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KKW Kimoji Hearts by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has announced the launch of KKW Kimoji Hearts, a new trio of fragrances, on February 1st 2018, following her Crystal Gardenia fragr ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Dance with Repetto

Marion Barbeau for Dance with Repetto. ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Mercedes-Benz: Vetiver in Shades of Silver

  We?ve seen vetiver fragrances done in a thousand ways. And yet, we never seem to have enough vetiver, right" It?s such a classy smell, betwe ...
31-01-2018 18:52

KKW Kimoji Hearts ~ new fragrances

Kim Kardashian will launch KKW Kimoji Hearts, a new trio of fragrances (BAE, BFF and Ride or Die), on February 1... ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Chloe Nomade ~ new perfume

Chloé will launch Nomade, a new fragrance for women, in February. Nomade will be fronted by actress Ariane Labed... ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Dior MISS DIOR ROLLER PEARL - Absolutely Blooming and Bloomi

  It\'s the beginning of 2018 and Dior introduces a new perfume application by launching the Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Roller Pearl and Mis ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 1/31

Last day of January, Hump Day, Backward Day, plus Super Blue Blood Moon. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wafting spring flowers with Carven ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Couture

  Mon Paris, the fragrance from fashion house Yves Saint Laurent inspired by Paris and love, comes out in a new form as Mon Paris Couture in Februa ...
31-01-2018 18:52

Live Luxe By Jennifer Lopez

Live Luxe By Jennifer LopezWomen EdpLive Luxe by Jennifer Lopez was introduced in 2006 as a feminine scent. inspired by Jennifer Lopez?s passion for d ...
31-01-2018 19:37

Tuesday scent of the day 1/30

It\'s Tuesday and it\'s Croissant Day, plus in some US states, the Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution. What fragrance are you ...
30-01-2018 18:52

Shiseido Ever Bloom Sakura Art Edition

  Shiseido presents the Ever Bloom Sakura Art Edition in February 2018 as a flanker of the floral original Ever Bloom fragrance from 2015. The comi ...
30-01-2018 18:52

Vintage Scented Postcards: Rochas Mystère Eau de Toilette

  Last year, we shared great news from the house of Rochas, telling that vintage classics like Lumière and Byzance, created by Nicolas Mamounas, ...
30-01-2018 18:52

Thierry Mugler Alien Flora Futura ~ new fragrance

Thierry Mugler has launched Alien Flora Futura, a new floral flanker to 2005\'s Alien fragrance... ...
30-01-2018 18:52

Parfumeurs du Monde: Helping Mother Nature

  Are there any specificic responsibilities for perfumers" What are they responsible for regarding themselves, the company they work in, or th ...
30-01-2018 18:52

Clean Reserve Avant Garden ~ new fragrances

Clean has launched Avant Garden, a new series of six fragrances in the Clean Reserve collection... ...
30-01-2018 18:52

#NextGenPerfumer: Patrice Revillard

This series shines light on the future talent of the fragrance industry. True for any craft, what youth might lack in experience and wisdom it makes ...
30-01-2018 18:52

Monday scent of the day 1/29

Hey, it is indeed Monday again. Plus, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing L\'Artisan Parfumeur Jacinthe d ...
29-01-2018 18:52

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

Red Door by Elizabeth ArdenWomen EdtRed Door is a classic, elegant signature fragrance, a symbol of glamour and luxury, inspired by the famous Red Doo ...
29-01-2018 19:39

Introducing The First-ever OLIVER CO. Store In Madrid

  According to the ancient alchemical tradition, the number seven stands for a full cycle. Seven years after launching its first fragrances, Oliver ...
29-01-2018 18:52

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

Euphoria Men by Calvin KleinMen Edt  Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein is an extraordinary fragrance was created by house of design Calvin Klein in 2006. ...
29-01-2018 19:39

Porpora Tiziana Terenzi: The Moon is Red Like a Rose

  Last year, Paolo Terenzi made so many new perfumes and attars that we just did not have time to keep up with him when it comes to our reviews. Is ...
29-01-2018 18:52

The most expensive scent in the history of perfume

Thursday, January 25, Bulgari announced that its luxury fragrance "Opera Prima" -- the most expensive scent in the history of perfume -- has ...
29-01-2018 18:52

Lanvin Modern Princess Miniature Perfume

Modern Princess by LanvinWomen Edp MiniatureLanvin explores a new vision of woman, the one who lives mysteriously and the adventurous rebel. Mordern P ...
29-01-2018 19:39

The Monday Mail ~ help Nik find the perfect Valentine?s Day

Nik wants to buy the perfect fragrance to give his girlfriend for Valentine\'s Day. He lives in London, so has great access to perfume stores, and he ...
29-01-2018 18:52

Best in Show: Editors' New Release Picks for Winter (2018)

A new scent from an underrated established fashion house; a flanker of an older scent from a major global cosmetics company; and three new perfum ...
28-01-2018 18:52

Hermes Terre D'Hermes Miniature Perfume

Terre D\'Hermès by HermèsMen Edt MiniatureInspired from a story of alchemy, an experience through the censorial pleasure of the material, the story of ...
28-01-2018 19:38

Feather Supreme, The Newest Perfume by Jusbox, Is Dedicated

  The Italian niche brand JUSBOX PERFUME amused us once again with the smart and modern concept of connecting music and olfactive notes by launchin ...
28-01-2018 18:52

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT Tester Perfume

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT by Narciso RodriguezWomen Edt TesterNarciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette was introduced in 2004 as a fragrance for ...
28-01-2018 19:38

The Scent: Interview with Shahzad Haider

  I was the last to fly home from Dubai among our Fragrantica team who attended THE SCENT, the first independent niche perfume show in the Middle E ...
28-01-2018 18:52

Hour by Blend Oud: New Oriental Style

  Blend Oud\'s history is related to the history of Arabian perfumery. As its current Italian owners explain, the Blend Oud brand was created in on ...
28-01-2018 18:52

Aramis Tester Perfume

Aramis By AramisMen Edt TesterAramis designed Aramis cologne in 1965. Aramis is one of the brands belonging to Estee Lauder. It is very popular in Ame ...
28-01-2018 19:38

Powdery Floral in Focus - Iris Rebelle by Atelier Cologne

  Atelier Cologne is launching a new fragrance highlighting Iris from Morocco as a key ingredient of the composition. The aromatic and calm aroma o ...
28-01-2018 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope January 29 - February 4

  Life is really a stage. We perform. We choose roles according to which we grow. We watch how others play and have our thoughts and feelings abou ...
28-01-2018 18:52

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss ~ new

The Body Shop has launched Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss, a new flanker to 2008\'s Japanese Cherry Blossom... ...
27-01-2018 18:52

Ten Perfume Picks For Winter

I will remember this winter as a time of searching for comfort as well as increased awareness. Two concepts that can be seen as contradicting. I prefe ...
27-01-2018 19:31

The Scent: News Impressions

  THE SCENT ended yesterday in Dubai. The first independent niche perfume show in this region wasn\'t big and still could not be compared with e ...
27-01-2018 18:52

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Garden ~ new perfume

Dolce & Gabbana will launch Dolce Garden, a new fragrance for women. Dolce Garden is a flanker to 2014\'s Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana and follow ...
27-01-2018 18:52

ESXENCE 2018: Celebrating the 10th Edition of Excellence in

  Esxence has become one of the few major perfumery events in the world which celebrates the artistic side of fragrance and gathers major niche ...
27-01-2018 18:52

The freebiemeet, episode 10

The freebiemeet is open! PLEASE read the instructions, even if you\'ve read them before! Really, pretty please, with sugar on top! There\'s not even ...
27-01-2018 18:52

MONTBLANC Lady Emblem Elixir Tester Perfume

Lady Emblem Elixir by MONTBLANCWomen Edp TesterEmblem fragrance collection welcomes a new edition for women with Lady Emblem Elixir evolving the clas ...
27-01-2018 19:31

Top 10 Winter Fragrances 2018

Winter is a great time to wear vintage fragrance. Something about the gorgeous-yet-unfashionable waft of an old perfume is perfect when the wind bite ...
27-01-2018 18:52

Tabarome Private Collection Creed: Dry Spicy Tobacco

  There are fragrances so legendary that it takes several years to write a review about, e.g. Tabarome Private Collection Creed. Its production has ...
27-01-2018 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ 5 questions for 2018

A version of a poll we did in early 2016 and again in early 2017, and yes, we\'re a little late this year! As always, answer as many or as few as you ...
27-01-2018 18:52

Friday scent of the day 1/26

Happy Australia Day, happy Peanut Brittle Day and happy Friday! Our community project for today: wear one of your "top 10 of winter" fragra ...
26-01-2018 18:52

Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Miniature Perfume

Acqua Essenziale by Salvatore FerragamoMen Edt MiniatureIntroduced by Salvatore Ferragamo in 2013 as part of the Signorina line, this fragrance has a ...
26-01-2018 19:29

Aroma M Geisha Marron ~ fragrance review

Two weeks ago, I mused about chestnut perfumes. The topic must still be on my mind, because I just unearthed a vial of Aroma M Geisha Marron in a bag ...
26-01-2018 18:52

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense

  One of the most popular modern Chanel fragrances and one of the best-selling perfumes in the past decade, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle created by ...
26-01-2018 18:52

Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc ~ new fragrance

Tom Ford has launched Eau de Soleil Blanc, a new variation on 2016\'s Soleil Blanc... ...
26-01-2018 18:52

Royal Revolution by Katy Perry

Royal Revolution by Katy PerryWomen EdpRoyal Revolution was created by house of Katy Perry and was released in 2014. It is an irresistible floral fra ...
26-01-2018 19:29

Fragrance Review: Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Femme (2018)

  Summary: The newest Gucci fragrance for women, Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Femme continues the Guilty line and builds upon the success of its m ...
26-01-2018 18:52

Learn to associate a particular odor

In a paper published Jan. 25 in Current Biology, University of Washington researchers report that mosquitoes can in fact learn to associate a particul ...
26-01-2018 18:52

On Escentual: Moschino Fresh Couture Collection + Competitio

Gold, pink and blue! Check out my roundup of the Moschino Fresh Couture collection on Escentual + a […] ...
26-01-2018 18:52

CK All Perfume Set

CK All by Calvin KleinUnisex Edt SetCK All is said to be an interpretation of the ?cultural wave? brought about by the new generation. Launched by hou ...
26-01-2018 19:29

Fragrances Suiting Different Hair Colors: The History of a P

  "This perfume suits brunettes" or "it would fit a blonde type".... These are lines which one occasionally hears from both per ...
26-01-2018 18:52

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar ~ new fragrance

Viktor & Rolf have launched Flowerbomb Nectar, a new fragrance for women. Flowerbomb Nectar is marketed as an "intense" version of of 2 ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Fragrance Review: Serge Lutens, Chergui (2005)

  Summary:  After finding that they both enjoyed Chergui\'s honeyed tobacco tones, Managing Editor Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison and Greek Editor ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Louis Vuitton Le Jour se Lève

  In March 2018, Louis Vuitton launches Le Jour Se Lève, a new addition to the perfume collection Les Parfums Louis Vuitton, presented in 2016 with ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Jardins D?Ecrivains L?Eau de Leopardi, L?Eau de Kakuzo & L?E

French niche line Jardins D?Écrivains has launched a new trio of "splash colognes": L\'Eau de Leopardi (shown), L\'Eau de Kakuzô and L\'Eau ...
25-01-2018 18:52

New Emotions in Amouroud: Agarwood Noir and Oud After Dark

  While still being a young brand, but coming from a manufacturer that is a veteran in the perfume industry (The Perfumer\'s Workshop), Amouroud ha ...
25-01-2018 18:52

J.F.Schwarzlose Berlin Parfum Captive: Them Captive Knights

Among the launches we encountered at the Pitti Fragranze event in September 2017 we noticed a couple of new fragrances by the German brand J.F.Sch ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Thursday scent of the day 1/25

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Opposite Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Imaginary Authors Mosaic, from my Top 10 of Summer 2017. Rem ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Mugler Alien Flora Futura

  Mugler launches a new Alien version in Eau de Toilette called Alien Flora Futura, coming out at the end of January 2018. The new edition is annou ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Lancome La Nuit Tresor A La Folie ~ new fragrance

Lancôme has launched La Nuit Trésor À La Folie, a new fragrance for women. La Nuit Trésor À La Folie is a flanker to 2015\'s La Nuit Trésor (which wa ...
25-01-2018 18:52

Yves Saint Laurent L?Homme Cologne Bleue

  Yves Saint Laurent launches a new scent of L\'Homme line called L\'Homme Cologne Bleue. A new, refreshing and aquatic interpretation is announ ...
25-01-2018 18:52

MONTBLANC Legend Spirit All-Over Shower Gel

MONTBLANC Legend Spirit All-Over Shower GelMen Shower GelThe perfect skin cleanser that leaves behind the fresh scent of energizing citrus with inte ...
24-01-2018 19:34

Sorbetto Rosso

An animated spot for Escada Sorbetto Rosso. ...
24-01-2018 18:52

Hiram Green Slowdive ~ fragrance review

I grew up in the South and was often called Honey Child, always by adults my grandmother\'s age (mostly by women). I got in the habit of using the te ...
24-01-2018 18:52

THE SCENT: The Perfume Show in Dubai Started!

The artistic perfume show THE SCENT has started today in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai.   Shahzad Haider of The Scent, Dubai While th ...
24-01-2018 18:52

The Scent: A Polysensorial Experience By Symrise

Symrise, the German fragrance flavor manufacturer, as well as one of the leading perfume producers, invited all participants of The Scent (Dubai) ...
24-01-2018 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 1/24

Hump Day! And don\'t forget our next freebiemeet is coming up on Saturday. What fragrance are you wearing" I went with Aedes de Venustas Copal ...
24-01-2018 18:52


Suki Waterhouse for Amo Ferragamo. ...
23-01-2018 18:52

A Warm Spotlight on Orientals

Born in the sillage of Shalimar de Guerlain, the oriental olfactory family takes its name from the fascination of Europe for the East in the 1920 ...
23-01-2018 18:52

Layering: Perfumes in Winter

Back to experimenting with perfume combinations. Delving further into what I have, and as I have it already it surely reflects what I love.This dives ...
23-01-2018 18:52

Tuesday scent of the day 1/23

Happy Pie Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Hiram Green Slowdive (Kevin\'s review is coming up later today). Tea at the moment is Kus ...
23-01-2018 18:52

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Miniature Perfume

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo by Salvatore FerragamoMen Edt MiniatureUomo Salvatore Ferragamo was launched in September 2016. Smooth, suave and full of cha ...
23-01-2018 19:37

Repetto Dance with Repetto ~ new perfume

French dance shoe & leather goods company Repetto has launched Dance with Repetto, a new fragrance for women... ...
23-01-2018 18:52

Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve ~ new perfume

Louis Vuitton will launch Le Jour Se Lève, a new fragrance for women, in March... ...
23-01-2018 18:52

The future of frankincense

A spot from Lush on the frankincense trade: "Much of the world\'s frankincense comes from rare and fragile trees in Somaliland, but demand and dr ...
22-01-2018 18:52

Perfume Review: Splendida Magnolia Sensuel by BVLGARI

The great thing about luxury brands such as BVLGARI is that, regardless of what they make, whether it […] ...
22-01-2018 18:52

Abstract smell words

"The Semaq Beri, like the Jahai, use abstract color words, but they also have abstract smell words they use for different qualities of smells,&qu ...
22-01-2018 18:52

Hugo Urban Journey by Hugo Boss ~ new fragrance

Hugo Boss has launched Hugo Urban Journey, a new fragrance for men. Hugo Urban Journey is a flanker to 1995\'s Hugo by Hugo Boss... ...
22-01-2018 18:52

Proenza Schouler Arizona

The first perfume of the fashion brand Proenza Schouler, behind which are designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, comes out in February 20 ...
22-01-2018 18:52

Monday scent of the day 1/22

Monday! Plus, Hot Sauce Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I?m wearing Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Fumée d?Or, one of the fragrances she released in ...
22-01-2018 18:52

Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop by Guerlain

Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop by GuerlainWomen EdtGuerlain?s Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop is a sweet scent perfect for your daily pursuits. It was launched in 2 ...
21-01-2018 19:37

Memo Paris Tamarindo - Pineapple Flower

  Tamarindo, launched in January 2018, is the newest fragrance from Memo Paris, which together with the Kedu and Ilha to Mel fragrances belongs ...
21-01-2018 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope January 22 - January 28

  It?s a week of anchoring your presence. That would be a natural cycle if there wouldn?t be a spice of obsessiveness involved in it. Make it cons ...
21-01-2018 18:52

Mugler Collection Premier Flacon d?Art - NUAGES (Clouds)

  At Belle Parfumerie in Printemps Haussmann in Paris, MUGLER presents a special and very expensive collection of flacons MUGLER PREMIER FLACON ...
21-01-2018 18:52

Bottega Veneta Knot Eau Absolue

  Italian leather fashion house BOTTEGA VENETA in 2014, in cooperation with Coty Global Markets, presented the first Knot edition that transmit ...
21-01-2018 18:52

Best in Show: Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances (2017)

  The French fashion designer Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, also known as Yves Saint Laurent, founded his fashion label in 1961 and is ...
21-01-2018 18:52

Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Blessed Love and Promised Love

  The CRYSTAL BLOOM collection by JILL STUART launched in 2014 with the fragrance of the same name. Presented in beautiful, fairy flacons crowned w ...
21-01-2018 18:52

A story of shared know-how

The story of Guerlain, part the first. ...
20-01-2018 18:52

A diagnostic fingerprint for the disease

With funding from Parkinson?s UK and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Barran?s team has already collected more than 800 samples of sebum, an oily substa ...
20-01-2018 18:52

From the Forums: Mythology, Five-day Wears, and Masterpieces

  From the Forums highlights our Fragrantica readers and what they?re talking about on the Fragrantica discussion boards. There you?ll find many to ...
20-01-2018 18:52

Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush

  In February 2018, Givenchy launches Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush, a new edition of Live Irrésistible from 2015. Other versions include Live ...
20-01-2018 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, International Day of Accept

PSA: our next freebiemeet will be a week from today. Meanwhile, we\'re celebrating the International Day of Acceptance and David Lynch\'s birthday wit ...
20-01-2018 18:52

Proenza Schouler Arizona ~ new fragrance

Womenswear and accessories brand Proenza Schouler will launch their debut fragrance, Arizona, next month. Arizona was produced under a license agreem ...
20-01-2018 18:52

Memo Tamarindo ~ new fragrance

French niche line Memo has launched Tamarindo, the third fragrance in the Graines Vagabondes series (see Kedu and Ilha do Mel)... ...
20-01-2018 18:52

Fort Manle: Oriental Perfumes from Melbourne

  I had the good fortune to meet two Australian brands at Pitti Fragranze 2017. The first was Grandiflora by Saskia Havekes - read her interview he ...
20-01-2018 18:52

Cacharel Yes I Am ~ new fragrance

Cacharel will launch Yes I Am, a new fragrance for women, next week. Yes I Am is geared towards young women, features a bottle design inspired by lip ...
19-01-2018 18:52

Fragrantica Member Spotlight: Jitterbug Perfume Lover

  Member Name: Jitterbug Perfume Lover   Member Since: June 6, 2013   Location: USA View Perfume Wardrobe and Profile   For almost half a mill ...
19-01-2018 18:52

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Kilian Angels' Share   Roses on Ice

Kilian Angels' Share Roses on Ice

  Niche house Kilian is launching two new perfumes inspired by the rich aromas of alcoholic beverages. Angels\' Share and Roses on Ice interpret cognac and gin as fragrances. Angels\' Share, the scent of cognac and warm gourmand notes, is... -
Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible ~ new perfume

Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible ~ new perfu...

French niche line Juliette Has A Gun will launch Musc Invisible, a new fragrance... -
CK Eternity Night For Men Tester Perfume

CK Eternity Night For Men Tester Perfume

Eternity Night for Men by Calvin KleinMen Edt TesterCalvin Klein launched Eternity Night for Men in August 2014. The new fragrances are flankers to 1989\'s Eternity for Men. It is a woody-fougere fragrance that opens with accords of coriander... -

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