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Four familiar and unmistakable scents

fragrance News
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Four familiar and unmistakable scents Four familiar and unmistakable scents

Four familiar and unmistakable scents

Sharpee and her colleagues analyzed odor molecules found in four familiar and unmistakable scents: strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries and mouse urine. The researchers calculated how often and in what concentrations certain molecules turned up together in these scents. They then created a mathematical model in which molecules that occurred together frequently were represented as closer in […]

Sharpee and her colleagues analyzed odor molecules found in four familiar and unmistakable scents: strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries and mouse urine. The researchers calculated how often and in what concentrations certain molecules turned up together in these scents. They then created a mathematical model in which molecules that occurred together frequently were represented as closer in space and molecules that rarely did so were farther apart. The result was a ?saddle?-shaped surface?a hallmark of a field called hyperbolic geometry, which obeys different rules from the geometry most people learn in school.
? Tatyana Sharpee is a neurobiologist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla. She and her colleagues are working on ways to map odors. Read more at Unraveling the Mathematics of Smell at Scientific American, or see the research paper at Hyperbolic geometry of the olfactory space at Science Advances.

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Four familiar and unmistakable scents Four familiar and unmistakable scents


Fuente de la noticia: nst perfume
Fecha de publicación: 21-11-2018 18:53
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Essential Parfums Orange x Santal: Light, Breezy, Fresh

  It\'s funny sometimes how the designation "niche perfumery" nowadays can mean so many different things. It can even mean accessible (inst ...
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Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Sheer

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Scents of Scotland: Alexander McQueen, Child of the Unseelie

When I heard somewhere in 2010 that Alexander McQueen had committed suicide, I hardly noticed the news. It took me a trip to Edinburgh to understand ...
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Or Noir: Pascal Morabito's First Perfume

  The first Pascal Morabito perfume was created for women, a side road this jewelry brand chose for a reason; everyone knows that jewelry and perfum ...
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Lazy weekend poll ~ five questions for December 2018

Five questions for a December weekend. As always, answer as few or as many as you like, or just talk about something else. 1. What fragrance are you ...
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Amouage Opus XI ~ new fragrance

Amouage has launched Opus XI, the latest fragrance in the niche brand?s Library Collection... ...
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The daily lemming / not-lemming

This might annoy me too much to even try it, but who knows, maybe it is fantastic. The Nue Co.\'s Functional Fragrance: "A fragrance with a funct ...
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Very bad

That almost unconscious application habit?misting a little scent on your wrists and then pressing them together before reaching for your neck?is actua ...
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Amina Ali : The Cake Wizard of Lahore

Amina Ali is a painter and a cake wizard of Lahore. ...
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BedeauX Chouette and Hibou: Smelling the Night

In 2017, when self-taught Amanda Beadle came up with her first fragrance called Chienoir, she didn\'t expect to become the winner of the Art Olfact ...
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The Wartime Adventures of Chanel's Perfumes: From Collaborat

Gabrielle Chanel (1883-1971), known by the sobriquet, Coco, from her cabaret singing days, was a prickly character who truly captured the collective ...
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Rake Ruin Beaufort London: Gin and Smoked Wood

  My Florentine meeting with Leo Crabtree, the owner of Beaufort London, started not with perfumery. There was a big black bottle with a silver label ...
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JVxNJ by john varvatos

JVxNJ by john varvatosMen EdtJV x NJ is a dynamic, irresistible fragrance that captures the upbeat energy of the city. Its a creative collaboration b ...
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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua ~ new fragrance

Tom Ford has launched Costa Azzurra Acqua. The new Private Blend fragrance is a flanker to 2014\'s Costa Azzurra... ...
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Thursday scent of the day 12/13

Happy Almost-Friday and happy Hot Cocoa Day! What fragrance are you wearing" Me: day 4 of Aftelier Candide. Reminder: on 12/14, wear a fragranc ...
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An Xmas Perfume Scrooge ~ Me

I love the period between Thanksgiving and my birthday in January. There are: holiday feasts (at home and in restaurants), suspension of calorie coun ...
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Calvin Klein Eternity Flame

In January 2019, CALVIN KLEIN will launch the new duo for the Eternity line. Eternity Flame fragrances for women and men represent "a passionate ...
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Lamborghini Urus

INTERTRADE GROUP presents the new fragrance for the Automobili Lamborghini collection, and it\'s ready to race! It is inspired by prestigious car ma ...
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The House of Robertet: 200 Years of Passion for Nature

The house of Robertet, society of composition and production (*) of natural materials, has been located in Grasse for 200 years. It\'s a house with ...
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Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine x 4 ~ new fragrances

Marc Jacobs has launched Daisy Sunshine, Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine, Daisy Love Sunshine and Daisy Dream Sunshine, a new quartet of limited edition ...
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Wednesday scent of the day 12/12

Hump Day, and Gingerbread House Day. What fragrance are you wearing" Me: day 3 of Aftelier Candide. I\'m still out of town so my selection is li ...
12-12-2018 18:53

The wonder bells ballet

Viktor & Rolf\'s holiday video. ...
12-12-2018 18:53

The big guns

By October, with wiley Avni still at large, it was time to break out the big guns, the final line of defense, the Hail Mary. It was time for Obsession ...
12-12-2018 18:53

Ormonde Jayne White Gold ~ fragrance review

Say $425 dropped into your lap, and you had to spend it on perfume. What would you buy" If you want to smell like a sharply cut ice-white diamon ...
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L'Occitane En Provence Collection Rose Eau Parfumee

  The Collection Rose Eau Parfumee by L\'Occitane en Provence is designed for hair and body use, following and complementing the latest Rose Eau ...
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Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Moonlight Magic

Before New Year\'s holiday, Jill Stuart presents a limited edition of JILL STUART CRYSTAL BLOOM MOONLIGHT MAGIC in a blue bottle crowned with a Swar ...
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Tuesday scent of the day 12/11

It?s Tuesday, and International Mountain Day, (and I remembered the teapot). What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m sticking with yesterday\'s Aft ...
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Our study was looking at how olfactory receptors and brain structures cope with mixtures and single odorants. At first, we thought that mixtures would ...
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Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Hair Mist

  The fragrance Mon Paris by the Yves Saint Laurent house was introduced to the market in 2016 as a new "pillar" in the perfume collection ...
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Jo Malone London Bronze Wood Leather Cologne Intense

  The Cologne Intense collection of Jo Malone London will soon include a new fragrance, BRONZE WOOD LEATHER, in mid-January 2019, which will seduce ...
11-12-2018 18:53

Giorgio Armani - Emporio Armani In Love With You Stronger

Armani (L\'Oréal) launches two new fragrances of the Emporio Armani line at the beginning of 2019. In Love With You and Stronger With You Intensely ...
11-12-2018 18:53

Shiseido Zen Gold Elixir

Dedicated to the brilliance, sensuality and perfume excellence that governs the Middle East, the new edition of Shiseido Zen Gold Elixir celebrates ...
11-12-2018 18:53

Je Reviens Worth: I'll return!

  Charles Worth is considered the father of haute couture. As the first couturier, he created dresses for empresses, queens, czarinas, and princesses ...
11-12-2018 18:53

L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Iconic Ambers

There are a few perfume ‘genres’ that I have never really ‘got’: green, woody and amber. Well, with […] ...
10-12-2018 18:55

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Limited Edition 2018

  Salvatore Ferragamo again favors the color red for their holiday edition, launching a new collector\'s bottle to celebrate the holidays in 2018. A ...
10-12-2018 18:55

Naughty or Nice: What is It For You"

It\'s that time of the year again. When the contemplation of looking back at the year\'s deeds leaves one with a special taste in the mouth. Was it ...
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Perfumed Horoscope December 10 - December 16

  You may have picked up a little gold chest from the ocean floor last week, and this week you can take that treasure to the next level. We are look ...
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4711 Acqua Colonia ~ four new fragrances

4711 has launched four new limited edition fragrances in the brand\'s Acqua Colonia range this year: Blackberry & Cocoa, Vanilla & Chestnut, ...
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Monday scent of the day 12/10

Happy Monday and happy Human Rights Day. Birthdays: Ada Lovelace, Emily Dickinson, Cornelia Funke. What fragrance are you wearing" I am commando ...
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Czech & Speake Villa Ausonia ~ new fragrance

British niche line Czech & Speake has launched Villa Ausonia, a new unisex ozone fragrance... ...
10-12-2018 18:55

Perfumes The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

A review of a book of perfume reviews, the most comprehensive guide to fragrance, Perfumes The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez ...
10-12-2018 18:55

BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Tester Perfume

Omnia Cryistalline by BVLGARIWomen Edt Tester Born in 2005 under Omnia line of  fragrance by BVLGARI. Omnia Crystalline capturing the glowing clarit ...
09-12-2018 19:34

Mylène Demongeot: Perfumes from Her Secret Cabinets

  Mylène Demongeot has been keen on perfumery throughout her life. However, her first fragrance of choice fully demonstrated Mylène\'s willful perso ...
09-12-2018 18:53

Bro-culture in Fragrance and How it has Broadened the Field

  There are many subcultures within fragrance, such as vintage collectors, niche enthusiasts, Guerlain-only worshippers (where you can substitute Gue ...
09-12-2018 18:53

Tom Ford Beau de Jour Costa Azzurra Acqua

At the end of 2018/beginning of 2019, Tom Ford launches two new fragrances of the exclusive Private Blend collection: Beau de Jour, as part of the li ...
09-12-2018 18:53

The Strangers New Perfume Collection: LGBTIQ series

  The new LGBTIQ series by Strangers Perfumerie consisting of 5 fragrances is launched now on its official website. The new fragrances were created b ...
09-12-2018 18:53

Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc

The LA NUIT TRÉSOR collection from Lancôme includes the following editions: the original La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum from 2015, La Nuit Trésor Care ...
09-12-2018 18:53

GIORGIO ARMANI Code Colonia Tester Perfume

Armani Code Colonia by GIORGIO ARMANIMen Edt TesterJoining its predecessors, Armani Code and Armani Code Profumo, Armani Code: Colonia is the new defi ...
08-12-2018 19:41

1881 Pour Homme by CERRUTTI

1881 Pour Homme by CERRUTTIMen Edt 1881 Pour Homme was launched in 1990. It was created for the man who considers fragrance an essential form of expr ...
08-12-2018 19:41

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, National Brownie Day 2018

(Quick PSA: I am leaving town to help a family member. I was already behind ? I have not even finished reading the comments for Friday\'s scent of th ...
08-12-2018 18:53

Tom Ford Beau de Jour ~ new fragrance

Tom Ford has launched Beau de Jour, a new masculine fragrance in the Private Blend range... ...
08-12-2018 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc for Her ~ new fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez will launch Pure Musc, a new fragrance for women. Pure Musc is a variation on the original Narciso Rodriguez for Her scent and foll ...
08-12-2018 18:53

Lahore and Roses

Exploring Lahore, the historical and cultural heart of Pakistan and subcontinent. ...
08-12-2018 18:53

Viktor Rolf Magic Collection Salty Flower

"AS BEAUTY MAGICIANS, WE CREATE FRAGRANCE ILLUSIONS." ViktorRolf The exclusive Magic Collection from the fashion house of Viktor Rolf is ...
08-12-2018 18:53

The Inspiration Behind Love Tuberose by Amouage

A presentation for the new fragrance Love Tuberose by Amouage was held in Moscow. As usual, Christopher Chong, the creative director at Amouage who ...
08-12-2018 18:53

Brand New: The App Olfaplay by Guerlain, Soon Also in Englis

  Two days ago, on the fifth of December 2018, the French house of Guerlain unveiled at its Champs-Elysees address the novelty "Olfaplay", ...
08-12-2018 18:53

Siordia Parfums: Bakst and Frida

  At the Intercharm 2018 exhibition, there were several new Russian indie-perfumers. They were sharing tables, helping each other, not quarreling. Th ...
08-12-2018 18:53



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