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Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu & Illusione Tonka Solaire ~ new fragrances

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Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: nst perfume - View all news from this site
Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu & Illusione Tonka Solaire ~ new fragrances Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu & Illusione Tonka Solaire ~ new fragrances

Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu & Illusione Tonka Solaire ~ new fragrances

Bottega Veneta has launched Illusione Bois Nu and Illusione Tonka Solaire, new flankers to 2019's Illusione fragrance duo...

Bottega Veneta has launched Illusione Bois Nu and Illusione Tonka Solaire, new flankers to 2019’s Illusione fragrance duo… Read the rest of this article »

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Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu & Illusione Tonka Solaire ~ new fragrances Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu & Illusione Tonka Solaire ~ new fragrances


Fuente de la noticia: nst perfume
Fecha de publicación: 22-06-2021 18:55
visto: 27

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Givaudan Banks On Mainstream Worth Of Functional Fragrance

In a timely move that demonstrates Givaudan?s commitment to the burgeoning ?functional fragrance? subgenre of perfumery, which bridges the wellness-m ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Escentric Molecules 15 Year Anniversary + WIN Your Story!

Escentric Molecules celebrates its 15th anniversary this year! In order to mark the occasion, the brand has opened a competition of stories submitted ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous!

American fashion house Michael Kors presented a new women\'s perfume, Gorgeous!, in early 2021. Super Gorgeous! comes out in the summer of the same ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Nicolaï Parfumeur Createur Poudre De Musc Intense

Patricia de Nicolai, Photo: Fragrantica The French niche brand founded by perfumer Patricia de Nicolai is launching the new fragrance, Poudre De Mus ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Burberry Hero

Under the license of Coty, the newest fragrance, Burberry Hero, has just been presented to the public. As the article we published earlier this mon ...
30-07-2021 18:53

RE Classified Premium Classic Collection: Michelia and Rose

Chinese perfume brand RE Classified (RE???) launched its Premium Classic collection with ten perfumes in 2018. Three years later, two new blossoms ha ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Floral Street Sunflower Pop ~ new fragrance

UK-based niche line Floral Street, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, has launched Sunflower Pop, a new fruity citrus fragrance inspired by V ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Friday scent of the day 7/30

It\'s BUB Frenzy Friday! Our community project for today: Wear a fragrance that inspired you to buy a backup bottle (or that you wish you wish you ha ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean ~ new fragrance

Prada will introduce Luna Rossa Ocean, a new flanker to 2012\'s Luna Rossa, in August. Luna Rossa Ocean is the brand\'s first fragrance under new lic ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Roses and cucumbers

Developed by creative agency Space, the bus shelters feature an upside-down ?living roof? made of roses and cucumbers, while an infused scent is dispe ...
30-07-2021 18:53

Summer roses x 4 ~ fragrance & body product reviews

How has your summer been going" Mine has been feeling very transitional, very limbo-like. Covid numbers have been going down in my city; or, wai ...
30-07-2021 18:53

A. N. OTHER Minimalist Brand

The new American brand A. N. OTHER appeared on the perfume market not so long ago, in 2018. They immediately started with accusations - the perfume b ...
29-07-2021 18:53

Acqua di Genova: Famous or Unknown"

Italy is known for its citrus groves; it is the producer of the best raw citrus materials used in the perfumery world. When it comes to their own Ita ...
29-07-2021 18:53

Tiziana Terenzi Velorum

Hands down, Tiziana Terenzi?s Velorum is one of the most pleasurable fragrances I?ve ever smelt, overflowing with abundance, joy, and colour. Part of ...
29-07-2021 18:53


Miley Cyrus for the new Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum. ...
29-07-2021 18:53

Ariana Grande God Is A Woman ~ new perfume

Singer Ariana Grande has launched God Is A Woman, a new fruity musk fragrance for women. God Is A Woman is named for Grande\'s 2018 song, from the al ...
29-07-2021 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 7/29

It\'s Almost-Friday and International Tiger Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Parfums de Nicolaï Balle de Match, later renamed L\'Eau ...
29-07-2021 18:53

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous! ~ new perfume

Michael Kors has launched Super Gorgeous!, a new fragrance for women. Super Gorgeous! is a flanker to Gorgeous!, which launched earlier this year... ...
28-07-2021 18:54

Acqua di Parma Signature Lily of the Valley ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Acqua di Parma has launched Lily of the Valley, a new addition to the Signatures of the Sun collection... ...
28-07-2021 18:54

A man in search of transformation and metamorphosis as a new

Adam Driver and a horse, for Burberry Hero. ...
28-07-2021 18:54

The new breed of upcycled fragrances

A perfume made with alcohol that started out as pollution. A sophisticated cedarwood note from leftover sawdust. Meet the new breed of upcycled fragra ...
28-07-2021 18:54

Le Loden Jacques Fath Review

In 2018, the collection Les Essentials de Fath was replenished with a third volume of four new fragrances. Each of them was associated with the Jacqu ...
28-07-2021 18:54

Scented Swimsuits Show Renewed Value Of Novelty

With roots that web back to both the oddities of early science (think of the camera obscura and later awe-inspiring contraptions presented at World?s ...
28-07-2021 18:54

The Inconvenient Weed With A Unique Fragrance: Meet St. John

The Brazilian flora is really something surprising, where even what some consider weeds carry with them healing properties and unique fragrances, a ...
28-07-2021 18:54

Giorgio Armani Is Cool Again: Code Eau de Parfum and Acqua d

Very recently, my colleague Igor wrote about Armani Code Eau de Parfum, and his opinion was extremely positive: He loved the fragrance. I was intrigu ...
27-07-2021 18:54

Ponsa Barcelona Perfumes: Xanath

Spanish niche house PONSA, founded in 2019, presented its first fragrance Cedar Forest inspired by the beauty of the cedar accords, rich in woody n ...
27-07-2021 18:54

Burberry Hero ~ new fragrance

Burberry will launch Hero, a new fresh fragrance for men. Burberry Hero will be fronted by Adam Driver... ...
27-07-2021 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 7/27

It\'s the last Tuesday in July. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m still at the beach, and still commando other than a bit of Weleda Sea Buckt ...
27-07-2021 18:54

It still smells exactly the same

Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath. It comes in a classic, electric-fuchsia-pink plastic jug. It?s this sort of Eau de bubble gum with a sticky banana sweetness, ...
27-07-2021 18:54

From Putrid Sludge to Delicate and Fresh Oil: Get to Know th

The vast field of study of the flora and botany of the Amazon rainforest alone holds more than 2000 species of herbs and aromatic plants that, due ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum, a new Gucci fragrance launching under creative director Alessandro Michele, is a stronger and more concentrat ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Givenchy L?Interdit Rouge ~ new fragrance

Givenchy has launched L\'Interdit Rouge, a new fragrance for women. L\'Interdit Rouge is a flanker to the 2018 version of L\'Interdit... ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Chanel Factory 5

A spot for the Chanel Factory 5 collection. ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Monday scent of the day 7/26

It\'s Monday. Happy 76th to Helen Mirren; happy 78th to Mick Jagger. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m on an extra-long beach weekend and com ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Similar body odor prints

There are also tantalizing hints that body odor doesn?t just influence romantic relationships, but platonic ones, too. Earlier this summer, a study by ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : July 2021

Our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is open this week. You can use this space to find perfume recommendations, to share your discoveries and favorite ...
26-07-2021 18:53

Equation Fueguia 1833 Review

You may remember the Argentinian niche brand - Fueguia 1833 debuted beautifully in Europe at Pitti Fragranze, and many were impressed with its South ...
25-07-2021 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope: July 27 - August 2

  This week the universe is supplying mankind with a surge of energy (Mars opposes Jupiter). We will have the opportunity to figure out which route ...
25-07-2021 18:53

Bottega Veneta Illusione: Bois Nu For Him and Tonka Solaire

In 2019, the Italian fashion house of Bottega Veneta presented the new pillar fragrances Illusione For Her and Illusione For Him. Now, in 2021 the br ...
25-07-2021 18:53

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Gold

  The newest Scandal in Gold arrives in July 2021, as a chypre-leather edition, exclusively launched and available in the Middle East. The newest cr ...
25-07-2021 18:53

WAAW: The Most Premium Collection By Swiss Arabian

In 2020, the Swiss Arabian perfume company launched a new collection, WAAW, named after the special letter of the Arabic alphabet. The letter ? is pr ...
24-07-2021 18:53

The New Divine Perfume: l'esprit libre

Divine launches the new perfume l\'esprit libre, a perfume for liberty. It is described by the brand as iris floral. The founder of the house,Yvon M ...
24-07-2021 18:53

Sandalwood Colognes by Crabtree Evelyn

The history of this American brand is little known in Russia, it was much more popular in the USA and Britain, however, I decided to choose a couple ...
24-07-2021 18:53

Battle of the Nerolis: Neroli Portofino vs Cologne Indélébil

What is compelling about the comparison between Tom Ford?s Neroli Portofino (2011) and Frédéric Malle?s Cologne Indélébile (2015) is that we are also ...
24-07-2021 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ what?s in your shower, edition 6

July is drawing to a close, so it must be time for our annual shower tell us about the scented products in your bath or shower! How many ...
24-07-2021 18:53

Valentino Voce Viva Intensa

The new pillar fragrance of the Italian fashion house Valentino, under the license of  L\'Oréal, came out in the fall of 2020 as Voce Viva, represe ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Do You Know Laura"

Using perfumes in the 1990s and not knowing about aquatic and ozone scents was just as impossible as not watching MTV music videos, never seeing &quo ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Ambre Cello: The Melody of the Desert by L'Orchestre Parfum

L?Orchestre Parfum unveiled in May 2021 Ambre Cello, a new olfactory and musical ballad carried by the scent of the souks of Deira, the old merchant ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Fragrantica Talks: John Biebel Elena Knezevic Talk Best Ne

John and I met up via zoom to talk about some new perfumes 2021. We enjoyed sharing our thoughts, some of the perfumes were amazing and I listed them ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Comme des Garcons ERL Sunscreen: Summer Pleasure

The newest Comme des Garçons fragrance is called ERL Sunscreen - concepted by Eli Russell Linnetz, and differing from the habitual avant-garde concep ...
23-07-2021 18:54

La Perla Signature & Haute Parfumerie Collection ~ new fragr

Italian lingerie brand La Perla has launched a new version of their Signature fragrance, plus the Haute Parfumerie Collection, with eight new fragran ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Friday scent of the day 7/23

Happy Sitcom Friday! Our community project for today: name a favorite sitcom, and wear a fragrance that reminds you of the show in general, or one of ...
23-07-2021 18:54

He reeks of Persona

The film is divisive; the fragrance less so. Tuesday afternoon, my mum drops by to see the grandkids. She likes the scent, too. She says that it has p ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Blending History and Architecture : Arquiste Parfumeur

I first came across Arquiste Parfumeur when I was looking for an original gourmand fragrance. Most of the dessert-inspired blends crossing my path wer ...
23-07-2021 18:54

Don?t quit your day dream

Madison Beer for Victoria\'s Secret Tease Crème Cloud. ...
22-07-2021 18:53

Aerin Cedar Violet ~ new fragrance

Aerin has launched Cedar Violet, a new fragrance for women... ...
22-07-2021 18:53

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Extreme ~ new fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent has launched Black Opium Extreme, a new gourmand fragrance for women. Black Opium Extreme is a flanker to 2014\'s Black Opium, whi ...
22-07-2021 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 7/22

It\'s Almost-Friday, Mango Day and Hammock Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing a dab of Monocle + Comme des Garçons Scent One: Hin ...
22-07-2021 18:53

The route an aroma takes to the olfactory system

Researchers are exploring how the route an aroma takes to the olfactory system ? through the nose or the back of the throat ? influences the person?s ...
22-07-2021 18:53

Akiba by Proad: Wish You Were Here

Let us remind you that the Thai perfumery brand Proad has launched the new line A Place Of Memories Collection, for which its owner and perfumer invi ...
22-07-2021 18:53



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