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Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum ~ new fragrance

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Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum ~ new fragrance Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum ~ new fragrance

Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum ~ new fragrance

Moschino will launch Toy 2 Bubblegum, a new fruity floriental fragrance for women. Toy 2 Bubblegum is a flanker to 2018's Toy 2, which was a follow-up to 2014's Moschino Toy...*

Moschino will launch Toy 2 Bubblegum, a new fruity floriental fragrance for women. Toy 2 Bubblegum is a flanker to 2018’s Toy 2, which was a follow-up to 2014’s Moschino Toy…* Read the rest of this article »

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Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum ~ new fragrance Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum ~ new fragrance


Fuente de la noticia: nst perfume
Fecha de publicación: 05-02-2021 18:54
visto: 58

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Diesel D: Pour Un Homme Spiked With Absinthe

There are two headline mistakes with Diesel\'s marketing for their latest scent D. Firstly, the fragrance is not nearly as simple and stripped-back a ...
09-12-2022 18:53

Khamrah Lattafa Perfumes: Journey Along the Date Road

Like many of us, I don\'t like the idea of copying fragrances. Or rather, attempts to copy because really good copies do not exist. No imitation of ...
09-12-2022 18:53

Marc Jacobs Daisy Paradise x 3 ~ new fragrances

Marc Jacobs has launched Daisy Paradise, Daisy Love Paradise and Daisy Eau So Fresh Paradise, a new trio of limited edition flankers for women. (Last ...
09-12-2022 18:53

Happy Hotlidays

Season\'s Greetings from Jean Paul Gaultier. ...
09-12-2022 18:53

We can?t keep up

?The demand is just so strong that we can?t keep up,? said Yves Bouquier, the president of Pochet?s US subsidiary. ?We?ve never delivered more perfume ...
09-12-2022 18:53

Ukrainian Comfort Food: Milk Rice with Jam

During these cold days, I’m craving comfort. I open my grandmother Valentina’s notebooks and browse her favorite recipes. She loved to coo ...
09-12-2022 18:53

Louis Cardin Sacred - Cozy as a Blanket

Louis Cardin was to me an obscure brand that I saw appearing frequently in Fragrantica\'s readers reviews. Well, I knew Pierre Cardin very well, but ...
08-12-2022 18:54

Ricardo Ramos Expanded His Deminiche Line and Presents Rock

At the beginning of November 2020, Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor started his new line Deminiche, which launched with two new Extraits Demis: Sandal ...
08-12-2022 18:54

Blue Dozen: 12 Jean Couturier

Since my first acquaintance with this fragrance, I could not understand why Jean Couturier named it dozen, 12. It is obvious that many people asked t ...
08-12-2022 18:54

Desert Suave Les Liquides Imaginaires: Holidays Are Coming

There are times when you just want to be in a fairy tale. Perhaps for someone the upcoming holidays can become that bright time of carefree joy, wh ...
08-12-2022 18:54

Nutty Fragrances For Tastier Holidays

When we talk about nutty fragrances, the range is wider than we first think. Their aroma can be bitter, savory, creamy, powdery, sweetish, or ex ...
07-12-2022 18:54

Aftelier Boheme Confection: A Pulsing, Antique Light

Aftelier, the perfume house of creator Mandy Aftel has released a new fragrance, Boheme Confection. When smelling new perfumes from Aftel, you are of ...
07-12-2022 18:54

Calvin Klein Defy EdP: A Ripe And Fruity Leather

Defy Eau de Toilette, a forgettable 2021 release, was one of the worst fragrances from last year, in my opinion. Its flavour is so banal and white no ...
07-12-2022 18:54

In harmony

Lyn Harris of Perfumer H creates a trio of scented candles for three still life paintings due to be auctioned tonight at Sotheby\'s. You can read more ...
07-12-2022 18:54

One person led to two

The scent was created back in 2015 in celebration of Baccarat\'s 250th anniversary. It was supposed to be a limited edition of 250 crystal bottles, de ...
07-12-2022 18:54

BWME 2022: MANE Terroir ? Palette of Place and Scent

At every Beautyworld Middle East fair, the MANE company offers fantastic access to perfumes created by their perfumers. Over the years, we have vis ...
06-12-2022 19:04

Trust Me, I Am A Liar: Santa's Christmas Edition

A year and a half ago, we reviewed on Fragrantica an unusual experiment named Trust Me, I Am A Liar, which was carried out by the owners of the Creat ...
06-12-2022 19:04

Zara L'Art Des Ingredients Collection Presents Five Perfume

Besides the newest feminine line signed by Jo Malone (the Captivating Memories Collection), ZARA has launched one more line, a very interesting one ...
06-12-2022 19:04

The Winners of the 15th Edition of the Francois Coty Prize 2

The fifteenth edition of the Prix François Coty took place last week at the Hôtel Lutétia, near Saint-Germain des Prés in Paris. This beautiful event ...
06-12-2022 19:04


In the beginning there was Origino..  ORIGINO, created by freelance perfumer Vanina Muracciole, is a base comprised of a musk cocktail. This "m ...
06-12-2022 19:04

Amouage Guidance, Lineage, Purpose & Search ~ new fragrances

Next year, Amouage will launch Odyssey Collection Chapter III Escape, with four unisex fragrances: Guidance, Lineage, Purpose and Search... ...
06-12-2022 19:04

A lucrative move

The answer may have a large financial impact. The scent industry is booming, with the global perfume market valued at $30.6 billion in 2021 ? and proj ...
06-12-2022 19:04

Lofoten and Olifant: Reviews of Olfattology's Two New Fragra

Florence-based Italian niche brand Olfattology, known for its fragrances named after the lakes and rivers of the world, has launched two new fragranc ...
05-12-2022 18:53

FRAGRANTICA Editors Favorite Perfumes of 2022 - Jernê

The year 2022 allowed us to go to stores again and start to enjoy in-person fragrance experimentation once more, as the COVID-19 pandemic receded - a ...
05-12-2022 18:53

Roger & Gallet Heritage Collection ~ reissues

Roger & Gallet has launched the Heritage collection, with four more reissued fragrances joining the brand\'s Collection d?Eaux Parfumées Bienfais ...
05-12-2022 18:53

Insight into human response to scents

A team at the University of Lisbon was conducting research to map brain activity and brain response to certain fragrances, working to create a databas ...
05-12-2022 18:53

Rito BLACKOUT - Even the dark is the place!

  The Italian niche house Rito founded in 2020, has launched three perfumes so far: Cuore d\'Oud, Oltre, and Riserva IX. We are revealing the fourth ...
04-12-2022 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope: December 5 - December 11

  This week will shoot us into the mysteries of human competition. No one knows where it comes from. No one knows precisely its purpose and final o ...
04-12-2022 18:53

BWME 2022: Symrise presents Philyra and Signee Margherita Ca

Imagine that you work for a big perfume company and you need to present it at the biggest perfume show. Of course, you will focus on all your advanta ...
03-12-2022 18:54

Paris at Night in Candles by BDK Parfums

In 2016, Fragrantica colleague Sophie Normand introduced the house BDK Parfums to our readers, an independent house born from the perfume passion of ...
03-12-2022 18:54

Witness by Jacques Bogart: A Witness to the 1990s

It was worth waiting for the fragrances with the names Detective, Clue, Colonel, Bandit, Lawyer, and Witness from the French brand Jacques Bogart! Th ...
03-12-2022 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, early December 2022

It\'s the first weekend in December, and we\'re starting off the month with our same old open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragran ...
03-12-2022 18:54

Anatole Lebreton Brioche ~ new fragrance

French niche line Anatole Lebreton has launched Brioche, a new gourmand fragrance... ...
03-12-2022 18:54

In the Dark, Dark Bottle...

The theme of color is one of the most popular in perfumery. Each of us, to a greater or lesser extent, is characterized by synaesthesia; each of us h ...
02-12-2022 18:53

FRAGRANTICA Editors Favorite Perfumes of 2022

Deliberating over what to deem worthy of my list this season wasn?t easy, new releases were booming by the end of 2022. After very successful edition ...
02-12-2022 18:53

A confession

I have a confession to make: I am a Maison Francis Kurkdijan [sic] Baccarat Rouge 540 devotee ? but I kind of hate myself for it. I love how it smells ...
02-12-2022 18:53

Van Cleef Arpels: Moonlight Patchouli Le Parfum

Van Cleef Arpels presented Moonlight Patchouli Le Parfum within the Collection Extraordinaire. The fragrance is also a flanker of Moonlight Patcho ...
01-12-2022 18:54

Hermès Epice Marine: The Dark Side of the Ocean

Hermès\' Epice Marine, developed by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, is unique and special as a rare example of a marine/oceanic/saline fragrance (you ...
01-12-2022 18:54

BWME 2022: Eurofragance presented the ArtLab Gallery at Beau

The ArtLab Gallery is a tribute to the artistic world, where one can discover works of art, ranging from paintings to perfumes. The fragrance house ...
01-12-2022 18:54

A pre-Covid economy focused on lipstick to a perfume-centred

They are entering a market which, according to the latest Euromonitor data, should achieve a 22.5% growth rate over the next five years (compared to 7 ...
01-12-2022 18:54

Jardins D?Ecrivains Peau d?Ane ~ new fragrance

French niche line Jardins D?Écrivains has launched Peau d\'Âne, a new unisex fragrance inspired by the French fairytale Donkey Skin, published by Cha ...
01-12-2022 18:54

Do you believe in wonder

Bvlgari for Save The Children. ...
01-12-2022 18:54

Season Crush: Oriza Legrand's Indian Empire

During events that bring together press and perfume enthusiasts, I am often asked what my latest "perfume" favorites are. The rate of launc ...
30-11-2022 18:54

Olfactory Art in NYC: Menstrual Gardens, Coma Aromas, and Th

Chinatown, NYC. Tourists and natives crowd the streets, shoulder-to-shoulder, in a neighborhood spanning nearly 500 acres that?s jammed with tea shop ...
30-11-2022 18:54

Amouage Love Tuberose: Indulgent White Floral Eggnog

Amouage?s Love Tuberose portrays its main tuberose theme in more or less the richest, most orchestral way you can shape the flower ? buttery, fruity, ...
30-11-2022 18:54

Secret of Success

Success is a hackneyed word. Whenever I hear about someone being successful, I imagine an accomplished person full of vitality: Everything is going s ...
30-11-2022 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 11/30

Happy Hump Day! Birthdays today: Mark Twain, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Shirley Chisholm, Dick Clark. What fragrance are you wearing" Still commando, ...
30-11-2022 18:54

What to give the woman who has everything

What to give the woman who has everything" It?s a question that consumed Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain when he was tasked with creating a fragr ...
30-11-2022 18:54

Ingredients 07-2012 Maison Crivelli: Sauna, Linen and Cookie

I first learned about the Ingredients 07-2012 fragrance, which marks the 10th anniversary of the eponymous Czech perfume boutique, after the announce ...
29-11-2022 18:54

Bombshell Magic: Blackberry Chocolate Chypre

Victoria?s Secret?s latest scent, Bombshell Magic, continues the approach taken by the recent Bare of highlighting its material origins more clearly ...
29-11-2022 18:54

BWME 2022: Russian Adam of Areej le Dore Interview

Since we had no time to talk during the exhibition, we arranged the meeting with Russian Adam, the owner of Areej le Dore, the next day after BWME-20 ...
29-11-2022 18:54

L?Artisan Parfumeur Soleil de Provence

In November 2022, L?Artisan Parfumeur launches Soleil de Provence as a new addition to the Les Paysages collection that pays tribute to French land ...
29-11-2022 18:54

Pissara Umavijani Has Launched La Rhapsodie Noire in Buchare

This year has been an exciting year for Romanian perfumery, not only because of the numerous new launches (about which Sergey wrote here, Marketa w ...
29-11-2022 18:54

Van Cleef & Arpels Moonlight Patchouli Le Parfum ~ new fragr

Van Cleef & Arpels has launched Moonlight Patchouli Le Parfum, the latest addition to the brands?s Collection Extraordinaire. Moonlight Patchouli ...
29-11-2022 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 11/29

It\'s Tuesday. Birthdays today: Louisa May Alcott, Clive Staples Lewis, Madeleine L?Engle and Chadwick Boseman. What fragrance are you wearing" ...
29-11-2022 18:54

The delicious smell

A special kind of alchemy happens on Crenshaw Tuesdays through Saturdays. Driving with the windows up on Adams and glancing south, you might mistake i ...
29-11-2022 18:54

Monday scent of the day 11/28

It\'s Monday and National French Toast Day, and I\'m in bed with the flu. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m commando, and likely to remain so ...
28-11-2022 18:53

My Favorite Iris Perfumes with Real Orris Essence

As I dig for wild orchids in the autumn fields, it is the deeply-bedded root that I desire, not the flower. Izumi Shikibu (976 AD – 1030, Japan) ...
28-11-2022 18:53

Clean Classic Nordic Light

Clean has launched a new fragrance within the Clean Classic line called Nordic Light. It is a fragrance with flowers and musk and described as fres ...
28-11-2022 18:53

BWME 2022: Givaudan and Its Extraordinary Nature Collection

The stand of the largest perfume company in the world, Givaudan, at the BeautyWorld Middle East 2022 exhibition was unusual in that most of it was oc ...
28-11-2022 18:53



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Xinu ~ new niche brand

Xinú (nose in Otomi) is a new Mexican botanical niche line debuting with three fragrances: Aguamadera, Copála and OroNardo. The bottles are designed for easy repurposing (see below)... -
Romanian Olfactive Art: Adi ale Van

Romanian Olfactive Art: Adi ale Van

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A whole new generation

When it was revealed (reportedly much to her outrage) that Rihanna?s famously good signature scent was in fact Kilian?s Love, Don?t Be Shy ? a heady trail that celebrates the all-consuming emotion of passionate love ? a whole new generation... -
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Signor Vivara: A Vintage Chypre Review

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