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Derniers Articles fragrance

Thursday scent of the day 2/28

Happy Almost-Friday! What fragrance are you wearing" I am smelling SWEET in Flower by Kenzo L\'Elixir. Reminder: on 3/1, wear a fragrance by Flo ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Make It Yours Fragrance Jacke

At the end of February 2019, Yves Saint Laurent launched the glam rock edge edition of the iconic Black Opium from 2014 under the name Yves Saint La ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Memo Winter Palace ~ new fragrance

French niche line Memo will launch Winter Palace, a new fragrance in the Art Land collection (Tiger\'s Nest, Marfa)... ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Biotherm's New Perfumed Body Spray: Eau Fusion

Biotherm is a French provider of high-end cosmetics and skin care products with a history dating back to 1950. Biochemist Jeannine Marissal, the foun ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Floris River Dawn ~ new fragrance

British niche line Floris has launched River Dawn, a new unisex fragrance in the By Request series... ...
28-02-2019 18:52

AENOTUS Puredistance Review

  After the short announcement written by Sandrina, published recently on our site, the main question that interested our readers is why Aenotus" ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Swiss Army Altitude by VICTORINOX

Swiss Army Altitude by VICTORINOXMen Edt Swiss Army Altitude was launched in 2001. It is a fragrance that is undoubtedly meant for the man\'s man. ...
28-02-2019 19:37

Wild Flowers & Weeds

The spot for Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds. ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Dior J'Adore Roller Pearl

In 2019, the Dior House continues the new trend of perfume application with mini-Roller-Pearl releases of its famous scents. So far, they have Miss ...
28-02-2019 18:52

Boucheron Quatre En Rouge

The Quatre collection by French brand Boucheron was started with the women\'s fragrance Boucheron Quatre in 2015, inspired by and named after the co ...
28-02-2019 18:52


VISUAL AUTHENTICITY TREND The visual authenticity trend has been in the market for a while now and it will continue to shine in 2016. As this tre ...
27-02-2019 18:52

You?re a girl of now

Hannah Ferguson, Kristine Froseth and Jasmine Daniels for Elie Saab Girl of Now Forever. ...
27-02-2019 18:52


Embracing the winter season is a positive way of experiencing what the season has to offer. Instead of complaining about the short, g ...
27-02-2019 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 2/27

It\'s Hump Day, plus World NGO Day, Pokémon Day, International Polar Bear Day and Anosmia Awareness Day. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: Pra ...
27-02-2019 18:52


THE BEST WAS SAVED FOR LAST! Continuing to bring beauties for the Holidays today we will explore Italian fragrances! Fleurs et Flammes EDP by ...
27-02-2019 18:52

Clean Solar Bloom and White Fig & Bourbon ~ new fragrances

Clean has launched Solar Bloom and Avant Garden White Fig & Bourbon, two new fragrances in the Clean Reserve collection... ...
27-02-2019 18:52


Veronica Lake PLASIR D\'AMOUR EDP by Technique Indiscrete (Belgian niche perfume brand) offers to reveal the Belle de Jour in you. With a chy ...
27-02-2019 18:52

A Tale of Two Guerlains

On the forum, I have often seen some iteration of the question ?How does Mon Exclusif compare to the newer Mon Guerlain (EDP)"? Allow me to ans ...
27-02-2019 18:52

GUCCI by GUCCI Pour Homme

GUCCI by GUCCI Pour HommeMen EdtThe edition for men, GUCCI by GUCCI Pour Homme was launched in 2008. Encompassing the brand?s luxury heritage, is the ...
27-02-2019 19:39

Blue seas

Aerin Lauder for Aerin Aegea Blossom. ...
26-02-2019 18:53


Continuing to draw the smellscape of São Paulo City I am bringing you today smells and odors that are very cosmopolitan, such as the smell of con ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Ginger Piccante, Flora Cherrysia, Coconut Fizz: Previews of

    The historical house of Guerlain is highlighting a note that is increasingly becoming popular in contemporary perfumery, namely ginger, with thei ...
26-02-2019 18:53


When you take your passion for fragrances to the next level (remember the stages of a perfumista") and develop your very own blend it is a road of no ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir ~ new perfume

Lacoste has launched Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir, a new flanker to 2003\'s Lacoste Pour Femme. Lacoste Pour Femme Elixir follows 2017\'s Lacoste Pour F ...
26-02-2019 18:53


In my first article of the SMELL IN THE CITY series I started to describe the SMELLSCAPE of São Paulo City. Today I will continue to  deepen into th ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Donna Karan DKNY Women Limited Edition 2019

  DKNY fashion campaign Pulsating nights, unpredictable experiences and unforgettable encounters stand as the inspiration behind the new limited edi ...
26-02-2019 18:53


Photo credit: Viktoria Minya Olfactive notes: grapefruit, lemon, clove, jasmine, honey, sandalwood, immortelle, labdanum, musk, tonka, Tokaji ...
26-02-2019 18:53


THE BEST WAS SAVED FOR LAST! This is the time of the year where I share some of the fragrances that I think are worth checking to wear duri ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Parfums MDCI L?Homme Aux Gants, Bleu Satin & Cuir Cavalier ~

French niche line Parfums MDCI has launched the Masterpiece Collection, a new series of art-inspired fragrances. The first three ? L\'Homme Aux Gants ...
26-02-2019 18:53


Photo Credit: + Q Perfume Blog Christopher Brosius is one of these amazing artists that moves you in such a way that you don\'t know if you ...
26-02-2019 18:53


LE PETIT HERVÉ EDP Launch: 2015 ? Customized Edition Perfumer: Ane Walsh Olfactive Director: Simone Shitrit ...
26-02-2019 18:53


CHRYSOLITHE #11 BY OLIVIER DURBANO Photo Credit: + Q PERFUME BLOG Launch: 2015 Perfume House: Olivier Durbano Olfactive Family: Woody-A ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Tocca Gia ~ new perfume

Tocca has launched Gia, a new warm floral fragrance for women... ...
26-02-2019 18:53


Photo credit: Wedding Inspiration website In my last article about niche perfumery I discussed what NICHE meant. It was back in 2012 when a l ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Dolce Gabbana Dolce Peony

  The Dolce Collection by Dolce Gabbana was started in 2014 with the first Dolce edition which represents an emotional and sensual journey through ...
26-02-2019 18:53


"It takes two to tango" Mona di Orio loved to explore light and darkness while creating her beautiful perfumes.  This is exactly what happened to ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 2/26

Tuesday, Pistachio Day, Victor Hugo\'s birthday, 22 days of winter left to endure. (And don\'t forget the splitmeet is still open!) What fragrance ar ...
26-02-2019 18:53

Perfume Review: Sesame Chān by Anima Vinci

Anima Vinci offers a very solid collection of fragrances. They riff off classic styles – the hesperidic, the […] ...
26-02-2019 18:53


Photo Credit:+ Q PERFUME BLOG I haven\'t been quite active in my blog not only due to lack of time, but also because I haven\'t been presented ...
26-02-2019 18:53


The lounge minutes before starting This blogger has a long term relationship with CDCP - A center for diffusion of perfume knowledge in São ...
26-02-2019 18:53


"Calvin Klein used to be raw. In the ?90s the brand was seductive, uncensored, and with the help of a topless Kate Moss, the essence of ...
26-02-2019 18:53

I hope people buy it

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the second day of Paris Fashion Week, the city will wake up to 4,000 posters of Carine Roitfeld. The placards show her completely ...
25-02-2019 18:52

On a Escentual: #EscentualMe is Back

Click here to read. Disclaimer Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. My views […] ...
25-02-2019 18:52

Glenn Bracke and the Scent of Art

  There is a new perfume brand, coming from the hands of a Belgian artist. Glenn Bracke was born into a family of silk-screen printers in 1970. He cl ...
25-02-2019 18:52

Monday scent of the day 2/25

Another week begins! It\'s also George Harrison\'s birthday and Peace Corps Week. What fragrance are you wearing" We\'re getting a bit of sun, f ...
25-02-2019 18:52

Ormonde Jayne exclusive PRIVÉ: Review and Questions Answer

  PRIVÉ by Ormonde Jayne, the British niche perfumery that is the brainchild of Linda Pilkington, is the latest eau de parfum which marks a 16-year c ...
25-02-2019 18:52

How I Learn Languages 2 : What Languages To Study

How to decide what language to study and what resources to use ...
25-02-2019 18:52

Inexpensive Gems: How To Start A Perfume Collection"

  In December last year, we published the article "Hidden Cheap Gems.? It was devoted to inexpensive perfumes that we rarely remember. Thank you ...
25-02-2019 18:52

Wild Grasses of Provence: L'Occitane en Provence Herbae

After recently announcing in our news the traditional spring line, cherry blossom collection Cerisier Irise, L\'Occitane has again won me over with ...
25-02-2019 18:52

CK One Collector's Edition 2019 Tester Perfume

CK One Collector\'s Edition 2019 by Calvin KleinUnisex Edt TesterCK One Collector\'s Edition 2019 for men and women by Calvin Klein was released in 20 ...
24-02-2019 19:39

Iris Pallida 2007: Wear For Your Own Pleasure

  The perfume, like the L?Artisan Parfumeur collection it belongs to, is very special. Together with Fleur d?Oranger 2005 and 2007, and Fleur de Narc ...
24-02-2019 18:56


VALENTINO Uomo Intense by VALENTINOMen EdpVALENTINO Intense is a masculine fragrance by house of VALENTINO was launched in 2016. Darker than the or ...
24-02-2019 19:39

Perfumed Horoscope February 25 - March 3

The previous week gave us a lot to ponder about. This week we are still adjusting to a new situation, a new possible state of mind. This week is ...
24-02-2019 18:56

GUCCI Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Tester Perfume

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia by GUCCIWomen Edt TesterGorgeous Gardenia is a paean to the lightness of the shrub?s first blossom and the addictive richness ...
24-02-2019 19:39

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late February 2019

A very LATE (so sorry! something came up!) lazy weekend open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today, the last ...
24-02-2019 18:56

Kipling Weil: Spirit of Adventure

  A child of its time, the masculine Kipling Weil fougere fragrance is already discontinued. I think today it will interest only perfumery historians ...
24-02-2019 18:56

Philosophy Pure Grace Desert Summer ~ new fragrance

Philosophy has launched Pure Grace Desert Summer, a new limited edition flanker to Pure Grace... ...
23-02-2019 18:56

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct

Almost a year after the launch of the Acqua di Giò Absolu fragrance, the house of Armani is launching its limited edition Acqua di Giò Absolu Instin ...
23-02-2019 18:56

Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush ~ new fragrance

Kate Spade has launched In Full Bloom Blush, a new fruity floral flanker to 2018\'s In Full Bloom... ...
23-02-2019 18:56

Karl Lagerfeld: I Would Rather Be a Ghost?

"I don\'t want people to consider me a regular human, I\'d rather be a ghost," Karl Lagerfeld used to say. He dressed in black and white, ...
23-02-2019 18:56

The splitmeet, episode 11

The splitmeet (episode 11) is open for business. PLEASE read the instructions! For people who would like to chat in addition to, or instead of, split ...
23-02-2019 18:56

ALAIA Nude Tester Perfume

ALAÏA Nude by ALAÏAWomen Edp TesterIn 2017, the house of ALAÏA launches ALAÏA Nude, the third fragrance in their collection. It took inspiration from ...
23-02-2019 19:39

You can?t smell small differences between fragrance samples

You can?t smell small differences between fragrance samples when you smell or your clothes smell. My wife has a list of approved [laundry] products th ...
23-02-2019 18:56

Meet The Whimsical Visual Works of Max Marsden, Inspired by

  Every now and then a great visual artist emerges from the love of perfume. I am thinking immediately about the famous René Gruau, who made those un ...
23-02-2019 18:56

Demeter Thailand ~ new fragrance

Demeter has launched Thailand, a new addition to the brand\'s Destination Collection... ...
23-02-2019 18:56

11th Esxence ? The Exhibitor List

  One of the most influential and popular artistic fragrance exhibitions, ESXENCE, will be held in Milan, Italy, from April 25-28, 2019, in The Mall ...
22-02-2019 18:56

Friday scent of the day 2/22

Happy National Margarita Day! Our community project for today: wear a fragrance with lime or salt or both. (PSAs: the Rosine giveaway is still open, ...
22-02-2019 18:56

Rochas Mademoiselle Couture ~ new fragrance

Rochas has launched Mademoiselle Couture, a new \'sophisticated and sensual\' flanker to 2017\'s Mademoiselle Rochas... ...
22-02-2019 18:56

Leather Across Three Centuries

  Leather perfumes and I have never been an automatic pair; we?ve had our ups and downs. Yet like many people who are at least intrigued by the perfu ...
22-02-2019 18:56

11th Esxence ? The Scent of Excellence (Milan 25-28 April 20

  The 11th artistic fragrance exhibition ESXENCE will be held in Milan`s The Mall at Porta Nuova from April 25th until April 28th, based on the n ...
22-02-2019 18:56

DKNY Be Delicious Pool Party ~ new fragrances

Donna Karan has launched DKNY Be Delicious Pool Party, a new trio of limited edition flankers to 2004\'s Be Delicious... ...
22-02-2019 18:56

Brain waves change in response to different smells

Electroencephalogram tests have shown that brain waves change in response to different smells and what we sniff can affect the central nervous system ...
22-02-2019 18:56

Repetto Ephemeral Editon (The Christmas Ballet) by Repetto

Repetto Ephemeral Editon (The Christmas Ballet) by RepettoWomen EdpAfter the first fragrance from 2013, Repetto Eau de Toilette, the house of Repetto ...
22-02-2019 19:45

Up for grabs: Les Parfums de Rosine Vanille Paradoxe

What is it: an unused 100 ml bottle of Les Parfums de Rosine Vanille Paradoxe. How do I get it: For a chance to win, leave a comment on the website t ...
21-02-2019 18:53

The Merchant of Venice: Three New Perfumes for Spring

Luxury fragrance house The Merchant of Venice has announced the launch of three new fragrances in time for spring. Two fragrances are created for wo ...
21-02-2019 18:53

Guilty Pour Homme by GUCCI

Guilty Pour Homme by GUCCIMen EdtGUCCI Guilty Pour Homme is made for the man who knows what he wants, this fragrance is a powerful mix of excitement, ...
21-02-2019 19:42

Hotbeds of modern perfume creation

But thanks to three new hotbeds of modern perfume creation, personal scents are getting way more unusual and inspired, thanks to three new hotbeds of ...
21-02-2019 18:53

Miracle by Lancôme

Miracle by LancômeWomen EdpThe beauty lies in living, in maintaining interests, in seeing and cherishing every second of life as a miracle, and in th ...
21-02-2019 19:42

Bana Banana, The Baroque Banana by L'Artisan Parfumeur

It\'s a return to the source that\'s presented to us by the French brand L?Artisan Parfumeur with Bana Banana; a creation inspired by an anecdote  d ...
21-02-2019 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 2/21

Happy Almost-Friday! It\'s also Nina Simone\'s birthday.* (And a PSA: don\'t forget the splitmeet is this weekend!) What fragrance are you wearing&qu ...
21-02-2019 18:53

Girl of Now by ELIE SAAB

Girl of Now by ELIE SAABWomen EdpGirl of Now is a perfume by ELIE SAAB  was released in 2017. Made to inspire, the Elie Saab Girl of Now Eau de Par ...
20-02-2019 19:44

Wednesday scent of the day 2/20

Happy Hump Day and happy World Day of Social Justice. What fragrance are you wearing" It\'s snowing, and I slept late. I\'m going to pick a perf ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Zoologist Chameleon & Dodo ~ new fragrances

Indie Canadian line Zoologist will introduce two new fragrances, Chameleon and Dodo, next month... ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlit Showers

  The newest Sunflowers flanker of the ELIZABETH ARDEN line promises a floral, marine and fruity composition described as iridescent, playful and de ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2019

In accordance with the tradition of the Calvin Klein house, the summer of 2019 will be greeted with another limited edition, citrusy unisex variatio ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Guerlain Imagine ~ new fragrance

Guerlain has launched Imagine, a new entry in the brand\'s Les Parisiennes collection of reissues... ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Friends, that day is now

Ever since kids had imaginations, visions of fart guns ? or launchers, or catapults, or trebuchets ? floated around their heads. [...] there?s just so ...
20-02-2019 18:53

In Memory of Karl Lagerfeld: Four Lagerfeld Perfumes We Love

KARL LAGERFELD: SEPTEMBER 10, 1933 - FEBRUARY 19, 2019   The fashion world is mourning, since Karl Lagerfeld has left us today.  After having colore ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Maison Margiela Whispers in the Library ~ new fragrance

Maison Margiela has launched Whispers in the Library (Oxford, 1997), a new fragrance in the Replica series... ...
20-02-2019 18:53

Shine bright like a diamond

Paris goes pink for Lancôme La Vie Est Belle En Rose. ...
19-02-2019 18:53

Nicki Minaj Queen ~ new perfume

Singer Nicki Minaj has launched Queen, a new limited edition fragrance for women... ...
19-02-2019 18:53


The first perfume of the Boucheron jewelry house had its premiere in 1988. Its floral-oriental fragrance with strong character became the symbol of ...
19-02-2019 18:53

The passing of Karl Lagerfeld

It is with deep sadness that the house of Chanel announces the passing of Karl Lagerfeld. A prolific creative mind with endless imagination, Karl Lage ...
19-02-2019 18:53

HUGO Women Extreme by HUGO BOSS

HUGO Women Extreme by HUGO BOSSWomen Edp This women\'s fragrance from HUGO is both energising and graciously feminine at the same time. Launched by h ...
19-02-2019 19:39

Azzaro Wanted Girl ~ new fragrance

Azzaro will launch Wanted Girl, the feminine counterpart to 2016\'s Wanted... ...
19-02-2019 18:53

Serge Mansau: Master of the Bottle

    Life is a struggle for immortality. Michael Prishvin   In February 2019, Serge Mansau passed away. He was a famous French sculptor and creator of ...
19-02-2019 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 2/19

It is Tuesday, and Carson McCullers\' birthday, and there\'s a super snow moon. My vacation is over, and there are 29 days left until the end of wint ...
19-02-2019 18:53

Coach Floral Blush

Coach, the American fashion house for leather accessories based in the heart of Manhattan, announces the launch of a new fragrance belonging to the ...
19-02-2019 18:53

The Natural Experiment: New Perfumes from J.Hannah Co.

  Jessica Hannah is not on a crusade to carry you over to ?the natural side? of perfume, and yet she?s one of the most compelling creators in the nat ...
18-02-2019 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : February 2019

A place to ask your fragrance questions and find perfume recommendations. ...
18-02-2019 18:53

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