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Derniers Articles fragrance

Terragonia: Fragrances from the End of the World

"The legend begins at the end of the world, the birthplace of Terragonia, the beautiful goddess of Patagonia. Her body was wrought of precio ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Parfums MDCI Le Barbier de Tangier ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parfums MDCI has launched Le Barbier de Tangier, a new fougère fragrance... ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Pitti Fragranze: Cuir Andalou Rania J.

Perfumer Rania Jouaneh. In August, when Fragrantica editors split all the perfume brands to cover on the then upcoming Pitti Fragranze exhibition, ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Friday scent of the day 9/30

Friday is finally here! (And don\'t forget our splitmeet is still open.) Our community project for today is Still Ticking Friday: wear the perfume in ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Arquiste Ella ~ fragrance review

Following Kevin\'s review of Arquiste Él, I\'m here to report on its feminine counterpart, Ella. Like Él, Ella was inspired by Acapulco in the 1970s ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Leggy and Shaggy Free Spirit: The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree, or Yucca brevifolia, originates from the Mojave desert, the only place where it grows and reproduces itself in nature. The Mojave de ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Recommend Me a Perfume : September 2016

Bois de Jasmin is back with its ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread. You can use this space to ask any questions about perfume, including fragrance recomm ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Bvlgari Le Gemme Men ~ new fragrances

Bvlgari has launched Le Gemme Men, a new collection of luxury fragrances (Ambero, Garanat, Gyan, Malakeos, Onekh and Tygar) developed by perfumer Jac ...
30-09-2016 18:54

PITTI FRAGRANZE 14: The Woody Trend, Part 1 of 2

It is a true pleasure to visit artistic perfume exhibitions, where besides meetings with creators and brand owners you can learn about upcoming t ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Basenotes Readers Awards 2016

Basenotes has announced the winners of their 2016 Readers Awards... ...
30-09-2016 18:54

Marc Jacobs Decadence One Eight K Edition

Designer Marc Jacobs released a new flanker of Decadence perfume under Coty, Decadence 18k Limited Edition. The original comes in a miniature purse-s ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Thursday scent of the day 9/29

Happy Almost-Friday, and happy National Coffee Day!* What fragrance are you wearing" Box of Eels for me today. Reminder: 9/30 will be Still Tick ...
29-09-2016 18:55

APSU ? I'm so green!

I am sure you\'ve heard more than once in a perfume store: "What perfumes do you prefer" Fresher ones"" Perfume freshness is an ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Nuit Noor

A quick spot for Elie Saab Nuit Noor. ...
29-09-2016 18:55

This Week in Fragrance: Autumn Aromas, Smell Preservation

Arlana Marsh at TeenVogue reports that SCAD (Savannah College of Art Design) is starting a new minor in Fragrance Marketing: SCAD?s program, whi ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Fiore di Portofino and Regina: Two New Fragrances by Moresqu

Italian perfume house Moresque announced the launch of the two new perfumes: flowery, ambery Fiore di Portofino and floriental, powdery Regina. ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Arquiste El ~ fragrance review

Arquiste Él\'s1 backstory is based in 1970\'s Acapulco, at Armando\'s Le Club: Nighttime at Acapulco?s sultriest disco. Revelry on the dance floor. ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Strictly Jil Sander Night ~ new fragrance

German fashion brand Jil Sander has launched Strictly Jil Sander Night, a new fragrance for men. Strictly Jil Sander Night is a flanker to 2015\'s St ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Perfume School Givaudan Celebrates 70th Anniversary!

In 1946, the legendary creator of Ma Griffe and Miss Dior, perfumer Jean Carles, opened a perfume school in Grasse, then called the Roure Perfumery ...
29-09-2016 18:55

New Escentual Post: YSL Cinéma

I’ve embarked on a new series within my weekly Escentual column. It’s called ‘From the Archives’ and it aims to shine a spotlight on hidden ge ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Mercedes-Benz Cologne ~ new fragrance

Mercedes-Benz will launch Mercedes-Benz Cologne, a new fragrance for men, next month... ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Mandarina Duck So Bella! So Chic!

  Mandarina Duck launches a new women\'s fragrance with a floral fruity composition, created by perfumer Daphne Bugey. The wish of the designe ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Elie Saab Nuit Noor ~ new fragrance

Elie Saab has launched Nuit Noor, a new fragrance inspired by Beirut and currently exclusive to the Middle East... ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Jo Malone Orange Bitters ~ new fragrance

Jo Malone has launched Orange Bitters, a new limited edition fragrance for holiday 2016... ...
29-09-2016 18:55

Perfume in the Library : Danilo Kis and De Profundis

There are two reasons for me to bring Danilo Ki?’s The Encyclopedia of the Dead into my scented library. First of all, his short stories were re ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Laura Biagiotti Roma Passione & Roma Passione Uomo ~ new fra

Laura Biagiotti has launched Roma Passione and Roma Passione Uomo, a new fragrance duo... ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Sad jokes perpetrated on sad sacks

...I replied that the price of a dinner for two with a decent bottle of wine in a decent restaurant was about the upper limit for me, so let?s say $12 ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Galop d?Hermes ~ perfume review

It would not really be accurate to say I was worried about what perfumer Christine Nagel would do when she took over as house perfumer at Hermès. Ple ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Byredo La Botte, Le Gant & La Selle ~ new fragrances

Niche line Byredo will launch La Botte, Le Gant and La Selle, a new trio of fragrances in the Night Veils evening-wear collection... ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Wednesday scent of the day 9/28

It\'s Hump Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Fendi Furiosa. Reminder: 9/30 will be Still Ticking Friday... ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Scented Snippets: JoAnne Bassett Sacred Elixir Collection, A

Natural perfumer JoAnne Bassett is a classicist by temperament, a purist by nature [sic]. Everything she creates radiates intention. No per ...
28-09-2016 18:55

Alessandra Ambrosio Belessa by ále

World-famous Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio teamed up with the brand Ésika and launched her first fragrance Belessa by ále as a part of her ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 9/27

Happy Tuesday! What fragrance are you wearing" I stayed up too late last night and I\'m dragging. Perfume at the moment is a little spritz of L\ ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Arquiste Goes Sexy: Interview with Carlos Huber

ARQUISTE has just launched a new pair of fragrances, and this time the novelties are sexier than ever. Carlos Huber teamed up again with perfumer ...
27-09-2016 18:54

What if love could always feel like the first day

Pénélope Cruz for Lancôme La Nuit Trésor. ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Tokyo Milk Dark Pretty Rotten & Novacaine ~ new perfumes

Tokyo Milk has launched Pretty Rotten and Novacaine, two new additions to the Dark Collection... ...
27-09-2016 18:54

New Scent O' Clock from La Fleur by Livvy

We talk a lot here on Fragrantica about the concept of fragrance layering. We have an ongoing thread devoted to it in the Club section (currently an ...
27-09-2016 18:54


A spot for Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Fragrance Fitting - Custom Sample Pack From Luckyscent, a niche perfume store from Los Angeles, is now offering the interesting service of Fragrance Fitting for $35, which might be your ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Perfume: A Century of Scents by Lizzie Ostrom ~ book review

Halfway through Lizzie Ostrom?s Perfume: A Century of Scents, I set down the book and wondered who it was written for. Not the perfumista. Ostrom?s e ...
27-09-2016 18:54

The Joy Of Layering Scents

There are three main reasons for people to decide to combine two or more fragrances: to strengthen a scent they love but that has poor longevity or s ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Maria Candida Gentile Lankaran Forest ~ new fragrance

Italian niche house Maria Candida Gentile has launched Lankaran Forest, a new* fragrance... ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Mandarina Duck So Bella! So Chic! ~ new fragrance

Mandarina Duck has launched So Bella! So Chic!, a new fruity floral fragrance for women. So Bella! So Chic! is possibly a flanker to 2014\'s Oh Bella ...
27-09-2016 18:54

Pop-Up Ephemera – CHANEL x i-D: The Fifth Sense Presen

The district of Peckham in south-east London isn’t the first place that springs to mind when one thinks of the house CHANEL, but that’s exactly wh ...
26-09-2016 18:55

Monday scent of the day 9/26

And another week begins. (Quick PSA: the splitmeet is still open!) What fragrance are you wearing" It feels like fall here today. I\'m practicin ...
26-09-2016 18:55

Xerjoff CASAMORATI 1888 Italica

The beautiful Casamorati 1888 Collection by Xerjoff launches ITALICA, a new fragrance exclusively created for Harvey Nicols. Italica comes out in ...
26-09-2016 18:55

White on White : Vyshyvanka and Poltava Embroidery

My favorite piece of clothing is a white linen shirt. The tailoring is plain?a straight, loose bodice is framed by a rounded collar and full three-qua ...
26-09-2016 18:55

Edward Bess + Colette In A Scent ~ new fragrance

Cosmetics and skincare line Edward Bess has launched In A Scent, a new fragrance for the Paris boutique Colette... ...
26-09-2016 18:55

A Lab on Fire - Messy Sexy Just Rolled out of Bed

In October 2016, a new fragrance by A Lab on Fire comes out with the descriptive name Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed. The founder of the brand ...
26-09-2016 18:55

Kerosene Follow ~ new fragrance

Indie line Kerosene will launch Follow, a new gourmand coffee fragrance, next month... ...
26-09-2016 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope September 26 - October 3

publish on sunday 9/25/2016 If your feet are firmly on the ground you can fully benefit from this week. It may be hard to see thi ...
25-09-2016 18:55

Best in Show: L'Artisan Parfumeur (2016)

If asked to name the most whimsical fragrance house established in the 20th century, many of us would easily suggest L\'Artisan Parfumeur, create ...
25-09-2016 18:55

L`Erbolario Osmanthus

Autumn introduces a new trend: the sweet and honey-like osmanthus blossom which slowly but steadily wins you over with its presence. In the past ...
25-09-2016 18:55

L`Erbolario Ginepro Nero

In addition to the osmanthus-inspired collection, in autumn 2016 L\'Erbolario presents a new line for men abounding in citrusy-woody shades. The ...
25-09-2016 18:55

Eric Buterbaugh Scent Dinner in Los Angeles

Host Eric Buterbaugh invites you to his art gallery on Beverly Blvd in the heart of West Hollywood for the EB Florals Scent Dinner, a formal dini ...
24-09-2016 18:54

The splitmeet, episode 6

The splitmeet (episode 6) is open for business. PLEASE read the instructions! For people who would like to chat in addition to, or instead of, splitt ...
24-09-2016 18:54

OTTANIQO My Journey Collection

OTTANIQO, the Dubai-based fragrances and gifts house, presents its first fragrance line called My Journey Collection. It is an alcohol-free perfu ...
24-09-2016 18:54

Curious Perfumers and Instagram Design Strategies: A Creativ

I am curious about curiosity. Curious is an adjective frequently mentioned when discussing the most important attributes of a perfumer. Marketers ...
24-09-2016 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ four questions for late September 2016

As always, answer as many or as few as you like, or just talk about something else altogether. 1. What fragrance are you wearing today" 2. What ...
24-09-2016 18:54

New York's Elements Showcase and Tranoï: A Preview

New York was witness to a grand scale of perfume, fashion and accessory events in Mid-September. Two events occurred simultaneously, the Elements ...
24-09-2016 18:54

Bunch o? limited edition collector bottles (& some other stu

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is ?spec ...
24-09-2016 18:54

The scent of a free spirit

Bruno Rosendo wanders through the mist in the "extended mood video" for Lalique L\'Insoumis. ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Seven Sumptuous Shower Scents

Whether your shower experience looks something like this: Or this... Or maybe even this... ...I\'m sure there is one thing we ca ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Edward Bess La Femme Boheme, Genre & Spanish Veil ~ new frag

Cosmetics and skincare line Edward Bess has launched a new trio of perfumes developed in collaboration with perfumer Carlos Benaïm: La Femme Bohème, ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Gri Gri Sideshow ~ new fragrance

French niche line Gri Gri has launched Sideshow, the brand\'s fourth fragrance... ...
23-09-2016 18:54

The Secret of Scent: 3 Day Course in the South of France wit

Are you looking for a different vacation experience" Do you like to discover old villages and to stay in a charming hotel in a quiet and histori ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Agonist White Lies ~ new fragrance

Swedish niche line Agonist Parfums will launch White Lies, a new fragrance, in November... ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Arquiste for St. Regis Caroline?s Four Hundred ~ home fragra

Things come and go in New York City ? it\'s always been that way ? but a few of Manhattan\'s grand old hotels remain. Nowadays they\'re owned and man ...
23-09-2016 18:54

A Lab On Fire Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed ~ new fragra

A Lab On Fire will launch Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed, a new fragrance, in October... ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Tokidoki Latte and Milk

Italian designer Simone Legno founded Tokidoki fashion and accessories brand in 2006, inspired by Japanese pop culture and lifestyle. Two new Tok ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Friday scent of the day 9/23

Yay, Friday! And, happy birthday to Bruce Springsteen. Our community project for today: wear a perfume by Annick Menardo, if you have one. What fragr ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Apple Perfumes for Autumn (and Anytime)

Elisa offers you an apple. Or several. Late in H Is for Hawk, a memoir about grief and falconry, author Helen Macdonald recounts bringing her goshawk, ...
23-09-2016 18:54

Fig Leaf Syrup (or Jelly) ~ recipe

I enjoy making fig jam in late summer (especially rich Mission Fig jam), but fruit isn\'t the only culinary ingredient a fig tree yields ? fig leaves ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Gosha Rubchinskiy ~ new fragrance

Russian fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy will launch his debut fragrance in collaboration with Comme des Garçons. The eponymous scent was inspired ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Trisha Yearwood Eau de Parfum ~ new fragrance

Country music star Trisha Yearwood has launched her debut fragrance, Trisha Yearwood Eau de Parfum... ...
22-09-2016 18:54

A very British affair

A short animation for Penhaligon\'s Portraits. ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Coolife Le Cinquieme Parfum ~ new fragrance

Niche brand Coolife has launched Le Cinquieme Parfum, a new unisex woody aromatic fragrance... ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Braccialini Purple

Braccialini Parfums (under Eurocosmesi) is launching Purple, a new feminine fragrance modeled on a fairy-tale world filled with light and color and t ...
22-09-2016 18:54

New Escentual Post: Prada La Femme & L’Homme

I do like a bit of Prada, it’s true. Their fragrances are so in synch with their brand, offering modern luxury, innovation and often a splash of hum ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 9/22

Welcome to fall! (Actually, fall does not start in my area for another hour, so I\'m not sobbing just yet.) What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Dogs exposed to lavender and chamomile

According to the study, dogs exposed to lavender and chamomile spent more time resting and less time moving than with other olfactory stimuli used in ...
22-09-2016 18:54

One More Moondance: Dasein Autumn

I had a hard time finding a good tune that captures how I feel about autumn. So many songs about the season are gloomy, philosophical little ball ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Diamonds are a Boy’s Best Friend: Orlov Paris Flame of

“Diamonds! Diamonds! I don’t mean rhinestones! But diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Marilyn Monroe knew a thin ...
22-09-2016 18:54

Azzedine Alaïa - Alaïa Eau de Parfum Blanche

The fashion designer of gorgeous couture dresses Azzedine Alaïa launched his first perfume Alaïa in 2015, a leather scent based on the contrast betwe ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Liu Jo Gold ~ new fragrance

Italian fashion brand Liu Jo will launch Liu Jo Gold, a new fragrance for women "composed as an Arabian olfactive tale of seduction"... ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Perfume in the Library : The Pillow Book

When the Japanese courtier Sei Sh?nagon started writing what is now known as The Pillow Book at the end of the 10th century, it was mostly done to all ...
21-09-2016 18:55

A fragrant week in Paris: Les Rives de la Beauté Event

As every year, fall in Paris was announced with the "Les Rives de la Beauté" event. For five days this event takes the form of a city itin ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Liu?Jo Gold

The house of Liu Jo presents Gold, their new perfume infused with oriental mystery, exuding luxury and elegance. It is announced as a deliciously ex ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Les Parfums de Rosine Rose des Neiges ~ new fragrance

French niche line Les Parfums de Rosine has launched Rose des Neiges, a new powdery floral for women... ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Fragrance News: Bell's Bargain, Old Navy's New Beauty and Ar

A number of news outlets have been buzzing with news that actress Kristen Bell wears a $4 USD fragrance when walking down the red carpet. BodyandSou ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Wednesday scent of the day 9/21

Happy Hump Day, and happy International Day of Peace! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Parfum, from Annic ...
21-09-2016 18:55

PITTI FRAGRANZE 14: Mancera Montale

Like every year, Mancera Paris and Montale Paris exhibit at Pitti Fragranze and introduce their new editions. MANCERA launched three new fragranc ...
21-09-2016 18:55

SP Parfums Christmas Scents: Cassis, Palo Santo, Nardus

?I think, we should have some holy scents for the soul these times. I tried, and I hope, I did some ? Love Peace to Everybody! Enjoy! Have a warm a ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Flower by Kenzo L?Elixir ~ perfume review & quick poll

Kenzo launched Flower by Kenzo L’Elixir last year, and I preceded to pretty much ignore it. I did like a few of the earlier Flower flankers (Flower ...
21-09-2016 18:55

TFWA 2016: The Duty Free Travel Retail Global Summit

The new gathering of exhibitors, distributers, buyers, agencies and journalists at the Palace of Festivals in Cannes is scheduled for the beginni ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Tom Ford x 3

First, two new adverts for Black Orchid: the SFW exploding bottle spot, and below that, the version with model Mica Arganaraz, the new face of the fra ...
21-09-2016 18:55

Fragonard Bigarade Jasmin ~ new fragrance

Fragonard has launched Bigarade Jasmin, a new addition to their Le Jardin de Fragonard collection... ...
20-09-2016 18:53

PITTI FRAGRANZE 14: Esteban Black Tonka Eau de Parfum; Room

It was wonderful to meet Guillaume Fourny, export director of the brand ESTEBAN in Florence, after many years of gatherings and promotion events ...
20-09-2016 18:53

Chanel No. 5 L?Eau ~ fragrance review

We should be happy. Chanel has been very careful with its legendary No. 5 and until now has only dared an Eau de Parfum and Eau Première beyond the o ...
20-09-2016 18:53

Etat Libre d?Orange Attaquer Le Soleil Marquis de Sade ~ new

French niche line Etat Libre d?Orange has launched Attaquer Le Soleil Marquis de Sade, a new fragrance… Read the rest of this article » ...
20-09-2016 18:53

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News most viewed Today

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Dirty Sexy Wilde

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Di...

Kedra Hart of Opus Oils is an indie-perfumer with an aesthetic like no other. She mixes opposites, in both feeling and effect, to create perfumes that are modern and young, yet deeply steeped in nostalgia. It reminds me of how DJs splice... -
L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragrance

L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragran...

L?Artisan Parfumeur will launch Rose Privée, a new floral fragrance, in April. Rose Privée celebrates the "rare and iconic" Rose de Mai (May Rose, aka Rosa × centifolia) of Grasse... -
Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new fragrance

Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new ...

West Village niche perfume boutique Aedes de Venustas will launch Grenadille D?Afrique next month... -
The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fragrance

The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fr...

The Body Shop has launched Black Musk Night Bloom, a new oriental fragrance for women. Black Musk Night Bloom is a flanker to 2015\'s Black Musk... -
Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Paris company known for their beautiful room fragrance, presented their perfume collection Collection Parfums Couture. at TFWA 2013 in Cannes. The new collection includes five fragrances in metal flacons colored in gold:... -
Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance review & quick pineapple poll

Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance ...

Allure irrésistible. At a party on Paris? rive gauche (where the \'intellectuals\' with black AMEX cards and shop) a woman?s fur coat (SO 80s, SO démodé) is lifted from her bare shoulders, exposing her neck to the candlelight... -
Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de Toilette by Cartier

Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de ...

There are so many fragrance launches each year it?s difficult to write about them all. Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you to the point reviews fragrances that are quick and easy to digest. After all, sometimes all one … Continue reading → -
Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense by Nicolaï Parfumeur Créateur

Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense...

The next chapter of my column dedicated to scents of autumn is linked with a 25 year old brand which has gained cult status; Nicolaï now is kind of lingua franca in perfumery circles and at the same time an occasion for dialog with those who... -
Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Les Elixirs Precieux Christian Dior were launched in 2014. The in-house perfumer of Dior, François Demachy, now developed four aromatic oils ? Rose, Ambre, Musc, Oud ? following the Arabian traditions of mixing and using oil perfumes. The names... -
Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

A new fragrance in the upscale Hermessence range from French house Hermès always makes me happy, even when I don\'t love the juice ? it\'s pretty rare that one has bored me, although it has happened. The new Épice Marine is number 11 in the... -

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