream pillar created by Hermès in-house perfumer Christine Nagel after she took the […] ...
30-09-2019 18:53

Monday scent of the day 9/30

It\'s the last day in September ? don\'t forget your rabbits tomorrow! And Donatella will be dropping by to see us on Wednesday. What fragrance are y ...
30-09-2019 18:53

DKNY Golden Delicious Miniature

Golden Delicious by DKNY Women Edp MiniatureAnother little apple from DKNY Delicous collection known as DKNY Golden Delicious that bring the juicy a ...
29-09-2019 19:36

Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct Review

Armani was once a bold and visionary house, particularly on the men?s side; and then, suddenly, it wasn?t. Launches such as 1996?s Acqua di Giò and 2 ...
29-09-2019 18:52

New Scent Of Nostalgia From Y25: L?ancien de Hue

Y25 brand launched their The Scents Of Vietnam collection in 2015 with five beautiful fragrances that tell scent stories of Vietnam. Please read thi ...
29-09-2019 18:52

Good Breath

Inhale deeply through your nose, expanding your stomach, for a count?one, two, three, four. As I?m readying myself for the day ahead of me, I don? ...
29-09-2019 18:52

Pitti Fragranze 2019: Terror Magnificence BeauFort London

The Pitti Fragranze 2019 exhibition was beautiful with its surprises. Here, you smell Familia Familia fragrances, the fresh radiant aromas of the per ...
29-09-2019 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope: September 29 - October 6

This week we reflect on something that is overall not a really clear concept: personal power. It\'s the right intuitive understanding which will giv ...
29-09-2019 18:52

Chloé Atelier des Fleurs

Chloé presents Atelier des Fleurs, a collection of nine exclusive fragrances designed to be combined in layers of two or three so you can create you ...
28-09-2019 18:55

The freebiemeet, episode 15

The freebiemeet is open! PLEASE read the instructions, even if you\'ve read them before! Really, pretty please, with sugar on top! There\'s not even ...
28-09-2019 18:55

4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Editions: Cotton Almond and Po

Following the inspirational 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense line, featuring four editions (Floral Fields of Ireland, Pure Breeze Of Himalaya and Sunny Se ...
28-09-2019 18:55

Chris Collins Autumn Rhythm

Last year (2018) Chris Collins introduced a line of three fragrances called Harlem Renaissance (Eaux de Parfum): Renaissance Man, Danse Sauvage, and ...
28-09-2019 18:55

It is hard to describe the general odor

?The chemical blend may make the scent differ between types of insect, so it is hard to describe the general odor, but it is an acrid but somewhat swe ...
28-09-2019 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ transitional fragrances, fall 2019

The third edition of a poll about transitional fragrances: what are your favorite fragrances as summer turns to fall" What scent makes you happy ...
28-09-2019 18:55

Niche Perfumery and Perfumery in General

Lately I have been coming across negative comments regarding niche perfumery per se with an alarming frequency: Some say that niche perfumery will d ...
28-09-2019 18:55

Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori ~ new perfume

Gucci has launched Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori, a new fragrance for women. Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is a flanker to 2017\'s Gucci Bloom. See also: Bloom A ...
28-09-2019 18:55

Aqua dos Açores: Another Portuguese Brand Joins Pitti Fragra

Portugal seems to be witnessing a rebirth of its perfume industry, and this is happening mainly through its highly hyped tourism. It\'s not just hype ...
28-09-2019 18:55

Jennifer Lopez Promise ~ new fragrance

Jennifer Lopez has launched Promise, her latest fragrance for women... ...
27-09-2019 18:54

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy & Vintage With Elderflower ~ new

Molton Brown will introduce a new limited edition holiday fragrance, Bizarre Brandy. Muddled Plum will return for the holiday season, and Vintage wit ...
27-09-2019 18:54

Ringing as a Lark

There are days when one feels especially vulnerable and thin-skinned as if made of easy-to-shatter porcelain. On those days one needs a perfume that ...
27-09-2019 18:54

Burberry Her Intense ~ new perfume

Burberry has launched Burberry Her Intense, a new oriental gourmand flanker to 2018\'s Burberry Her... ...
27-09-2019 18:54

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Heaven Tester Perfume

Incanto Heaven by Salvatore FerragamoWomen Edt TesterSalvatore Ferragamo Incanto Heaven Eau de Toilette is a creation inspired by pleasure of peace an ...
27-09-2019 19:44

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blush

Calvin Klein (Coty) presents Euphoria Blush, a new addition to the Euphoria  perfume line. Euphoria Blush is announced as a sensual gourmand scent, ...
27-09-2019 18:54

Friday scent of the day 9/27

It\'s Flavortown Friday! (And don\'t forget, tomorrow is Freebiemeet Saturday.) Our community project for today: wear a scent that you associate with ...
27-09-2019 18:54

New in Niche: How About a Slow Dance With Byredo"

The house we recently featured in one of our Best in Show articles, Byredo, enriched their line with a new edition to be available this fall; a fragr ...
27-09-2019 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 9/26

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Johnny Appleseed Day! (And don\'t forget the freebiemeet is this weekend.) What fragrance are you wearing" I am i ...
26-09-2019 18:53

The Mystery of Coromandel

Cold, early spring and warm early fall are two periods within the four seasons when my favorite creations from Les Exclusifs de Chanel develop in the ...
26-09-2019 18:53

Trudon Elae & Medie ~ fragrance reviews

Cire Trudon, one of my favorite candle-makers, has released two new perfumes: Elae and Médie (both by perfumer Yann Vasnier). Of Trudon\'s first roun ...
26-09-2019 18:53

New, Offbeat Brand Presented at Fragranze 2019: CORETERNO

It was hard not to make your way over to the stand of the new niche brand Coreterno at the Fragranze 2019 event in Florence a bit over a week ago. Th ...
26-09-2019 18:53

Virgin Island Water by CREED

Virgin Island Water by CREEDUnisex EdpVirgin Island Water captures the tropical splendor carried in the trade winds through Sir Francis Drake Channel ...
26-09-2019 19:36

Wednesday scent of the day 9/25

Hump Day and National Comic Book Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I am copying BobH by doing salty with Hermès Eau des Merveilles. Reminde ...
25-09-2019 18:55

Aventus Eau De Parfum by CREED

Aventus Eau De Parfum by CREEDMen EdpThe exceptional Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power and ...
25-09-2019 19:37

Jean Paul Gaultier Snow Globe Collector's Editions: SKI RESO

To greet the holidays and the snow that awaits us in the next few months, Jean Paul Gaultier has created a winter theme and launched a collector\'s ...
25-09-2019 18:55


Running through Paris for the new extrait concentrations of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Femme and Amyris Homme. ...
25-09-2019 18:55

Victoria?s Secret Tease Heartbreaker Review

Founded in 1977, when big and obvious equalled successful and alluring, it?s no shocker that Victoria?s Secret has been struggling to stay relevant f ...
25-09-2019 18:55

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blush ~ new fragrance

Calvin Klein will launch Euphoria Blush, a new fresh fruity floral flanker to 2005\'s Euphoria, in February... ...
25-09-2019 18:55

Back to her roots

Lyn Harris is the founder of Perfumer H, the boutique brand, shop and working laboratory she runs in London?s Marylebone neighbourhood. Harris is one ...
25-09-2019 18:55

Introducing Catherine Omai, the First Brand From Africa at P

Among the many fresh faces I had the pleasure to meet at Pitti Fragranze, Catherine Omai has to be the most happy of them all. This beautiful Nigeria ...
25-09-2019 18:55

Everyone?s emotional memory

Perfumer Thierry Wasser talks about Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense. ...
24-09-2019 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2019: Interview with Pissara Umavijani of Du

  As we arrived in Florence, I got a text message from Pissara Umavijani, the perfumer of Dusita Paris, who invited me to her stand, promising a new ...
24-09-2019 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 9/24

A very "happy" Punctuation Day to you!!!! What fragrance are you wearing" Me: a double Hermès sour, in layered Eau de Pamplemousse Ros ...
24-09-2019 18:53

Musée International de la Parfumerie (and a Story)

?Better lucky than smart,? Beverly said. I certainly felt lucky. I?d only met her in person the day before, yet here I was, glass of rosé in hand, se ...
24-09-2019 18:53

The Story of Mäurer Wirtz: A Soap Company That Became a Fr

One of the fondest memories of my childhood was the passion with which my grandparents groomed themselves. They paid impeccable attention to their to ...
24-09-2019 18:53

TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme by TOM FORD

TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme by TOM FORDWomen EdpLaunched in 2015, TOM FORD Noir Pour Femme captures the fascinating paradox of the TOM FORD woman in a d ...
24-09-2019 19:39

Bath Body Works Rose Water Ivy Review

Bath Body Works stocks one of the most eye-catching and broad scent offerings in the entire industry ? if you enjoy fragrance, you?d be hard-press ...
24-09-2019 18:53

The vivid crimson Etoile de Hollande rose

Rose & Cuir?s origin story begins in a verdant garden planted more than 70 years ago by Edmond Roudnitska, the perfumer behind such midcentury mas ...
24-09-2019 18:53

Demeter Churros ~ new fragrance

Demeter has launched Churros, the latest addition to their Fragrance Library... ...
23-09-2019 18:57

Pitti Fragranze 2019 Premiere: Via Dei Mille

A new independent artisan brand was showcased for the first time at this year?s Pitti Fragranze exhibition in Florence. Via Dei Mille comes from Sic ...
23-09-2019 18:57

Recommend Me a Perfume : September 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations. ...
23-09-2019 18:57

Monday scent of the day 9/23

Another week begins, plus International Rabbit Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m doing sweet with a wee dab of Prada Candy. We\'re expec ...
23-09-2019 18:57

Lost Smells: Extinct Plants and the Allure of the Unknown Pe

In our quest for the new, or the historic, there is a realm in the imagination of perfumers and perfume lovers alike that can stir up very romantic, ...
23-09-2019 18:57

Louis Vuitton Coeur Battant

Louis Vuitton presents a new edition of the women\'s Les Parfums Louis Vuitton line ? the fragrance Coeur Battant (Beating Heart) which features sce ...
23-09-2019 18:57

BOTTEGA VENETA Eau Sensuelle Miniature Perfume

Eau Sensuelle Eau De Parfum by BOTTEGA VENETAWomen Edp MiniatureEau Sensuelle Eau de Parfum is a floral fruity chypre fragrance was launched in 2016 b ...
22-09-2019 19:34

An Inspiring Exhibition at BWME 2019: MANE Reflections

Beauty World Middle East is one of the exhibitions which has become a place for important meetings focused on the artistic presentation of the ma ...
22-09-2019 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope: September 23 - September 29

After a few uplifting weeks, this is a week to unwind, not overdo anything with a new moon approaching. Focus more on yourself than others. Consider ...
22-09-2019 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2019 launch: Miguel Matos for Bruno Acampora

Neapolitan niche perfumery house Bruno Acampora, founded in 1974, is known for its unique fragrances available in Pure Essence, Extrait de Parfum an ...
22-09-2019 18:53

Boss The Scent Absolute - New Duo by Hugo Boss

The collection BOSS THE SCENT by Hugo Boss was launched in 2015 by the men\'s Boss The Scent edition of the same name. It was followed by the femini ...
21-09-2019 18:53

Xinu Ummo ~ new fragrance

Mexican botanical niche line Xinú has launched Ummo, a new unisex fragrance...* ...
21-09-2019 18:53

Joy by Dior Intense: Truly Intense

Joy by Dior Intense smells like roses and red currants, jasmine and orange blossom, vanilla cream and vanilla meringue, candied jasmine buds and ros ...
21-09-2019 18:53

L?Extase by NINA RICCI

L?Extase by NINA RICCIWomen Edp NINA RICCI presents L\'Extase fragrance in 2015. L?Extase, which means ?ecstasy? in French, was fashioned to embody ...
21-09-2019 19:28

Tocca Gia and Jo Malone Poppy & Barley ~ fragrance reviews

When I read the press release for a new fragrance, I can\'t help but imagine how it will smell. I know that the list of notes and the promotional cop ...
21-09-2019 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, International Day of Peace

PSA: The freebiemeet is coming up on Saturday, 28 September. Meanwhile, this weekend kicks off with International Day of Peace and World Gratitude Da ...
21-09-2019 18:53

Toy Boy Moschino: No Leather

A delayed flight at an international airport for perfume lovers means a long and detailed study of perfumes at duty free shops. On the way home from ...
21-09-2019 18:53

Somewhat promising

The promo for Ariana Grande Thank U, Next. Trigger warnings: high school, profanity. ...
21-09-2019 18:53

New Discovery at Pitti Fragranze 2019: Atelier Materi

At niche perfume exhibitions like Esxence in Milan and Pitti Fragranze in Florence, we are always looking forward to see the familiar faces of the b ...
20-09-2019 18:53

Tamara Toumanova?s Perfume Collection

Ballet Russes dancer Tamara Toumanova and her perfume collection ...
20-09-2019 18:53

Friday scent of the day 9/20

Yep, it\'s Friday. Our community project for today: wear a fragrance by Laboratorio Olfattivo, Lubin, La Via del Profumo, Les Parfums de Rosine or Li ...
20-09-2019 18:53

I Want to Play: Jean-Claude Ellena on Freedom, Professional

Jean-Claude Ellena stole the show at Pitti Fragranze 2019. His retrospective exhibition got more attention than all of the perfume stands combined. ...
20-09-2019 18:53

Paris Hilton Electrify ~ new fragrance

Paris Hilton will launch Electrify, a new woody floriental fragrance for women... ...
20-09-2019 18:53

Comme des Garcons Clash ~ new fragrances

Comme des Garçons will celebrate their 25th anniversary as a perfume house by opening a Dover Street Parfums Market in the Marais district of Paris. ...
20-09-2019 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2019: Interview With Geraldine Archambault,

Most of our team smelled Essential Parfums for the first time earlier this year, and they were really amazed by the quality of its perfumes. (You ca ...
20-09-2019 18:53


BURBERRY London for Men by BURBERRYMen EdtBURBERRY is known for creating classic fragrances and BURBERRY London is no exception. London for Men by Bur ...
20-09-2019 19:38

A whole new reality

Jourdan Dunn for Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum. ...
20-09-2019 18:53

House Of Sillage Christian Cowan Collection

House Of Sillage presents a luxury limited edition created in collaboration with Christian Cowan. As the brand announces: "This exclusive li ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Chloe Nomade Miniature Perfume

Nomade by ChloéWomen Edp MiniatureChloé Nomade Eau De Parfum encapsulates the spirit of a woman open to the beauty of the world.It was launched in 201 ...
19-09-2019 19:37

NEW from JD Jeffrey Dame: Musc Neutre

He came, he saw, he...smelled clean" In my previous new release articles for Jeffrey\'s fragrances, I\'ve proclaimed him CraZy, spicy, and hot a ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 9/19

Ahoy! ?tis Almost-Friday, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day! What fragrance be ye wearin" Me: still at the beach. No pirates, no perfume. ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Polo Double Black by RALPH LAUREN

Polo Double Black by RALPH LAURENMen Edt Polo Double Black is created by RALPH LAUREN in 2006. Intensely edgy, Polo Double Black is a sexy and exoti ...
19-09-2019 19:37

Rolling in Love By Kilian: Pearls and Lace

Every fragrance from By Kilian, much like a pageant beauty queen, is an example of the most attractive looks of that particular time whose mission is ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Straight to the point

Frédéric Malle and perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena talk about Rose & Cuir. ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Original vs. Flanker: Bottega Veneta EDP, BV Eau Sensuelle,

There are few delights in life as immediately pleasurable as buying something easily and yet finding that it\'s also special enough that you can pret ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Joop! Wow! Intense for Men ~ new fragrance

Joop! has launched Wow! Intense for Men, a new flanker to 2017\'s Wow!... ...
19-09-2019 18:53

Avon Live Out Loud ~ new perfume

Avon has launched Live Out Loud, a new fruity floral fragrance for women... ...
18-09-2019 18:53

The Comeback of Yohji Yamamoto at Pitti Fragranze 2019

One of the brands that most innovated the fragrance industry in the 1990s was Yohji Yamamoto. We can recall this brand as one of the most avant garde ...
18-09-2019 18:53

Original vs. Flanker: Nivea vs. Nivea Sun

  Nostalgia is possibly one in the top three of reasons to search for a fragrance. Beiersdorf, the cosmetics giant from Germany, has been the masterm ...
18-09-2019 18:53

So happy together

The spot for Tiffany & Love. ...
18-09-2019 18:53

Coffee in Perfumery: Absolute Coffee

I very rarely drink coffee myself, but I adore its fragrance. The scent of beans and how strong it gets when you grind them. Or the aroma that fills ...
18-09-2019 18:53

Christina Aguilera Xperience

Christina Aguilera, whose perfumes have been under the license of Elizabeth Arden/Revlon), launches her new fragrance Xperience in October 2019. Xpe ...
18-09-2019 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 9/18

Hump Day and Cheeseburger Day (I started celebrating last night). What fragrance are you wearing" Me: still at the beach. No perfume at the mome ...
18-09-2019 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2019: Step Aboard

One of the more interesting finds at this year\'s Pitti Fragranze exhibition is a new Italian niche brand of fragrances for body and hair packed in ...
17-09-2019 18:54

Born in Roma

Adut Akech and Anwar Hadid for Valentino Uomo Born in Roma and Donna Born in Roma. ...
17-09-2019 18:54

Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum Collection ~ new fragrances

Yves Rocher has launched the Eau de Parfum Collection, with 9 new fragrances: Autour de Minuit, Cuir de Nuit, Garden Party, Matin Blanc, Nouveau Genr ...
17-09-2019 18:54

TFWA 2019: World in Cannes (September 29 - 4 October, 2019)

As in years before, TFWA World Exhibition Conference is one of the major and the most important events in our industry, focusing on new launches ...
17-09-2019 18:54

Boss Bottled Absolute by Hugo Boss ~ new fragrance

Hugo Boss has launched Boss Bottled Absolute, a new fragrance for men. Boss Bottled Absolute is a flanker to 1998\'s Boss Bottled... ...
17-09-2019 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 9/17

Happy Tuesday! It\'s also International Country Music Day and Constitution Day. (Plus, the swapmeet is open for the rest of the day.) What fragrance ...
17-09-2019 18:54

Untold Eau Legere by Elizabrth Arden

Untold Eau Légère by Elizabrth ArdenWomen EdtUntold Eau Légère is a fruity floral fragrance for women that was launched in 2014 by house of Elizabeth ...
16-09-2019 19:40

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Glorious Gold Collector Edition

GOOD GIRL GLORIOUS GOLD COLLECTOR EDITION is a new, collector\'s edition of the popular Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance, launched in 2016. F ...
16-09-2019 18:53

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News most viewed Today

Kerosene Triptych ~ new fragrance

Kerosene Triptych ~ new fragrance

Indie line Kerosene has launched Triptych, a new fragrance... -
Penhaligon?s Savoy Steam ~ new fragrance

Penhaligon?s Savoy Steam ~ new fragrance

Penhaligon?s will launch Savoy Steam, a new unisex fragrance, in March. Like the now discontinued fragrance Elixir, Savoy Steam was inspired by the brand’s first scent, Hammam Bouquet… Read the rest of this article » -
Davidoff Horizon Extreme ~ new fragrance

Davidoff Horizon Extreme ~ new fragrance

Davidoff has launched Horizon Extreme, a new fragrance for men. Horizon Extreme is a \'warmer\' flanker to 2016\'s Davidoff Horizon... -
Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua ~ new perfume

Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua ~ new perfum...

Donna Karan has launched Liquid Cashmere Aqua, a flanker to 2014\'s Liquid Cashmere... -
Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

Tender Romance by Ralph LaurenWomen Edp Launched in 2016,  Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Eau de Parfum celebrates the sweet and gentle moments of falling in love for the first time. It is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women with top notes of... -
Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense

Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense

  After the success of Brioni Eau de Parfum, LALIQUE GROUP launched the new version of the fragrance in October 2021. Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense continues the inspiration, story, and collaboration with Master perfumer Michel Almairac, who worked... -
L'Occitane Rose Callison

L'Occitane Rose Callison

  A rose in a sweet, gourmand embrace. The new, limited creation from the house of L\'Occitane en Provence was created as a modern interpretation of the Rose aroma. ROSE CALISSON combines a rich rose heart with sweet fruits and traditional... -
Eutopie No10 on the Silk Road

Eutopie No10 on the Silk Road

Tireless travelers cannot sit still. Fedor Konyukhov probably considers a day at home no longer an option ? so does Elodie Pollet Herbeau, art director of French perfume house Eutopie, although she travels now in her imagination, but still does not... -
Vince Camuto Terra

Vince Camuto Terra

In winter of 2016, Italian-inspired American fashion house Vince Camuto launched thier 6th men\'s fragrance, Terra (Italian for "land"). Terra is preceded by: Vince Camuto for Men (2012) Vince Camuto... -
By Kilian Black Phantom ~ new fragrance

By Kilian Black Phantom ~ new fragrance

French niche line By Kilian will launch Black Phantom - Memento Mori, a new unisex fragrance... -

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