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KATY PERRY Mad Love Mini Perfume

Mad Love by KATY PERRYWomen Edp MiniatureYou won\'t be able to resist the power of this Mad Love women\'s perfume by KATY PERRY. Launched in June 2016 ...
30-04-2021 19:50

Jo Malone Tangy Rhubarb & Elderflower Cordial ~ fragrance re

After a full year of living almost entirely in my own neighborhood, with my only "travel" being scattered visits to other essential destina ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Avon Haiku Intense ~ new fragrances

Avon has launched Haiku Intense, a new trio of flankers to 2001\'s Haiku perfume... ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Carven C?est Paris! ~ new fragrance

Carven has launched C\'est Paris!, a new green woody aromatic fragrance for men... ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Aromas reminiscent of childhood treats

?When stress and anxiety are running high, consumers seek out products that deliver on comfort and relaxation,? says Zoë Freedberg, senior marketing m ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Friday scent of the day 4/30

It\'s the last Friday in April! (Plus, International Jazz Day.) And April showers bring May flowers... Our community project for today: whatever the ...
30-04-2021 18:53

BVLGARI Man Glacial Essence Tester Perfume

BVLGARI Man Glacial Essence by BVLGARIMen Edp TesterBVLGARI Man Glacial Essence captures the unbridled magnitude of the frozen mountains, the unstoppa ...
30-04-2021 19:50

Haiku Intense

The spot for the Avon Haiku Intense trio. ...
30-04-2021 18:53

C?est Paris!

The spot for Carven C\'est Paris! ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 4/29

Happy Almost-Friday and happy International Dance Day! It\'s also Duke Ellington?s birthday, plus happy 88th to Willie Nelson! What fragrance are you ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Giorgio Armani Terra di Gioia ~ new perfume

Giorgio Armani has launched Terra di Gioia, a new fruity floriental fragrance for women. Terra di Gioia is a followup to 2010?s Acqua Di Gioia; the l ...
30-04-2021 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau Neroli Ambree ~ new fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez has launched Narciso Eau Néroli Ambrée, a new limited edition flanker to 2020\'s Narciso Ambrée, which was a flanker to 2014\'s Nar ...
28-04-2021 18:53

Yves Saint Laurent Wild Leather ~ new fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent has launched Wild Leather, a new fragrance in the luxury Vestiaire des Parfums series... ...
28-04-2021 18:53

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Tester Perfume

Euphoria Men by Calvin KleinMen Edt TesterEuphoria Men by Calvin Klein is an extraordinary fragrance was created by house of design Calvin Klein in 20 ...
28-04-2021 19:49

Perfume Review: St. Vetyver by D.S. & DURGA

Vetiver is a fascinating material. It is, at once, entirely distinct, but also completely versatile, allowing itself to […] ...
28-04-2021 18:53

Fragrance sales started picking up

Fragrance sales started picking up last holiday, even though fragrance sales were down overall 8% for 2020, according to NPD Group, with brands like E ...
28-04-2021 18:53

JPG Classique Eau de Toilette Travel Spray Perfume

Classique Eau de Toilette by Jean Paul GaultierWomen Edt MiniatureThe constant theme that runs through each of Jean Paul Gaultier\'s creations and spe ...
28-04-2021 19:49

Wednesday scent of the day 4/28

It\'s Hump Day and the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The swapmeet is still open! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m still out of to ...
28-04-2021 18:53

Frapin Checkmate ~ new fragrance

Niche line Frapin has launched Checkmate, a new fragrance... ...
27-04-2021 18:53

From the outside

Artist Tarek Benaoum and Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser talk about the visual design of the Absolus d?Orient collection (the last was Patchouli Arde ...
27-04-2021 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 4/27

It\'s the last Tuesday in April. Birthdays today: Mary Wollstonecraft, Samuel Morse, Ulysses Grant, Coretta Scott King. RIP Alber Elbaz and Hester Fo ...
27-04-2021 18:53

IGTV: New Launches April 2021

It’s Monday, and you know what that means" It means it’s time for a new IGTV video (if […] ...
27-04-2021 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : April 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
26-04-2021 18:54

Mustache by ROCHAS

Mustache by ROCHASMen EdpROCHAS Mustache Eau de Parfum is a new version of the legendary scent, created 70 years ago and became the embodiment of true ...
25-04-2021 19:51

LA FILLE DE BERLIN: Cabaret, Androgyny, and Blood on Skin

Judging from the numerous reviews of his oeuvre, Monsieur Lutens is continuously inspired by great women.   A caricature of Marlene Dietrich, @Hans ...
25-04-2021 18:54

Terriaca Veneziana: Medieval Elixir Against All Ailments

Maybe there is no better time than a pandemic to reflect upon one of the oldest elixir vitae known to man, the infamous Terriaca Veneziana, whose his ...
25-04-2021 18:54

The Cannabis Wellness Market Infiltrates Perfumery

It has been a long time coming, but it was always inevitable. Now we?re seeing increased interest from fragrance brands to tap into the Gen-Z-led hol ...
25-04-2021 18:54

Lazy (3-day) weekend poll ~ open thread, late April 2021

It\'s the weekend, and we\'re celebrating with our usual open thread poll, extended for an extra day ? I will be on the road Monday, off to see my si ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant  ? A Weird Savoury Soup

My first reaction to the newest Soleil theme from Tom Ford (following Soleil Blanc, Eau de Soleil Blanc, Soleil Neige, and Orchid Soleil) was that it ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Scents of Ancient Egypt: Workshop With an Egyptologist

Many perfumephiles are guided into the lore of perfume via written tales of the ancients adoring perfumery for its glimpse into what makes a civiliza ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Altaia Atacama ~ new fragrance

Eau d\'Italie\'s Altaia brand has launched Atacama, a new fragrance... ...
24-04-2021 18:53

New Zara Fragrances: A Journey With Alberto Morillas to Madr

Fashion brand Zara (Inditex) presents their newest perfume line created in collaboration with Master perfumer Alberto Morillas. The name of the lin ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Parfum Intense

In April 2021, the French house Azzaro offers two seductive fragrances. We recently announced the latest female edition, Wanted Girl by Night, whil ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Jo Malone London Marmalade Collection of 5 Colognes

To announce the joy of summer for 2021, under the license of Estee Lauder, the British line Jo Malone London presents a new collection of five colo ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Alien MAN Eau de Toilette by MUGLER

Alien MAN Eau de Toilette by MUGLERMen EdtHalf man, half god, the new masculine alter-ego of Alien MAN by MUGLER. Launched in 2018, Alien MAN combines ...
24-04-2021 19:38

The swapmeet, episode 18

The swapmeet (episode 18) is open for business! PLEASE read the instructions! (For those of you who refuse to read the instructions, please do not re ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily

  ELIZABETH ARDEN presents the fifth fragrance of the WHITE TEA collection,  launched in 2017 inspired by the beauty of ginger lilies. The new fragr ...
24-04-2021 18:53

I knew I had to have it

"I remember where I was, who was wearing it,? she said. ?I remember coming into the room, and I was just blown away. I knew I had to have it and ...
24-04-2021 18:53

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom: Expect the Unexpected

When I saw the news that there was a new flanker of Paco Rabanne\'s Olympéa, I was curious to smell it. I find the original fragrance Olympéa extrem ...
24-04-2021 18:53

New Addition to Thameen's Sovereign Collection: Cullinan Dia

After the launch of Royal Sapphire in their Sovereign Collection (2020), this year, the London-based house Thameen added another jewel to the line: ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Lancome Miracle Secret Miniature Perfume

Miracle Secret by LANCÔMEWomen Edp MiniatureLANCÔME Miracle Secret EDP, a vibrant, sparkling fragrance that opens like the dawning of a day. Launched ...
23-04-2021 19:48

Caron Muguet du Bonheur (2021)

Muguet Du Bonheur is a classic from the French house Caron, launched on May 1st, 1952, following Félicie Wanpouille\'s idea to put spring in a bottle ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night ~ new fragrance

Azzaro has launched Wanted Girl By Night, a new limited edition flanker to 2019\'s Wanted Girl... ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Dior Eden-Roc

On the eve of summer 2021, the house of Dior is launching Eden-Roc, a new edition for the exclusive Maison Christian Dior line. Eden-Roc promises a ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Friday scent of the day 4/23

Happy Friday! It\'s also World Book Day, St George?s Day, UN English Language Day and Shakespeare Day. (And the swapmeet is tomorrow.) Our community ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Olfattology: Fragrant Waters of Six Continents

After a brief period of silence, during which all previous fragrances were discontinued, the Florentine brand Olfattology is re-launched under the au ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Salvatore Ferragamo Amo Ferragamo Flowerful Miniature Perfum

Amo Ferragamo Flowerful by Salvatore FerragamoWomen Edt MiniatureAmo Ferragamo Flowerful newest scent addition to the brand?s Amo Ferragamo fragrance ...
23-04-2021 19:48

Carolina Herrera Gold Myrrh Absolute ~ new fragrance

Carolina Herrera has launched Gold Myrrh Absolute, a new unisex gourmand oriental addition to the Herrera Confidential collection... ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue

After the new pillar of the Montblanc perfume collection, Explorer, launched in 2019, intended for free-spirited men, adventurers and researchers, ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Parfum d?Empire Mal-Aime ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parfum d?Empire has launched Mal-Aimé, a new unisex fragrance. Mal-Aimé was inspired by fragrant weeds that grow in Corsica, and jo ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Steve Martin Yamuna River - Calmly Drifting Along With the W

Steve Martin is still a well-kept secret in the field of perfumery. No wonder, since it\'s a new brand, based in Paris and connected to Dubai, but o ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Carolina Herrera CH Under The Sea ~ new fragrances

Carolina Herrera has launched CH Under The Sea, a new duo of limited edition flankers to 2007?s Carolina Herrera CH and 2009\'s CH Men... ...
23-04-2021 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 4/22

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Earth Day (and happy 83rd birthday to Issey Miyake)! What fragrance are you wearing" Inspired by perfumelover67 ...
22-04-2021 18:53

Introducing Tobba Parfums

Tobba Parfums, founded by Jasper Li in 2019, now introduces a line of six niche fragrances and six candles. Tobba originates in Hong Kong with a prod ...
22-04-2021 18:53

Paco Rabanne Pure XS for Her Miniature Perfume

Pure XS for Her by Paco RabanneWomen Edp MiniaturePure XS for her is a female fragrance from house of Paco Rabanne. It is a wild provocative floral or ...
22-04-2021 19:42

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night

  In addition to the new men\'s creation, The Most Wanted in the Wanted collection, the French fashion house Azzaro is launching a gourmand floral f ...
22-04-2021 18:53

Salvia Sclarea by Tom Daxon

Salvia Sclarea by Tom Daxon, released in 2013, has been my dream to smell since I learned about its existence. I just love the smell of clary sage, b ...
22-04-2021 18:53

A larger-than-usual number of bans, restrictions and specifi

Then in 2020, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), the industry?s self-regulatory body, imposed a larger-than-usual number of bans, restric ...
22-04-2021 18:53

Gentleman Eau de Parfum by GIVENCHY

Gentleman Eau de Parfum by GIVENCHYMen EdpAn intense interpretation of the GIVENCHY Gentleman Eau de Toilette fragrance. Launched in 2018,  this hand ...
22-04-2021 19:42

Tuscany Per Uomo Aramis: Friday Dresscode Cologne

The history of the fragrance Tuscany Per Uomo began in Florence in 1984, and it was the first fragrance of the American brand Aramis created and laun ...
22-04-2021 18:53

BVLGARI MAN Miniature Perfume

BVLGARI MAN by BVLGARIMen Edt MiniatureIntroduced in 2010, BVLGARI MAN by BVLGARI is a masculine fragrance for the guy who likes to keep things casual ...
22-04-2021 19:42

Les Eaux Couleurs Castelbajac: The Favorite Colors Of The Ar

Castelbajac\'s multicolored watercolor collection, Les Eaux en Couleur Castelbajac, looks like a line of colored sodas. Three different colors, three ...
21-04-2021 18:53

DOLCE & GABBANA K Eau de Parfum Miniature

K Eau de Parfum by DOLCE & GABBANAMen Edp MiniatureDOLCE & GABBANA offers a unique olfactory adventure and introduces with the intense version of its ...
21-04-2021 19:40

Bvlgari Astrea & Azaran ~ new fragrances

Bvlgari has launched two new limited edition fragrances in the luxury Le Gemme collection: Astrea for women and Azaran for men. (Last year\'s model: ...
21-04-2021 18:53

Byredo Open Sky

Swedish niche perfume house Byredo is exploring the concept of the void between departure and final destination during travel with its new limited e ...
21-04-2021 18:53

On Escentual: My Life in Perfume

We’re kicking off a new series on Escentual – it’s called ‘My Life in Perfume’ and in it, […] ...
21-04-2021 18:53

Maxim's de Paris: The Lady In Red

The perfume story of the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim?s began in 1981 when it was acquired by couturier and entrepreneur Pierre Cardin. The first ...
21-04-2021 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 4/21

It\'s Hump Day, plus National Tea Day in the UK. Happy 95th to Queen Elizabeth (and more birthdays: Charlotte Brontë, Iggy Pop). What fragrance are y ...
21-04-2021 18:53

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire Miniature Perfume

Lady Million Empire by Paco RabanneWomen Edp MiniatureLady Million Empire is highly impertinent floral-fruity chypre from Paco Rabanne. Launched in 20 ...
21-04-2021 19:40

An astounding presence

The spot for Bvlgari Le Gemme Astrea and Azaran. Below the jump, perfumers Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier talk about the fragrances. ...
21-04-2021 18:53

Mendittorosa Athanor And Orlo Strive For Greatness

Sometimes it?s obvious, right from the first sniff, that a fragrance carries grand aims ? to be radical, challenging, or value-rich. It?s all about h ...
21-04-2021 18:53

Jardins D?Ecrivains Zorba ~ new fragrance

French niche line Jardins D?Écrivains has launched Zorba, a new unisex fragrance inspired by the hero of the Nikos Kazantzakis novel... ...
21-04-2021 18:53

GUERLAIN Shalimar Eau de Parfum Tester Perfume

Shalimar Eau de Parfum by GUERLAINWomen Edp TesterShalimar By Guerlain is one of the best selling perfumes ever and its magic is undeniable. Inspired ...
21-04-2021 19:40

The Essence: Perfume Book of Images and Essays

Berlin-based publisher Gestalten publishes highly innovative graphic books that "seek to enhance and to enrich our reader\'s lives, but to conti ...
20-04-2021 18:53

Bvlgari Omnia by Mary Katrantzou ~ new perfume

Bvlgari has launched Omnia by Mary Katrantzou, a flanker to 2003\'s Omnia. The new fragrance for women is part of designer Mary Katrantzou\'s capsule ...
20-04-2021 18:53

HUGO BOSS The Scent Miniature Perfume

BOSS The Scent by HUGO BOSSMen Edt MiniatureHUGO BOSS has unveiled its latest masculine fragrance, ?BOSS The Scent,? revealing a new side of the BOSS ...
20-04-2021 19:44

Physical therapy for the nose

In response, some researchers are revisiting the concept of physical therapy for the nose in order to help restore what Covid-19 and other ailments ha ...
20-04-2021 18:53

Introducing Bel Rebel: Simple Scents With Intense Characters

Bel Rebel is a new London-based fragrance house that intends to create scents with ?unexpected ingredients ? ethically sourced and sustainably packed ...
20-04-2021 18:53

Cavatina: The New Fragrance By Dusita Paris

Parfums Dusita and its founder and perfumer, Pissara Umavijani, proudly present Cavatina, the eleventh creation in the house?s French Haute Perfumery ...
20-04-2021 18:53

DIOR Miss Dior Rose N'Roses Miniature Perfume

Miss Dior Rose N\'Roses by DIORWomen Edt MiniatureLaunched in year of 2020 by house of Christian Dior, Miss Dior Rose N\'Roses is a sparkling floral ...
20-04-2021 19:44

Tuesday scent of the day 4/20

It\'s Tuesday, Banana Day and Weed Day. (A quick reminder that the swapmeet is coming up on Saturday.) What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m dr ...
20-04-2021 18:53

A tango rose

A spot for Memo Argentina. ...
20-04-2021 18:53

Ulrich Lang Lethe ~ new fragrance

Niche line Ulrich Lang has launched Lethe, a new unisex fragrance named for the underworld river of oblivion from Greek Mythology... ...
19-04-2021 18:54

Goldfield Banks Silky Woods

Goldfield Banks, an Australian perfume house that prides itself on mixing the science of Australia\'s authentic essences with French expertise in t ...
19-04-2021 18:54

Room 1015 Sweet Leaf & Cherry Punk ~ new fragrances

French niche line Room 1015 has launched Sweet Leaf, a new fragrance. Last year, the brand introduced Cherry Punk... ...
19-04-2021 18:54

Monday scent of the day 4/19

Monday, Dutch-American Friendship Day and Bicycle Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'ve overslept again. I haven\'t even had my tea yet. I ...
19-04-2021 18:54

Violon Basse 16 Filippo Sorcinelli: Deep, Black, Masculine

Italian perfumer, organist, and dressmaker for Catholic clergy, Filippo Sorcinelli presented his SAUF collection for the first time in 2016. Another ...
19-04-2021 18:54

IGTV: Six Scents for Spring 2021

In my IGTV video this week, I’ve talking through a selection of scents to wear this spring. For […] ...
19-04-2021 18:55

Roger & Gallet Bois d?Orange : Perfume Review

When I was preparing the bitter orange series and researching fragrances that showcase neroli and bitter orange, Roger & Gallet’s Bois dR ...
19-04-2021 18:54

ånd Fragrance Opens Their First Perfume Boutique

On the 12th of April, ånd fragrance opened its doors to their first perfume boutique in Poole, Dorset UK. The new destination shop on Kingland Cresce ...
19-04-2021 18:54

Diptyque Eau Rihla

To mark its 60th birthday, Diptyque niche perfume house presents the new perfume Eau Rihla in the spring of 2021. The fragrance is inspired by the ...
18-04-2021 18:54

Parfums Karmic Hues and Scents Inspired by India

Right off the bat, I want to say how impressed I was smelling the debut ?Cosmic Balance? collection from the new India-inspired, New Jersey-based bra ...
18-04-2021 18:54

Déclaration Love: New Feminine Collection By Jacques Zolty

Niche perfume brand Jacques Zolty presents its latest collection of fragrances, Déclaration Love, a group that was born from a portfolio of photograp ...
18-04-2021 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope: April 19 - April 25

  As nature is waking up in the northern hemisphere, we can observe the playful activities of insects, birds, and animals. There?s a great chance t ...
18-04-2021 18:54

JEFF LEATHAM by KKW Fragrance: Desert Rose, Jasmine Air, and

JEFF LEATHAM by KKW Fragrances is the newest collection from Kim Kardashian`s brand. The line includes three clean scents, soft and sophisticated, ...
17-04-2021 18:55

Habanita, A Century Old Legend: Interview With Célia Lerouge

I had the pleasure of talking with Célia Lerouge Bénard, director of Molinard and 5th generation of this Grasse family, on the occasion of the 100th ...
17-04-2021 18:55

New from Providence Perfume Company: Irisqué

In the spring of 2021, Providence Perfume Company presents their newest creation, called Irisqué. Perfumer Charna Ethier decided to play up unexpecte ...
17-04-2021 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ spring viewing list, episode 2

We did a visual media poll last March because so many people were stuck at home (usually we only did this poll in the middle of winter). Possibly we ...
17-04-2021 18:55

Farewell to the Short-lived Chinese perfume brand Love Wish

Despite all the inconvenience we experienced from our toughest lockdown last year, its side effect of occasional homesickness has taken me on a surpr ...
17-04-2021 18:55

Bath & Body Works Sunshine Mimosa ~ new fragrance

Bath & Body Works has launched Sunshine Mimosa, a new fragrance for women... ...
16-04-2021 18:55

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Les Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bête: when rainbow unicorns grow up

Les Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bête: when r...

Recently, while researching the Les Liquides Imaginaires collection, I discovered one of the brand\'s latest releases, Blanche Bête, which is stylistically different from the niche out-of-the-ordinary stuff that the brand typically offers. I\'m... -
Bouquets and Corsages for Dames and Girls

Bouquets and Corsages for Dames and Girls

The calendar says spring has come, but the warm weather hasn\'t been forthcoming. What could hasten it and bring an upbeat mood better than a flower bouquet" Especially a bottled bouquet bringing joy and pleasure for long months, or even... -
Bvlgari Omnia & AQVA Iconic Miniature Collection Set

Bvlgari Omnia & AQVA Iconic Miniature Collect...

Bvlgari Omnia & AQVA Iconic Miniature CollectionUnisex Edt SetReflecting the brand?s commitment to excellence, this new Bvlgari seven piece miniaturecollection evokes prestige and elegance.Perfect for gifting purposes. This Exclusive set consist... -
Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme Tester Perfume

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme Tester Perf...

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme by Bottega VenetaMen Edt TesterBottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme is a richer remix of the tailoring house\'s first fragrance, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme. Launched to the market in January 2015. Thankfully this new... -
Aroma M Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Aroma M Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Sometimes a perfume arrives in your life at exactly when you need them. That was the case with the newest Aroma M Geisha perfume, Vanilla Hinoki. Perfumer Maria McElroy sent me the sample a couple of weeks ago and I cracked it open the day I... -
Xinu ~ new niche brand

Xinu ~ new niche brand

Xinú (nose in Otomi) is a new Mexican botanical niche line debuting with three fragrances: Aguamadera, Copála and OroNardo. The bottles are designed for easy repurposing (see below)... -
Romanian Olfactive Art: Adi ale Van

Romanian Olfactive Art: Adi ale Van

About the brand and artist: Adi ale Van from Romania calls himself a \'little artist\' but considers himself a wonderful dreamer who attempts to mold his dreams into fragrant creative works. Each of his masterpieces is made in small batches... -
A whole new generation

A whole new generation

When it was revealed (reportedly much to her outrage) that Rihanna?s famously good signature scent was in fact Kilian?s Love, Don?t Be Shy ? a heady trail that celebrates the all-consuming emotion of passionate love ? a whole new generation... -
Signor Vivara: A Vintage Chypre Review

Signor Vivara: A Vintage Chypre Review

  When LVMH purchased a part of  the Emilio Pucci house and started to relaunch its fragrances (Vivara) in 2007, many young lovers of perfumery learned about this house for the first time. For me and most of us born behind the Iron Curtain, the... -
Smell of roses

Smell of roses

Scientists are predicting that the familiar taste of vanilla or smell of roses, along with thousands of other scents and flavours, will increasingly come from a very unfamiliar source - yeast - a trend that is worrying some farming experts. A... -

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