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PRADA Luna Rossa Extreme Miniature Perfume

Luna Rossa Extreme by PRADAMen Edp MiniatureThe intense version of the original EDT, PRADA Luna Rossa. Luna Rossa Extreme was launched in 2013 by the ...
31-07-2017 19:36

A real pity

It is a problem when an art is turned into caricature. Nowadays, perfumery is a kind of caricature of itself. Vanilla is not the only ingredient that ...
31-07-2017 18:54

Two American Perfumers And Their Modern Approach To Fragranc

The year was 2005 and people who love perfume had more places to visit on the Internet. Just as independent blogs provided more venues to discuss frag ...
31-07-2017 19:36

Beyonce Shimmering Heat ~ new fragrance

Beyoncé has launched Shimmering Heat, a new fragrance for women. Shimmering Heat is a flanker to 2010?s Beyoncé Heat... ...
31-07-2017 18:54

4711 Remix Cologne ~ new fragrance

4711 has launched Remix Cologne, a new limited edition variation celebrating the 225th anniversary of 4711... ...
31-07-2017 18:54

Azzaro Mademoiselle Tester Perfume

Mademoiselle by AzzaroWomen Edt Tester The Parisian influenced Mademoiselle from Azzaro is a fresh, cheerful, elegant, light and diaphanous fragranc ...
31-07-2017 19:36

Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours

The Italian designer house of luxurious accessories Bottega Veneta entered the perfume market in 2011 in collaboration with Coty with their eponymous ...
31-07-2017 18:54

Women in American Perfumery : The Story of Diversity

“Only a few people have the supersense of smell necessary to become a Nose?for reasons known only to Noses themselves, no woman has ever had it, ...
31-07-2017 18:54

The Monday Mail ~ help Chris find a new fragrance

We have another Monday Mail request. Chris wants our help deciding on his first "serious" fragrance purchase ? he\'s willing to invest some ...
31-07-2017 18:54

Monday scent of the day 7/31

Monday, but also JK Rowling\'s birthday and Raspberry Cake Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m starting the week with vetiver: Paul Smith ...
31-07-2017 18:54

How Queer is Your Scent"

That’s a pretty odd question, right" How queer is your scent" I mean, we’re all just out there trying to decipher the odour profile of a scent and ...
31-07-2017 18:54

Dark and Alluring: Another View on Romanza

  If there is a fragrance that I was thrilled to see nominated for the Art Olfaction Awards this year, it was Masque Milano\'s Romanza. It didn\'t ...
30-07-2017 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope July 31 - August 6

  This week leads us to a lunar eclipse and the full moon on August 7th, syncing the outer accomplishments with emotional stability. Whatever p ...
30-07-2017 18:52

Best in Show: The Fragrances of Olivia Giacobetti (2017)

    She kicked off the fig fragrance trend in the 90s, revolutionized patchouli in the 2000s and has created major fragrances for brands such ...
30-07-2017 18:52

Floraïku - 11 new fragrances inspired by Haiku

  The founders of the niche house Memo Paris, Clara and John Molloy, presented their new project - the brand Floraïku - inspired by Japanese cul ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Floraiku ~ new niche line

Floraïku is the new French niche line from Clara and John Molloy of Memo. They debut with 11 fragrances inspired by Japanese culture and haiku... ...
29-07-2017 18:52

It was 1872

Penhaligon\'s presents the history of their first fragrance, Hammam Bouquet. ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Laura Biagiotti Roma Eau de Toilette Rosa and Roma Uomo Eau

  "Roma ? the city of the soul, echoes, illusion and desire ? is a destiny, a fraction of eternity, and a spectacle that needs no intermissio ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Jennifer Aniston Luxe ~ new fragrance

Jennifer Aniston has launched Luxe, a new fragrance for women... ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Tester Perfume

1 Million By Paco RabanneMen Edt TesterPaco Rabanne\'s fragrance for men is announced as a fresh and sensual blend of notes, with glittery shine of g ...
29-07-2017 19:31

Escada Celebrate N.O.W.

  In its typical playful, vivacious and carefree style, the fashion house Escada presents a brand new perfume at the end of summer 2017 - Celebrate ...
29-07-2017 18:52

A perfume and a purse spray

No sound, but in case you can\'t figure out how the purse spray works in the new Floraïku line, this shows you. ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, Lipstick Day 2017

Happy Lipstick Day! MAC stores are apparently handing out free lipsticks (limited supplies, though, and I slept late as usual so possibly they\'re alr ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Jennifer Aniston Luxe

  In summer 2017, Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston introduces the new fragrance - the fifth one from her collection - called Jennifer Aniston Lux ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Terry de Gunzburg Delectation Splendide ~ new perfume

Terry de Gunzburg will launch Délectation Splendide, a new fragrance for women... ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Hermes Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate Tester Perfume

Eau de Rhubarbe écarlate by HermèsUnisex Edc Tester Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate is a unisex perfume by Hermès. Launched in 2016, it gives a crisp tangy ...
29-07-2017 19:31

Try Street Perfume

Commuters waiting for their ride are presented with a chrome cylinder, the inside glowing blue, labeled ?Try Street Perfume.? If they?re bold enough t ...
29-07-2017 18:52

Rodin 3 ~ fragrance review

A few years ago, I spotted Linda Rodin walking briskly along Christopher Street in Manhattan. She looked slim and energetic, clad in minimalist black ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Alternative Fragrance Application: Hair Scenting

  We all know someone who wears perfume the wrong way, don\'t we" Whether it\'s an agreeable or a displeasing fragrance to begin with, "t ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture by Elie Saab

Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture by Elie Saab Women EdtBe immersed in a new facet of Elie Saab femininity the Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture. Launch ...
28-07-2017 19:29

I wanna be here

A spot for Tory Burch Bel Azur. ...
28-07-2017 18:52

A New Ellis Brooklyn Eau de Parfum - Rives

Bee Shapiro had been a reporter of beauty products and trends for The New York Times Style section since 2011 when she decided to launch a range of ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Love Chloe Tester Perfume

Love Chloé by ChloéWomen Edp Tester Love is a feminine and sophisticated floral composition, described to be powdery and soft. Launched by house of C ...
28-07-2017 19:29

Blumarine Dange-Rose

  "Sensuality, romanticism and seduction. Strength, sentiment and ideals. Courage and danger. These are the many nuances of modern, contem ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Five Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Prada Candy

I talk a lot about new stuff on the blog, mainly because there is so much new stuff out there!  I do like to keep you up to date with all the wonderfu ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Thursday scent of the day 7/27

It\'s Almost-Friday, plus Chili Dog Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Hermès Eau des Merveilles, by perfumers Nathalie Feisthauer and ...
28-07-2017 18:52


The spot for Amouage Figment. ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Marvel Travel: What to Bring from USA

  The tourist season is at its zenith and we have decided to ask our local editors about pleasant fragrant souvenirs which travelers can buy in ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Aerin Tuberose Le Jour & Tuberose Le Soir ~ new perfumes

Aerin will launch Tuberose Le Jour and Tuberose Le Soir, two new fragrances for women, in August... ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Atkinsons Pirates' Grand Reserve

  The Contemporary Collection, a line of fragrances from the history-rich house of Atkinsons (advertised with the cheeky slogan "200 Years of ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum Tester Perfume

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum by Jimmy Choo Women Edp TesterJimmy Choo Eau De Parfum is an expression of the modern woman?s aura, this scent at once conve ...
28-07-2017 19:29

Blumarine Dange-Rose ~ new perfume

Italian fashion house Blumarine will launch Dange-Rose, a new fragrance for women, in October... ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Friday scent of the day 7/28

Happy Nathalie Friday! (Also: Milk Chocolate Day and World Hepatitis Day.) Our community project for today: wear a perfume by Nathalie Lorson or Nath ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Pure Illusion

  The fragrance collection of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, which was started with the edition of the same name in 2014, now gets a new, limited ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Perfumed Objects from Around the World: Part 2, Early New En

  Settlers in the early Americas lived in a harsh reality. They were ill-equipped to deal with the extreme weather of a new territory, with its dee ...
28-07-2017 18:52

Molton Brown Russian Leather ~ new fragrance

Molton Brown has launched Russian Leather, a new fragrance for men... ...
28-07-2017 18:52

6 from Mizensir ~ new fragrances

Mizensir, the fragrance line of perfumer Alberto Morillas, has launched Bois Iridescent, Elixir de Musc, Original Oud, Rose Exaltante, Tender Oud and ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Bargain Fragrances: Urban Outfitters Thé Matcha (2015)

  This is another in a series of bargain fragrance reviews, scents that may be found online or at discount stores for US $25 or less.  Summary: ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby ~ new fragrance

Michael Kors will launch Sexy Ruby in September. The new fragrance for women will be fronted by model Edita Vilkeviciute... ...
26-07-2017 18:52

A Tuesday Mishmash ~ quick reviews of various (scented) thin

Quick reviews of Tauer Perfumes Majestic Tuberose Bar Soap, Tauer Perfumes Rose Nip Room Spray, Frédéric Malle Iris Hand Cream, Frédéric Malle Carnal ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 7/26

Hump Day! Plus, happy birthday to Helen Mirren. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Alber Elbaz par Frédéric Malle Superstitious on one ...
26-07-2017 18:52

The Beat for Men by Burberry

The Beat for Men by BurberryMen Edt From the trendsetting purveyor of all things British, this is a contemporary citrus/aromatic for men ...
26-07-2017 19:31

David Beckham Respect

The new masculine fragrance from David Beckham is named Respect and comes out in August 2017. Inspired by the spirit of sports, it is announced a ...
26-07-2017 18:52

L?Occitane Roses et Reines en Rouge ~ new fragrance

L?Occitane has launched Roses et Reines en Rouge, a new limited edition flanker to Roses et Reines… Read the rest of this article » ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Diesel Bad Intense ~ new fragrance

Diesel has launched Bad Intense, a new fragrance for men. Bad Intense is a flanker to 2016\'s Bad... ...
26-07-2017 18:52

An Interview with Master Perfumer Rosendo Mateu

  It was my great pleasure to meet perfumer Rosendo Mateu and find out more about his life story and the progress he has made over the years. M ...
26-07-2017 18:52

On Escentual: La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto by Guerlai

A new Guerlain is always an exciting thing! So I guess that means you should all be excited about my review of the new La Petite Robe Noire Black Perf ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Twilly d?Hermes ~ new perfume

Hermès will launch Twilly d’Hermès, a new fragrance for women, in August. Twilly is aimed at young women, and named for the brand’s narrow Twilly ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Hugo Boss Red Tester Perfume

Hugo Red By Hugo BossMen Edt TesterLaunched in 2013 by Hugo Boss. Classified as Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. A dynamic fragrance full of hot and ...
26-07-2017 19:31

This Week in Fragrance: Does Sex Sell Fragrance" Plus R

  Here at Fragrantica we\'ve begun work on a new series for this autumn exploring effective fragrance advertising. And our project is perfectly t ...
26-07-2017 18:52

Memo Kedu Sesame ~ new fragrance

French niche line Memo has launched Kedu Sesame, a new unisex fragrance. Kedu Sesame is a flanker to 2014\'s Kedu... ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Shay & Blue Parfum Nashwa ~ new fragrance

UK-based niche line Shay & Blue has launched Parfum Nashwa, a new fragrance... ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst Nirvana French Grey

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as part of their fashion and lifestyle brand Elizabeth and James, present two new fragrances within the Nirvana collectio ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Candy Crush: L’Artisan Parfumeur Body Range

I?m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I?m crushin ...
25-07-2017 18:53

What goes through people?s minds when they smell

Sweaty T-shirt experiments conducted in medical labs eventually gave way to the pheromone party craze of the 2000s, in which singles pick dates based ...
25-07-2017 18:53

212 Men Aqua by Carolina Herrera

212 Men Aqua by Carolina HerreraMen Edt Carolina Herrera fragrances brings out a new seasonal masculine release with 212 Men Aqua drawing inspiratio ...
25-07-2017 19:33

THE SCENT: An Interview with Chantal Roos, the Head of the A

Among the most exciting news recently was the start of a new perfume exhibition besides the ones that are well known and highly respected, such as ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Caron Pour Un Homme Parfum ~ new fragrance

French perfume house Caron has launched Pour un Homme Parfum, a new variation on 1934\'s Pour Un Homme. Pour un Homme Parfum follows 2015\'s Pour un ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Victoria?s Secret Wicked ~ new perfume

Victoria’s Secret has launched Wicked, a new fragrance for women. Wicked is a variation on 2016’s Crush… Read the rest of this article » ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 7/25

It\'s Tuesday, and it\'s Hot Fudge Sundae Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Aftelier Curious. Tea at the moment is Harney & ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Jimmy Choo Man Ice Tester Perfume

Jimmy Choo Man Ice by Jimmy ChooMen Edt Tester Jimmy Choo Man ICE is a casual chic fragrance created for a self-confident man who is enjoying his li ...
25-07-2017 19:33

Natural Beauty and Strange Magic

Anya McCoy, perfumer, botanist, and founder of Anya\'s Garden Perfumes in Miami, recently released Strange Magic, the first perfume to be composed o ...
25-07-2017 18:53

Mona di Orio Suede de Suede and Dojima ~ fragrance review

In my mind, Mona di Orio has always been associated with quirky ? and sometimes outright challenging ? fragrances. Mona di Orio Nuit Noire is as dark ...
25-07-2017 18:53

4711 Acqua Colonia Green Tea & Bergamot and Coffee Bean & Ve

4711 will launch Green Tea & Bergamot and Coffee Bean & Vetyver, the latest seasonal additions to the brand\'s Acqua Colonia range... ...
24-07-2017 18:52

CK Eternity Aqua Women Tester Perfume

Eternity Aqua for Women by Calvin KleinWomen Edp TesterEternity Aqua is inspired by the essence of femininity in all its ease. This marvelous fragranc ...
24-07-2017 19:32

Juliette Has A Gun Sunny Side Up

In mid-August of 2017, the collection of the niche brand  from perfumer Romano Ricci, Juliette Has A Gun, will be expanded with another edition, a ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Monday scent of the day 7/24

It\'s another Monday, and also, Tequila Day and J Lo\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" If I had any J Lo Glow left, I\'d be wearing t ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Summer Scents: What Fragrantica Writers Are Wearing This Sea

  Summertime can be a challenging season for many devoted perfume lovers. We all share a common interest in exploring complexity in a fragrance ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope July 23 - July 30

  The end of this weekend can bring a slight emotional letdown (Venus opposes Saturn). That should not create an obstacle, but rather an emotio ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Yves Rocher Oui A l'Amour

In the summer of 2017, Yves Rocher launches a fragrant ode to love celebrating romance with a coral rose bouquet. Oui A l\'Amour is signed by perf ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Perfume Review: Oud Minérale by TOM FORD

Tom Ford knows his way around the note of oud. Within his own brand he has a mini-collection of oud fragrances amongst his many Private Blends, each o ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Woman above all

Jessica Chastain for Ralph Lauren Woman. ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Xerjoff Cruz del Sur I, Cruz del Sur II

  Cruz del Sur I and Cruz del Sur II are the newest fragrances of the Shooting Stars collection by Xerjoff, inspired by Sergio Momo\'s travels alon ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst & Nirvana French Grey ~

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen\'s Elizabeth and James brand will launch two fragrances for women, Nirvana Amethyst and Nirvana French Grey. ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Eurofragance SCENTSOO - A New Customizable Fragrance Collec

  Eurofragance Scentsoo Dubai BWME17 Eurofragance is an international family company from Barcelona, Spain designing and manufacturing creative f ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Vilhelm Parfumerie Darling Nikki and Basilico Fellini

Niche brand Vilhelm Parfumerie presents two new fragrances, launching in the second half of 2017: Darling Nikki and Basilico Fellini.   For t ...
24-07-2017 18:52

Trumper's Skin Food: Scented Pre- and Post-Shave Treatments

    SUMMARY: Trumper\'s Skin Food is designed to be used as either pre-or post-shave treatments by creating a moisturizing and protective laye ...
23-07-2017 18:52

It's Complicated: Sophie and the Challenge of White Musk Fra

  "Musk is a whole class of fragrant substances used as base notes in perfumery. This wonderful animalistic note creates a groundwork on whic ...
23-07-2017 18:52

Clinique Aromatics Elixir Premier ~ new fragrance

Clinique has launched Aromatics Elixir Premier, a new fragrance for women. Aromatics Elixir Premier is a flanker to to 1971?s Aromatics Elixir... ...
22-07-2017 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ scrubbers! episode 3

A repeat of a poll we did in 2011 and 2014: tell us about your most-hated perfume, your most recent scrubber, nasty layering combinations you\'ve di ...
22-07-2017 18:52

Drew Barrymore's Brand Flower presents Turquoise

    Cosmetics company FLOWER was the brainchild and mission of American actress Drew Barrymore who found inspiration in the belief that women ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Friday scent of the day 7/21

Happy Friday! It\'s also Ernest Hemingway\'s birthday. Our community project for today: do what you will with the Hemingway theme, and tell us why yo ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Robert Piguet Nuit Velours

After the launch of the sensual woody iris on steroids that was L\'Insomnuit, in March 2017, another fragrance was presented today in London by the F ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Buly 1803 Alabaster Alexandrie ~ home fragrance review

I\'ve limited my visits to department stores over the past year or so, but reports of the new l?Officine Universelle Buly 1803 boutique lured me back ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Just rock!

Tops off (possibly NSFW) for the Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock! fragrances. ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Ambergris Good Enough to Eat: To Arouse the Passions and To

  How do you take your eggs" There are hundreds of ways of enjoying them, but what about lacing them with...ambergris" Yes, ambergris, th ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Bvlgari Man In BlackTravel Spray Set

Bvlgari Man In Black by BvlgariMen Edp SetBvlgari celebrates 130 years of existence and launches new fragrance Bvlgari Man In Black. The scent was la ...
21-07-2017 19:36

Jo Malone English Oak ~ new fragrances

Jo Malone will launch the English Oak collection in September. The two fragrances, English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant, were ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black

  Carolina Herrera presents 212 VIP Black in summer of 2017 as the new masculine edition of the 212 VIP collection, which belongs to the 212 line. ...
21-07-2017 18:52

Unpleasant car smells

 While Western drivers like the \'new car\' smell fresh off the production line, Chinese would rather their cars didn\'t smell of anything - a cultura ...
21-07-2017 18:52

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Two New Fragrances For the Mugler Cologne Line: Blow It Up and Heal Your Mind

Two New Fragrances For the Mugler Cologne Lin...

Mugler is presenting two new creations for its MUGLER COLOGNE line, exclusively available at the website starting December 2019. BLOW IT UP and CLEAR YOUR MIND are composed to be mixed and matched with the first five fragrances... -
Zara Improbable Series: Somewhere Nowhere, Sense of Glam, Cotton Kiss, and Me   My Selfie

Zara Improbable Series: Somewhere Nowhere, Se...

Although Zara launches a large number of new fragrances every year, it is worth focusing on certain collections and editions. The newest fragrance line, ZARA IMPROBABLE SERIES, is created to reflect four personalities and styles followed with a... -
Boss Bottled Tester Perfume

Boss Bottled Tester Perfume

Boss Bottled by HUGO BOSSMen Edt TesterThe original HUGO BOSS fragrance for men. Boss Bottled was launched in 1998.The fragrance is fresh and sharp with warm woody base. The spirit of BOSS captured in a bottle-confidence. The classic values of... -
Jo Malone London Vetiver   Golden Vanilla

Jo Malone London Vetiver Golden Vanilla

Jo Malone London launches a new fragrance for its Cologne Intense collection combining deep wood shades of vetiver and the warmth of vanilla. The new creation of the Jo Malone London Collection will be in stores in early January 2020. JO MALONE... -
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pear Blossom ~ new fragrance

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pear Blossom ~ new ...

Elizabeth Arden has launched Green Tea Pear Blossom, the latest in their series of flankers to 1999\'s Green Tea... -
The splitmeet, episode 8

The splitmeet, episode 8

The splitmeet (episode 8) is open for business. PLEASE read the instructions! For people who would like to chat in addition to, or instead of, splitting, there will be a poll along shortly. Don\'t know what a bottle split is, or you know but... -
Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza Tester Perfume

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza Tester...

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore FerragamoWomen Edp TesterSignorina Eleganza is a rich and velvety fragrance that celebrates the most refined and gracefully seducing facet of femininity. Launched by house of Salvatore Ferragamo in 2014.The fresh head... -
Fragrantica Member Spotlight: Community Forum Moderator, Zelda

Fragrantica Member Spotlight: Community Forum...

  Member Name: Zelda   Member Since: March 19th, 2013   Age: Early 50s   Location: IrelandView Perfume Wardrobe and Profile   For almost half a million people worldwide, Fragrantica has become more than just an online perfume... -
Armani Prive Gardenia Antigua, Jasmin Kusamono, Rose Milano & The Yulong ~ new fragrances

Armani Prive Gardenia Antigua, Jasmin Kusamon...

Giorgio Armani has launched four new fragrances in the Les Eaux collection in the Armani Privé fragrance range: Gardénia Antigua, Jasmin Kusamono, Rose Milano and Thé Yulong... -
Thierry Mugler Alien Tester Perfume

Thierry Mugler Alien Tester Perfume

Alien by Thierry MuglerWomen Edp TesterAlien is a magic elixir captured in a bottle in the shape of a strange object, reminiscent of philosophers? stone or some warlock object of a deep and mysterious purple color. Its woman has to be a bit of a... -

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