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House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection

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House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection

House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection

?Tesoro, which means treasure in Spanish, is a collection of three distinctive fragrances inspired by three of my most treasured memories from my childhood in Mexico? ? Bernardo Moller From the press information and HoB website: On the heels of the success from their signature Artesanal Collection, House of B? unveils its new collection of Parfum concentration fragrances.  Inspired by the founder... Read full article: House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection
from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes

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House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection House of B? launches its New Ultra Luxury Tesoro Collection


Fuente de la noticia: fragrantica
Fecha de publicación: 13-01-2023 18:53
visto: 0

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L'Interdit Édition Millésime Burning Neroli by Givenchy

Givenchy added another filigree Édition Millésime to its L\'Interdit line ? L\'Interdit Burning Neroli. Every perfume in the line includes a unique s ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Mona di Orio Launches DOMAINE ? A Lily of the Valley Perfume

Mona di Orio launched the new perfume Domaine, named after Domaine Sainte Blanche, as a hommage to the Lily of the Valley famed by Mona di Orio?s t ...
05-02-2023 18:53

The Artistry Behind Natural Ingredient Fragrances. Part Two

"By Nature\'s swift and secret working hand The garden glows, and fills the liberal air With lavish odors. There let me draw Ethereal soul, the ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope: February 6 - February 12

  This week we are looking to isolate a virus in your mind that is called the NOT virus. It occurs in your mind when you have some kind of insecuri ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Carolina Herrera Confidential Stallion Leather

Stallion Leather, the newest Herrera Confidential fragrance, is a precious ode to Carolina Herrera?s beloved racehorse, Balaclava. Balaclava\'s bea ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Airy, Green, and Porcelain Jasmines

Jasmine represents the purest white color in perfumery. Jasmine is quite capable of being carnal, dark, red, and golden, but if you need to depict ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Hidden Shades by The House of Oud

The House of Oud (THoO) launches the new fragrance Hidden Shades, inspired by ceramic craftsmanship. For this fragrance, THoO collaborated with the ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Bright and Furious Free d'Homme CoSTUME NATIONAL

Free d\'Homme is a headstrong fragrance. The first men\'s CoSTUME NATIONAL Homme from 2009 is elegantly masculine with a willful character, but they ...
05-02-2023 18:53

Hedonik Obsessive Devotion

Perfumer Francesca Bianchi has just announced a new fragrance in her second brand, Hedonik. The fragrance is called Obsessive Devotion, and it follow ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Paco Rabanne and His Iconic Fragrances

Paco Rabanne has passed away. The stars are going out one by one, burning and disappearing. Paco Rabanne lived a long and wonderful life. He was tr ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Panettone Milano Fragrances Review

Yes, I understand that at the end of January it is too late to recall the Italian Christmas cake Panettone. The season is past. But let\'s look from ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Wacky And Wonderful New Scents From Amouage

Amouage?s new ?chapter? of the Odyssey collection ? a quartet of stand-alone scents, two for men and two for women ? was announced in January. Search ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ winter reading list, edition 11

Welcome to our annual winter reading poll! Tell us about a great book to curl up with on a frosty winter night, and what fragrance we should wear whi ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Bonjour, Cherie

Margaux Van Kommer for Kate Spade Chérie. ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Libera ~ new perfume

Salvatore Ferragamo will launch Signorina Libera, a new fragrance for women. Signorina Libera is a flanker to 2012\'s Signorina... ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Extreme ~ new fragrance

Carolina Herrera has launched Bad Boy Extreme, a new fragrance for men. Bad Boy Extreme is a flanker to 2019\'s Bad Boy and follows 2022\'s Bad Boy C ...
04-02-2023 18:55

The spontaneous olfactory connection with colour

Givaudan?s Myrissi offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered method of translating fragrance into colour patterns to help market fragrance to con ...
04-02-2023 18:55

Rose Retreat in Bulgaria May 2023

The Bulgarian Rose Valley in Kazanlak grows half of the world’s roses for the fragrance and pharmaceutical industries. In 2019, I partnered with ...
03-02-2023 18:53

A Sea of Orange and Gold ? Tagetes and Marigolds

The Aster family or Compositae (lat. Asteraceae, Compositae) is huge and ubiquitous, represented in all climatic zones of all continents, with the ex ...
03-02-2023 18:53

Amouage Purpose: The Spirit of Time

I don\'t usually play with words, but as I was reviewing Purpose, I couldn\'t help but think about aims and goals. The newly released Amouage fragran ...
03-02-2023 18:53

YSL Libre Le Parfum ? A Tale of Three Skins

I will never turn my nose up at mainstream perfumery as long as it keeps producing little gems like Bottega Veneta, Narciso for Her, L\'Interdit Roug ...
03-02-2023 18:53

The Cologne House Cairo: Essentials Collection

The first collection of the Egyptian perfume house The Cologne House called The Essentials Collection, released in 2022, was conceived as a collectio ...
03-02-2023 18:53

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Parfum

The Polo Red Collection by Ralph Lauren gets a new addition: Polo Red Parfum. This newest version promises intensity and follows the DNA of the Pol ...
03-02-2023 18:53


The first thing I have to mention is the bottle the fragrance comes in. It is a black transparent glass bottle that has gold components. Black combin ...
03-02-2023 18:53

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Lumiere ~ new fragrance

Estée Lauder will launch Bronze Goddess L\'Eau de Lumière, a new amber floral fragrance for women. Bronze Goddess L\'Eau de Lumière is a limited edit ...
03-02-2023 18:53

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Tenderness ~ new fragrance

Indie perfume house Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has launched Tenderness, a new fragrance for Valentine\'s Day 2023... ...
03-02-2023 18:53

Wake up and smell the chile

The sweet smell of green chile roasting on an open flame permeates New Mexico every fall, wafting from roadside stands and grocery store parking lots ...
03-02-2023 18:53

Reflextion Royal Crown: Anticipation of Spring

  On 1 and 2 February, Ancient Celts celebrated Imbolc, marking the transition from winter to spring, the festival of melt water and purification, m ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Cherry Smoke and Electric Cherry: More Cherries From Tom For

Tom Ford is one of my favorite perfume brands, and I\'m interested in everything they make. Even if a perfume doesn\'t suit me, it\'s still interes ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Travel to Southern India with Madurai by Mémo Paris

Last September, Mémo Paris enriched its Fleurs Bohèmes collection with a new chapter, Madurai, a creation designed by perfumer Gaël Montero, and insp ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Skylar Lime Sands

Clean fragrance brand Skylar has just announced its newest, soon-to-be-released fragrance. Named Lime Sands, it is described as invigorating, citru ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Ella K Parfums Camélia K

In 2017, perfumer Sonia Constant created her own perfume brand called ELLA K, advertising it as an adventure in which she was able to fabricate her ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Mona di Orio Domaine ~ new fragrance

Niche line Mona di Orio has launched Domaine, a new lily of the valley soliflore. Domaine was inspired by Domaine Sainte Blanche, perfumer Edmond Rou ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Unleash your fempower

Emily Ratajkowski in the latest spot for Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Fishy smells

Building on the idea that metaphors we use in language can influence our social cognition (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980), Spike Lee had been busy exposi ...
02-02-2023 18:54

L?Occitane Herbae Spartium ~ new fragrance

L?Occitane has launched Herbae par L\'Occitane Spartium, a new limited edition fragrance for women. Herbae Spartium is a flanker to 2019\'s Herbae, a ...
02-02-2023 18:54

Laura Ashley No.1: The Queen of English Style and Her Fragra

In 2019, Gucci launched The Alchemist\'s Garden Collection of fragrances. Their antique-styled white glass bottles left me wondering where I\'d seen ...
01-02-2023 18:54

A Love Letter to Bandit Suprême

Dear Bandit Suprême, The first time I saw you it was a winter afternoon in London. I went to Harrod\'s only to see the Christmas decorations, but the ...
01-02-2023 18:54

A Rose Isn?t A Rose: Rose 31?s Secret Strategy For Success

As an olfactory muse, roses have such broad and spread faceting that a perfumer could never lose interest or avenues of how and why to express them. ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Amouage Guidance: A Real French Perfume

Recently Quentin Bisch has become one of the most talked about perfumers. Brands want to partner with him, journalists write about him, buyers hunt ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Kilian Can't Stop Loving You Fragrance Review

Kilian Can\'t Stop Loving You is such an unusual honey fragrance that I would\'ve called it  unique if I hadn\'t smelled a similarly structured one b ...
01-02-2023 18:54

...And Finally the Flowerbomb V R Film Released

Earlier this month we announced the release of the new Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf commercial with the new face of the fragrance, Emily Ratajkowski. It i ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Sisley LES EAUX RÊVÉES: Six New Fragrances

In the same style flacon as Sisley Eau de 1, Eau de 2 and Eau de 3 launched in 2009, Sisley is presenting the new line Sisley LES EAUX RÊVÉES that ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Issey Miyake L?Eau d?Issey Pivoine & L?Eau d?Issey pour Homm

Issey Miyake will introduce L?Eau d?Issey Pivoine and L?Eau d?Issey pour Homme Vétiver. The new limited edition fragrances are flankers to 1993?s L?E ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Chloe Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense ~ new perfume

Chloé has launched Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense, a new 100% natural fragrance. Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense is either a flanker to 2022\'s Chloé No ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu ~ new fragrance

Lancôme will launch La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu, a new flanker to 2012\'s La Vie Est Belle, on the 13th of this month. La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu ...
01-02-2023 18:54

Zadig Voltaire UNDRESSED Duo

In 2023, the Zadig Voltaire This Is Him! and This Is Her! pillars get new versions with the sensual and signature woodsy touch of sandalwood and a s ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Terpenes: The Power of Nature Itself

Understanding the inner workings of natural fragrance substances is a huge opportunity for perfumers: it\'s probably one of the few things perfumer ...
31-01-2023 18:54

A Universal Love for Prickly Pear or Opuntia

Prickly pear can and should be eaten, it is a tasty, healthy, and fragrant fruit. The only thing that should be considered while enjoying such a meal ...
31-01-2023 18:54

BeautyWorld Middle East 2022: Oud Collection by CPL Aromas

I started my review of the CPL Aromas space at BeautyWorld Middle East 2022 in the first article about this company. At the exhibition, I briefly sam ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Amyris Homme: A Niche 1 Million With Burnt Plastic

Maison Francis Kurkdjian?s Amyris Homme is a scent caught between eras. Released in 2012 when niche perfumery conventions were still highly new, limi ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Forever

  2022 brought several creations from Narciso Rodriguez to the market: Musc Noir Rose For Her, For Him Bleu Noir Parfum, For Her Pink Edition, Narci ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Rochas Man Intense

  The newest fragrance from Rochas offers gourmand-woodsy and ambery accords, the flanker of iconic coffee and vanilla Rochas Man from 1999, compose ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Elie Saab Elixir

Launching in early 2023, Elixir represents a new pillar fragrance of the Elie Saab opus, announced as a love potion that sparkles with sensuality. ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Mugler Angel Elixir ~ new perfume

Mugler has launched Angel Elixir, a new flanker to 1992\'s Angel... ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Mysterious rashes

Soon after using her latest order, Wilson began suffering from a strange set of symptoms. Mysterious rashes appeared all over her body, and her forear ...
31-01-2023 18:54

Givenchy Faux Semblant

Givenchy launches Faux Semblant in February 2023 as a new addition to the La Collection Particulière collection. This whole line of fragrances is i ...
30-01-2023 18:54

First Missoni Perfume (1981)

It\'s great that mankind managed to create so many different perfumes! If you\'re curious enough, from time to time you\'ll discover again some unkno ...
30-01-2023 18:54

New Collective Products by Noomi Rapace: SEVEN FACETS? OF UN

"I feel like I?m always carrying all these different characters in me. I realized that it?s not about getting rid of the character I was playing ...
30-01-2023 18:54

Boy Smells Tantrum: Green Pepper Hidden in the Leaves

Without the green pepper note in Boy Smells\' Tantrum, the fragrance would feel so close to the No. 19 prototype of harsh, sharpened-knife greennes ...
30-01-2023 18:54



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