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The Holy Land: Scented Travel Adventures Part II

This is a continuation of my adventures. To read part one, please click HERE!   There\'s a little bit of Southern in every part of the world, I guess ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Herbae x 2

Two regional videos (one is below the jump) for L\'Occitane Herbae. ...
31-05-2019 18:54

More impartial

"I get the chance to see perfume formulas that I would never have thought of myself," says Apel. Because knowledge and experience often pose ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Intense and Sole di Positano Acqua

Tom Ford presents two new fragrances in two of his perfume lines, flankers of the popular Tuscan Leather edition from 2007, which belongs to the Pri ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Boring and Familiar or Brave and Incongruent: Which Fragranc

Perfume aficionados often write in the comments underneath Fragrantica articles, "it?s a pity that the brand didn?t offer anything new and crea ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Intense ~ new fragrance

Tom Ford has launched Tuscan Leather Intense. The new Private Blend fragrance is a flanker to 2007\'s Tuscan Leather... ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Special Offer for You: Free Shipping from Svensk Parfym!

The Swedish perfume house Svensk Parfym has just recently released three new perfumes: Fröjd, Idyll, and Ljus, more about which you can read here. Fo ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Kate Spade In Full Bloom Blush

New York brand Kate Spade is presenting the first floral flanker of the In Full Bloom edition from 2018. It is a new version that celebrates the spr ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Boucheron Orange de Bahia & Patchouli d?Angkor ~ new fragran

Boucheron has launched Orange de Bahia and Patchouli d?Angkor, two new additions to the brand\'s luxury series La Collection... ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Postcard from Uzbekistan : Desert in Bloom

Every spring this desert on the ancient Silk Routes turns red ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Friday scent of the day 5/31

It\'s Friday and Walt Whitman?s birthday. It\'s also World No Tobacco Day, and our community project for today is to compensate by wearing something ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Functional Fragrance: An Anti-Stress Supplement in the Form

In November 2018, The Nue Co. launched their fragrance Functional Fragrance, an anti-stress supplement in the form of a scent. Frank Voelkl is the n ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Choose your treat

A spot for Bvlgari\'s Omnia collection. ...
31-05-2019 18:54

DS Durga New Pocket Size

The American perfume brand DS Durga offers 6 of their popular perfumes in a pocket size for travel ? "10 ml oil-based POCKET PERFUMES to roll ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Nomenclature Fluo_ral ~ fragrance review

If you\'re already familiar with niche line Nomenclature, you know that their fragrances pay homage to various significant aroma chemicals, "cla ...
31-05-2019 18:54

July St Barthelemy Joie Eternelle

After our meeting in Dubai during the Quintessence show, which is a part of the Beautyworld Middle East exhibition, very nice news from July St Bart ...
31-05-2019 18:54

Olympea Legend by Paco Rabanne

Olympea Legend by Paco RabanneWomen EdpPaco Rabanne has launched Olympéa Legend 2019, a new limited edition flankers. Olympea Legend unfurl in a whif ...
31-05-2019 19:41

Thursday scent of the day 5/30

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Mint Julep Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m taking community project points with Diptyque Volutes. Remin ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Abel's Latest Edition: Pink Iris

Dutch natural perfume house Abel, founded by New Zealander Frances Shoemack in 2013, has consistently been launching natural perfumes placed at the ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Berdoues Capri, Bora Bora & Koh Phi Phi ~ new fragrances

French perfume house Berdoues has launched the Collection Croisière, with three fragrances: Capri, Bora Bora and Koh Phi Phi... ...
30-05-2019 18:56

BOSS Bottled Sport by HUGO BOSS

BOSS Bottled Sport by HUGO BOSSMen EdtBoss Bottled Sport was presented just in time for spring 2012. The scent is described as fresh, energetic and ...
30-05-2019 19:44

German Memorabilia: The Odd Story of Lohse Uralt Lavendel

Few things are quite as mystifying as locally sourced, scented products which people outside of the country of origin cannot test. A wonderful combat ...
30-05-2019 18:56

I also just love the smell of candles

I have to light a candle in my room on every road trip while I\'m in my room. It has a lot to do with the energy of the universe. I\'m very high on th ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Plissée

La Petite Robe Noire Plissée (Ma Robe Plissée/Pleated Dress) is a new little black dress that comes out in June of 2019 within the La Petite Robe No ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Cologne Grand Crus

An introduction to the Cologne Grand Crus collection of Berdoues. ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Lolita Lempicka Green Lover

The new fragrance "which expresses the elegance and refined masculinity of today\'s man" comes from Lolita Lempicka\'s house in late May 2 ...
30-05-2019 18:56

NINA RICCI Rose Extase Miniature Perfume

Rose Extase by NINA RICCIWomen Edt MniatureRose Extase was launched in 2017 by hose of design NINA RICCI. It is a simple women?s fragrance that pays h ...
30-05-2019 19:44

Tom Ford Sole di Positano Acqua ~ new fragrance

Tom Ford will launch Sole di Positano Acqua. The new Private Blend fragrance is a flanker to 2017\'s Sole di Positano... ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Cher Eau de Couture

American pop icon, singer and actress Cher launched her first fragrance  Uninhibited, perfectly depicting her image, back in 1987 in collaboration w ...
30-05-2019 18:56

Perfume for Detection of XTC Labs Developed in the Netherlan

How to identify a drug lab that\'s producing xtc" One of the most recognizable indications turns out to be a certain smell, one that is general ...
29-05-2019 18:56

Wednesday scent of the day 5/29

Hump Day plus World Digestive Health Day. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: at the beach, and on day 2 of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. Reminde ...
29-05-2019 18:56

An Unknown Vintage: Kyara Ideal Perfume Review

Japanese perfumery for Western consumers is as mysterious as the whole country. For decades, it has developed in parallel with the Western perfume w ...
29-05-2019 18:56

Portrayal Woman Portrayal Man Amouage: A Flirt and a Gentl

The new arrivals from Amouage ?  Portrayal Woman for women and Portrayal Man for men are so different in their personalities, neither complementing ...
29-05-2019 18:56

My Sister's Wedding: A Sneak Peek Into Our Fragrances and Cu

The Wedding day is a Big day for the bride and the groom; the preparation of which begins a few months before and which involves everything from cho ...
29-05-2019 18:56

Nombre Noir Shiseido: Black Rose Is a Symbol of Sorrow

Serge Lutens fragrances are a role model for many niche brands. World prominence, accurate adherence to the once-chosen image, a loyal fan army, and ...
29-05-2019 18:56

Kokain by the German rock band Rammstein

The German rock band Rammstein launches their fragrance Kokain, it is already available online. According to the perfumer Alexandre Illan of Symrise ...
29-05-2019 18:56

Parfums de Marly Cassili ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parfums de Marly has launched Cassili, a new fragrance for women... ...
28-05-2019 18:56

It's Greek To Me: Scented Travel Adventures Part I

Looking through a funky tree at the temple of Apollo in ancient Corinth Scarcely was I home a week from Esxence in Milan before leaving again with m ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Scent for Charity: Jeremy Lin Fragrances in Time for the NBA

In the search for a new fragrance perhaps one of the factors affecting our purchase the least is where the profits go; but maybe it shouldn\'t be so. ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Plissee ~ new fragrance

Guerlain has introduced La Petite Robe Noire Plissée ("Ma Robe Plissée" / "My pleated dress"), a new fragrance for women. La Peti ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Bottega Veneta Illusione

When it comes to the ultimate luxury, Bottega Veneta establishes a new territory of wellness and sensoriality with the new fragrant duo Bottega V ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Love Potion Magical Perfumery Love Potion & Honeyed Love Pot

Remember the post I did a month ago on the comic book ad for Trulove perfume" The perfumes that drive men to distraction" I just discovered ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Gianfranco Ferre Blooming Rose

Gianfranco Ferre launches a new women\'s fragrance that magnifies the beauty of the rose flower, but also becomes a fragrant elixir that heals and p ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Mizensir Incensum ~ new fragrance

Mizensir, the fragrance line of perfumer Alberto Morillas, has launched Incensum, a new fragrance... ...
28-05-2019 18:56

ESXENCE 2019: Two New Gritti Venezia Perfumes

Luca Gritti presented his two new fragrances in Milan. The first, tutu by Gritti, was added to The Bra Series, dedicated to women\'s luxurious under ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Tuesday scent of the day 5/28

Tuesday, plus Hamburger Day. Birthdays today: Walker Percy, Maeve Binchy, Gladys Knight. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Estee Lauder Br ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Antoine Lie and The Future of Niche Perfumery

  Antoine Lie was one of the best encounters I had in this edition of Esxence. He is one of my references as a perfumer and as an "agent provoca ...
28-05-2019 18:56

Roses and Honey

The combination of honey and roses in food and perfumes ...
27-05-2019 18:56

Monday scent of the day 5/27

It\'s Monday, and if you\'re in the US, Memorial Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing a drop of CB I Hate Perfume On A Clear Day Yo ...
27-05-2019 18:56

ESXENCE 2019: Triskell Anima Mundi ? A Walk Through a Celtic

The new arrival from Anima Mundi, the sixth fragrance in the series devoted to ancient civilizations, Triskell, is a perfumery embodiment of the wor ...
27-05-2019 18:56

New fragrances Fröjd, Idyll and Ljus by Svensk Parfym

Henrik Lestréus, an independent perfumer and founder of the artisan perfume house Svensk Parfym, presents 3 novelties that continue interpreting scen ...
27-05-2019 18:56

Perfumed Horoscope May 27 - June 2

As we are focusing on sorting out and magnifying the best details of our lives, there are two possible deceptive moments this week. If you live w ...
27-05-2019 18:56

People are born with synesthesia

People are born with synesthesia, and when you?re about a year old you lose it. Only five per cent of people walk around as adults with synesthesia. B ...
27-05-2019 18:56

Fluo_ral Nomenclature Review

The American brand nomenclature, which explores modern synthetic materials, has launched the new perfume fluo_ral, based on Calone, the aquatic mate ...
27-05-2019 18:56

Zadig Voltaire Girls Can Say Anything

French fashion house Zadig Voltaire, known for its urban, casual, rock-chic and boho style, launched its fragrance Girls Can Do Anything in 2018 as ...
27-05-2019 18:56

Late Spring Scents: What Fragrantica Writers Are Wearing Thi

Late spring is a different proposition than early spring in that the desire to break into scents that evoke green pastures after a winter full of wo ...
26-05-2019 18:56

Chantecaille Darby Rose

In the Spring of 2019, a collection of the US brand Chantecaille presented a new limited edition floral creation as a special collaboration with the ...
26-05-2019 18:56

BWME 2019: Conceptual Collection Cinematik by Iberchem

The Iberchem company was founded in 1985 in Murcia, Spain. It deals with the production and sale of raw materials as well as the creation of perf ...
26-05-2019 18:56

Armani Privé Musc Shamal

Telling a story of the intense and enveloping oriental wind, the new exclusive fragrance  Armani MUSC SHAMAL is announced as the embodiment of the u ...
25-05-2019 18:56

Green mandarin & cardamom

Two spots from Firmenich Naturals. The first is on green mandarin from Brazil (with perfumer Amandine Clerc Marie), followed by (below the jump) carda ...
25-05-2019 18:56

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Urban Feel ~ new fragrance

Salvatore Ferragamo has launched Uomo Urban Feel, a new fragrance for men. Uomo Urban Feel is a flanker to 2016\'s Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo and follo ...
25-05-2019 18:56

New Niche Brand Senyokô Announced Their First Perfume: La Ts

  At the niche perfume exhibition ESXENCE, there are always several new brands that come to visit the place to find out how the exhibition is arrange ...
25-05-2019 18:56

Lazy weekend poll ~ scrubbers! episode 4

A repeat of a poll we did in 2011, 2014 and 2017: tell us about your most-hated perfume, your most recent scrubber, nasty layering combinations you\ ...
25-05-2019 18:56

Brazilian Natura Announces US $2 Billion Deal to Acquire Avo

  Brazilian cosmetics company Natura Cosméticos SA has reached an agreement to buy its rival, UK based Avon Products Inc., via share swap in a value ...
25-05-2019 18:56

Robert Piguet Atomica ~ new fragrance

Robert Piguet has launched Atomica, a new fragrance... ...
25-05-2019 18:56

Monotheme: Cherry Blossom Pour Femme and Bloom Pour Femme

  Monotheme is a house renowned for its splendid scents, beautiful bottles, and affordable prices. Under the Mavive license, the collection presents ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Cristal Rosae

  Princesse Marina de Bourbon presents a new creation which belongs in the Princess Collection and follows the first edition, Cristal d\'Or. CRISTAL ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Mizensir Solar Blossom ~ new fragrance

Mizensir, the fragrance line of perfumer Alberto Morillas, has launched Solar Blossom, a new fragrance... ...
24-05-2019 18:54

J.U.S 11 Moments of Happiness

 J.U.S, a new brand from France, has simultaneously presented a total of 11 fragrances comprising two collections, Sensory Jewels and Unique Jewels. ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Delight In The Unexpected

Animals, bugs, bubbles, for Jo Malone. ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Davidoff Cool Water Intense

Davidoff launches two new fragrances from the Cool Water line: Cool Water Intense for him and for her. Cool Water, the famous perfume created by Pie ...
24-05-2019 18:54

The Beginning of a Legend: Early American Old Spice

  Today, the Old Spice brand is known for its viral commercials ? the result of Procter Gamble?s efforts, the company is trying to give new impetus ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Reconstructing extinct flower smells

Christina Agapakis, the creative director at the genetics company Gingko Bioworks, started the process of reconstructing extinct flower smells in 2016 ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Extravagant Candles by Mark Buxton

Mark Buxton introduced three candles in black jars to match his perfume line, which was again repackaged, now in black. I like the new look; it\'s m ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Symbol

  Princesse Marina De Bourbon opens a new chapter with their newest creation which reflects softness, sensuousness and tenderness in a symbolic way. ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Friday scent of the day 5/24

It\'s Friday, and Robert Allen Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan is 78 today. Our community project for today: match a fragrance to a Bob Dylan song, OR, tell ...
24-05-2019 18:54

Velvet Oriental Musk

The spot for Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Oriental Musk. ...
23-05-2019 18:56

At maximum volume

The spot for Tom Ford Lavender Extreme. ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Women'secret Rose Seduction

Women\'secret presents the new female fragrance of their EAU COLLECTION, which was launched in 2016 with the first three fragrances (Eau It\'s Fresh ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Thursday scent of the day 5/23

Almost-Friday, and World Turtle Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Chanel Cristalle, the original Eau de Toilette, 1974, for Bob Dyla ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Goldfield & Banks Southern Bloom and Les Bains Guerbois 1978

I recently \'threw the dice\' and chose two newish perfumes to review; quelle surprise...I like them both! Goldfield & Banks Southern Bloom (list ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Bond no. 9 Jones Beach ~ new fragrance

Niche line Bond no. 9 has launched Jones Beach, a new fragrance... ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Miracle of Roses, Or How Kindness and Sanctity Can Be Smelle

This month, I was invited by the Art Historian Caro Verbeek to speak about my investigations on olfaction, religion, and the odor of sanctity within ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Lalique Soleil ~ new perfume

Lalique will launch Soleil, a new fragrance for women, next month. Soleil was inspired by the \'magic of the morning sunshine\'... ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Parle Moi de Parfum Gardens of India ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parle Moi de Parfum has launched Gardens of India, a new fragrance developed by perfumer Michel Almairac... ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Hiram Green Launches Lustre, a Rose From Beginning to End

Netherlands based natural perfume house Hiram Green, founded by perfumer Hiram Green, who has been creating handcrafted, 100% natural fragrances for ...
23-05-2019 18:56

The chemicals that give some dark chocolates their smell

Scientists have sniffed out the chemicals that give some dark chocolates their smell. The compounds that mingle to make the candy?s aroma include plea ...
23-05-2019 18:56

Very touchy-feely

I like vanilla. It?s very touchy-feely. It makes you want to hold yourself. ? Cher on her upcoming unisex fragrance, Eau de Couture, which is due to l ...
22-05-2019 18:56

Scented Memories of Amsterdam: Review of Niche Perfume Tende

Perfume has so much power, and one of the strongest ones is the power of association. It is fascinating how easy it is to evoke forgotten memories j ...
22-05-2019 18:56


Funny by MOSCHINOWomen EdtIt was launched at the end of spring 2007 by house of fragrance MOSCHINO. It is a floral-fruity funny fragrance for young g ...
22-05-2019 19:37

BWME 2019: Moellhausen Conceptual Collection The Sense of Ge

Michelle Moellhausen at BWME 2019   MOELLHAUSEN is an Italian company that globally manufactures and distributes industrial raw materials and chem ...
22-05-2019 18:56

Wednesday scent of the day 5/22

Hump Day, Sherlock Holmes Day, World Goth Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Bakul Medjool for Bob Dylan Dark Ey ...
22-05-2019 18:56

Les Essentiels de FATH: Le Loden, Red Shoes, Tempête d?Auto

Last October, we discovered during the TFWA Duty Free summit in Cannes the four new offerings of the revived house Jacques Fath: Red Shoes, Tempête ...
22-05-2019 18:56

Clive Christian Miami Poolside & Miami Beach ~ new fragrance

Luxury niche line Clive Christian has introduced the Art of Travel collection with two fragrances: Miami Poolside and Miami Beach... ...
22-05-2019 18:56

Guerlain Embruns d'Ylang: Fresh Solar Elixir

    The historical house of Guerlain has just added a new fragrance entry in their L\'Art et La Matière line of exclusive fragrances, named Embruns d ...
22-05-2019 18:56

Royal Crown Nicoletta - A Timeless White Floral

  In the vast world of tuberose fragrances, there are dozens of perfect scents with different personalities. Tuberose is one of my favorite flowers a ...
21-05-2019 18:56

Chopard Happy Bigaradia ~ new perfume

Chopard has launched Happy Chopard Bigaradia, a new fragrance for women. Happy Chopard Bigaradia follows 2018\'s Happy Chopard Lemon Dulci and Happy ...
21-05-2019 18:56

New in Mugler's Les Exceptions Collection: Naughty Fruity

Thierry Mugler has launched a new edition in the Les Exceptions collection, the exclusive collection that evolves around various themes and interpret ...
21-05-2019 18:56

I am an idea

Vanessa Paradis does the voiceover for this spot about Chanel fragrances. ...
21-05-2019 18:56

Arabesque Perfumes: Elusive Musk, Glory Musk

Arabesque Perfumes is a niche house from UAE that has my attention with their high quality compositions and fantastic bottles, made from heavy gl ...
21-05-2019 18:56

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