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Not a storybook lavender

Frédéric Malle and Carlos Benaïm talk about Music for a While. ...
31-03-2018 18:52

Forever by Mariah Carey

Forever by Mariah CareyWomen Edp Forever fragrance main theme and composition represents Mariah?s moments of happiness. It was launched by Mariah Car ...
31-03-2018 19:40

New Perfumes by Piotr Czarnecki, the Dancer and Perfumer

"More people worship the rising than the setting sun" Pompey The Great   I learned about the independent perfumer from Poland Piot ...
31-03-2018 18:52

Aphorisms of a Perfumer: An Encounter with Dominique Ropion

The book "Aphorismes d\'un Parfumeur", signed by perfumer Dominique Ropion, has recently been published by Le Contrepoint, as a part of ...
31-03-2018 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ Easter basket, episode 6

Happy Easter, everyone! It\'s time to fill your (fantasy) Easter basket: 1. You can pick one perfume, new or old: what is it" 2. And you can hav ...
31-03-2018 18:52

ACQUA DI PARMA Colonia Pura Mini Set

Colonia Pura by ACQUA DI PARMAUnisex Edc SetThe latest addition to the Colonia by ACQUA DI PARMA lineup is Colonia Pura. Launched in 2017, a radically ...
31-03-2018 19:40

The Art and Olfaction Awards 2018: Almost There!

The 5th annual edition of the Art and Olfaction Awards is about to take place. April 21st, 2018, is the day when this annual organization reaches it ...
31-03-2018 18:52

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose ~ new fragrance

Vera Wang has launched French Lavender & Tuberose, a new addition to the Embrace collection... ...
31-03-2018 18:52

VALENTINO Uomo Acqua Tester Perfume

VALENTINO Uomo Acqua by VALENTINOMen Edt TesterVALENTINO Uomo Acqua represents the refreshed, summery version of the original leathery fragrance, whi ...
31-03-2018 19:40

From the Forums: Baseball, Campfires, and Aramis

From the Forums highlights our Fragrantica readers and what they?re talking about on the Fragrantica discussion boards. There you?ll find many topics ...
31-03-2018 18:52

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Tester Perfume

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by VersaceMen Edt TesterVersace Man Eau Fraiche was created in 2006. This fresh, sexy interpretation of the Versace Man fragr ...
31-03-2018 19:40

S. Esse Strikes The Notes: Anita, Donatella, Miranda, Prisci

PROFUMITALIA presents a new brand named S. ESSE STRIKES THE NOTES available from late March 2018, exclusively promoted at the upcoming 10th ESXENCE ...
31-03-2018 18:52

Friday scent of the day 3/30

Happy Friday and happy Pencil Day. Our community project for today: honor Women\'s History Month by wearing a fragrance by perfumer Germaine Cellier ...
30-03-2018 18:52

ESXENCE 2018: Events Calendar

10th ESXENCE is getting close so we want to inform you about the Esxence 2018 Events Calendar and all the interesting lectures, themes and worksh ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Neela Vermeire Creations Niral ~ fragrance review

Niral is the newest fragrance from Neela Vermeire Créations,1 a Paris-based niche house offering "French contemporary classic perfumes with an E ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Flower by Kenzo Red Edition

Kenzo launches a limited summer edition of the Flower by Kenzo fragrance from 2000. Flower by Kenzo Red Edition for 2018 celebrates the color red an ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Jo Malone Tropical Cherimoya ~ new fragrance

Jo Malone will launch Tropical Cherimoya, part of the Hot Blossoms collection, in May. (There will also be a Cattleya Flower Body Mist.)... ...
30-03-2018 18:52

The Fragrance Foundation Announces 2018 Awards Finalists

The Fragrance Foundation has announced the 2018 finalists in all categories for the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards. The top 5 finalists in ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia Forte ~ new fragrance

Maison Francis Kurkdjian has launched Aqua Celestia Forte, a new flanker to 2017\'s Aqua Celestia... ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Esteban Songe de Yuzu

French perfume house Esteban enriches its collection of Les Coleurs with a new fragrance that follows the exquisite citrus creations Fureur d\'Ag ...
30-03-2018 18:52

In White

A spot for Elie Saab Le Parfum In White. ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Nasomatto Nudiflorum ~ new fragrance

Niche line Nasomatto has launched Nudiflorum, a new fragrance... ...
30-03-2018 18:52

ESXENCE 2018: Maison Gabriella Chieffo Launches Lattedoro, A

Among the new fragrances that will expand the niche perfumery\'s landscape this year and that will premiere very soon at the upcoming Esxence exhi ...
30-03-2018 18:52

Thursday scent of the day 3/29

Happy Almost-Friday! What fragrance are you wearing" My computer is acting up (I\'m on the third restart), and I am still looking for my decant ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Belsans: 100% Natural Perfumes from Spain

"I have always been passionate about aromas, harmony and human nature... Belsans is the synergy of all three of them. ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Lalique L?Insoumis Ma Force ~ new fragrance

Lalique will launch L\'Insoumis Ma Force, a fresher flanker to 2016\'s L\'Insoumis fragrance for men... ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & GabbanaMen EdtDolce & Gabbana dedicate their classic fragrance Pour Homme to the elegance and style of the Itali ...
29-03-2018 19:36

New Fragrances From Homoelegans: Song for a Rising Sun and I

The Italian brand Homoelegans is preparing the launch of two new editions next week, for Milan\'s show Esxence. The new fragrances continue to explo ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love ~ new perfume

Marc Jacobs has launched Daisy Love, a new flanker (by my count, the 19th) to 2007?s Daisy... ...
29-03-2018 18:52

UNSCENT 3D Perfume Anatomy in Milan

Always different, creative and interesting! Intertrade Group presents UNSCENT 15 - 3D PERFUME ANATOMY, a journey towards the three-dimensional ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Zoologist Moth and Hyrax

In spring of 2018, the award-winning, Canada-based Zoologist will launch two new fragrances - Moth and Hyrax - bringing their collection of animal ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Esteban Songe de Yuzu ~ new perfume

Esteban has launched Songe de Yuzu, a new green citrus fragrance in the brand\'s Les Couleurs collection... ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Aqua Kenzo for Her and for Him

Kenzo launches two new fresh, water-inspired fragrances called Aqua Kenzo. Although the design mimics the L\'Eau par Kenzo line, these Eaux de Toilet ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Une Nuit Nomade Bohemian Soul ~ new fragrance

Luxury body care and fragrance line Une Nuit Nomade will launch Bohemian Soul, a new fragrance in their Une Nuit à Montauk collection... ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Springtime Comes to L'Artisan Parfumeur with Glorious Floral

Home scenting has lots to recommend it. If home is our abode and refuge, then accompanying it with a pleasant scent equates a personal sense of zen. ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Sandalwood In Contemporary Perfumery: From Essential Oil To

In light of some of the recent launches, like Molecule 04 and Escentric 04 by Escentric Molecules, the perfume community zoomed in on Javanol - a sy ...
29-03-2018 18:52

Azzaro Wanted By Night ~ new fragrance

Azzaro has launched Wanted By Night, a new fragrance for men. Wanted By Night is a flanker to 2016\'s Wanted... ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Obsessed Intense For Men by Calvin Klein

Obsessed Intense For Men by Calvin KleinMen EdpObsessed intense for men is the deeper exploration of a story of past love and romance. Launched in 201 ...
28-03-2018 19:36

UER MI: SO ± Satin and UR ± Silk 19

The Italian niche brand UER MI introduces its new fine fabric inspired fragrances: SO ± Satin and UR ± Silk 19. Both fragrances were developed by Al ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 3/28

Hump Day, plus Weed Appreciation Day (not that weed, sorry). What fragrance are you wearing" I was planning to wear Piguet Bandit today but wasn ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Vintage Scented Postcards: Versace's Blonde

"A dress is a weapon", said Donatella Versace. Blonde, the fragrance created in homage to her, is "fragrance as a weapon." ...
28-03-2018 18:52

One man. One Night. Three Stories.

Nikolai Danielsen for Azzaro Wanted By Night. ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Ralph Lauren Romance Rosé

The new interpretation of the 1998 fragrance  Romance from the designer house of Ralph Lauren (under L\'Oréal) comes out in the spring of 2018 as ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Anatole Lebreton Cornaline ~ new fragrance

French niche line Anatole Lebreton has launched Cornaline, a new fragrance named for the stone carnelian... ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Brit Splash for Him by Burberry

Brit Splash for Him by BurberryMen EdtBurberry has released its first aquatic scent for men, Brit Splash for Him in summer 2015. It is inspired by "th ...
28-03-2018 19:36

ETRO Launches Udaipur

The Italian fashion and perfume brand ETRO celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. The fashion house was born in 1968. Along with its absolutely ...
28-03-2018 18:52

Nasomatto Launches Nudiflorum

The Italian perfumer and master of olfactory performance Alessandro Gualtieri is the mastermind behind the lines Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, and MariaLu ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Maison Dorin Al Khamsa Collection

  The French niche house Maison Dorin presented their latest collection, named  AL KHAMSA, exclusively at the TFWA 2017 event in Cannes, and no ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Tuesday scent of the day 3/27

Tuesday, and World Theater Day. What fragrance are you wearing" It\'s still not quite spring here, but I\'m trying to hurry it along with L?Arti ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Trussardi Scent of Gold

Trussardi launches Scent of Gold in 2018 as part of its luxurious unisex line inspired by the aromas of the Orient, which so far included the 2016 ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest ~ new fragrances

Dolce & Gabbana has launched Light Blue Italian Zest, new limited edition flankers to 2001\'s Light Blue and 2007?s Light Blue Pour Homme. Last y ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Ralph Lauren Romance Rose ~ new fragrance

Ralph Lauren has launched Romance Rosé, a new limited edition flanker to 1998\'s Romance... ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Hermès Eau de Citron Noir

In one of her many articles, Fragrantica writer Elena Vosnaki explained that the Cologne line of Hermès aims for a simple clarity; a pure pleasure th ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere ~ new perfume

Carolina Herrera has launched Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère, a new flanker to 2016\'s Good Girl... ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Tester Perfume

212 VIP Men by Carolina HerreraMen Edt TesterCarolina Herrera presented the 212 VIP masculine edition in the year 2011. The fragrance reflects the st ...
27-03-2018 19:40

Floraïku Wind In My Hand

Floraïku, the brand by Clara and John Molloy, owners and founders of the famous house Memo Paris, will this spring be enriched with another editio ...
27-03-2018 18:52

5 Perfumes: Orange Blossom

I once heard perfumer Thomas Fontaine say he considered orange blossom an American note. (Iris and galbanum were French, he said.) Right away, I thou ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Nautica Voyage Heritage ~ new fragrance

Nautica has launched Voyage Heritage, a new fragrance for men. Voyage Heritage is a flanker to 2006\'s Nautica Voyage... ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Kaff and Cas: Luna Stars by Tiziana Terenzi

There?s so little time until we meet Paolo Terenzi again in Milan, and there are only two fragrances un-reviewed from the whole galaxy of new Tizian ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Will you dare

The spot for Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire. ...
27-03-2018 18:52


The spot for Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère. ...
27-03-2018 18:52

Monday scent of the day 3/26

Argh, Monday again. Birthdays today: Diana Ross, Robert Frost, Guccio Gucci. It\'s also Purple Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m waking ...
26-03-2018 18:52

ESXENCE 2018: Nishane Le Petit Prince B-612 and Vain Naïve

  "For the two new scents to be launched in April 2018, Nishane?s creative directors Mert Guzel and Murat Katran got inspired by: The Litt ...
26-03-2018 18:52

Best in Show: Green Fragrances (2018)

  Green fragrances represent a wide variety of aromas inspired by nature, from forests to herbs, from floral bouquets to tart citrus. While the se ...
26-03-2018 18:52

Rochas Eau De Rochas Escapade Tropicale ~ new fragrance

Rochas has launched Eau De Rochas Escapade Tropicale, a new summer flanker to 1970\'s Eau de Rochas. Eau de Rochas Escapade Tropicale follows 2016\'s ...
26-03-2018 18:52

Hilde Soliani Buonissimo Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of

The famous perfumery store Lucky Scent in Los Angeles (US) celebrates its 15 years of existence and success this year and on that occasion a selec ...
26-03-2018 18:52

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Presents Aqua Celestia Forte

  Maison Francis Kurkdjian is preparing the new fragrance Aqua Celestia Forte, to be launched at the beginning of May 2018. The original Aqua ...
26-03-2018 18:52

Scuderia Ferrari Club by Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari Club by FerrariMen EdtScuderia Ferrari Club is a masculine fragrance by Ferrari. Launched in 2013, its embodying the sport spirit of ...
26-03-2018 19:45

Nobile 1942 Il Capriccio del Maestro: Campomarzio 70 Exclusi

  In March 2018, Italian niche brand Nobile 1942 presented an exclusive edition created specifically for Campomarzio 70. The special composition Il ...
25-03-2018 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope March 26 - April 1

  As the week progresses you may see the polarity pattern where those liberated feel freer, and those in a rut become more anxious. Ideally we are ...
25-03-2018 18:52

COACH for Men by COACH

COACH for Men by COACHMen EdtCOACH for Men is a masculine fragrance by leather goods company. Launched in 2017, it takes you on a journey of endless p ...
25-03-2018 19:37

Christian Louboutin Signs License With Puig

  Christian Louboutin, the famous shoemaker who creates works of art with red soles underneath, has also entered the world of beauty and fragrances ...
25-03-2018 18:52

ESXENCE 2018: Nobile 1942 Il Sentiero Degli Dei and MALVS

  In addition to the special edition exclusively launched and available in Campomarzio 70 named Il Capriccio del Maestro and dedicated to Puccin ...
25-03-2018 18:52

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him Intense Tester Perfume

Brit Rhythm for Him Intense by BurberryMen Edt Tester Brit Rhythm Men Intense by Burberry is a sensual scent with a masculine smokey and leathery acc ...
25-03-2018 19:37

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle

  Fairy Dance Sparkle comes out in the spring of 2018 as the flanker of Secret Wish from 2005 and Secret Wish Fairy Dance from 2012. The new fragra ...
25-03-2018 18:52

Ramon Monegal Don't Touch My Ouds Collection

  The Spanish niche house Ramón Monegal, based in Barcelona, was the initiative of Ramón Monegal, a descendant of a very important family of per ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Vince Camuto Divina ~ new perfume

Vince Camuto will launch Divina, a new fragrance for women... ...
24-03-2018 18:52

From paradise, with love

A spot for the new version of Carolina Herrera CH L\'Eau. ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late March 2018

PSA: the swapmeet is open through Tuesday! Today, our same old open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today, ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Prada Luna Rossa Black: On Light and Shadows

  Prada\'s Luna Rossa was launched as a pillar of the masculine line from this Italian fashion house back in 2012 and it quickly became, in my poin ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde ~ new fragrance

Valentino has launched Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, a new flanker to 2015\'s Valentino Donna... ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Hermes Eau de Citron Noir ~ new fragrance

Hermès has launched Eau de Citron Noir, a new addition to the brand\'s unisex Cologne collection. The last in the series were 2016\'s Eau de Rhubarbe ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Bunch o? limited edition summer fragrances 2018

A round up of summer limited edition fragrances, including items from Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Davidoff, Cacharel, Lancaster and Philosophy. ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Express yourself

Amkiri\'s new scented body ink is billed as the first "visual fragrance." The scent will reportedly stay on skin up to 12 hours; the cream-l ...
24-03-2018 18:52

Cerruti 1881 Essentiel

  Cerruti is launching a new men\'s fragrance, CERUTTI 1881 ESSENTIEL, as a woody-spicy composition that evokes a return to sources, a need to g ...
23-03-2018 18:52

Trendy Notes that Smell Tasty: Rhubarb and Ginger

  If we theorize that fragrance is part of fashion as much as it is an artful craft,  then it is immediately apparent that it succumbs to the cycli ...
23-03-2018 18:52

Friday scent of the day 3/23

Friday! Our community project for today: we\'re celebrating this week\'s equinox by choosing a fragrance that evokes one of Pantone\'s colors from th ...
23-03-2018 18:52

The Carousel Of Delights: Mugler Angel Fruity Fair

  In March 2018, MUGLER presents a new interpretation of the iconic ANGEL fragrance that shifts the attention to the fruity twist of the origina ...
23-03-2018 18:52

2018 World Perfumery Congress

  The World Perfumery Congress is a regular global event for the perfume industry. It is held every two years in different countries. We visited ...
22-03-2018 18:52

Tanacetum: Buttons Of Gold and Life Eternal

  When by the roadsides in the sun I see the tansy\'s gold and green, I know that there in other days Hearthstone and love and life have been. T ...
22-03-2018 18:52

An alchemy of raw materials

The story of Guerlain, part the second (the first is here). ...
22-03-2018 18:52

More floral than ever

Quick videos for Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Couture, and then below the jump, Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar. ...
22-03-2018 18:52

Noble Wood by St Dupont

Noble Wood by St DupontUnisex EdpNoble Wood by St Dupont is unisex fragrance and was released in 2016. A luxurious oriental woodsy scent for both men ...
22-03-2018 19:42

International Perfume Foundation to Offer Summer Enfleurage

    The International Perfume Foundation - an organization committed to increasing the positive awareness of issues related to the industry of p ...
22-03-2018 18:52

Thursday scent of the day 3/22

Happy Almost-Friday! What fragrance are you wearing" I went with 4160Tuesdays Urura\'s Tokyo Cafe to match Pantone Pink Lavender, but it\'s not ...
22-03-2018 18:52

From The Land To The Scents: Celebrating Perfumery In Grasse

  Over three days in June, over 50 French and foreign brands such as flower and aromatic plant producers, fragrance companies, brands, and distribu ...
22-03-2018 18:52

Diptyque Fleur de Peau ~ fragrance review

In ancient Greece, one myth stood out as the most passionate and sensual: the love between Psyche and Eros, the beauty\'s quest to meet with her lov ...
22-03-2018 18:52

Burberry Brit For Women By Burberry

Burberry Brit For Women By BurberryWomen EdpIt is a fragrance that keeps the tradition but with a modern sound, it brings the English irony and Englis ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Choose the Perfume Le Jardin Retrouve Will Launch in October

  Friends and readers! Not so long ago, I found an interesting video of Le Jardin Retrouve. In several episodes, it was told that Michel Gutsatz, t ...
22-03-2018 18:52

Mugler Angel Fruity Fair ~ new perfume

Thierry Mugler has launched Angel Fruity Fair, a new limited edition flanker to 1992\'s Angel... ...
22-03-2018 18:52

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News most viewed Today

Aventus Eau De Parfum by CREED

Aventus Eau De Parfum by CREED

Aventus Eau De Parfum by CREEDMen EdpThe exceptional Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power and success. Introduced in 2010 and crafted by the deft hand of sixth generation master perfumer... -
She was an Anomaly

She was an Anomaly

Up next from Etat Libre d\'Orange. -
Le Galion L?Ame Perdue ~ fragrance review with an aside on perfume in Paris

Le Galion L?Ame Perdue ~ fragrance review wit...

Sure, I?m in Paris, but I wasn?t planning to buy perfume. I have plenty already. Besides, I?d already bought a pair of sandals and some underthings, and my budget was shot. Then I smelled Le Galion L?Ame Perdue, a chypre that would have been right... -
Lazy (3-day) weekend poll ~ open thread, World Yoga Day 2020

Lazy (3-day) weekend poll ~ open thread, Worl...

Saturday is World Yoga Day (not to be confused with the International Day of Yoga, which is in June) and World Thinking Day. While you\'re thinking about yoga, and about what weird holidays might be happening on Sunday and Monday, we\'re... -
Kenzo L'Eau Kenzo Hyper Wave

Kenzo L'Eau Kenzo Hyper Wave

The new fragrance duo from the L\'Eau Kenzo collection by Kenzo will be released in February 2020 as L\'Eau Kenzo Hyper Wave - a fragrance duo dedicated to "lovers of freedom and vivid adventures." The compositions signed by... -
New Niche Brand Senyokô Announced Their First Perfume: La Tsarine

New Niche Brand Senyokô Announced Their First...

  At the niche perfume exhibition ESXENCE, there are always several new brands that come to visit the place to find out how the exhibition is arranged, without being part of the exhibition yet. Often, these are brands that have participated in the... -
Jil Sander Simply Poudrée Intense

Jil Sander Simply Poudrée Intense

The SIMPLY JIL SANDER Collection gets another beautiful edition that favors powdery gourmand aromas and the comfortable warmth of cashmeran. Warm, silky, and irresistibly pleasant aromas gently surround the wearer with delicate, powdery comfort.... -
NEW from JD Jeffrey Dame: Musc Neutre

NEW from JD Jeffrey Dame: Musc Neutre

He came, he saw, he...smelled clean" In my previous new release articles for Jeffrey\'s fragrances, I\'ve proclaimed him CraZy, spicy, and hot and bothered. With this new one, I\'m at a loss. Calling Mr. Dame musky seems a tad... -
Fragrantica Member Spotlight: Jitterbug Perfume Lover

Fragrantica Member Spotlight: Jitterbug Perfu...

  Member Name: Jitterbug Perfume Lover   Member Since: June 6, 2013   Location: USA View Perfume Wardrobe and Profile   For almost half a million people worldwide, Fragrantica has become more than just an online perfume encyclopedia and... -
Thierry Mugler A*Men Tester Perfume

Thierry Mugler A*Men Tester Perfume

A*Men by Thierry MuglerMen Edt TesterLaunched by the design house of Thierry Mugler in 1996. This very distinct sweet fragrance is one of those you either love or hate. Based strongly on the ladies Angel; A*Men (Angel Men in the US) contains... -

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