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5 Things That Inspire Me

fragrance News
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5 Things That Inspire Me 5 Things That Inspire Me

5 Things That Inspire Me

What are the things that inspire you"

When I work on any long-term project, my office looks as if a tornado went through it. Since I prefer to work at a low table sitting on a cushion, my legs folded in the lotus position, I use the floor around me as my canvas. Books, research materials, and reference volumes cover it in random looking piles and mixed among them are items I find inspiring. Of course, the chaos is not entirely random, and I can tell you where I have my Japanese-English dictionary, Philip Kraft’s guide to fragrance chemistry or a volume of Persian poetry, without having to get up from my table. (The table, by the way, was a $10 acquisition from a Turkish shop, intended for making phyllo pastry.)
Casting a quick glance at the items that surround me today, I realized that they are much more than the materials I use for my writing, but rather the things that inspire me, the things that give me pleasure simply by looking at or touching them. I’m sure everyone can make such an inspiration collage–and I’m sure that for every person it would be different, but I wanted to share mine with you.

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5 Things That Inspire Me 5 Things That Inspire Me


Fuente de la noticia: bois de jasmin
Fecha de publicación: 09-09-2019 18:53
visto: 2

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Yves Saint Laurent Libre Intense ~ new fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent has launched Libre Intense, a new warm floral flanker to 2019\'s Libre fragrance for women... ...
14-08-2020 18:53

For all eternity, again

Christy Turlington and Edward Burns, back to the beach for Calvin Klein Eternity. ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Friday scent of the day 8/14

Happy Friday and happy Creamsicle Day! Our community project for today: wear a creamsicle fragrance, if you have one. (And you can find lots of sugge ...
14-08-2020 18:53

A handful of hand sanitizers ~ fragranced body product revie

I?ve never thought as much about hand sanitizer in my life as I?ve thought about it over the past five months. Sure, I typically had a half-used bott ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Scent 101 : Skin Chemistry (New Video)

Is there such a thing as “skin chemistry”" I have to note that the phrase itself is misleading, because it implies that a chemical re ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Le Labo Citron 28: New City Exclusive

Every city exclusive by the New York-based luxe perfume brand Le Labo is news because of its alluring mystique; exclusively available to citizens and ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Ho Hang Club Balenciaga: Black Means Masculine

There are no fragrances more similar in name and different in character than Ho Hang and Ho Hang Club. The first is a soapy-n-honeyed dense fougere, ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Total Recall: Salvador Dali

   Salvador Dali was not advertised in Burda Moden, yet somehow many of us, including myself, learned about the perfume\'s existence from that magaz ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Zara?s Cotton Kiss Is Not A Kiss, Or Is It: An Analysis

This summer I gave birth to two very different encounters with a selection of perfumes from Zara. In the first text, I am given over to a frolicking ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Bogart Jacques Bogart: The First Perfume

The name of the fragrance sounds like the famous phrase of Agent 007, "Bond. James Bond." Bogart. Jacques Bogart. In the circles of Russia ...
14-08-2020 18:53

Givenchy L'Interdit Eau de Parfum Intense

  The famous L\'Interdit edition from Givenchy, first launched in 1957, was successfully revamped and modernized in 2018, and shortly became very po ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Spicematic 11.2 Pierre Guillaume Paris and its Family Member

In the spring of 2020, French niche brand Pierre Guillaume Paris presented the new fragrance Spicematic 11.2 - the third variation uniting spices and ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Ariana Grande R.E.M.

  After her two fragrant hits, Cloud from 2018, and Thank U, Next from 2019, the popular American actress and singer Ariana Grande presents her  ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Zaran?t You Glad I Sorted Through the Good and Bad So You Di

This summer I gave birth to two very different encounters with a selection of perfumes from Zara. In the adjoining text, I had a good, hard think, sc ...
13-08-2020 18:53

The New Bright Yellow Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori

Gucci has launched a second colorful perfume in the Bloom family ? bright yellow Bloom Profumo di Fiori. The softest. The original Bloom has defined ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Amouage Overture Woman

  Amouage presents the newest fragrance for women, exclusively offered in Harrods. Amouage Overture Women follows the masculine edition from 2019, w ...
13-08-2020 18:53


The spot for Issey Miyake Nectar d?Issey Première Fleur. ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Issey Miyake Nectar d?Issey Premiere Fleur ~ new fragrance

Issey Miyake has launched Nectar d?Issey Première Fleur, a new fragrance for women. Nectar d?Issey Première Fleur is a flanker to 2018\'s L?Eau d?Iss ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Givenchy L?Interdit Intense ~ new fragrance

Givenchy has launched L\'Interdit Intense, a new oriental fragrance for women. L\'Interdit Intense is a flanker to the 2018 version of L\'Interdit... ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 8/13

Happy Almost-Friday and happy International Lefthanders Day! What fragrance are you wearing" Success: I finally found my Kerosene Unforsaken. Bo ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Creamsicle cupcakes

Orange creamsicle cupcakes topped with lightly toasted meringue frosting. (Please send one my way.) ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Vilhelm Parfumerie Chicago High ~ new fragrance

Vilhelm Parfumerie will launch Chicago High, a new fragrance inspired by the Roaring 20s, in September... ...
13-08-2020 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 8/12

Hump Day, World Elephant Day and International Youth Day. Birthdays: Radclyffe Hall, Pat Metheny. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m taking po ...
12-08-2020 18:53

It always makes me feel better

Mint. I keep fresh mint on my windows, and I love to drink fresh mint in hot water before I go to bed. It always makes me feel better. ? Perfumer Delp ...
12-08-2020 18:53

Bath & Body Works Golden Sunflower ~ new fragrance

Bath & Body Works has launched Golden Sunflower, a new fragrance for women... ...
12-08-2020 18:53

Creamsicle cocktail

From The Spruce, a recipe for an orange creamsicle cocktail. They use vanilla vodka, but they say you can also use gin. ...
12-08-2020 18:53

s.Oliver Follow Your Soul Duo

  After celebrating summer with the seasonal edition Feels Like Summer, German fashion house s.Oliver under the license of Maurer Wirtz announc ...
12-08-2020 18:53

Le Labo Citron 28 ~ new fragrance

Le Labo has introduced Citron 28, the new city-exclusive fragrance for Seoul... ...
11-08-2020 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 8/11

Happy Teapot Tuesday! It also happens to be International Afternoon Tea Week, which I think mostly means you\'re allowed a treat with your tea. What ...
11-08-2020 18:53

Amouage Overture Woman ~ new perfume

Amouage has launched Overture Woman, the feminine counterpart to 2019\'s Overture Man... ...
11-08-2020 18:53

New Style-Chypre Perfumes

Chypre perfumes that rely on an intricate interplay of citrus, florals, moss, woods and musk are among the most intriguing and complex. As I’ve ...
10-08-2020 18:53

New From the French House Bastide: Lavande in Love

The French house Bastide, located in Aix-en-Provence, is a body care and home scent company based on the founders\' desire to create good-for-you pro ...
10-08-2020 18:53

Pandolfo and Sigismondo V Canto: Two Faces of a Hero

The two new fragrances by V Canto, Sigismondo and Pandolfo, were inspired by one person from the history of Italy. Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta (141 ...
10-08-2020 18:53

News for Paco Rabanne Invictus Collection

  Under licence of the Puig company, Paco Rabanne presents new products which add to the very popular Invictus collection; the newest and the big ...
10-08-2020 18:53

Nice abs, part bazillionty and three

Model Sakua Kambong for the Dior men\'s fragrance line. ...
10-08-2020 18:52

Monday scent of the day 8/10

Happy World Lion Day, and a very happy 60th to Antonio Banderas. (Sorry, for the rest of us it\'s just Monday.) What fragrance are you wearing" ...
10-08-2020 18:52

La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness by Lancome

La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness by LancômeWomen EdpFor the first time, happiness in all its forms is encapsulated in a fragrance, composed like ...
09-08-2020 19:31

Perfumed Horoscope: August 10 - August 16

  This week could bring restlessness and it may be worthwhile to look at how to soothe it, and what may be behind it. It will definitely be a men ...
09-08-2020 18:55

Rebecca Minkoff Perfume

American fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff is launching the eponymous first fragrance in 2020. With this perfume Rebecca wanted to capture "the ...
09-08-2020 18:55

Q A with Black American Perfumers and Fragrance Businesses

  The US has seen an explosion of activity in niche perfume, fragrance development, and entrepreneurship in the past ten years. In what had previous ...
09-08-2020 18:55

Floral Street Arizona Bloom

  Arizona Bloom is the newest fragrance of the UK brand Floral Street, announced as a scent freedom, flavored and bottled. Sunny, nomadic, free-spir ...
09-08-2020 18:55

Avon Sparkling Neroli Review

The new summery offering Sparkling Neroli by Avon could have easily fit into Tom Ford\'s Neroli family, becoming another trendy solar flanker. Citru ...
09-08-2020 18:55

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom Tester Perfume

Incanto Bloom by Salvatore FerragamoWomen Edt TesterThis edition to the Incanto collection is as delightful as the name suggests. It was introduced in ...
08-08-2020 19:35

Lazy weekend poll ~ guilty (dis)pleasures

Saturday is International Cat Day! We\'re celebrating with a twist on our guilty pleasures poll (due for a repeat soon). Tell us about the fragrance( ...
08-08-2020 18:54

Eau de Lancaster - Classy Antidote for Hot Days

Lancaster, the cosmetics brand from Monaco, is not very talked about when it comes to fragrances. In my opinion, this is rather unfair, since they ha ...
08-08-2020 18:54

Giorgio Armani My Way: There?s Only One Rule

  In the summer of 2020, the fashion house Giorgio Armani presented MY WAY, a bright white floral fragrance that offers us a new look at femininity. ...
08-08-2020 18:54

Acqua di Parma Colonia Futura: Looking to the Future

  Italian brand Acqua di Parma has announced an addition to its collection of Eaux de Colognes. COLONIA FUTURA is a fresh and citrusy fougère compos ...
08-08-2020 18:54

I Would Have Loved a Berry Pavlova: The Smell of Regret in A

Let?s just say it: Thank U, Next may be a bopping pop hit, but it?s an ironic gamble for the name of a perfume. In the context of Fragrantica, for in ...
08-08-2020 18:54

Yves Rocher Mon Rouge ~ new fragrance

Yves Rocher has launched Mon Rouge, a new floral gourmand fragrance for women... ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Serge Lutens Perilleusement Votre ~ new fragrance

French niche house Serge Lutens has launched Périlleusement Vôtre, a new woody oriental fragrance in the Gratte-ciel collection... ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Serge Lutens Fils de Joie ~ new fragrance

French niche house Serge Lutens will launch Fils de Joie, a new fragrance inspired by a night blooming flower...* ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Friday scent of the day 8/7

Happy Playlist Friday! Our community project for today: name a favorite song, and wear a perfume that fits the song. (We did this project twice in 20 ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible ~ new perfume

French niche line Juliette Has A Gun will launch Musc Invisible, a new fragrance... ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum~ new fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier has launched Le Male Le Parfum, a new flanker to 1995\'s Le Male... ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Richard E Grant Jack Richmond ~ new fragrance

Actor Richard E Grant has launched Jack Richmond, his fourth fragrance... ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Vietnamese Green Oil, DIY Colognes and Other Cool Delights

The second part of my refreshing scents series focuses on non-alcoholic and DIY options. Some people prefer to skip alcohol during hot days, and I?m o ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Mizu's Palo Santo: Powerful Simplicity

We often find our way through perfumes with fairly set notions of what certain natural elements will smell like. It?s nice to have those notions cha ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Reviews: Electro Limonade Bouquet Encore, the Electronic D

In September 2019, during the TFWA event in Cannes while presenting their creation Piano Santal, L?Orchestre Parfum founder Pierre Guguen shared with ...
07-08-2020 18:53

Tuscan Emotion by Ermanno Scervino: Review

The Florentine ready-to-wear fashion brand Ermanno Scervino was founded by businessman Tony Scervino and clothing designer Ermanno Daelli twenty year ...
06-08-2020 18:52

Interlude Black Iris Man: Dark and Decadent

No, I did not expect anything good from Interlude Black Iris Man. A flanker of one of the brand\'s most popular scents. Not a new fragrance, but mere ...
06-08-2020 18:52



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Tuesday scent of the day 8/11

Happy Teapot Tuesday! It also happens to be International Afternoon Tea Week, which I think mostly means you\'re allowed a treat with your tea. What fragrance are you wearing" I am still looking for my Kerosene Unforsaken, so meantime... -
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