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Joop! Wow! ~ new fragrance

fragrance News
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Joop! Wow! ~ new fragrance Joop! Wow! ~ new fragrance

Joop! Wow! ~ new fragrance

Joop! has launched Wow!, a new fragrance for men...

Joop! has launched Wow!, a new fragrance for men… Read the rest of this article »

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Joop! Wow! ~ new fragrance Joop! Wow! ~ new fragrance


Fuente de la noticia: nst perfume
Fecha de publicación: 24-01-2017 18:53
visto: 35

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Boy Smells At Sephora: Vibrant, Colourful Easy-Going

Sephora currently stocks four of the Boy Smells collection in most physical stores: Marble Fruit, Flor de la Virgen, Hinoki Fantome, and Woodphoria. ...
26-11-2022 18:54

Best Fragrances 2022: FRAGRANTICA Editors Choice

I have to confess that I didn\'t get to smell as many 2022 creations as I would have liked to, so I know I\'m leaving many wonderful perfumes out, bu ...
26-11-2022 18:54

Les Bains Guerbois 1992 Purple Night: A Voice from the Past

The Les Bains Guerbois line certainly has perfumes more sophisticated, more complex and more interesting than 1992 Purple Night. But it is 1992 Pur ...
26-11-2022 18:54

Cannes TFWA 2022: Jacomo Presents Jacomo In White

Jacomo is not the name on everyone\'s lips in terms of fragrance, but to me, it\'s always a very interesting brand to visit at the Cannes TFWA show b ...
26-11-2022 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ whispering to Santa (or the gift-giving

Our fifteenth annual holiday gift poll. Here are the three questions: What is the fragrance-related gift you?d most like to receive this year" ...
26-11-2022 18:54

The First Ever Prada Perfume

Today, we are well aware of modern Prada fragrances - the gourmand Prada Candy series, the elegant powdery Infusion collection, the Luna Rossa sports ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Holiday Party Gifts by Ormonde Jayne!

The season of giving is upon us and the question of what to pick for those around we love and cherish is coming up. Thankfully no one can say no to a ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Best Perfumes 2022: FRAGRANTICA Editors Choice

This year, perfumery has supported and comforted me like never before. THE BEST PERFUME 2022 LILAGANZA 1907 Charming floral Lilaganza by the Slo ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Arielle Shoshana Friday Eau de Parfum

The third fragrance of the Arielle Shoshana brand is finally on the market. After Saturday and Sunday, the brand offers a joyful Friday in the eye- ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Imaginary Authors In Love With Everything ~ fragrance review

Written in 1982, this electrifying novel about sex, drugs, and decadence in pre-Miami Vice Florida follows a delinquent clique of teenage girls thro ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Friday scent of the day 11/25

It\'s Black Friday! And I slept in, sorry! (It\'s also Native American Heritage Day, plus we have a few birthdays: James Agee, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Nye ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American readers! Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recom ...
25-11-2022 18:54

Hatir Regalien: A New Perfume of Turkish Coffee

One of the new fragrances that we got to know at BeautyWorld Middle East 2022 in Dubai is called Hatir. A representative of the Istanbul perfume hous ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid: Ruby Chocolate Bottled As Perfume

The difference between Flowerbomb the original, released in 2005 at the genesis of the fruity-floral-gourmand trend, and its newest flanker Flowerb ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Ice Twist: New Perfume by Boadicea the Victorious

The official fragrance legend, created by the marketeers of Boadicea the Victorious, associates Ice Twist with the British aristocracy. But not with ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Nishane The Doors Collection: Home Fragrance Line

  After the very successful launches of the Nishane fragrance line in 2022, Nishane Mana for the Prestige Collection, and four amazing fragrances fo ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Carolina Herrera Lucky Charms

Carolina Herrera launched the new Lucky Charms Collection consisting of six floral scents inspired by the world of chance and fortune. Each two-ton ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Perfume Content in Short Form: Getting to Know Fragrance Ti

It seems to me that TikTok, the short-form, video-first social media platform, has a reputation for being silly, unsubstantial, and better left for y ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Jazeel Parfums Two New Fragrances: Amsterdam Intense and Mil

The launch of Jazeel perfumes happened in 2018 when perfumer Ali Alzaabi launched the Jazeel line offering three fragrances (Ghala, Heyam, Wid). Th ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Perfumes of Thanksgiving

Some readers may know that Thanksgiving is my favorite local holiday. It\'s the one day where we prepare some of most festive, aromatic, and belove ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Apricot Privée: Apricot Jam Spread On Dark Suede

Phlur?s Apricot Privée is, to my nose, its clear front-runner for creativity and value. Their other four scents currently available in US stores, as ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Miraj Caramel and Miraj Velur + European Giveaway!

This year we had many events and scented surprises, especially from Romanian creators in the perfumery industry. I was delighted and excited to wr ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Cumin: Sweat and Feet In Your Perfume!

Some perfume notes are cruelly wronged, but I don\'t think any of them are as wronged as cumin. As a resident of a multicultural country like Brazil, ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Alexandre.J Art Nouveau Collection

Enter a world of luxury fragrances that are a work of art in themselves. French brand Alexandre.J draws inspiration from history and all corners of t ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Guerlain L'Instant Magic Editions: the Softest Powdery Sweet

A caress of flowers and woods? That\'s how L\'instant Magic, a flanker to the original L\'instant by Maurice Roucel for Guerlain, with a tangled mess ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Happy Thanksgiving 2022 ~ open thread

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating today! Whether you?re celebrating or not, feel free to talk about anything you like: what fragrance ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Ariana Grande Mod Vanilla & Mod Blush ~ new perfumes

Singer Ariana Grande will launch a new fragrance duo, Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush, on December 1. The fragrances were inspired by 1960s Mod culture... ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 11/23

It?s Hump Day, National Espresso Day and Fibonacci Day. (Plus, Thanksgiving Eve aka Drinksgiving / Blackout Wednesday ? be careful out there!) Birthd ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Profumum Dincanto ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Profumum has launched Dincanto (Enchantment), a new fragrance... ...
24-11-2022 18:54

Cannes TFWA 2022: Ted Lapidus Launches Rumba Fever

Rumba must be one of the most extravagant scents on the market, ever since Balenciaga launched it in 1988, composed by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. ...
22-11-2022 18:54

An Eros Comparison

I have always felt that Versace?s Eros was a scent best experienced from afar, not from close-up on blotter or skin. There are avenues through which ...
22-11-2022 18:54

Nemat Vanilla Musk: Tidings of Comfort Joy

Do you want to smell like a cupcake" I do! Well, sometimes. Especially when I\'m longing for comfort and security. Nothing makes me feel more c ...
22-11-2022 18:54

CHERRY PERFUMES: Cherry Me Up in 2022!

It\'s been almost five years since my column on cherries that stood out at the time and really offered excellent interpretations of this juicy, irr ...
22-11-2022 18:54

Wallachian Perfumes: New Fragrances from Romania

The indefatigable Alexandra Paven, owner and art director of the Bucharest fragrance and accessories boutique Createur 5 D\'Emotions, whose projects ...
22-11-2022 18:54

L?Artisan Parfumeur Soleil de Provence ~ new fragrance

L?Artisan Parfumeur has launched Soleil de Provence, a new addition to the Les Paysages series, paying tribute to French landscapes... ...
22-11-2022 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 11/22

It\'s Tuesday and National Cranberry Relish Day. Birthdays: Abigail Adams, André Gide, Hoagy Carmichael and Billie Jean King. What fragrance are you ...
22-11-2022 18:54

A gift we must preserve and take care of

Rose. Because it was the perfume my mother wore. She applied rose water on my face every morning until I was about 10 years old. She just turned 90. I ...
22-11-2022 18:54

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Sugar Plums & more ~ new fragrances

Indie perfume house Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has launched Sugar Plums, the brand\'s limited edition fragrance for Holiday 2022. Also new-ish from the bra ...
22-11-2022 18:54

Eilish No. 2

Billie Eilish + water, for Eilish No. 2. ...
21-11-2022 18:53

Monday scent of the day 11/21

It\'s Monday, World Hello Day and World Television Day. Birthdays: Voltaire, René Magritte, Coleman Hawkins, Elizabeth George Speare, Marilyn French. ...
21-11-2022 18:53

A character-development tool

But it has quietly become a character-development tool on sets and sound stages. Susan Sarandon, who wears a different scent for each of her movies, s ...
21-11-2022 18:53

Take a Break: Olfactory Detox

Many times when I visited the countryside, my relatives greeted me with the phrase, "You smell of perfume too much." And this despite the f ...
21-11-2022 18:53

Pepe Jeans Bright

Pepe Jeans launches Bright, the new perfume made with 90% of ingredients of natural origin obtained through sustainable sourcing.  With this launch, ...
21-11-2022 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope: November 21 - November 27

  This new moon week has a clear demarcation on Wednesday: we are leaving anything low-energy, deceptive and misleading (Mars pull and push with Ne ...
20-11-2022 18:53

Byron Moresque Review

The recent announcement of the Byron Moresque fragrance, which has just appeared on the brand\'s official website, brought mixed comments. Some users ...
20-11-2022 18:53

FABBRICA DELLA MUSA: Inspired to Create, Created to Inspire!

FABBRICA DELLA MUSA is an inspiring and beautiful brand that will conquer all lovers of Italian style and la dolce vita. In my report from BWME 202 ...
20-11-2022 18:53

BWME 2022: Dmitry Bortnikov of Bortnikoff Parfum Interview

History moves in a spiral. Five years ago, at the Dubai BWME-2017 exhibition, I first learned about the Feel Oud brand, founded by two Russian oud oi ...
20-11-2022 18:53

Cannes TFWA 2022: Jacques Bogart Presents One Man Show 24K E

There is a new chapter in the One Man Show saga by the French classic brand Jacques Bogart. I\'m talking about the One Man Show 24K Edition, and thi ...
19-11-2022 18:53

BWME 2022: CPL Aromas Activities

I first met the British perfume company CPL Aromas last year at the same exhibition in Dubai. Until that time, I only knew about its Global Director ...
19-11-2022 18:53

Headspace: A New Brand With a Creative Streak

Last June (2022), the Headspace brand caused a sensation at Essence, where it was previewed. Its official launch took place in October at the premise ...
19-11-2022 18:53

Thomas de Monaco's New Perfume: Eau Coeur

In December of 2021, Sergey introduced to our readers the first fragrance by niche house Thomas de Monaco, named Raw Gold. We learned that photograph ...
19-11-2022 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late November 2022

It\'s almost Thanksgiving (I hope your house is cleaner than mine) and we\'re celebrating the calm before the holiday festivities with our usual open ...
19-11-2022 18:53

It is me and it protected me

I picked this scent when was 13. Kids were bullying me because I was frumpy and short, and they made fun of my baby face and everything. This fragranc ...
19-11-2022 18:53

On Scents, Memories, and Borsch

Last night I dreamt of making borsch with my late grandmother Valentina. It’s been three years since I last made it, but in my dream everything ...
18-11-2022 18:53

Pissara Umavijani talks about her new perfume and reveals so

In the first week of November 2022 we learned about new fragrance La Rhapsodie Noire by Dusita Paris. Its creator, perfumer and brand owner Pissara U ...
18-11-2022 18:53

Cannes TFWA 2022: Carven Dans Ma Bulle de Musc

The French house of Carven has just launched another chapter of their Dans Ma Bulle story. After the pillar fragrance Dans Ma Bulle (2018), followed ...
18-11-2022 18:53

Gucci Gorgeous Jasmine: White Floral Milkshake With a Hint o

Feminine releases from Gucci over the past few years have made clear that the brand is trying to cultivate a unique signature of creamy white flower ...
18-11-2022 18:53

XERJOFF Scented Candles: A Luxury Collection Of Seven Sophis

The Italian luxury house XERJOFF finally enriched its offer with a sophisticated collection of candles in Limoges porcelain candle holders. Pre-pre ...
18-11-2022 18:53

In Search of Relaxation with Fragrances

Few things are as crucial for the balance of our body and mind as achieving relaxation and peace with ourselves. I am a person who has struggled with ...
18-11-2022 18:53

A New Edition in the Estee Lauder Luxury Collection: Oasis D

In 2021, Estée Lauder launched their LUXURY COLLECTION, and my colleague Sandrina introduced this step into the prestige pricing section to our rea ...
18-11-2022 18:53



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