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News most viewed Today - Derniers Articles fragrance All News most viewed Today

Coach Platinum ~ New Fragrance

Coach has launched Coach Platinum, a new fragrance for men... ...

Derniers Articles fragrance

Lapidus Pour Homme: Our Long-time Friend

  Hello Eighties! The last exhalation of masculinity before the The Aquatic Flood, it was when aquatic and ozone perfumes took over the whole world. ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Demeter Fuzzy Sweater ~ new fragrance

Demeter has launched Fuzzy Sweater, the latest addition to their Fragrance Library... ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Three More Shiseido Treasures: Saso, Myth of Saso and Murasa

Few brands have quite captured the mystique of the East, while generously catering to the West as well, like Shiseido. Their back catalogue reads li ...
19-01-2019 18:53

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Opium Tester Perfume

Opium by YVEST SAINT LAURENTWomen Edp Tester A controversial fragrance at the time of launch. Introduced in 1977, Opium symbolizes YYVEST SAINT LAUR ...
19-01-2019 19:41

St. Clair Scents Casablanca, Ellis Brooklyn Fawn & Miu Miu F

Describing the inspiration for her latest fragrance, independent perfumer Diane St. Clair writes, I had been watching the snow fall outside of my wi ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ stepping back from the edge, episode 7

PSA: the next freebiemeet is coming up a week from today, 26 January. Meanwhile, our seventh annual \'stepping back\' poll: can this group of shamele ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Chloé Nomade Eau de Toilette

Nomade Eau de Toilette is a solar interpretation of the Nomade Eau de Parfum original (2018) from the fashion house of Chloé, which contains natural ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Estee Lauder Very Estee Tester Perfume

Very Estée by Estée LauderWomen Edp TesterVery Estée is a luxuriously feminine and sophisticated fragrance by Estée Lauder. Launched in 2012, it is c ...
19-01-2019 19:41

Pierre Guillaume Sorong ~ new fragrance

French niche line Pierre Guillaume will launch 20.1 Sorong, a new addition to the brand\'s "Collection Rework" series. Sorong is a variatio ...
19-01-2019 18:53

New from Avon: The Stories Collection

Looking up the brand Avon on Fragrantica will almost certainly be an overwhelming experience. Not only do we encounter a long, very long list of 735 ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Havana by Aramis

Havana by AramisMen EdtLaunched in 1994, Havana is a spicy oriental men?s fragrance by house of Aramis. This masculine scent opens with intense aromat ...
19-01-2019 19:41

Molton Brown Suede Orris ~ new fragrance

Molton Brown has launched Suede Orris, a new powdery fragrance... ...
19-01-2019 18:53

Canoe Dana: New and Vintage

    In modern times, fougere fragrances are released for men more often than for women, and we have become accustomed to that. Although fragrances do ...
18-01-2019 18:53

CK Be by Calvin Klein

CK Be by Calvin KleinUnisex EdtLaunched by the design house of Calvin Klein in 1996, CK Be is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. A ...
18-01-2019 19:40

Friday scent of the day 1/18

Friday plus Thesaurus Day plus Cary Grant?s birthday. Our community project for today: wear a fragrance by Eau d\'Italie, Etat Libre d\'Orange, Escen ...
18-01-2019 18:53

Highly Addictive: Art de Parfum Encore une Fois

The British niche perfume house Art de Parfum emerged in 2016 with a collection of five alluring and genderless fragrances (Gin and Tonic Cologne, Ex ...
18-01-2019 18:53

Halloween Man X

  "The night has a language, a smell, rules and even special sounds. When the sun sets behind the city?s skyline and the moon wraps its mysteri ...
18-01-2019 18:53

Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder

Pleasures Intense by Estée LauderWomen EdpPleasures Intense is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauderand was launched in 2002. It is a deeper, richer sist ...
18-01-2019 19:40

5 Winter Pleasures

5 winter pleasures that makes even the darkest, coldest day brighter ...
18-01-2019 18:53

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia, Coconut Fizz & Ginger Piccante ~ n

Guerlain will launch Flora Cherrysia, Coconut Fizz and Ginger Piccante, three new additions to the Aqua Allegoria line... ...
18-01-2019 18:53

I believe in pink

From Givenchy, a spot for Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush and Le Rose Perfecto lip balms. ...
18-01-2019 18:53

Roberto Cavalli Florence Amber ~ new perfume

Roberto Cavalli has launched Florence Amber, a new limited edition flanker to 2017\'s Roberto Cavalli Florence... ...
17-01-2019 18:53

Flower By Kenzo Eau de Vie ~ new fragrance

Kenzo has launched Flower By Kenzo Eau de Vie, a new flanker to 2000\'s Flower fragrance for women... ...
17-01-2019 18:53

Mandarin Smackdown: Chanel Paris-Deauville vs Prada Infusion

As I strolled in downtown Seattle at Christmastime, the cold, moist air was scented with pungent whiffs of "fragrance" ? a fragrance I wou ...
17-01-2019 18:53

The Legendary Guerlain Mitsouko Fragrance Turns 100!

    "On every occasion when I am asked to name my favorite fragrance, or the best fragrance ever, or the fragrance I would take with me if I had ...
17-01-2019 18:53

Penhaligon?s The Impudent Cousin Matthew ~ new fragrance

Penhaligon?s has launched The Impudent Cousin Matthew, a new addition to their Portraits collection. (Presumably, he is Cousin Flora\'s brother...) ...
17-01-2019 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 1/17

Almost-Friday and Benjamin Franklin\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: partial credit for Ego Facto Poopoo Pidoo. Reminder: on 1/1 ...
17-01-2019 18:53

Montblanc Explorer ~ new fragrance

Montblanc will launch Explorer, a new woody aromatic leather fragrance for men, in February... ...
17-01-2019 18:53

Tribute to Perfumer Jean-François Latty

  This winter has been decidedly cruel for the world of perfume. After the sad news of the death of perfumer and creator Vero Kern on December 18, 20 ...
17-01-2019 18:53


Uomo Signature by SALVATORE FERRAGAMOMen Edp SetUomo Signature is a new perfume by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO for men and was released in 2018. This charism ...
17-01-2019 19:43

Wednesday scent of the day 1/16

Hump Day and National Religious Freedom Day or National Nothing Day. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: partial credit for Elizabeth and James ...
16-01-2019 18:53

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Cabaret Eau de Parfum

In January 2019, Jean Paul Gaultier, under the license of PUIG, presents the new, limited edition Classique Cabaret Eau de Parfum in an attractive b ...
16-01-2019 18:53

Standing on the miu-n

Elle Fanning for Miu Miu Twist. ...
16-01-2019 18:53

Flight of Fancy by ANNA SUI

Flight of Fancy by ANNA SUIWomen EdtFashion designer Anna Sui?s Flight of Fancy is about the allure of exploration and the thrill of discovery. Launch ...
16-01-2019 19:40

Korloff Mémoire Collection: A Haute Perfumerie Line by Korlo

Korloff Paris, a jewelry house based in France, presents their new line, which we had the chance to preview in October at TFWA 2018, the world exhib ...
16-01-2019 18:53

That?s what my house smells like

I would include sandalwood because that\'s what my house smells like. I would include BO, because being on the trail for days and not showering has be ...
16-01-2019 18:53

Mauboussin Mademoiselle Twist for Women

  Under the license of the company Lorience, Mauboussin premiered their new women\'s fragrance at the TFWA 2018 exhibition in Cannes. Fashionable an ...
16-01-2019 18:53

BOTTEGA VENETA Eau De Parfum Mini Set

BOTTEGA VENETA Eau De Parfum by BOTTEGA VENETAWomen Edp SetBOTTEGA VENETA Eau de Parfum is a sophisticated leather/apricot chypre that blends niche ...
16-01-2019 19:40

Penhaligon?s The Ingenue Cousin Flora ~ new fragrance

Penhaligon?s has launched The Ingénue Cousin Flora, a new addition to their Portraits collection... ...
16-01-2019 18:53

Escada Miami Blossom ~ new fragrance

Escada has launched Miami Blossom, the brand\'s limited edition summer fragrance for 2019. Last year\'s model was Sorbetto Rosso... ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Chrome by AZZARO

Chrome by AZZAROMen EdtChrome was launched in 1996. Chrome distils its gentle, fresh and woody magic throughout the entire world. Top notes are rose ...
15-01-2019 19:38

An aroma emitted by tomatoes

Researchers from the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Plant Biology of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the Superior Council of Sci ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Nombre Noir by Shiseido: A Story of Gothic Intrigue A Myst

There are few "perfume unicorns" more shrouded in mystery than Nombre Noir by Shiseido, although each of us has their own. The deck was st ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Lancome La Nuit Tresor Musc Diamant ~ new fragrance

Lancôme has launched La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant, a new fragrance for women. La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant is a flanker to 2015\'s La Nuit Trésor (whic ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 1/15

Tuesday, and Martin Luther King\'s birthday (although Martin Luther King Day is next Monday). If it\'s winter where you are, there are 64 days left u ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Najm Noir: Al Haramain's Musk Masterpiece

  In 1907, Pablo Picasso painted Les Demoiselles d\'Avignon, a work that is consensually considered to be the first cubist painting, opening a new ch ...
15-01-2019 18:53


The owl and the snake are back, and they\'re joined by an ostrich, a tiger, Lana Del Rey, Jared Leto and Courtney Love, for Gucci Guilty Pour Homme an ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

The new chapter of the Gucci Guilty fragrance line will be opened early 2019 with the new Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum edition and the new a ...
15-01-2019 18:53

Niko Pirosmani : A Movable Feast

Niko Pirosmani (1862-1918) was a Georgian painter whose works feature life in all of its ambivalence, complexity and beauty. ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Ormaie Paris: non-synthetic modernism

  The new Parisian perfume brand Ormaie was born in late 2018. This is a family business created by a son and a mother; Baptiste Bouygues and Marie-L ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Nest Wild Poppy

The Nest brand introduces into their inspirational collection a new fragrance inspired by wild poppy flowers. After last year\'s successes with the ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Kenzo - Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie

Kenzo launches Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie in early 2019 as a new interpretation of the legendary original Flower by Kenzo from 2000. Flower by Kenzo ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Monday scent of the day 1/14

Monday, with the added bonus (or not) of snow for some in the US. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m staying warm in good old Etro Shaal Nur. ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope January 14 - January 20

On the Perfume Planet, a parallel reality planet on earth, we shall experience a small climate change pattern with dawn of the New Year. It looks ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Only For Him Hayari: A Dry and Robust Shalimar

  French haute couture house Hayari, established by Parisian couturier of Alger origin Nabil Hayari, is well-known for its luxurious wedding and cock ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Oscar de la Renta Bella Rosa

The latest edition from the house of Oscar de la Renta, which will be available in February 2019, celebrates the beauty of flowers and is a successo ...
14-01-2019 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, mid-January 2019

PSA: the next freebiemeet is coming up on 26 January. Meanwhile, our first lazy weekend open thread poll of 2019. Talk about anything you like ? the ...
13-01-2019 18:53

MIU MIU L'eau Bleue Tester Perfume

MIU MIU L\'eau Bleue by MIU MIUWomen Edp TesterLaunched in 2016, the new Miu Miu fragrance captures the light, airy and very joyful scent of morning d ...
13-01-2019 19:42

Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First

One year after the launch of the new Cacharel fragrance Yes I Am, its first flanker, Yes I Am Pink First, comes out January 2019. The brand continue ...
13-01-2019 18:53

Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First ~ new fragrance

Cacharel will launch Yes I Am Pink First, a new flanker to last year\'s Yes I Am... ...
13-01-2019 18:53

Salvatore Ferragamo Amo Flowerful ~ new perfume

Salvatore Ferragamo will launch Amo Flowerful, a new fragrance for women. Amo Flowerful is a flanker to last year\'s Amo Ferragamo... ...
12-01-2019 18:55

HUGO BOSS Orange for Men Tester Perfume

BOSS Orange for Men by HUGO BOSSMen Edt TesterLiberate yourself from expectations and discover the world of BOSS Orange Man, the new fragrance for ...
12-01-2019 19:39

Roberto Cavalli Florence Amber

Roberto Cavalli (Coty) launched a new perfume and a new pillar of their perfume collection called Florence at the end of 2017. The collection is ded ...
12-01-2019 18:55


The spot for Gucci The Alchemist?s Garden. Trigger warnings: snakes, birds, butterfly, man burning a $475 candle. ...
12-01-2019 18:55

Elie Saab Girl of Now Forever ~ new perfume

Elie Saab has launched Girl of Now Forever, a new fragrance for women. Girl of Now Forever is a flanker to 2017\'s Girl of Now... ...
12-01-2019 18:55

Ricardo Ramos' Three New Perfumes Inspire His Fashion Creati

Ricardo Ramos is a Colombian/Spanish designer based in Berlin who has been active in fashion since his childhood. Paradoxically he calls himself a se ...
12-01-2019 18:55

BURBERRY Brit Sheer Tester Perfume

Brit Sheer By BURBERRYWomen Edt Tester BURBERRY Brit Sheer another great addition to the Burberry collection. It is a fresh, fruity floral fragranc ...
12-01-2019 19:39

Miu Miu Twist

At the beginning of 2019, the fashion house of Miu Miu opens a new chapter for their perfumes with Miu Miu Twist. This new perfume is aimed at moder ...
12-01-2019 18:55

Casbah Robert Piguet: The Ancient City

  In its original meaning, the Arabic word Kasbah (????) meant a citadel, a fortress inside the city. Sometimes they stood inside the city, like the ...
11-01-2019 18:53

Friday scent of the day 1/11

It\'s Friday! Our community project for today is My Precious...wear a scent that references jewels or precious metals. Thanks go to thegoddessrena fo ...
11-01-2019 18:53

A Roure Bertrand Dupont Perfume: Souvenir from the Past

Like many vintage perfume lovers, I often look for something on eBay with a long history. I start looking for perfumes of well-known brands, like Je ...
11-01-2019 18:53

Golden Mandarins of Winter

A selection of citrus colognes for winter. ...
11-01-2019 18:53

Mademoiselle Rochas Couture - A New Charming Rochas

After the original Mademoiselle Rochas  edition presented in 2017, and the version of Mademoiselle Rochas Eau de Toilette from 2018, ROCHAS recently ...
11-01-2019 18:53

CK One Platinum Edition By Calvin Klein

CK One Platinum Edition By Calvin KleinUnisex EdtCK One Platinum is a unisex perfume by Calvin Klein. Launched in 2018 as a new edition to CK One fami ...
11-01-2019 19:35

Miss Dior Eau de Toilette (2019) and Miss Dior Roller-Pearl

The Miss Dior collection is joined by the new MISS DIOR EAU DE TOILETTE, announced as an exciting and refreshing floral whirlwind, a fragrant waltz ...
11-01-2019 18:53

Cookie or strawberry

If they were exposed to the smell of cookies for thirty seconds or less, they were more likely to pick the cookie. But when they smelled it for longer ...
11-01-2019 18:53

Mirum Presents the Fantasia Collection: Dominus, Rubacuori,

  Italian niche line Mirum is presenting their new trilogy, named Fantasia, originating from the cooperation of two distinct creative sources: Th ...
11-01-2019 18:53

Barry Lyndon Maria Candida Gentile: Dry Herbs and Air

  When I first sniffed Barry Lyndon at Pitti Fragranze 2011, I immediately realized that the fragrance was completely different from the rest of the ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Complete and inescapable ubiquity

Santal 33\'s omnipresence as the signature scent of both waifish fashion buyers and bored office workers alike is an impressive feat. But as a result ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum Velours

  Guerlain has introduced La Petite Robe Noire Velours ("Ma Robe Velours" / "Velvet Dress"), a new fragrance for women from the L ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Miu Miu Twist ~ new perfume

Prada\'s Miu Miu brand has launched Miu Miu Twist, a new fragrance for women... ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Do you believe in romance

Model Taylor Hill and boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank in the latest campaign for Ralph Lauren Romance. ...
10-01-2019 18:53

New From Dior: Holy Peony

Dior brings us Holy Peony, a brand new fragrance placed in the Maison Christian Dior Collection, of which the house says, "For her, for him, for ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Bunch o? limited edition collector bottles 2019, part 1

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is ?spec ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 1/10

Almost-Friday and National Bittersweet Chocolate Day. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: more community project points + a good dose of cheer i ...
10-01-2019 18:53

Jimmy Choo Floral ~ new perfume

Jimmy Choo has launched Jimmy Choo Floral, a new fragrance for women... ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Velours ~ new fragrance

Guerlain has introduced La Petite Robe Noire Velours ("Ma Robe Velours" / "Velvet Dress"), a new fragrance for women. La Petite R ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Guerlain Encens Mythique & Bois Mysterieux ~ new fragrances

Guerlain has added two fragrances to the limited distribution unisex Les Absolus d?Orient series, Encens Mythique and Bois Mystérieux... ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Ryan Reynolds As The New Face Of ARMANI CODE ABSOLU

  The new fragrance of the popular Armani Code perfume collection is ARMANI CODE ABSOLU, announced in a new advertising campaign featuring Canadian ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Someone suggested perfume

As he said this, I was again sniffing the fourth pour. I couldn?t nail the scent. It was very familiar, musky, sort of floral, I mused out loud. Someo ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Giorgio Armani Code Absolu ~ new fragrance

Giorgio Armani will launch Armani Code Absolu, a new fragrance for men. Armani Code Absolu is a flanker to 2004?s Armani Code, and will be fronted by ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Bronze Wood & Leather

The spot for Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather. ...
09-01-2019 18:53

The Future of Les Eaux Primordiales: The Superfluide Collect

  We congratulate Arnaud Poulain and his Parisian brand Les Eaux Primordiales upon the launch of their official website. From the 1st of December 201 ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 1/9

Hump Day, National Apricot Day, Joan Baez\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" More points for me in Cartier Carat. Reminder: on 1/11 we ...
09-01-2019 18:53

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC LIVE

  Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue is one of the iconic Elizabeth Arden lines, created as a symbol of the wealth, sense of style and great energy of Ne ...
08-01-2019 18:53

Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder Perfume

Beautiful Love by Estée LauderWomen EdpThe Estée Lauder Beautiful Love perfume for women is for young and vivacious women who have a thing for floral ...
08-01-2019 19:35

NOT Perfumes from Sweden: Unique, Weird and Odd

After many years of composing "weird" bespoke fragrances for an avant-garde and creative clientele of freaks, artists and perfume haters, ...
08-01-2019 18:53

Philosophy Amazing Grace Magnolia ~ new perfume

Philosophy has launched Amazing Grace Magnolia, a new flanker to Amazing Grace... ...
08-01-2019 18:53

Fragrantica's 2nd Readers' Choice Awards (2018): The Results

The 2nd Fragrantica Readers\' Choice Awards are here, and once again they\'re a fascinating sight. Our readers have voted independently in the space ...
08-01-2019 18:53

Carner Barcelona Sweet William ~ fragrance review

Hey, carnation lovers. You know who you are. You dream of Caron Poivre Extrait and hoard old bottles of Bellodgia. You lard your linen closet with di ...
08-01-2019 18:53


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Coach Platinum ~ new fragrance

Coach Platinum ~ new fragrance

Coach has launched Coach Platinum, a new fragrance for men... -

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