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Derniers Articles fragrance

Who's more handsome: Alexandre or Aleksandr"

There are two fragrances in my collection named after Alexanders. The first is Aleksandr by Arquiste, dedicated to the famous Russian poet Alexander ...
31-05-2020 18:52

Fragrances Instead Of Pills"

You probably thought: The heading clearly exaggerates the medicinal value of perfumes. You are correct that evidence-based medicine will not recommen ...
31-05-2020 18:52

RUNDHOLZ PARFUMS: An Incense and Orris Journey

After eleven weeks of being inside my apartment, I?ve sought to re-encounter the archive of samples and bottles of fragrance with which I cohabitate. ...
31-05-2020 18:52

New Eau de Yuzu by Nicolai Parfumeur Createur

French perfume house Nicolai Parfumeur Createur has announced the launch of the new fresh fragrance (Eau Fraîche) Eau de Yuzu. At the b?ginning of th ...
30-05-2020 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ 6 questions, late May 2020

An update of a poll we did in late March. As always, answer as many or as few as you like, or just talk about something else. (And a PSA: the splitme ...
30-05-2020 18:52

Cinnamon in the Kitchen and in Perfumery

Recently, when I was sorting through spices in my kitchen, I suddenly thought that American singer Suzanne Vega often mentions different scents in he ...
30-05-2020 18:52

The HERO Cologne: Symrise's Tribute to Caregivers

The cologne HERO, created cooperatively by several perfumers from all around the world, was born from the idea to create an olfactive tribute to care ...
30-05-2020 18:52

Far Away

A spot for Avon Far Away Amalfi. ...
29-05-2020 18:53

Friday scent of the day 5/29

The last Friday in May! Our community project for today: wear a perfume by The Different Company, Tauer Perfumes, Tokyo Milk, Tocca or Téo Cabanel, i ...
29-05-2020 18:53

How Many Ways Can You Remix a Feminine Fougère"

There are only 54 fragrances in the Fragrantica database that are catalogued as being both a fougère and marketed towards women. Of course, there hav ...
29-05-2020 18:53

Avon Far Away Amalfi ~ new fragrance

Avon has launched Far Away Amalfi, a new flanker to 1994\'s Far Away for Women. The last in the series was Far Away Aloha... ...
29-05-2020 18:53

Shalimar Philtre de Parfum - Guerlain's New Spell

The famous French house Guerlain will unveil a new Shalimar flanker named Philtre de Parfum on September 1st, 2020. It is announced as a version that ...
29-05-2020 18:53

The creation of aldehydes as well as ketones

A more fundamental contribution, she thinks, may come from the sun itself. When exposed to ultraviolet light, certain molecules ?get excited? and form ...
29-05-2020 18:53

Three New Fragrances and a Body Mist in the Holi Line by Rit

The Dutch brand Rituals finds inspiration for its various scent collections in Eastern traditions, for instance the wisdom of Ayurveda from India, th ...
29-05-2020 18:53

Oceanic Scents That Will Surprise You

When you say oceanic or marine, most people think of the 90s olfactory idea of the ocean ? freshly cleaned linens, soapy florals and bitter unripe le ...
28-05-2020 18:53

Grasse: The Way of the Rose

Photo: Rémy Foltête, Clos de Callian Right now in the South of France, Provence rose (rose de mai), aka rose centifolia, is in full bloom, being du ...
28-05-2020 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 5/28

It\'s Almost-Friday, apparently. It\'s also the Sierra Club\'s 127th birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I am taking full credit again, in ...
28-05-2020 18:53

Underworld, by Christele Jacquemin - Seductive in Chiaroscur

Among this year\'s finalists of the Art and Olfaction Award, I discovered a name that I had never heard before: Christèle Jacquemin. The photographer ...
28-05-2020 18:53


Fran Summers for Givenchy Irresistible. ...
28-05-2020 18:53

Three New Sun-Drenched Creations by GAS Bijoux

In 2006, the French jewelry brand GAS launched its first fragrance, Ensoleille-Moi. The scent revolved around the essence of a memory dear to the cre ...
28-05-2020 18:53

Francesca Bianchi Angel?s Dust ~ fragrance review

A recent Friday Community Project made me think about one of my favorite fragrance sub-genres, which I\'ll call "vintage vanity" ? perfumes ...
28-05-2020 18:53

A delicious, citrus-flavoured medicinal drink

Feminis? original Aqua Mirabilis was a light liquid probably taken as drops on sugar cubes or mixed with water to make a delicious, citrus-flavoured m ...
28-05-2020 18:53

Label: a new layering concept from the creators of Angela Ci

Renowned artisanal fragrance brand, Angela Ciampagna, have been around for almost ten years and have built up an admiring following with their beauti ...
27-05-2020 18:52

The previously unknown odor signature of the COVID-19 diseas

In a pilot study at the University of Helsinki, dogs trained as medical diagnostic assistants were taught to recognize the previously unknown odor sig ...
27-05-2020 18:52

Atkinsons Robinson Bear

  The new edition launching before the summer of 2020 within the Atkinsons niche line The Contemporary Collection is called  Robinson Bear. The perf ...
27-05-2020 18:52

Armand Basi Scent Of Kiss My Heart

  A year after the first edition Scent of Kiss, under the license of Angelini Beauty, the Spanish brand  Armand Basi continues the journey revolving ...
27-05-2020 18:52

Wednesday scent of the day 5/27

Hump Day: yes, I double checked. (And adding a PSA: we\'ll have a splitmeet on June 6.) What fragrance are you wearing" Me: full credit in The D ...
27-05-2020 18:52

Perfumery and Fragrance Shopping in the Age Following Covid-

With so much talk about life after the pandemic of Covid-19, numerous researchers, biologists, microbiologists, sociologists, and psychologists have ...
27-05-2020 18:52

Mon Evidence Yves Rocher Review

In the modern Pantheon of rose fragrances, Mon Evidence Yves Rocher takes the place of Cinderella: Its inexpensive and cute composition is far from t ...
27-05-2020 18:52

Issey Miyake Nuit d'Issey Polaris

  The Nuit d\'Issey line by the Issey Miyake (Shiseido) house, gets one more version in May 2020, a masculine fragrance called Nuit d\'Issey Polaris ...
27-05-2020 18:52

LeROZA Collection: Azur Profond, Lueur Imperiale, Noir Obsid

  LeRoza, a niche brand, was created in 2018 in New York by Wasim Barazi. He is a native of Damascus, which is the city the ancient Romans called ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Aqua Allegoria Summer 2020

A spot for Guerlain\'s Summer 2020 Aqua Allegoria collection, including the two new fragrances, Granada Salvia and Orange Soleia. ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Fragonard Les Fleurs du Parfumeur: Belle de Grasse and Beau

  The French house of Fragonard presents a new collection, Les Fleurs du Parfumeur, as a celebration of Grasse and the lush nature of the South of F ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Tuesday scent of the day 5/26

It\'s Monday Tuesday and Miles Davis\' birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m starting the week with partial credit for The People of th ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Hapyang 15.1 Pierre Guillaume Paris

On May 16, 2020, Pierre Guillaume Paris announced the launch of the new Hapyang 15.1 fragrance, which continues the floriental theme that Pierre Guil ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Lordelk Mikimoto: Pearl Fougere

The Japanese jewelry company Mikimoto is known worldwide for its artificially grown pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of the company, conducted h ...
26-05-2020 18:52

4 from Jardins D?Ecrivains ~ new fragrances

French niche line Jardins D?Écrivains has launched L\'Eau de Taipi, a new fragrance in their series of "splash colognes".* Two more joined ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Room 1015 Cherry Punk

  The always-exciting French niche house Room 1015 is now launching a new fragrance, adding a new chapter to its contemporary rock \'n roll portfolio ...
26-05-2020 18:52

The gathering of rose petals

Owner of the Domaine de Manon which works with the Dior fashion house, [horticulturist Carole Biancalana] nonetheless told her seasonal workers they m ...
26-05-2020 18:52

Rem Coco ? A New Fragrance in the Rem Collection by Reminisc

  Besides the two new fragrances for the Les Classiques Collection by Reminiscence ? fresh, sunny, and aromatic Mandarine Fraiche and oriental, wood ...
25-05-2020 18:52

Best in Show: Minimalist Perfumes (2020)

One of my early lessons in understanding different kinds of art had to do with minimalism. It can still be a bit frustrating to approach any si ...
25-05-2020 18:52

Cuir Venitien by David Jourquin

Cuir Venitien by David Jourquin became one of the best fragrances at Esxence 2016 according to the Fragrantica team, entering the Must Try list, but ...
25-05-2020 18:52

Recommend Me a Perfume : May 2020

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
25-05-2020 18:52

Simon Constantine: There is a new way of doing things

Simon Constantine, one of the \'gorillas\' at Gorilla Perfumes, is best known for creating the most challenging Lush scents, among them the criticall ...
25-05-2020 18:52

Alguien Eau de Parfum: Ancient and Contemporary

  The new niche brand from Spain Alguien, as its creator states, is born with the purpose of uniting several worlds: art, crafts, fashion and perfum ...
24-05-2020 18:52

Tweed Lentheric: Charming Anachronism

Here is another vintage fragrance that I have long wanted to try - Tweed Lentheric. It did not have impressive Lalique bottles or funny advertisement ...
24-05-2020 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope: May 25 - May 31

  This week doesn?t have a distinct story line. Considering the new moon phase, it is a really good time for initiating whatever you want to happ ...
24-05-2020 18:52

A New Brand From Romania: Calaj Limited Editions

Calaj Limited Editions is a new brand based in Romania, founded by Flavius Calaj, a pioneer in introducing artisan and independent fragrance houses t ...
24-05-2020 18:52

The Debut Collection Of Maison d?Etto

  In late 2019, new niche house Maison d?Etto arrived onto the scene with five fragrances created by top IFF perfumers, hoping to ?inspire moments o ...
23-05-2020 18:52

New Symptoms of the Lipstick Effect

All sorts of pop cultural and esoteric signs suggested that 2020 was to be the year of the foot, and while there certainly seems to be a burgeoning c ...
23-05-2020 18:52

Le Lion de Chanel ~ new perfume

Chanel has launched Le Lion de Chanel, a new addition to the Les Exclusifs collection. The fragrance is currently exclusive to the Middle East, and i ...
23-05-2020 18:52

Cinnabar Estée Lauder - The Classic Collection

Every time Cinnabar Estee Lauder is mentioned, someone will recall Opium Yves Saint-Laurent immediately, and compare the two perfumes. This pair of f ...
23-05-2020 18:52

Nina Ricci Les Belles de Nina: Nina Rose

After the Nina Rouge edition from 2019, the house of Nina Ricci (Puig) is launching its Nina Rose fragrance in the summer of 2020. These editions be ...
23-05-2020 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, Memorial Day weekend 2020

Quick PSA: the swapmeet is open until Tuesday! It\'s Memorial Day weekend, and we\'re celebrating with our standard open thread poll. (And I\'m takin ...
23-05-2020 18:52

Rubbish to Gems : A Tale of Javanese Tea Wedang Uwuh

While driving around the Indonesian countryside, especially in Sulawesi and Java, you see sheets of tarp spread along the side of the road with cloves ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Jil Sander Sun Eau de Parfum and Sun Men Eau de Parfum

  Summer is coming, and with it we will enjoy the novelties of the Sun collection by Jill Sander. At the end of May 2020, two new editions, Sun Eau ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Parfums MDCI La Surprise & L?Aimee ~ new fragrances

French niche line Parfums MDCI has launched La Surprise and L\'Aimée, two new fragrances for women in the art-inspired Painters and Perfumers collect ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Le Couvent Botanical Colognes: Aqua Amantia, Aqua Millefolia

  The French brand Le Couvent presents three new fragrances within their Botanical collection under the creative direction of perfumer Jean-Claude E ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Issey Miyake Fusion d'Issey

  A new chapter in the Issey Miyake men?s fragrance collection is opened with Fusion d\'Issey, a fragrance dedicated to Mother Nature; one that invi ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Friday scent of the day 5/22

Happy World Goth Day! Our community project for today: get your goth on! (Need help" Here\'s the wikipedia page on Goth subculture.) What fragra ...
22-05-2020 18:52

The BWME 2020 Event Will Take Place November 23-25 In Dubai

  New dates have been announced for the Beautyworld Middle East 2020 event; the 25th edition of the region?s largest exhibition for beauty produc ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Marcelle Dormoy, Perfumery of Multifarious and Assertive Fem

Many of the forgotten small perfume houses of the 20th century have come back to the fore thanks to the growth of the niche branch in recent years. I ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Diptyque x 5

Lovely (and peaceful) short animations for Diptyque\'s fragrances. I\'ve included 5 (4 are below the jump): Philosykos, Oyédo, L\'Ombre dans L\'Eau, E ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Epiphany by House of Matriarch: Black and White Magic

The Epiphany fragrance from the Achtung collection came into my hands by some roundabout trails. I love to smell everything new, although I am suspic ...
22-05-2020 18:52

Fragrance sales declined in the first quarter by 13%

NPD data shows that fragrance sales declined in the first quarter by 13%, compared to the first quarter of 2019. At the same time, the drive for self- ...
21-05-2020 18:52

Diesel Spirit Of The Brave Intense

Diesel\'s masculine fragrance Spirit Of The Brave from 2019 (a flanker of the original Diesel Only The Brave) as been intensified with the new editi ...
21-05-2020 18:52


A World Meditation Day special: "Enjoy 7 minutes of calm with Landscapism ? breathtakingly beautiful scenes curated from the real world. Ideal fo ...
21-05-2020 18:52

Unexpected Choices For Summer

  Most people would agree that they associate seasons with scents typical for that season -  winter with ?wintery? smells; summer with ?summery? sme ...
21-05-2020 18:52

Juliette Has A Gun Lipstick Fever ~ new perfume

French niche line Juliette Has A Gun has launched Lipstick Fever, a new fragrance... ...
21-05-2020 18:52

Today Guerlain Celebrates World Bee Day

  Today, May 20th, is World Bee Day. The chosen date is not accidental: On this day, the founder of modern beekeeping, an artist of Slovenian origin ...
21-05-2020 18:52

Thursday scent of the day 5/21

Well, it\'s Almost-Friday. Plus, World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and World Meditation Day. What fragrance are you weari ...
21-05-2020 18:52

What Kind Of Chamomile Is Used In Perfumery"

Even such a seemingly simple and unambiguous flower as chamomile put in the context of perfumery can cause a certain confusion. Essential oils are ob ...
21-05-2020 18:52

First Fragrances: Trussardi Uomo and Trussardi Donna

There are some fragrances which reveal almost everything there is to reveal in their presentation: their textural and visual aesthetics and their utt ...
20-05-2020 18:54

A New Fragrance, Inspired by Mexico, in the Rasei Fort Line:

Not everyone knows that the perfumer behind the Australian indie artisanal brand Fort Manlé, the self taught Rasei Fort, also has a little project o ...
20-05-2020 18:54

Sniff the embroidered flowers

My aunt would also always tell this one anecdote: My grandmother was a fantastic cook, and she had an apron with embroidered flowers, so when I was a ...
20-05-2020 18:54

Anti Anti Atelier PMP: Double Negation

Anti Anti Atelier PMP was born in 2016 in Germany. Fans of Stuckism in art (it?s also anti-anti-art, or re-modernism) had to wait a long time ? their ...
20-05-2020 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 5/20

Happy Josephine Baker Day and World Bee Day. What fragrance are you wearing" It\'s not quite as warm as it should be, but all the same I\'m in L ...
20-05-2020 18:54

FH77 Courrèges: Artillery or Perfume"

I decided to find and try the FH 77 Courrèges masculine fragrance because of the cult status of another of the brand\'s fragrances, Empreinte Courreg ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Byredo Lil Fleur ~ new fragrance

Niche line Byredo has launched Lil Fleur, a new fragrance intended as a "youthful ode to Damask rose"... ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Marsha, by Rickard Söderberg and Wise Organics

Rickard Söderberg is a Swedish opera singer whose career took off with appearances in concerts with major Scandinavian symphony orchestras and in ro ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Monotheme The Fine Fragrances: Il Libro degli Agrumi

  The Italian line MONOTHEME THE FINE FRAGRANCES, under the license of Mavive S.p.A., presents the new advertising campaign and the design of the fl ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Ingredient scarcity may threaten future stock

But it\'s not all sunny: Perfume founders like Julian Bedel of Fueguia 1833 admit that the online uptick hasn\'t made up for the loss in brick-and-mor ...
19-05-2020 18:53

4711 Acqua Colonia Tea Ceremony In Seasonal Launch: Green Te

  Do you like tea scents" Relaxing, aromatic, those that create harmony and at the same time lift the mood. The scents of teas offer special p ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Vertus Paris (Plus 20 New Perfumes)

When some new niche brand appears on the market with twenty new perfumes, it seems like its owners would have liked to start their glorious perfume b ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 5/19

It\'s Tuesday (I checked). PSA: the swapmeet will be open for another week! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in L?Eau de L?Artisan. This mor ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Michael Kors Extreme Sky

  Michael Kors presents the next masculine fragrance in the Extreme collection that includes Extreme Blue, Extreme Night, Extreme Rush, Extreme Spee ...
19-05-2020 18:53

Narciso x 2

A spot for Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Ambrée. Then below the jump, a spot for Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir. ...
18-05-2020 18:53

15 Years of Bois de Jasmin : The Essentials

What is the place of art in difficult times" The world has changed within a matter of weeks in a way that most of us couldn’t have envision ...
18-05-2020 18:53

Monotheme The Fine Fragrances: Almond and Nymphaea

  Italian line MONOTHEME THE FINE FRAGRANCES, under the license of Mavive, presents two new fragrances this spring, which complement a wide range of ...
18-05-2020 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir Extreme ~ new fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez has launched Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir Extrême, a new woody aromatic fragrance for men. For Him Bleu Noir Extrême is a fl ...
18-05-2020 18:53

Monday scent of the day 5/18

Happy International Museum Day! What fragrance are you wearing" (And if you like, tell us the last museum you visited, or the museum you wish yo ...
18-05-2020 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc Florale for Her ~ new fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez has launched Fleur Musc Florale, a new fragrance for women. Fleur Musc Florale is a flanker to 2017\'s Fleur Musc, which was a vari ...
18-05-2020 18:53

Amouage Jubilation For Men: Christopher Chong's Debut

We recently reported that the Omani perfume house Amouage has released a new fragrance, Interlude Black Iris Man, created by a new creative team\'s w ...
17-05-2020 18:52

Tired of Amber Fragrances" Try These

Many amber fragrances rely on their richness to entice and enrapture. But it\'s that same quality which can sometimes turn them cloying and predictab ...
17-05-2020 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope: May 18 - May 24

  Did you ever enjoy being confused" Of course not, I hope. With the planet Venus being retrograde and bouncing off many other planets, this ...
17-05-2020 18:52

Troika Juchten 4711: The Troika-Mail Is Running

The German citrus cologne Troika Juchten 4711 entered the perfume market in the 30s during the twentieth century. It was quite late - the times of th ...
17-05-2020 18:52

Overview of the Floral Collection 4711: Spring With a Touch

I have a special interest in the history of the perfume company Muelhens, so I try to follow what has been released under the 4711 brand. With rare e ...
16-05-2020 18:52

By Rosie Jane Madie ~ new fragrance

By Rosie Jane has launched Madie, a new fresh floral fragrance for women... ...
16-05-2020 18:52

The swapmeet, episode 16

The swapmeet (episode 16) is open for business! PLEASE read the instructions! (For those of you who refuse to read the instructions, please do not re ...
16-05-2020 18:52

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, mid May 2020

We\'re marking the middle of May with our same old open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today, the last frag ...
16-05-2020 18:52

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Boss Alive Eau de Toilette

Boss Alive Eau de Toilette

  After the woody-spicy and aromatic debut in perfume concentration, Boss Alive Eau de Parfum presented in 2020, HUGO BOSS launches a new version of the BOSS ALIVE EAU DE TOILETTE fragrance in March 2021. The new fragrance features floral notes... -

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