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Fecha de publicación: 01-01-1970 01:00

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Si te gusto esta noticia puede que te interesen estas..

L'Eau Couture by ELIE SAAB

L\'Eau Couture by ELIE SAABWomen EdtL\'Eau Couture by ELIE SAAB, is the unique contrast between the sophistication of a Couture look and the springtim ...
20-06-2021 19:38

Zadig Voltaire Art 4 All Duo

In June 2021, Zadig Voltaire presents the new limited duo Art 4 All decorated with an illustration of Paris roofs and the Eiffel Tower: Zadig Vol ...
20-06-2021 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope: June 21 - June 27

  The stern Full Moon in Capricorn (24th) is in astrology related to sudden and deep realizations about one?s ?destiny." You may find yourself ...
20-06-2021 18:55

Toxic Rose and Black Cat from Montale

It has been a long time since I was acquainted with Montale. Some of the Montale perfumes that I once loved and owned are no longer available, others ...
20-06-2021 18:55

National Food in Perfumes: United Kingdom, Brazil Greece

UNITED KINGDOM BY NICOLA THOMIS England, and particularly Yorkshire where I am from, may not be internationally renowned for its gastronomic ...
20-06-2021 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, Juneteenth 2021

June is flying by, folks! It\'s already Juneteenth, and the June solstice is on Sunday, as is Father\'s Day. We\'re marking all of it with our standa ...
19-06-2021 18:56

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Yucatan Secret ~ new fragrance

Comptoir Sud Pacifique has launched Yucatàn Secret, a new fragrance in the Eau de Voyage collection. Yucatàn Secret was inspired by the cenotes of th ...
19-06-2021 18:56

Yohji Yamamoto Unravel 07/14 and 21/38

Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto introduces the new perfume duo Unravel. Usually, a perfume gets its final, commercial name when the work is done, ...
19-06-2021 18:56

Vintage Coty L'Aimant Creamy and the Intimacy of Crème Perfu

I try to keep my eyes open for vintage finds when I\'m poking around antique stores in my travels. The hope is that I\'ll find some bottles in good c ...
19-06-2021 18:56

Cheirosa '40 by Sol de Janeiro: A Review

Cheirosa \'40 was recently released by Sol de Janeiro as part of their Brazilian Crush collection. As a lover of all things by Sol de Janeiro ? espe ...
19-06-2021 18:56

Nuxe Prodigieux Floral Le Parfum

  The French house Nuxe presents a flanker of Prodigieux Le Parfum (2012), a creation composed by perfumer Serge Majoullier in which he combined cre ...
19-06-2021 18:56

VIII ROCOCO MAGNOLIA by Clive Christian: A Seductively Indec

I have never trusted brands that adorned their flacons with crowns. In my opinion, there are only two grounds for one to do so, namely: 1) if the cou ...
19-06-2021 18:56

Lancome Idole Aura ~ new perfume

Lancôme has launched Idôle Aura, a new "radiant floral" flanker to the 2019 Idôle fragrance for women... ...
18-06-2021 18:56

Friday scent of the day 6/18

Happy Bottle Porn Friday (edition 3)! Our community project for today: wear something you bought in part or in full because of the bottle, or a fragr ...
18-06-2021 18:56

We are emitting certain chemical signals that have social va

It?s difficult to say that humans have pheromones, because we have not yet been able to characterize specific molecules that elicit predictable intera ...
18-06-2021 18:56

Miley Cyrus as the New Face of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

Gucci marks its 100th birthday in 2021, and on that occasion, the new edition Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum will be launched.  Singer ...
18-06-2021 18:56

The Epic Beauty of Clive Christian?s X For Men

The praise ladled onto X For Men from Fragrantica reviewers is quite remarkable. If you read through some of them, you?ll find mentions of perfection ...
18-06-2021 18:56

Chevalier De La Nuit by Parfums Ciro: Patchouli of the Night

Perfume house Parfums Ciro was founded in New York in 1921 by Jacob Widhopf, an American with German roots. Ciro\'s fragrances were hugely popular in ...
18-06-2021 18:56

Thursday scent of the day 6/17

It\'s Almost-Friday (and not a moment too soon). Also, the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m ...
17-06-2021 18:55

The more limited I am, the more creative I feel

The bottle porn video for the Guerlain + Kévin Germanier luxury limited edition. Below the jump, an interview with Kévin Germanier. ...
17-06-2021 18:55

Pamella Roland: Interview + Review

The first perfume of fashion designer to the stars, Pamella Roland, was released on April 9, 2021. (Please read the press release by my colleague, B ...
17-06-2021 18:55

Reset: A New Collection by Pekji

Why do we love independent perfumers" They don\'t have launch plans for the year ahead like luxury brands do. Even niche companies lately know v ...
17-06-2021 18:55

L'Elegant MDCI Parfums: A New Perfume Review

With the new Painters Perfumers collection, the approach of Claude Marchal, art director and founder of the niche brand MDCI Parfums, was pretty str ...
17-06-2021 18:55

CUPUAÇÚ: Sweet Fruits That Taste Like Honey

The legends that revolve around cupuaçu come from different indigenous ethnic groups, with a gigantic amount of information that diverges on some po ...
17-06-2021 18:55

Joop! Wow! Fresh

Joop! presented Joop! Wow! in 2017 as a new pillar fragrance. Fresh and woody, the composition was created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud. This masc ...
16-06-2021 18:55

Dolce Gabbana K EdT vs. EdP

I remain surprised at how such an easily likeable a composition as Dolce Gabbana?s K (Eau de Toilette) from 2019 can split audiences to such degree ...
16-06-2021 18:55

Lush Keep It Fluffy: A Quick Glance

While perfumer Emma Dick is busy creating amazing new scents like Confetti, Lush is also re-releasing some relics, like Keep It Fluffy, a fragrance t ...
16-06-2021 18:55

Mes fleurs d?ambre Jean-Michel Duriez

The Mes fleurs d?ambre fragrance appeared in the Jean-Michel Duriez collection in 2017 as part of the Paris en Mai trilogy. In this trilogy, perfum ...
16-06-2021 18:55

Wednesday scent of the day 6/16

It\'s Hump Day and Bloomsday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Burberry\'s The Beat Intense Elixir, a perfectly decent fragrance that I w ...
16-06-2021 18:55

Savour the beauty of fragrance

It?s also become apparent to me that the pandemic has revealed we traditionally haven?t tied much importance to our sense of smell. We teach children ...
16-06-2021 18:55

Perfume Review: Musc Noir For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

There are some brands that have a cohesive olfactory aesthetic – we call this a “house style”. Prada […] ...
15-06-2021 18:55

A New Fragrance from Francesca Bianchi: Luxe Calme Volupte

Luxe Calme Volupte is the latest fragrance to be released from Francesca Bianchi.  Described by the brand as "an elegant yet intense fruity-flo ...
15-06-2021 18:55

Your Bizarre Friend: Excentrique Moi Art de Parfum

"Eccentric: odd, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, abnormal, irregular, uncommon, quirky, unconventional, outlandish, whimsical, singular, off- ...
15-06-2021 18:55

Topsy-Turvy: When Your Opinion of a Perfume Changes Complete

Our sense of smell is inextricably connected to breathing ? in order to experience a scent, we need to take a breath. We breathe constantly, so our o ...
15-06-2021 18:55

Maison Margiela Autumn Vibes ~ new fragrance

Later this month, Maison Margiela will introduce Autumn Vibes (Montreal, 2018), a new unisex fragrance joining the Replica series... ...
15-06-2021 18:55

Solid shampoo x2

Spots for the new solid shampoo bars from Yves Rocher and (below the jump) L\'Occitane. ...
15-06-2021 18:55

Tuesday scent of the day 6/15

It\'s Tuesday, Beer Day Britain and Global Wind Day. A few musical birthdays: Erroll Garner, Waylon Jennings, Harry Nilsson. What fragrance are you w ...
15-06-2021 18:55

Like nothing she has ever smelled

For Janet Marple, 54, of Edina, Minn., coffee, peanut butter and feces all smell vaguely like burning rubber or give off a sickly sweetness. It?s like ...
15-06-2021 18:55

IGTV: Six Scents for Summer 2021

We?re headed into summer and if your fragrance wardrobe needs a bit of a seasonal refresh, I?ve got […] ...
14-06-2021 18:55

Monday scent of the day 6/14

Monday again, plus Flag Day and World Blood Donor Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m heading home after a quick weekend trip to the beach ...
14-06-2021 18:55

Fougere Perfumes and Fragrant Ferns

The first abstract fragrance in modern perfumery is considered to be Houbigant?s Fougère Royale created in 1882. Since I didn?t find myself around fer ...
14-06-2021 18:55

Maison Burdin Paris: Platinum Collection

In May 2021, Maison Burdin added some platinum to their gold, adding three masculine fragrances (which form the Platinum Collection) to the Gold Coll ...
14-06-2021 18:55

L'Atelier Parfum: New Niche House Presents OPUS 1 - The Secr

L\'Atelier Parfum is a brand new niche house from France that creates its works in Grasse. The brand presents its first seven perfumes of the colle ...
14-06-2021 18:55

Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense

  There are many of us who worship the iconic Kenzo Pour Homme creation from 1991 by Christian Mathieu and wear it with pleasure until today. Honest ...
14-06-2021 18:55

BURBERRY Her London Dream Eau de Parfum by BURBERRY

BURBERRY Her London Dream Eau de Parfum by BURBERRYWomen EdpLaunched in 2020, the signature BURBERRY Her scent evolves into Her London Dream  fragran ...
13-06-2021 19:41

Carthusia A'mmare - Profumo d'Ammore

The Italian brand from Capri, Carthusia takes us on a journey near the sea with the newest aromatic and musky fragrance composed for men and women. ...
13-06-2021 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope: June 14 - June 20

  This week we are still recovering from the intensity of the recent eclipses. We may not feel like we are in our space right now, especially menta ...
13-06-2021 18:55

Two Minutes After The Kiss: Azman's Debut Fragrance

The more we live, the more we know that life is all about special moments, and the more moments like these we collect, the more fulfilled we feel. Fr ...
13-06-2021 18:55

Guy Fox's Scents From California and its Latest: Preston

Guy Fox is a relatively new fragrance brand, brought into being by creative entrepreneurs from California who saw an opportunity where there was some ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Creed Reorganizes the Acqua Originale Collection

Creed inaugurated their Acqua Originale Collection in 2014, intending to present fresh and simple compositions that were less facetted but beautiful ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Parfum de Azalea: Devil's Advocate

U.S.-based Australian rapper Iggy Azalea launches her fragrance called Devil?s Advocate, under the new line Parfum De Azalea. This is her first bea ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Mugler Angel Nova Eau de Toilette

The Angel Nova fragrance from Mugler came out in 2020, announced as the new heroine of the fantastic Angel universe. The fruity-gourmand compositio ...
12-06-2021 18:53

New 2021 Editions From Artisanal British House Ffern

Ffern is a young British natural fragrance house founded in 2019 by Owen Mears and Emily Cameron. Their approach to perfumery is very refreshing and ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ guilty pleasures, episode 5

An overdue repeat of our guilty pleasures poll: tell us about your guilty (perfume) pleasures, that is, fragrances you love even though you (or other ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Mizensir Blue Gin ~ new fragrance

Mizensir, the fragrance line of perfumer Alberto Morillas, has launched Blue Gin, a new spicy aromatic fragrance... ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Saturday morning, 9:15 am

A spot for Miller Harris Rêverie de Bergamote. ...
12-06-2021 18:53

Candy Crush: Acqua di Parma x Poltrona Frau Airound Car Diff

Candy Crush is where I write about scent-related things that I?m currently obsessed with I love my car. It’s a sleek red and […] ...
11-06-2021 18:56

Memo Paris Cuirs Nomades: Sicilian Leather

  The Cuirs Nomades collection from Memo Paris, which gathers high-quality leathery experiences, is expanded with a new creation inspired by the lar ...
11-06-2021 18:56

Laboratorio Olfattivo Bergamotto & Limone ~ new fragrances

Italian niche line Laboratorio Olfattivo has launched Bergamotto and Limone, two new fragrances joining Mandarino in the Viaggio in Italia collection ...
11-06-2021 18:56

Friday scent of the day 6/11

Happy Friday and happy King Kamehameha I Day! Our community project for today: wear a tropical or beachy floral. Bonus points if your fragrance inclu ...
11-06-2021 18:56



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Maison Martin Margiela Replica - Autumn Vibes

Maison Martin Margiela Replica - Autumn Vibes

Maison Martin Margiela is launching a new Replica edition called Autumn Vibes Replica. It is part of a collection of fragrances inspired by personal memories and moments from the life of the perfumer; its full name is Reproduction of Familiar... -
Vince Camuto Ciao ~ new perfume

Vince Camuto Ciao ~ new perfume

Vince Camuto has launched Ciao, a new fragrance for women... -
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Miniature Perfume

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Miniature Perfume

Good Girl by Carolina HerreraWomen Edp Miniature?It?s So Good to Be Bad? is the tagline for Carolina Herrera new scent, Good Girl. It was launched in September 2016. Good Girl promises an innovative and addictive combination of tuberose and roasted... -
The New Perfume Untitled by Pekji

The New Perfume Untitled by Pekji

Turkish artisanal perfume brand Pekji announced its new fragrance Untitled. According to the perfumer, Omer Ipekci, developing the fragrance took more than a year, creating more than seventy different variations on the carnation theme. The... -
Gucci 1921 ~ new fragrance

Gucci 1921 ~ new fragrance

Gucci has launched 1921, a new fragrance in The Alchemist\'s Garden collection. 1921 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the brand\'s founding... -
Versace Man Eau Fraiche Perfume Set

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Perfume Set

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by VersaceMen Edt SetThis fresh, sexy interpretation of the Versace Man fragrance is a softer, more subtly, more aquatic and sexy version of the original. It was created by house of Versace in 2006. Top notes include lemon,... -
Zara Emotions: Lullaby Line (Le Petit Lullaby   The Golden Lullaby) by Jo Malone

Zara Emotions: Lullaby Line (Le Petit Lullaby...

Zara continues to expand their popular Zara Emotions line created by Jo Malone. In December 2020, Jo Malone composed five fragrances for two Zara lines for the young ones; the already presented pastel colored, fun, and fruity line ZARA EMOTIONS -... -
Cult of Scent: Something Beautiful and Alive

Cult of Scent: Something Beautiful and Alive

  The first time I saw Joselyn Fullerton was on the bus from Nice airport to the town. Energetic and cheerful, she sat on the seat next to me and immediately started a conversation with an elderly Frenchwoman. Of course, they talked about their... -
Coach Platinum ~ new fragrance

Coach Platinum ~ new fragrance

Coach has launched Coach Platinum, a new fragrance for men... -
Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

Escape for Men by Calvin KleinMen EdtEscape was launched by house of Calvin Klein in 1993. Escape is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. Top notes are eucalyptus, melon, juniper, grapefruit, mango and bergamot; middle... -

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