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By Rosie Jane Angie ~ new fragrance

fragrance News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: nst perfume - View all news from this site
By Rosie Jane Angie ~ new fragrance By Rosie Jane Angie ~ new fragrance

By Rosie Jane Angie ~ new fragrance

By Rosie Jane has launched Angie, a new floral fragrance for women...

By Rosie Jane has launched Angie, a new floral fragrance for women… Read the rest of this article »

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By Rosie Jane Angie ~ new fragrance By Rosie Jane Angie ~ new fragrance


Fuente de la noticia: nst perfume
Fecha de publicación: 29-09-2018 18:54
visto: 0

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On Escentual: #EscentualMe

 Click here to read. Disclaimer Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. My views […] ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Friday scent of the day 10/19

Yep, it\'s Friday! Our community project for today: for Family History Month, wear a fragrance that someone in your family wore, or that reminds you ...
19-10-2018 18:53

The size of the olfactory bulb

In 2012, Lucia Jacobs, an animal behaviorist at Berkeley, proposed that the size of the olfactory bulb, the neural structure that helps all animals sm ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Parfums de Nicolai Neroli Intense & Thymes Neroli Sol Body L

I may wear rose more often than any other floral note in my fragrances, but I\'m also very fond of violet and carnation, and sometimes I really crave ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Like a touch of cashmere on bare skin

Julia Stegner for Simply Jil Sander Eau Poudrée. ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Simply Jil Sander Eau Poudree ~ new fragrance

German fashion brand Jil Sander has launched Simply Jil Sander Eau Poudrée, a new flanker to 2014\'s Simply Jil Sander... ...
19-10-2018 18:53

French Fig Jam

A recipe for a traditional French fig jam with lemon juice and zest ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Fly Away Mugler Review

The news about the dispersion of the Mugler cologne ray upon the five, distinct, multicolored fragrances that Sandrina reported on earlier made me h ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Æther Supræm Series

    This spring Æther, the experimental side project of Nicholas Chabot, creator of the French niche brand Le Galion, introduced a new collection ca ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Mûre et Musc: 40 Years Old Without Aging at All!

Jean-Francois Laporte never imagined in 1978 the success his newest creation would meet. The small wonder of balance, Mûre et Musc, still seduces its ...
19-10-2018 18:53

The Dominique Ropion Daily: Maison Margiela Mutiny Givench

And now a short break for the latest news. Lately, two new fragrances have appeared in stores, and both were created by the perfumer Dominique Ropio ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Mugler Aura Eau de Toilette: Aura of Piety and Compassion

  More "concentrated" versions of perfumes usually raise doubt about the purpose of less concentrated ones. Very often, people think that ...
19-10-2018 18:53

Roadster by Cartier

Roadster by CartierMen EdtRoadster is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. Launched in 2008, Roadster is a luxurious men?s fragrance that is easy to wea ...
18-10-2018 19:39

Speed Sniff: Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette by GUERLAIN

Speed Sniffs are a way to bring you ?to-the-point? fragrance reviews that are quick and easy to digest. […] ...
18-10-2018 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 10/18

Happy Almost-Friday! It\'s also Chocolate Cupcake Day and Chuck Berry\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in a wee dab of Mugler A ...
18-10-2018 18:53

A capacity to tolerate the metallic and hydrocarbon pollutio

In Assam, reputed to be India?s agarwood capital , the adaptability of the critically endangered trees to oil-contaminated agricultural plots and its ...
18-10-2018 18:53

Sprays and Candles: New Home Scents From Lalique

  The house of Lalique is famous for its jewelry, glass, crystal and perfume. But these areas of design can also come together, and not only with per ...
18-10-2018 18:53

Atelier Prada: Customize the Look of Fragrances L'Homme Prad

The Prada brand is excited to offer a fashion touch to their popular perfumes L\'Homme Prada and La Femme Prada from 2016, creating  Atelier Prad ...
18-10-2018 18:53

Montblanc Explorer

After Legend and Emblem, Montlanc announces the new male pillar fragrance that comes out on the market in February 2019. Montblanc Explorer tells th ...
18-10-2018 18:53

NOVA Astrological Candles

Brooklyn-based perfumery Nova was founded by self-taught perfumer Julia Zangrilli in 2012, and made its name offering custom blended fragrances whil ...
18-10-2018 18:53

Two New Fragrances by Rituals Based on the Yalda Tradition

Dutch cosmetics and fragrance company Rituals, founded in the year 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, offers a luxurious collection of high quality produc ...
18-10-2018 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 10/17

Hump Day, and not a moment too soon. 75 days left in 2018, which is a few too many for my taste, and don\'t forget the splitmeet is coming up on Satu ...
17-10-2018 18:53

Now I just walk through without even looking up

One thing that has changed is the perfume industry itself, which [Le Labo co-founder Eddie] Roschi says has become crowded and oversaturated. As such ...
17-10-2018 18:53

Now in Stores: Calvin Klein Women Burberry Her

  Do you apply your perfume in association with the style of your outfit of that day" Whatever your ritual is, this association isn?t easy to a ...
17-10-2018 18:53

40th Anniversary of Polo Ralph Lauren

  Let\'s imagine for ten minutes that perfumes can be masculine or feminine again, and that they can differ greatly. For example, in men\'s fragrance ...
17-10-2018 18:53

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Tommy Girl Now

  American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger recently held its Tommy Hilfiger Fall Winter 2018/2019 fashion show in Shanghai, China, which was broadca ...
17-10-2018 18:53

Armand Basi Night Blue and In Flowers

  Two new ARMAND BASI fragrances have already appeared in perfume stores, and sales assistants are actively offering them on smelling blotters to eve ...
17-10-2018 18:53

Candy Crush: Jo Malone London X Huntsman Saville Row

I?m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I […] ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Goldfield Banks in the USA and Their New Rare Edition Sout

The arrival of a fragrance brand in the US is always of interest to those who keep up with the newer niche offerings. Goldfield Banks Australia is ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Oriflame Eclat Mon Parfum by Emilie Bevierre Coppermann

  The Eclat Collection by cosmetics brand Oriflame brand is widely known and counts more than 10 creations for women and for men. The first Eclat fr ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Pitti Fragranze 2018: Vetiver Forever Emmanuel Levain

While at the Pitti Fragranze 2018 perfume event in September, I decided to take a chance on getting acquainted with the Swiss brand Emmanuel Levain ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Oil Musc Parfum

  Narciso Rodriguez added to his fragrance line a new perfume oil that celebrates the first fragrance of his perfume line, the iconic Narciso Rodrig ...
16-10-2018 18:53

New Fragrance: Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex

Victor Wong, the creator of Zoologist perfumes, has joined forces with perfumer and architect Antonio Gardoni, to create the brand?s latest creature ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Versace Eros Flame ~ new fragrance

Versace has launched Eros Flame, a new fragrance for men. Eros Flame is a flanker to 2012\'s Eros... ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 10/16

It\'s Tuesday and it\'s World Food Day, and Oscar Wilde\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m having my second cup of tea (boring ol ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Lubin Upper Ten & Upper Ten for Her ~ fragrance review

Reading Perfumes: The Guide 20181 has got me revisiting old samples, among them Lubin Upper Ten and Upper Ten for Her, both of which received four st ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Bond no. 9 Lafayette Street ~ new fragrance

Niche line Bond no. 9 has launched Lafayette Street, a new fragrance for men... ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Prada La Femme Prada Absolu & L?Homme Prada Absolu ~ new fra

Prada has launched La Femme Prada Absolu and L\'Homme Prada Absolu, new limited edition flankers to to 2016\'s La Femme Prada and L\'Homme Prada... ...
16-10-2018 18:53

Perfume Review: Habit Rouge Dress Code by GUERLAIN

It’s not unusual for a fragrance house to redress a classic fragrance for modern times but it’s difficult […] ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Jacques Bogart Club 75 VIP

  Jacques Bogart is a classic French brand characterized by multiple interpretations of its fougère DNA ever since the iconic debut fragrance was lau ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Bvlgari Rose Goldea Jacky Tsai Edition

The new limited edition of the already best-selling and popular Bvlgari perfume Rose Goldea comes out in October 2018 to mark its first anniversary. ...
15-10-2018 18:52

D.S. Durga for Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf, Come Und

David Moltz, co-founder and perfumer of the Brooklyn-based niche fragrance house D.S. Durga, is behind a special project, launched in October 2018 ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Zara The Naturals Collection Molecules Collection

  In the past few months, the Zara fashion brand has launched numerous fragrances, including two very interesting lines: Molecules and The Naturals. ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Parle Moi De Parfum: Interview With Benjamin Almairac

Parle Moi De Parfum is a bit complicated to pronounce, but that\'s okay, since you are trying to pronounce it for the first time. The house is brand ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Best in Show: Shower Fresh Scents (2018)

Charles Dickens once mused on the merits of the shower: "I think it is of service to me as a Refresher ? not as a taker out, but as a putter in ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Perfumed Horoscope October 15 - October 21

The truth may not always be a matter of facts. Sometimes it can be bent, refurbished, and sometimes not saying something is worse than a lie. Wit ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Monday scent of the day 10/15

Well, it\'s Monday again. It\'s also the International Day of Rural Women. What fragrance are you wearing" I was looking for something else, but ...
15-10-2018 18:52

Comme des Garcons Black : Perfume Review

If you’ve never tried any Comme des Garçons fragrances, think of the stuff you might smell at your car mechanic–tar, machine grease, burnt ...
15-10-2018 18:52

OUI Juicy CoutureTester Perfume

OUI Juicy Couture by Juicy CoutureWomen Edp TesterDesigned to be ?playful? and ?provoca­tive?, OUI Juicy Couture was launched in 2018. The fragrance ...
14-10-2018 19:35

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, mid-October 2018

It\'s our same old standard issue open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the fragrance you?re wearing today, your last fantastic bargain fi ...
14-10-2018 18:52

Original vs. Flankers: Givenchy Insensé

"A great fragrance is recognized by the nearly physical shock you experience when coming across it for the first time," wrote Edmond Roudn ...
14-10-2018 18:52

Perfume Your Home with Rye Whisky by Joya

  The New York based perfume house Joya, founded by Frederick Bouchardy and known for their beautiful porcelain, exclusive perfumes and scented candl ...
14-10-2018 18:52

Gattinoni Armonia

Having a history of 72 years in the world of fashion, including Couture, Prêt-à- Porter and Accessories,  the Italian house of Gattinoni was founded ...
14-10-2018 18:52

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature: Cut the Sugar

  It\'s been a year since I was introduced to Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature, the new edition of the Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo line. But only now ...
14-10-2018 18:52

PRADA Luna Rossa Black Tester Perfume

Luna Rossa Black by PRADAMen Edp TesterLuna Rossa Black is the richer, more gourmand take on Luna Rossa and it brings something rather new and intrigu ...
13-10-2018 19:39


HUGO MAN by HUGO BOSSMen EdtHugo Man was launched in 1995. A fresh, sharp and extremely masculine fragrance. Top notes are lavender, green apple, min ...
13-10-2018 19:39

On Molecules, Yet Again: Molecular Fragrances

  Lately in fragrance-related writing we have increasingly encountered mentions of successes in the field of so-called "molecular perfumery.&qu ...
13-10-2018 18:53

Tuscan Creations by Salvatore Ferragamo

  Salvatore Ferragamo has just renewed, reshuffled and embellished its exclusive fragrance editions under the new and unique line called Tuscan Creat ...
13-10-2018 18:53

Désert Suave, the New Journey of Liquides Imaginaires

Philippe Di Méo presented last Tuesday at Villa Rose the very beautiful fragrance Désert Suave, the latest creation of the trilogie Eaux Imaginaires. ...
13-10-2018 18:53

Hervé Gambs Ice Cologne: Ice Lemon, Ice River Ice Land

At a TFWA stand in Cannes, Hervé Gambs presented his upcoming collection of fresh, citrusy, aquatic and minty creations. The new Ice Cologne line co ...
13-10-2018 18:53



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Their moment even inspires a new fragrance?

Their moment even inspires a new fragrance?

Two lovers escape a blaze at a famous London hotel. Out of the flames steps a hero, carrying the woman who loves him. It?s romantic, heroic and a photographer slaps them on the world's front pages. Their moment even inspires a new fragrance. But... -
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Goldea The Roman Night by Bvlgari

Goldea The Roman Night by BvlgariWomen EdpGoldea, The Roman Night Eau de Parfum was launched in 2017 by house of Bvlgari. It pays tribute to the fascinating, Eternal City of Rome at night. A contemporary fragrance with mesmerizing black musks and... -
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French niche line Juliette Has A Gun has launched Liquid Illusion, a new fragrance in the Luxury Collection... -
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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2018 ~ new fragran...

Calvin Klein has launched the 2018 version of CK One Summer. CK One Summer is a flanker to 1994\'s CK One... -

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