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Fecha de publicación: 01-01-1970 01:00

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Si te gusto esta noticia puede que te interesen estas..

El Born Carner Barcelona: Sweet Like a Vacation

Perfume brand Carner Barcelona is a typical tourist souvenir brand. Such brands take advantage of the opportunity provided by millions of tourists fr ...
04-07-2022 18:54

Happy Independence Day, America!

Fourth of July is one of America\'s most patriotic holidays. The day celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed A ...
04-07-2022 18:54

MCM Ultra Eau de Parfum

The second fragrance by MCM, MCM Ultra, was launched on the brand?s website and in the MCM boutique on July 1st and will roll out globally in Augus ...
04-07-2022 18:54

Fragrantica Talks: Great Perfumes in Major Categories Pt. 3:

Nicola, John, and Adam discuss some periphery categories in part three of a series where the editors exemplify major fragrance categories by picking ...
04-07-2022 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope: July 4 - 10

  A planetary constellation called Cradle displays a halfway to "perfect" balance and harmony. The ideal astro-situation is formed by 6 p ...
04-07-2022 18:54

L?Artisan Parfumeur 33 Abyssae ~ new fragrance

L?Artisan Parfumeur has launched 33 Abyssae, a new woody aromatic addition to the La Botanique collection (formerly known as Natura Fabularis). As wi ...
04-07-2022 18:54

Acqua di Parma Signature Magnolia Infinita ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Acqua di Parma will launch Magnolia Infinita, a new addition to the Signatures of the Sun collection... ...
04-07-2022 18:54

Monday scent of the day 7/4

It\'s Monday and the 4th of July. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Boy Chanel, one step away from Chanel No. 5. Reminder: on 7/8, for Kev ...
04-07-2022 18:54

Bring back smells

But there are many nasal complexities to negotiate ? as [Cecilia] Bembibre points out: ?It is really hard to get the information you need to bring bac ...
04-07-2022 18:54

WPC 2022: Highlights

Most of the major perfume component creators and vendors were represented at this year\'s World Perfumery Congress. The WPC is a venue to showcase ...
03-07-2022 18:55

New Unisex Fragrance D by Diesel

Diesel announced its new fragrance D by Diesel, the first gender-fluid fragrance for the brand created by its new creative director Glenn Martens, wh ...
03-07-2022 18:55

Prelaunch: Fame Paco Rabanne

The prelaunch of the new Paco Rabanne fragrance, Fame, took place in travel retail worldwide and on Paco Rabanne?s e-boutique. In September, Fame is ...
03-07-2022 18:55

The Perfumes by Japanese Perfume Brand EDIT(h)

At Esxence-2022, I, of course, looked at the stands of the renowned niche brands and tried the fragrances of famous houses with great curiosity, but ...
03-07-2022 18:55

All-Occasion Fragrances

It must be stated right off the bat that any fragrance could be an "all-occasion" fragrance. Many, many people use fragrances thusly, and ...
03-07-2022 18:55

Pure Oud by Kilian: Oud for Beginners

I still remember my excitement when I first read the news in 2009 that Kilian Hennessy was going to create his Arabian Nights collection and the firs ...
02-07-2022 18:55

New Zoologist Edition: Sacred Scarab

Most readers of the Fragrantica website have undoubtedly encountered the one-of-a-kind niche house Zoologist, a Canadian company founded by Victor Wo ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Rosam Histoires de Parfums: A Rare Edition"

Rosam was launched by the French niche house Histoires de Parfums in 2011 as part of the Editions Rare collection. The collection, created based on ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, early July 2022

We\'re marking the first weekend in July with our standard-issue open thread poll. (And don\'t forget, Donatella will be dropping by on Wednesday.) T ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Create the extraordinary, again

Willow Smith for Mugler Alien Goddess Intense. (I am pretty sure this is just the 2021 commercial, edited.) ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Mugler Alien Goddess Intense ~ new fragrance

Thierry Mugler will launch Alien Goddess Intense, a new fragrance for women. Alien Goddess Intense is a flanker to 2021\'s Alien Goddess, which was a ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Dries Van Noten Orange Smoke & Sur Ma Peau ~ new fragrances

Designer Dries Van Noten has launched two new "fresh contemporary" unisex fragrances, Orange Smoke and Sur Ma Peau. The scents can be worn ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Exposed to food smells

When worms were limited in the amount of food they could eat, the FMO protein, which was highlighted using a fluorescent marker, lit up ?like a Christ ...
02-07-2022 18:55

Friday scent of the day 7/1

Rabbit rabbit rabbit! It\'s July, and Canada Day. Also, International Reggae Day, National Gingersnap Day and International Joke Day. Birthdays: Geor ...
01-07-2022 18:54

We take it very, very seriously

Sustainability" We take it very, very seriously. And it\'s not just greenwashing. When I joined Dior, for example, I did training dedicated to re ...
01-07-2022 18:54

Peeking at the World Perfumery Congress 2022

The World Perfumery Congress (WPC) is happening right now in Miami Beach, USA. This is the global stage for fragrance creativity, ingredients, tech ...
01-07-2022 18:54

L?Eau D?Issey vs L?Eau d?Issey Eau Magnolia

If the seminal original scent from Issey Miyake can be thought of as springtime dew floating on an oceanside lawn, then the new L\'Eau d\'Issey Eau ...
01-07-2022 18:54

Moncler Pour Homme: Simple On-Trend Forestry

I finally got my hands on Moncler Pour Homme, a novelty I\'ve been excited to try for a long while, anticipating a thrilling ride through Alpine peak ...
01-07-2022 18:54

Japan-based brand ÉDIT(h): When History Meets Perfumery

Almost two weeks after the Esxence niche perfume fair, I am still restless, but I have managed somehow to revise all my notes and impressions about t ...
01-07-2022 18:54

Tears by Regime des Fleurs: Feelings Become Liquid

There?s a sensuality to the way Alia Raza, founder of Regime des Fleurs, approaches her creations. It involves both collaboration and long periods of ...
01-07-2022 18:54

YSL Lavalliere Eau de Parfum: New Addition in Le Vestiaire d

The collection Le Vestiaire des Parfums by French brand Yves Saint Laurent is famous for incorporating elements of the famed designer\'s illustrious ...
30-06-2022 18:55

HEADSPACE ? A New Fragrance Project by Nicolas Chabot

When we published our first impressions from Esxence 2022, our readers expressed interest in the new project HEADSPACE. Headspace technology was inve ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Narciso Rodriguez For Her vs Musc Noir Rose For Her

The iconic Narciso Rodriguez For Her can be thought of as the quintessential new-school floral chypre, released two years after Coco Mademoiselle, a ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Romanian Niche Perfumery is Blooming: CALAJ Friends

In my story about discovering the world of perfumes, I think you will be able to find many of you. Together, Fragrantica users, critics and collect ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Esxence 2022: Franck Boclet Blue Oriental Collection

French designer Franck Boclet presented his new fragrance line, Blue Oriental Collection, at this year\'s Esxence. The collection is brand new for t ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Aedes de Venustas Corfu Kumquat ~ fragrance review

A few fragrance-friends and I were recently chatting in a group text about our favorite perfumes for very hot days. I\'m pretty predictable ? as usua ...
30-06-2022 18:55

I see my future

Singer-songwriter FKA twigs for Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune. Below the jump, a shorter materials-oriented spot. ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Paco Rabanne Fame ~ new perfume

Paco Rabanne will launch Fame, a new fragrance for women, in July. Fame will be fronted by Elle Fanning... ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Thursday scent of the day 6/30

It\'s Almost-Friday and and Almost-July. Also, Asteroid Day and Lena Horne?s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I am at the beach (again) ...
30-06-2022 18:55

This year?s oil will be considerably more expensive

But a heatwave has slashed this year\'s harvest of rose petals, labour is hard to find and the global surge in energy prices has increased costs for a ...
30-06-2022 18:55

Ambro de Jacomo: Le Male with Patchouli

"Everything has a beginning and an end" Truism The French perfume house Jacomo has a great history. It started with the masculine fougère ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Karmic Hues Rashomon Collection: USA Giveaway

New Jersey-based, India-inspired niche scent brand Karmic Hues debuted early last year with a high-impact, natural-first quartet of fragrances that s ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Dance of the Dawn by The Different Company: The Essence of t

The Different Company unveiled a new release, Dance of the Dawn, at Esxence. A hymn to freedom and the joie de vivre of the \'70s with patchouli in t ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Jo Malone London Moonlit Camomile: A Review

Before you sniff out Jo Malone London?s new Moonlit Camomile, I urge you to smell an unlikely barometer ? Davidoff Cool Water. Spray one on your left ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Passion For Men: Elizabeth Taylor's First Only Masculine F

I don?t know about you, but I have a certain prejudice against modern celebrity fragrances. Buying fragrances in order to look like stars is not my t ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Pierre Guillaume Dialogue with Venus, Intime.Extime & Oshiso

French niche line Pierre Guillaume has launched three new fragrances in the light-and-sun inspired White Collection: Dialogue with Venus, Intime.Exti ...
29-06-2022 18:54

The Art of Raw: The Rose

Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser in Grasse, for the L?Art & La Matière fragrances. ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 6/29

It\'s Hump Day, National Camera Day, World Industrial Design Day and International Day of the Tropics. Birthdays: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Stokely C ...
29-06-2022 18:54

Le Jardin du Parfumeur

Set alongside the Châteauneuf Orangery, the Perfumer?s Garden ? ?Le Jardin du Parfumeur? in French ? was created with the support of patron Maison Fra ...
29-06-2022 18:54

New Imari Amor by Avon

Avon continues its Imari line with the new flanker Imari Amor. The new summer fragrance includes fresh fruity notes and lush tropical floral notes. ...
28-06-2022 18:54

New Fragrance by Frederic Malle : Uncut Gem by Maurice Rouce

Frédéric Malle is preparing to launch his new perfume Uncut Gem in September 2022. The new fragrance was defined as masculine and even "more rug ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Le Parfum

The Scandal collection by Jean Paul Gaultier includes a new Scandal Le Parfum in a bright red flacon, very attractive and addictive as well. " ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum

Together with the female Scandal Le Parfum fragrance (borrowing salted caramel from the Scandal Pour Homme edition launched in 2021, and which just ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Three Culinary Perfumes by Imaginary Authors

American indie perfumer Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors continues his collaboration with Salt Straw, a pioneering ice cream brand based in Portland, ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever ~ new perfume

Jimmy Choo will launch I Want Choo Forever, a new fragrance for women. I Want Choo Forever is a flanker to 2020\'s I Want Choo... ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 6/28

It\'s (Teapot) Tuesday, plus National Paul Bunyan Day and Tau Day. Birthdays: Henry VIII, Peter Paul Rubens, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Richard Rodgers, ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Fewer showy flowers

Among other findings, the scientists discovered that violets produced fewer showy flowers in environments with warmer temperatures and less rain, whil ...
28-06-2022 18:54

When we?re out in the moonlight

A spot for Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Cristal. ...
28-06-2022 18:54

Banana Republic W by BANANA REPUBLIC

Banana Republic W by BANANA REPUBLICWomen EdpBanana Republic W is a scintillating floral concoction for women. Launched in 1995, this scent features t ...
27-06-2022 19:37

Banana Republic M by BANANA REPUBLIC

Banana Republic M by BANANA REPUBLICMen EdpBanana Republic M Eau de Parfum was launched in 2009. The fragrance opens powerfully with an array of citru ...
27-06-2022 19:37

Gucci Nobile: Fresh, Green, Dry

This Italian fragrance is a great example of how to create a legendary and mega-cult fragrance from a good fragrance. Gucci Nobile is a fragrance tha ...
27-06-2022 18:54



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MCM Ultra Eau de Parfum

MCM Ultra Eau de Parfum

The second fragrance by MCM, MCM Ultra, was launched on the brand?s website and in the MCM boutique on July 1st and will roll out globally in August. "MCM Ultra Eau de Parfum challenges traditional ideals of femininity through unapologetic... -
So many smells in the world

So many smells in the world

Nocturnal tobacco hawkmoths (Manduca sexta) use their keen sense of smell to find nectar rich flowers or plants on which to lay their eggs. Now, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology are looking to answer the question of how... -
Cannes 2021: Les Liquides Imaginaires Blanche Bête

Cannes 2021: Les Liquides Imaginaires Blanche...

Philippe Di Meo, co-founder, and Yulia Coulon, head of marketing at Nichebox Launching by the end of the month, Blanche Bête is the latest "beast" from the Les Eaux de Peau collection by Liquides Imaginaires. The said collection so far... -
Bring back smells

Bring back smells

But there are many nasal complexities to negotiate ? as [Cecilia] Bembibre points out: ?It is really hard to get the information you need to bring back smells.? Her own chemical work has reproduced the scent of a 1750s potpourri at Knole ? the... -
Nomenclature Minted ~ new fragrance

Nomenclature Minted ~ new fragrance

Niche line Nomenclature has launched Minted, the first fragrance in the Modern Eclectics collection... -
Zara Blossom Collection 2021: White Flower Posy, Cerise Peonies, Waterfall Brume and Spring Blossom Cascade

Zara Blossom Collection 2021: White Flower Po...

After the launch of four fragrances from the Rain Collection, Zara presents four more editions by Jo Malone this spring under the line named ZARA BLOSSOM. Lovely, floral, airy and transparent; light yet not simple or without sillage and aura. I... -
Acqua di Parma Signature Magnolia Infinita ~ new fragrance

Acqua di Parma Signature Magnolia Infinita ~ ...

Italian niche line Acqua di Parma will launch Magnolia Infinita, a new addition to the Signatures of the Sun collection... -
Let me stand next to your fire

Let me stand next to your fire

Lights, drums, Jimi, for Bleu de Chanel. -
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Miniature Perfume

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Miniature Perfume

Good Girl by Carolina HerreraWomen Edp Miniature?It?s So Good to Be Bad? is the tagline for Carolina Herrera new scent, Good Girl. It was launched in September 2016. Good Girl promises an innovative and addictive combination of tuberose and roasted... -

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