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Call Me ‘CANDY’ – GUERLAIN Mon Exclusif Pe

There is an ever-growing trend within perfumery for intense sweetness. I’m not talking about your everyday gourmands, because those have been around ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Perris Monte Carlo: Two Novelties from Monaco

Perris Monte Carlo is expanding its Black collection and presents two new fragrances, Absolue d\'Osmanthe and Santal du Pacifique, which will be ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Parco Palladiano

Short but pretty spots for the Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano collection. I is first, then II, III & IV are below the jump. ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Oud Sublime by Patricia de Nicolaï: Arabian Guests

Patricia and Axel de Nicolai have launched a new fragrance in the collection of Nicolaï Parfumeur Créateur: Oud Sublime. Thie scent first appeared ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Byredo Heliotropia ~ new fragrance

Niche line Byredo will launch Heliotropia, a new floral fragrance inspired by Liberty of London. ...
31-05-2016 18:53

LUXE by Sheerluxe

  "I wanted to create something that would stand the test of time, that is both commercial (pomegranate anchors the scent) but also a b ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Hermes Parfum d?Hermes ~ fragrance review

In a review of Hermès 24, Faubourg, I compared it to the company?s Constance bag.1 While sampling Parfum d?Hermès, I couldn?t help but think of a mi ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Parfumerie Generale Le Musc et la Peau ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parfumerie Générale will launch 4.1 Le Musc et la Peau, a new addition to the brand\'s "Collection Rework" series, in Jun ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Antonio Banderas Secret Collection: Her Secret Night, The Se

  Antonio Banderas launches new fragrances of the Secret collection succeeding last year?s duo Her Secret Game and The Secret Game. The ne ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 5/31

It\'s Monday\'s (especially) ugly little sister, and June is almost here! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Parfums de Nicolaï Eau d\ ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Gunpowder and Flowers: Spyros Drosopoulos of Baruti Perfumes

We began a discussion with Spyros Drosopoulos of Baruti Perfumes in Part 1 of Gunpowder and Flowers. The story continues as Spyros and I talked abo ...
31-05-2016 18:53

The Aroused Courtesan And Her Intrigues: Nimere Parfums

  Nicolay Eremin is a new Russian talent in perfumery. He makes unusual fragrances with an artisanal character, which you can feel when yo ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Everything that a major fragrance usually isn?t

That\'s because POP is all about everything that a major fragrance usually isn\'t. There\'s no come-hither ad campaign, no wear-this-to-make-a-lover-s ...
31-05-2016 18:53

Monday scent of the day 5/30

It\'s Monday, again, and in the US, Memorial Day. Hope everyone had a good weekend! I am finishing up a home improvement project, so posting will be ...
30-05-2016 18:54

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute

Gentlemen Only Absolute is a new fragrance by Givenchy, which comes out in the summer of 2016. The fragrance is a rich Eau de Parfum version of the ...
30-05-2016 18:54

Fragrant Reviews Round-Up: May 2016

As you may know, Nick Gilbert, my scented partner in crime and I run a perfumed Twitter project called [email protected]?, in which we review fragranc ...
30-05-2016 18:54

Hermes Muguet Porcelaine : Perfume Review

Last week I talked about perfumery as “the art of fortunate proportions,” and one of the best examples for this idea is the newest fragran ...
30-05-2016 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope May 30 - June 5

  My plan for this week is to enjoy the first part and then on Thursday to fully mobilize anything that can counteract fear and ...
29-05-2016 18:54

T. Habanero: Havana Guide

T. Habanero by Rania J. found a way to my wish-list last September. At Pitti Fragranze 2015, Rania Jouaneh gave me  only a perfumed blotter, saying ...
29-05-2016 18:54

Agent Provocateur Lace

Agent Provocateur is a synonym for exclusivity, sex appeal and a dose of extravagance, from its luxurious lingerie to the distinctive fragrance lin ...
29-05-2016 18:54

Best in Show: Fragrances for a Teenage Guy (2016)

Pity the poor teenager left at loss in a sea of Axe/Lynx and drugstore scents with an aspiration for designer status but no compass to n ...
29-05-2016 18:54

Nobile 1942 Perdizione ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Nobile 1942 has launched Perdizione, a new unisex fragrance... ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Carolina Herrera Launches the Collection 212 NEW YORK PILLS

In collaboration with Puig, Carolina Herrera launches the fun collection 212 New York Pills which includes well-known fragrances of ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani Diamonds Club

Armani presents two new limited editions for 2016 from the fun and youthful Emporio Armani Diamonds collection: Emporio Armani Diamonds Club and Em ...
28-05-2016 18:53

First instinct

The spot for the new First Instinct by Abercrombie & Fitch. ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Gunpowder and Flowers: Spyros Drosopoulos of Baruti Perfumes

An important stop on my recent travels in Amsterdam was going to meet Mr. Spyros Drosopoulos of Baruti Perfumes. His name had been ringing in my ea ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Buy them all

Key fashion houses - namely Chanel, Dior, Givenchy and Armani - have all expanded into a niche market sometimes referred to as ?haute parfumerie,? or ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Viktor Rolf Bonbon Couture

Dutch fashion design duo ViktorRolf presents a new version of the cute and sweet Bonbon perfume from 2014 - Bonbon Couture - available from Au ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, Memorial Day weekend 2016

Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the USA! And happy weekend to everyone else. We\'re celebrating with our usual open thread poll. Talk about any ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Parfumerie Générale: Ten Years Later

As they say, if you will not be responsible for your own progress ? no one else will. For the past four years, Pierre Guillaume, perfumer and owner ...
28-05-2016 18:53

Atkinsons Her Majesty The Oud & His Majesty The Oud ~ new f

British perfume house Atkinsons has launched two new fragrances: Her Majesty The Oud and His Majesty The Oud (and see also: 2013\'s Oud Save the King ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Widian Launches Limited 71

Widian perfumes of UAE are pleased to announce that a new Limited Edition fragrance will be launched very soon in only 6 countries ( United Kingdom ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Oriza L. Legrand Villa Lympia ~ fragrance review

Last month I reviewed La Parfumerie Moderne\'s Années Folles, an evocation of hotel parties on the Riviera during the Roaring Twenties. This week, ju ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Le Labo Introducing Santal 26 Concrete Votives

International brand, Le Labo, has launched a new collection of travel-sized votives in their popular Santal 26 home aroma.   "Our n ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Weekly Roundup: Colors and Shapes, Visual Effect is Importan

During these two weeks we\'ve witnessed many very new launches (not versions or flankers) from the various fragrance genres: niche, lux and mass-ma ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Roja Dove. The First Exclusive for Selfridges

Roja Dove will introduce a new fragrance created exclusively for Selfridges on June 1, 2016: A Midsummer Dream was created with the idea that a fra ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Friday scent of the day 5/27

Friday, at last, and if you\'re in the US, almost Memorial Day weekend. I\'m sure some of you are starting early. Our community project for today: we ...
27-05-2016 18:53

The E.d'E. Series From MCMC Perfumes

Brooklyn-based perfumery MCMC has launched two new fragrance oils - E.d\'E. BLUE Perfume oil and E.d\'E. BLACK Perfume oil. The fragrant duo is a ...
27-05-2016 18:53

The Vintage Underdogs: 5 Unfairly Forgotten Perfumes

Inside the web of perfume collectors there are the holy grails - perfumes that were iconic, that made such a statement and had such success that it ...
27-05-2016 18:53

Scented Snippets New Fragrance Review: Providence Perfume Co

Only Ella would do. If you\'ve got summer fever, then Charna Ethier\'s newest composition, Love-in-a-Mist, is the perfect panacea for it ...
27-05-2016 18:53

An interview with Thorsten Biehl (biehl.parfumkunstwerke)

Discerning noses could readily claim that German perfume schools are just as good as French. But with little publicity abroad, schools like Haarman ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Narciso Poudree

Model Raquel Zimmermann for Narciso Poudrée by Narciso Rodriguez. ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Lanvin Modern Princess

The fashion house of Lanvin launches Modern Princess under the Interparfums license in July 2016 as the new chapter of Lanvin perfumes. Lanvin mani ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 5/26

Happy Almost-Friday! What fragrance are you wearing" I’m in CK One, developed by Alberto Morillas (along with Harry Fremont). Reminder: on 5/27, w ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Fath?s Essentials by Jacques Fath ~ four fragrance reviews

Jacques Fath just launched Fath\'s Essentials, a collection of four fragrances developed by perfumer Cécile Zarokian, and representing "a sensor ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Ajmal Oudesire

Perfume house AJMAL from the Middle East is launching a new fragrance which succeeds the collections of the W Series dedicated to wood (Amber ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Amouage Myths ~ new fragrances

Amouage has launched Myths, a new fragrance duo... ...
26-05-2016 18:53

New Escentual Post: Armani Code Profumo Review

I wasn’t prepared to like Armani’s new Profumo version of their flagship masculine, ‘Code’, but perfume often has a way of surprising noses th ...
26-05-2016 18:53

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum ~ new perfume

Givenchy will launch Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum, a new fragrance for women, next month. Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum is a flanker to 2014\' ...
26-05-2016 18:53

When it comes to flowers

The trend toward a minimalist aesthetic in fragrance can however be more harmful than it appears, particularly when it comes to flowers. The struggle ...
25-05-2016 18:53

This Week in Fragrance: Basic Bitch, Tiffany's Morning Sic

Finally, someone has figured out how to make VHS relevant again. American avant garde perfumery Xyrena has just launched a new line titled XHS: ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 5/25

It\'s Hump Day, and Towel Day (for interstellar hitchhikers). What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing a tiny dab of Moschino Fresh, by Albe ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Interview with Luca Gritti from Gritti Venetia

At the Esxence 2016 exposition, Sergey spoke with Dr. Gritti, from Gritti Venetia, a conversation from which you could learn about the new perfumes ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Thierry Mugler Angel Muse ~ perfume review

Perfumanity would seem to generally agree that Thierry Mugler does better than most when it comes to flankers. The A*Men flankers, especially the &qu ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudrée - The Comfort of a Warm an

In 2014 Narciso Eau de Parfum was launched in an elegant white bottle; a fragrance that played successfully with the contrasts of the typically mal ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris ~ new perfume

Next month, Yves Saint Laurent will launch Mon Paris, a new fragrance for women. Mon Paris is billed as a \'modern interpretation of a love full of i ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Guerlain Atelier Vintage: Upcoming Dates

Last year we already announced a new project by Guerlain that had sprouted up from the creative brain of Guerlain\'s Master Perfumer Theirry Wasser ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Postcard from Ukraine: My Reading Corner

When a friend asked me about my reading corner, I was momentarily at a loss for an answer. I can easily zone out my surroundings, and I read anywhere& ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Same ol?

The new spot for Azzaro Wanted. Below the jump, another spot for the bottle design. ...
25-05-2016 18:53

Coach the Fragrance

Coach presents its new signature fragrance - Coach the Fragrance - in September 2016. The fragrance bears the same name as the 2007 edition, but is ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Tuesday scent of the day 5/24

It\'s Monday\'s ugly little sister, plus Bob Dylan\'s birthday.* What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m smelling fantastic in Thierry Mugler Colog ...
24-05-2016 18:54

Dusita Paris - A New Paradise

When I learned that a Thai perfume brand would take part in the Esxence 2016 exhibition, I was not expecting much. In my experience, Thai perfumes, ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Prada Infusion de Mimosa ~ new fragrance

Prada has launched Infusion de Mimosa, a new addition to the Les Infusions de Prada collection. Like the others in the series, Infusion de Mimosa was ...
24-05-2016 18:54

Rrose Sélavy by Maria Candida Gentile

It seems that Maria Candida Gentile is on her way to creating a special array of rose fragrances. After her triumphant Elephant Roses (short-liste ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Cristal Royal

The new fragrance by the house of Princesse Marina de Bourbon, named Cristal Royal, was presented as a rare gem of amazing beauty. Inspired by ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Astier de Villatte Splash Orange Amere, Grand Chalet & Elixi

French ceramics brand Astier de Villatte has relaunched four fragrances (Eau Chic, Eau Fugace, Eau de Cologne and Cologne 1871) and will introduce th ...
24-05-2016 18:54

Guerlain Colour Collection Flacon Quadrilobé

Guerlain presents the new collection of fragrances in the Colour Collection Flacon Quadrilobé, featuring five fragrances from the exclusive offer. ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Givenchy Iris Harmonique ~ new fragrance

Givenchy will launch Iris Harmonique, the latest addition to the luxury L\'Atelier de Givenchy collection. Iris Harmonique follows last year\'s Gaïac ...
24-05-2016 18:54

Success is Made

Football (soccer!) stars James Rodríguez, and (below the jump) Daniel Sturridge, in a new campaign for Boss Bottled Unlimited. ...
24-05-2016 18:54

Smell Like a French Courtesan: Les Cocottes de Paris

Les Cocottes de Paris is a recent perfume line that brings back to discussion, and to our imagination, the women that rocked the capital ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Neela Vermeire Creations- The NEW Take Two Series

  The house of Neela Vermeire Creations  introduces their Take Two Series for the spring of 2016 with their five fragrances: Traye ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Gri Gri Eau de Parfum for Tattooed Skin Tara Mantra, Moko Ma

Do you have a tattoo" I don?t. But I love to see them on others. Among the overplayed lotuses, butterflies, and infinity signs are gorgeous work ...
24-05-2016 18:54

Handsome London: Master JoJo and Redchurch

  Handsome London is a new line of men\'s fragrances developed by Londoners Jason Leonard and Richard Holmes. An independent British brand ...
24-05-2016 18:55

Smells like rotting fruit

By isolating these specific odors, scientists have give us the ability to better articulate the specific ways in which other people are disgusting to ...
23-05-2016 18:54

Hi-Wildflower Río Nilo Extrait de Parfum

Summary: Río Nilo Extrait de Parfum from Hi Wildflower Botanica is a gentle blend of exotic blossoms and incense, notable for its use of lotus blos ...
23-05-2016 18:54

Santa Eulalia Nectar ~ new fragrance

Barcelona-based Santa Eulalia has launched Nectar, a new fragrance "dedicated to the sparkling atmosphere of the Costa Brava"... ...
23-05-2016 18:54

Sartorial Splash – TOM FORD Private Blend Neroli Porto

TOM FORD has certainly explored the world of his bestselling cologne, Neroli Portofino with undeniable fervour. The range consists of a dazzling array ...
23-05-2016 18:54

The Art of Fortunate Proportions

?The art of fortunate proportions? is how Edmond Roudnitska described perfumery. The idea is simple–all elements in the right dosages and in the ...
23-05-2016 18:54

Monday scent of the day 5/23

Happy Monday, and happy World Turtle Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Kenzo Flower in the Air, by perfumer Alberto Morillas. Tea at ...
23-05-2016 18:54

ERIS Parfums: Scents That Go Bump in the Night

When fellow Fragrantican Miguel Matos approached me about a dual review of Barbara Herman/Antoine Lie\'s ERIS Parfums, I was plainly delighted. He ...
23-05-2016 18:54

Victoria?s Secret The Trend Collection Coconut ~ new fragran

Victoria\'s Secret has launched The Trend Collection Coconut, the third quartet (following Citrus and Rose) in a projected series of limited edition ...
23-05-2016 18:54

Azzaro Pour Homme and Azzaro Chrome Limited Editions 2015

"I love what shines and sparkles, what is set off by sunlight." Loris Azzaro The two most popular men\'s fragrances by Azzaro, Az ...
22-05-2016 18:53

Best in Show: Powdery Perfumes (2016)

    Powdery scents have been a major trend during the past few years, as we have analyzed here on Fragrantica in our The Mad Men Ef ...
22-05-2016 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope May 23 - May 29

  Depending on your current situation, this week can bring a lot of clarification. If stuff is loose around you, involving proj ...
22-05-2016 18:53

Curium [Cm 96] nu_be: Radioactivity

"Radioactivity discovered by Madame Curie" - for the first time this catchy song by Kraftwerk was introduced to the world back in 1975. T ...
22-05-2016 18:53

The power of friendship

In the third of this video series (see #1 here and #2 here), Amandla Stenberg talks about "friendship and liberation" in support of the new ...
21-05-2016 18:53

"Signature Perfumes" and "My Perfume Self&quo

Very often, while sorting out our perfume preferences, the Fragrantica team mentions the idea of a "signature perfume". However, through ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano Collection: A Walk Through V

Bottega Veneta in collaboration with Coty Inc. launches a special collection of fragrances inspired by a walk in the park of the beautiful vil ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late May 2016

A quick PSA: the next freebiemeet will be Saturday, June 4. Today, our same old lazy weekend open thread poll: talk about anything you like ? the per ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Morris Morriselle Pour Elle Le Parfum

Italian perfume brand Morris, founded all the way back in 1946, is launching a new fragrance within its modern collection Morriselle - Morriselle P ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Chemical signals

The bees from the genus Euglossa formulate their unique perfumes for reasons similar to ours: to attract mates, establish a signature identity, and sm ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Novelties by Nobile 1942: Intelligent Gourmands

Sandalo Nobile at Nobile 1942 booth during Esxence I pondered two Nobile 1942 novelties for about a month, not daring to sit down and write ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Exclusive Interview: Theodoros Kalotinis of THEO PARFUMS

It was not so long ago when I first contacted a young Greek perfumer, Theodoros Kalotinis. I was taken by surprise by his great passion for creatin ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Claudia Scattolini: Joy in Simple Things

One of the joys of being a fragrance writer for Fragrantica is to receive unmistakeable proofs of talent in the mail, like the fragrances from ...
21-05-2016 18:53

Scented Snippets Fragrant Event: Sniffapalooza Spring Fling

This year\'s Spring Fling was jam packed with scarcely a moment to breathe. Team Karen {aka Karen Dubin and Karen Adams, the founding parents of Sn ...
20-05-2016 18:53

Acqua di Parma Colonia Quercia ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Acqua di Parma has launched Colonia Quercia (oak), the fifth fragrance in the brand\'s Ingredient Collection. Prior entries includ ...
20-05-2016 18:53

Felze Azzurra: The Illusion of Tingly-Cool Blue Ferns

The Italian company Paglieri, a brand so old that I remember by grandmother using it, has been famous for its bath body products since its foundin ...
20-05-2016 18:53

Yves Saint Laurent Exquisite Musk ~ new perfume

Yves Saint Laurent has launched Exquisite Musk, a new limited edition fragrance in the brand\'s Oriental Collection. The last in the series was 2015\ ...
20-05-2016 18:53

Indole: The Maestro Is Decomposing

You might have noticed the word Indole in discussions about jasmine, lilies and other white flowers, with either good or bad connotation. Some ...
20-05-2016 18:53

New Escentual Post: Guerlain L’Homme Idéal Eau de Parf

I was a big fan of Guerlain’s L’Homme Idéal when in launched in 2014, mainly because it was a cheekily masculine interpretation of the effervescen ...
20-05-2016 18:53

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News most viewed Today

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Dirty Sexy Wilde

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Di...

Kedra Hart of Opus Oils is an indie-perfumer with an aesthetic like no other. She mixes opposites, in both feeling and effect, to create perfumes that are modern and young, yet deeply steeped in nostalgia. It reminds me of how DJs splice... -
L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragrance

L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragran...

L?Artisan Parfumeur will launch Rose Privée, a new floral fragrance, in April. Rose Privée celebrates the "rare and iconic" Rose de Mai (May Rose, aka Rosa × centifolia) of Grasse... -
Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new fragrance

Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new ...

West Village niche perfume boutique Aedes de Venustas will launch Grenadille D?Afrique next month... -
The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fragrance

The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fr...

The Body Shop has launched Black Musk Night Bloom, a new oriental fragrance for women. Black Musk Night Bloom is a flanker to 2015\'s Black Musk... -
Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Paris company known for their beautiful room fragrance, presented their perfume collection Collection Parfums Couture. at TFWA 2013 in Cannes. The new collection includes five fragrances in metal flacons colored in gold:... -
Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance review & quick pineapple poll

Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance ...

Allure irrésistible. At a party on Paris? rive gauche (where the \'intellectuals\' with black AMEX cards and shop) a woman?s fur coat (SO 80s, SO démodé) is lifted from her bare shoulders, exposing her neck to the candlelight... -
Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de Toilette by Cartier

Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de ...

There are so many fragrance launches each year it?s difficult to write about them all. Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you to the point reviews fragrances that are quick and easy to digest. After all, sometimes all one … Continue reading → -
Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense by Nicolaï Parfumeur Créateur

Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense...

The next chapter of my column dedicated to scents of autumn is linked with a 25 year old brand which has gained cult status; Nicolaï now is kind of lingua franca in perfumery circles and at the same time an occasion for dialog with those who... -
Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Les Elixirs Precieux Christian Dior were launched in 2014. The in-house perfumer of Dior, François Demachy, now developed four aromatic oils ? Rose, Ambre, Musc, Oud ? following the Arabian traditions of mixing and using oil perfumes. The names... -
Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

A new fragrance in the upscale Hermessence range from French house Hermès always makes me happy, even when I don\'t love the juice ? it\'s pretty rare that one has bored me, although it has happened. The new Épice Marine is number 11 in the... -

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