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Omnomnom – Juliette Has a Gun MMMM… Perfume Revi

As you can probably tell by looking at the photographs in this post, I had quite a bit of fun putting this review together, and fun certainly seems to ...
31-10-2016 18:57

Addicted: Yes, I Wear Room Sprays

"Who smells like a fireplace"" "Why do you remind me of a hotel"" "Are you sure that is supposed to be s ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Puredistance Sheiduna ~ new perfume

Niche line Puredistance has launched Sheiduna, a new fragrance for women... ...
31-10-2016 18:56

How I Wear Perfume Now

The week before last, I quit my office day job. I?m transitioning into a new life that?s part-time writer and part-time shop girl supplemented by wha ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Behind the Scenes of Fragranze: An Interview with Raffaello

Pitti Fragranze has already finished, but the reviews on fragrances we\'ve met there are still appearing in our newsfeed. After 14 years (this editio ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Monday scent of the day 10/31

Happy Halloween! What fragrance are you wearing" Yesterday it was in the high 70s here, today it will not get out of the 50s. I\'m in Fendi Theo ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Perfumes For Autumnal Moods and the Art of Japanese Garden

I came back from the south of France to a golden and grey Brussels and whatever summer memories that weren’t blown away by a mistral in Marseill ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Coach the Fragrance Eau de Toilette

Fall of 2016 welcomes the new Coach signature fragrance -  Coach the Fragrance - in two versions: the previously announced Coach Eau de Parfum, and ...
31-10-2016 18:56

By Kilian + Loree Rodkin ~ new scented jewelry

Niche line By Kilian has introduced their latest capsule collection of scented jewelry, created in collaboration with California jewelry designer Lor ...
31-10-2016 18:56

The Art of Scent from The Perfume Society

This is just a quickie to say that The perfume Society has released their very latest edition of The Scented Letter and I’m in it! I’m very honour ...
31-10-2016 18:57

Best in Show: Penhaligon's (2016)

Established in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a barber from Cornwall, Penhaligon\'s is one of England\'s oldest, continuously operat ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Cremieux Noir Extreme ~ new fragrance

French menswear brand Cremieux has launched Cremieux Noir Extreme, a new fragrance for men... ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Cologne Drinks: Ingesting a Legend

Elvis Costello and the Attractions spat it out plain as day: "And you\'re drinking down the Eau de Cologne. And you\'re spitting out the Kodachr ...
31-10-2016 18:56


A quick video for Marc Jacobs Daisy Shine and Decadence One Eight K. ...
31-10-2016 18:56

Perfumed Horoscope October 31 - November 6

This is the week of good news. In order to receive good news, there should have been some kind of inflow of good energies into needing and recei ...
30-10-2016 18:55

Autumn Aromas in Boston, Lisbon, San Diego Amsterdam

BOSTON JOHN BIEBEL: Boston lies nestled around a harbor, and so the smell of the sea is never very far away. In New England, Autumn descends ...
30-10-2016 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, National Cat Day 2016

Happy National Cat Day! And a quick PSA: our Ferragamo giveaway is still open. We\'re doing our usual open thread. Talk about anything you like ? the ...
29-10-2016 18:55

Sarah McCartney Speaks About Creating Macaque for Zoologist

Sarah McCartney is the oh-so-witty and talented perfumer behind the brand 4160 Tuesdays, but she is also responsible for the creation of Macaque, ...
29-10-2016 18:55

Michael Kors Turquoise

Michael Kors Turquoise lanuches in October 2016 as a new limited edition of the original Michael Kors fragrance from 2004, after many editions such a ...
29-10-2016 18:55

Mercedes-Benz Woman Eau de Parfum and Mercedes-Benz Woman Ea

Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with INCC Parfums presented two editions for women this year. Even though at the presentation in Cannes at the Maj ...
29-10-2016 18:55

McQueen Eau de Parfum by Alexander McQueen ~ perfume review

Let\'s say you like the idea of a classic big white floral, but they don\'t generally suit you. Or to be more specific, let\'s say you like the idea ...
29-10-2016 18:55

Finding Their Niche in Montreal: Etiket

The fourth quarter of 2016 was fast approaching. Mr. NLS and I had a few vacation days and a few travel dollars left in our budget this year. We were ...
29-10-2016 18:55

Giorgio Armani Sì Night Light Holiday 2016 Limited Editions

Giorgio Armani celebrates light-filled winter holidays with Sì Night Light Editions, two new limited bottles that come out at the end of 2016: Sì ...
29-10-2016 18:55

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom ~ new fragrance

Michael Kors has launched Sexy Blossom, a new fragrance for women in the brand\'s Sexy series (see Sexy Sunset, Sexy Rio de Janeiro and etc)... ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Too much, too many

Now it?s the same phenomenon with the niche business. It?s becoming like a ?designer world??.If niche is becoming a designer world, I?m out of it. The ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Black, White & Purple – Atelier Cologne Mimosa In

Atelier Cologne, the purveyors of the modern eau de cologne, have launched a brand new collection of five fragrances entitled ‘Collection Orient’. ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Souvenir de Malmaison ~ fragrance revie

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz recently launched several new fall fragrances, and my personal favorite of the bunch is Souvenir de Malmaison, "a new twist ...
28-10-2016 18:54

By Rosie Jane Rosie ~ new fragrance

By Rosie Jane has launched Rosie, a new fragrance for women... ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Simone Cosac Amore Proibito

Simone Cosac Amore Proibito, Cannes 2016 SIMONE COSAC PROFUMI is an exclusive Italian company that has introduced luxurious fragrances based o ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Friday scent of the day 10/28

It\'s Treat Friday! Our community project for today: wear a fragrance that reminds you of candy. (Thanks to Happy888cat for the suggestion!) What fra ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Breaking and making

Lily-Rose Depp for Chanel No. 5 L\'Eau. ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Lite + Cycle Perfume Oils

Lite + Cycle is the brand of perfume as essential oils that use the power of plants and flowers to repair mood. Besides the aromatherapeutic bene ...
28-10-2016 18:54

Jacomo For Men Intense - Mixed Feelings Got me Hooked

  From time to time I meet a perfume that I take a long time to fully figure out. I don\'t know if I like it or not. There is something that i ...
27-10-2016 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 10/27

Happy Almost-Friday! What fragrance are you wearing" Day four of Halloween treats brings me around to Red Hots: Serge Lutens Rousse (hat tip to ...
27-10-2016 18:54

Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Perfume Milk ~ new fragrance

Singer Melanie Martinez will launch Cry Baby Perfume Milk in December. Cry Baby is the name of her latest album... ...
27-10-2016 18:54

This Week in Fragrance: Britney Endures, Data Smells, Night

Priya Krishna of explores the enduring legacy of the top-selling celebrity fragrance brand. Which celebrity" ...Britney!  Over th ...
27-10-2016 18:54

New from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Indie perfume house Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has launched Vert et Noir, Axis Mundi, Chinchilla, Souvenir de Malmaison and Vanilla Chantilly... ...
27-10-2016 18:54

Dior Poison Girl Eau De Toilette

Dior launched Poison Girl in January 2016 as the fragrance of a new generation of Poison. Its sweet and heady combination of bitter orange, Damas ...
27-10-2016 18:54

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Monsieur Le Prince Elegant

Zylangia is known for holding the license of the perfume collection by PRINCESSE MARINA DE BOURBON, one that exudes luxury, sophistication and el ...
27-10-2016 18:54

Not for consumption

Singer Melanie Martinez exhibits what Billboard calls her "warped childhood aesthetic" for her new fragrance, Cry Baby Perfume Milk. ...
27-10-2016 18:54

New Escentual Post: This is Zadig & Voltaire

I was introduced to the debut fragrances from Parisian fashion house Zadig & Voltaire this week and I was so darn impressed, I simply had to write abo ...
27-10-2016 18:54

Diptyque Kimonanthe ~ fragrance review

Even the most jaded perfumistas like myself are not immune from the occasional jerky motion or drool as we read about a new fragrance. I\'m sometimes ...
27-10-2016 18:54


Matthew Zorpas of The Gentleman Blogger for Gianfranco Ferré L\'Uomo. ...
26-10-2016 18:56

Reclaim their beastly odors

?Animalic? is a buzzword floating around the industry, now that the minimalist, clean trend has given way (at least in high-fashion niche circles) to ...
26-10-2016 18:56

Prada La Femme: Creamy Tension for Modern Temptresses

Perfumer Daniela Roche-Andrier has seemingly effortlessly managed to fuse a distinct olfactory style through the Prada scent collection. It beautifu ...
26-10-2016 18:56

Up for grabs: Ferragamo Leather Rose and La Corte

What is it: 75 ml bottles of Ferragamo Tuscan Scent Leather Rose and Tuscan Soul La Corte. Both have been used lightly for testing. How do I get it: ...
26-10-2016 18:56

Wednesday scent of the day 10/26

Happy Hump Day, and happy National Pumpkin Day! (And sorry I\'m late, I quite overslept.) What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m on day three of H ...
26-10-2016 18:56

Zu-koh: incense powders for the body

Along with glorious statues, ritual objects and religious texts and scholarship, incense arrived in Japan with Buddhism in the sixth century. Incense ...
26-10-2016 18:56

Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Perfume Milk

Cry Baby Perfume Milk, the first fragrance by American singer Melanie Martinez, was born as an idea after her "Cry Baby" album. Announced a ...
26-10-2016 18:56

La Parfumerie Moderne No Sport & Cuir X ~ fragrance reviews

The fortune in the cookie with tonight?s take-out ginger beef reads, ?An interesting sports opportunity is in your future.? And yet, tonight?s post-g ...
25-10-2016 18:55

Nina Ricci L'Air Du Temps Collection Lumière

    The perfume which made Nina Ricci\'s fragrances famous, L?Air du Temps from 1948, will be presented in three new luxurious limited edit ...
25-10-2016 18:55

Tuesday scent of the day 10/25

Happy Tuesday, all! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m on day two of Halloween treats, with Kerosene Black Vines. Reminder: 10/28 will be Trea ...
25-10-2016 18:55

Woodland Fantasy – TOM FORD Private Blend Vert des Boi

Green fragrances are my least favourite, I’m just going to come right out and say it. They so often feel harsh and demanding, not to mention the fac ...
25-10-2016 18:55

I have three bottles at all times

Comme des Garcons Wonderwood (I have three bottles at all times), Ban invisible unscented stick deodorant, Davines matte hair wax, a Mason Pearson mil ...
25-10-2016 18:55

Rosy and Creamy: Dear Diary Sakura Blossom in Curitiba

  Dear Diary is a recent niche brand (launched in 2015) that comes from the same hands as the ones that are giving us back all the glory of Ma ...
25-10-2016 18:55

A New Fragrance by Daniel Josier: Green Leather

  Spanish perfumer Daniel Josier has a long history in the perfume business. He started out in the world of perfumery in 1998, at the German fragr ...
25-10-2016 18:55

Michael Kors Turquoise ~ new perfume

Michael Kors has launched Michael Kors Turquoise, a new fragrance for women. Turquoise is a flanker to 2000\'s Michael by Michael Kors and follows 20 ...
25-10-2016 18:55

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eaux de Parfum

  At the end of September 2016, Chanel launched the Eau de Parfum versions of its prestigious Les Exclusifs de Chanel perfume line. The new conc ...
24-10-2016 18:56

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic ~ new fragrances

Lacoste will launch Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic, a new fragrance duo, next month... ...
24-10-2016 18:56

Shakira Dance ~ new perfume

Shakira has launched Dance, a new fragrance for women... ...
24-10-2016 18:56

Monday scent of the day 10/24

Happy Monday, and happy United Nations Day! (In the US, it\'s also Food Day. Do eat some food.) What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Eta ...
24-10-2016 18:56


Shakira, dancing, for her new fragrance, Dance. ...
24-10-2016 18:56

Recommend Me a Perfume : October 2016

Our October ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread is now open. You can use this space to ask any questions about perfume, including fragrance recommendation ...
24-10-2016 18:56

In Lisbon With Caron's President Romain Alés

Romain Alés, Miguel Matos and Paula Gomes manager of Dara Jewels Caron is a big, fragrant passion of mine. I think that Caron is a passion for ...
23-10-2016 18:55

THE SENSE OF EXPERIENCE - Niche Exhibition in Cannes

Charming Stefania Giannino (Nobile 1942) together with Luca Gritti (Dr. Gritti) started an initiative with an aim to organize a special exhibitio ...
23-10-2016 18:55

It’s Here: Fume Chat the Perfumed Podcast

On Monday I teased you all with the hint of a brand new project that Nick Gilbert and I had embarked upon. Well now, after six months of planning, I c ...
23-10-2016 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope October 24 - October 30

As the week begins we feel loftier, but also need to remain cautious not to communicate something that may be misleading to others (Venus in Sag ...
23-10-2016 18:55

Inside Florence's Palazzo Spini-Feroni: An Interview with Lu

Luciano Bertinelli, CEO of Ferragamo Parfums standing next to Salvatore Ferragamo and Audrey Hepburn It\'s not common for a world-renowned fas ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Eric Buterbaugh Kingston Osmanthus ~ new perfume

Floral designer Eric Buterbaugh has launched Kingston Osmanthus, a new addition to the Eric Buterbaugh Florals collection... ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Fragrance Du Bois Nature's Treasures

Though a relatively young brand, with its first release just three years ago, Fragrance Du Bois is already well known for its oud-based fragrance ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection ~ new fragrances

Viktor & Rolf will launch the Magic Collection, a new series of luxury unisex fragrances, in February of next year... ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Print Wrap Done

Trigger warning: Christmas creep! From Lacoste Fragrances, "six unique wrapping paper designs, available to download and print". ...
22-10-2016 18:56

From the Forums: Election Day

From the Forums highlights our Fragrantica readers and what they?re discussing in the Fragrantica discussion boards. There you?ll find many topics th ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Nasty Woman ~ new fragrance

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has launched Nasty Woman, a new fragrance inspired by the last (US) presidential debate... ...
22-10-2016 18:56

ARS MIRABILE, Secret Formulas by Caterina de Medici

"The fragrance etymologically derives from the Latin per-fumum which literally means "by means of smoke" a practice that revea ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Monaco Parfums L`Eau Florale, L`Eau Azur

Monaco Parfums were first presented last year in Canes at TFWA 2015, and we had the opportunity to test the first two fragrances of the collectio ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Bunch o? limited edition collector bottles 2016, part 15

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is ?spec ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late October 2016

[PSA: the swapmeet is still open, and so is our latest giveaway.] Today, our usual open thread poll. Talk about anything you like ? the perfume you?r ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Byredo: Three New Night Veils with a Leather Theme

Since Ben Gorham started his fragrance brand Byredo in 2006, the characteristic bottles with the glossy black magnetic caps and minimalist monochrome ...
22-10-2016 18:56

You have no idea how hard it is to smell 1,500 fragrances

Come November, Ocean Mist will be replaced with Season?s Greetings, which reminded me of hot apple cider and cinnamon when I sampled it. (After I test ...
22-10-2016 18:56

House of Cherry Bomb Immortal Mine II ~ new fragrance

Indie line House of Cherry Bomb has launched Immortal Mine II, a new natural fragrance. Immortal Mine II is "the reincarnation of" 2012\'s ...
22-10-2016 18:56

Pierre Precieuse The Diamond Collection

Pierre Precieuse booth at TFWA 2016 Pierre Precieuse The Diamond Collection, TFWA 2016 PIERRE PRECIEUSE is a new niche house that prese ...
21-10-2016 18:54

Diptyque holiday candles 2016

Diptyque has introduced their Holiday 2016 candle collection. This year\'s theme: Une Nuit Chez Diptyque, a "marvelous winter tale in three acts ...
21-10-2016 18:54

Friday scent of the day 10/21

It\'s Trick Friday! Our community project for today: wear a fragrance that smells entirely different from its name (or feel free to interpret "t ...
21-10-2016 18:54

Les Parfums de Rosine Rose des Neiges ~ fragrance review

Les Parfums de Rosine has been one of my favorite niche perfume houses for the past decade, so I always look forward to trying its newest releases. T ...
21-10-2016 18:54

Chic your bottle

Your Thierry Mugler Angel apparently wants its own wardrobe. (We posted one of the covers here.) ...
21-10-2016 18:54

It?s not Beyonce

Over the past few decades, putting out a signature perfume has become a standard move for any celebrity ? but who remains the most dominant in the fra ...
21-10-2016 18:54

E. Coudray Ylang Ylang, Rose Tubereuse, Nohiba 2016

The house of E. Coudray recently exhibited at TFWA 2016 in Cannes. Their booth stood out for its feminine, attractive and chic style, and attract ...
20-10-2016 18:55

New Escentual Post: The Terryific Oud Collection

What happens when you mix the ex-Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent and the ancient perfume ingredient oud" The answer is Terry de Gunzburg’s T ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Olympic Orchids Mardi Gras ~ fragrance review

Every year in late winter New Orleans puts on a grand party like no other. It?s a rainbow-hued, glittering, skanky, riotous celebration of everythin ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Roberto Cavalli Gold Collection

"A baroque and luxurious vision of the Italian dolce vita" - read the phrase that describes the new exclusive collection from designer ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Thursday scent of the day 10/20

Happy Almost-Friday! (And I think we in the US of A can all be happy, in a non-partisan way befitting the comment policy, that the debates are finall ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Ice Cream In The Sun: The Solar Lactonic Thrust

There is a solar lactonic thrust taking place. Both adjectives often materialise hand in hand in contemporary fragrance, but their appearances w ...
20-10-2016 18:55

A great artist interpreted by a great perfumer

3+ minutes of bottle (and jewelry) porn for the Dalí Haute Parfumerie collection. ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl

Trini Girl, a new edition of the fragrance collection from hip-hop star Nicki Minaj produced by Elizabeth Arden, pays tribute to her Trinidadian orig ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Satellite Padparadscha Noir ~ new fragrance

Paris-based jewelry brand Satellite will launch Padparadscha Noir next month. The new fragrance for women is a flanker to Padparadscha, and celebrate ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Nombre Noir on Exhibit at The Perfumer's Studio in Los Angel

On Oct. 28th from 6-9p.m, The Perfumer\'s Studio in Los Angeles will celebrate the opening of the first in an ongoing series of exhibitions dedicat ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Acca Kappa Idillio ~ new fragrance

Italian brand Acca Kappa has launched Idillio, a new fragrance... ...
20-10-2016 18:55

Wednesday scent of the day 10/19

It\'s Hump Day! What fragrance are you wearing" No trick today: I\'m wearing Cartier Baiser Volé just because I felt like it. Reminder: 10/21 w ...
19-10-2016 18:55

This Week in Fragrance: Home Aromas, V R Magic Fragrance S

LancasterOnline wants you to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday season by scenting your home: Spring and summer are prime time to bring f ...
19-10-2016 18:55

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First Fragrances: Mure et Musc by L'Artisan Parfumeur (1978)

First Fragrances: Mure et Musc by L'Artisan P...

The founder of L\'Artisan Parfumeur, Jean Laporte, was a self-taught perfumer, being a chemist by training, and his idea of a small artisanal house, as evidenced by the very name, was iconoclastic at the time. This was the 1970\'s and... -
Their moment even inspires a new fragrance?

Their moment even inspires a new fragrance?

Two lovers escape a blaze at a famous London hotel. Out of the flames steps a hero, carrying the woman who loves him. It?s romantic, heroic and a photographer slaps them on the world's front pages. Their moment even inspires a new fragrance. But... -
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Tester Perfume

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Tester Perfume

Scandal by Jean Paul GaultierWomen Edp TesterA glass bottle with pink juice, feminine, intimate and powdery. That\'s scandal, a new fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier. Launched in 2017, it start with honey accord and  blood orange on the top.... -
New Escentual Post: Guerlain L’Homme Idéal Cologne Review

New Escentual Post: Guerlain L’Homme Id...

An army of amorous brides chase a practically terrified Jon Kortajarena through city streets in the advert for Guerlain’s latest fragrance, L’Homme Idéal Cologne, and who can blame them" After all, Kortajarena isn’t exactly harsh on the eyes... -

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