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Video Intro to Esxence 2016: Welcome to Milan!

Welcome! We had a little difficulty maintaining our internet connection this morning, however Bella and Marlen were able to capture some exciting v ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer ~ new fragrance

Sarah Jessica Parker will launch Lovely Sheer, a new flanker to her debut fragrance, 2005\'s Lovely. Ms. Parker says the lighter, fresher fragrance i ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Burberry Mr. Burberry ~ fragrance review

Burberry just launched Mr. Burberry, a fragrance described as the \'lover\' of 2014\'s My Burberry. The first thing that came to my mind after smelli ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Annayake Niji ~ new fragrances

Japanese beauty brand Annayake has launched Niji (rainbow), a new fragrance duo... ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Thursday scent of the day 3/31

The Eiffel Tower turns 127 years old today! What fragrance are you wearing" I picked my fragrance last night ? really! ? but I apparently made t ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Poetry from the Silence of Tulips and Roses

?Create poetry from the silence of tulips and roses,? wrote poet Allameh Muhammad Iqbal (1877 ? 1938), reminding us that out of contemplation arise th ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Molinard Habanita La Cologne

The first fragrance by Molinard, the famous Habanita, was presented in 1921, known for its oriental character dominated by ingredients of vetiver a ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Anna Sui Lucky Wish ~ new perfume

Anna Sui will launch Lucky Wish, a new fragrance for women. Lucky Wish is a flanker to 2005\'s Secret Wish... ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Mizensir Little Bianca ~ new fragrance

Mizensir, the fragrance line of perfumer Alberto Morillas, has launched Little Bianca, a new fragrance created for the perfumer\'s granddaughter...* ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Happy 40th, L?Artisan Parfumeur

A low-key celebration of L\'Artisan Parfumeur\'s 40th anniversary. ...
31-03-2016 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 3/30

It\'s Hump Day, and it\'s National Pencil Day, and it\'s Eric Clapton\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Demeter Gingerale. Te ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Juniper Ridge Winter Redwood 2016 ~ new fragrance

California indie brand Juniper Ridge has launched Winter Redwood 2016, a new unisex limited edition fragrance. It\'s the brand\'s fifth annual editio ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Mona di Orio Bohea Boheme ~ new fragrance

Niche line Mona di Orio will launch Bohea Bohème, a new fragrance inspired by Wuyi tea... ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Bruno Acampora Azzurro di Capri ~ new fragrance

Italian niche line Bruno Acampora will launch Azzurro di Capri, a new fragrance... ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Inside the Perfume Cabinet ~ Meredith and David

When Meredith and David met in graduate school, they both liked scent but weren\'t fiends for it: Meredith wore mostly Chanel Coco, and David stuck t ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coeur d?Ylang, Rhum & Tabac and Vetyv

Comptoir Sud Pacifique has launched Coeur d’Ylang and Rhum & Tabac, and has reissued a new version of 1977’s Vétyver Haïti… Read the rest of th ...
30-03-2016 18:52

The 100 Days Challenge

The universe that revolves around perfumery is something so subsidiary, sublime and intense that sometimes we cannot imagine what hides inside ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Walk on air

Model Laura Love for Kate Spade Walk on Air. ...
30-03-2016 18:52

L?Occitane au Bresil Dama da Noite ~ new fragrance

L?Occitane has launched Dama da Noite, a new fragrance for women in the brand’s L?Occitane au Brésil range (made in Brazil and celebrating Brazilia ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Molinard Habanita La Cologne ~ new perfume

French perfume house Molinard will launch Habanita La Cologne, a new flanker to their 1924 fragrance, Habanita. Habanita La Cologne follows 2013\'s H ...
30-03-2016 18:52

Bohea Bohème: new fragrance by Mona di Orio

"Created by the talented Fredrik Dalman, Bohea Bohème captures the smoldering delicacy of the distinctive oolong cultivated in the Wuyi M ...
30-03-2016 18:52

All Things Start in Nature: An Interview with Rodney Hughes

At the recent Elements event, I finally got a chance to meet in person a writer and perfumer whose work I\'ve admired for some time. I was not awar ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Masque Milano Romanza ~ new fragrance

Italian niche brand Masque Milano will launch Romanza in March... ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Baccarat Rouge 540 by MFK: A Story in Red

Francis Kurkdjian is loved by many, as well as many glossy magazines; there are lots of articles and interviews with him (maybe even more than ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Tuesday scent of the day 3/29

It\'s Tuesday, and it\'s Astrud Gilberto\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" I went with L\'Artisan Ananas Fizz. Reminder: 4/1 is April ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Armani Prive Fil Rouge

  Armani presents Fil Rouge, the new luxurious fragrance for 2016 inspired by the Armani couture collection, and the line of makeup for spring- ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Seize the ?

Three films for three Chanel Coco Mademoiselle formats (Touche de Parfum, Twist and Spray and Eau de Parfum), plus another, just for fun, for the Made ...
29-03-2016 18:53

And the Oxford Winner is…

A little later than expected (I blame all that chocolate over Easter) I am happy to announce the winner of the Ruth Mastenbroek giveaway. But before I ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Esxence Preview: New Brand Gustave Eiffel

If Paris is a symbol of the art of perfume, the Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the symbol of Paris. The iron tower (concluded in 1889) was created by ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Le Prix Eau Faux 2016 ~ another update

The clock is ticking ? you have 13 more days to come up with your entry for the 2016 Prix Eau Faux. We have 20 entries so far. ...
29-03-2016 18:53

The Sum The Black, The Red & The White ~ new fragrances

Portland-based body adornment / jewelry brand The Sum has launched three unisex fragrances developed in collaboration with perfumer Josh Meyer (of Im ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Blumarine Rosa ~ new perfume

Italian fashion house Blumarine has launched Rosa, the brand\'s latest fragrance for women... ...
29-03-2016 18:53

Recommend Me a Perfume : March 2016

We have our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread this week. You can use this space to ask any questions about perfume, including fragrance recommendations. ...
28-03-2016 18:52

A dab of Penhaligon?s Bluebell

Each time Amber Scott danced the lead role in Graeme Murphy?s modern version of Swan Lake, The Australian Ballet principal dancer applied a dab of Pen ...
28-03-2016 18:52

Scented Snippets Perfumed Profile: Sarah Horowitz-Thran's Fr

I recently chatted with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz at length about her path to perfume; later that same day, I called Sarah Horowitz-Thran in California ...
28-03-2016 18:52

What We Do Is Secret Monoscent G & E ~ new fragrances

What We Do Is Secret has reissued Monoscent G in a coffret with the new Monoscent E... ...
28-03-2016 18:52

Armani Prive Fil Rouge ~ new perfume

Giorgio Armani will launch Fil Rouge (red thread) in April. The new fragrance joins the limited edition Les Éditions Couture series in the Armani Pri ...
28-03-2016 18:52

Cacharel Summer 2016

For the summer season of 2016, Cacharel has prepared a new collection of L\'Eau editions: Amor Amor L\'Eau and Noa L\'Eau. Prior summer collections ...
28-03-2016 18:52

Monday scent of the day 3/28

Don\'t shoot the messenger, but it\'s Monday again! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Demeter Beetroot. Tea at the moment is coffee. ...
28-03-2016 18:52

Best in Show: Celebrity Fragrances

Celebrity fragrances have been around for a good part of the last three decades, starting tentatively with a Cher perfume in 1987, Uninhibi ...
27-03-2016 18:53

Casamorati 1888 Luxury Bath Collection: Perfumed Hair Mist C

Fans of the Casamorati 1888 collection will be thrilled by the new, luxurious body care collection CASAMORATI 1888 LUXURY BATH COLLECTION whic ...
27-03-2016 18:53

Weekly Roundup: Unexpected Desired

Last week was fruitful in new perfumes from great perfume houses, big and small, new and very old. Many of them will be very hard to get, because ...
27-03-2016 18:53

Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe: Montana Parfum de Peau

Welcome to another chapter of the series "Shop Your Fragrance Wardrobe", in which our writers explore fragrances they\'ve owned for some ...
27-03-2016 18:53

Mentha Reliogiosa, the New Perfume from Dear Rose

The Galant Nuit flower that inspired the perfume White Song in 2015. I discovered the house Dear Rose a year and a half ago. Created by ...
27-03-2016 18:53

Perfumed Horoscope March 28 - April 3

  Saturn represents in astrology biological structure and how we implement it in society, including social organization ...
27-03-2016 18:53

Giorgio Armani Air Di Gioia & Sun Di Gioia ~ new perfumes

Giorgio Armani will launch Air Di Gioia and Sun Di Gioia in April. The new fragrances for women are followups to 2010?s Acqua Di Gioia, and will be f ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Jette Joop Jette Love Love Love

Jette Love Love Love represents a sparkling and cheerful summer fragrance from the popular Jette Love collection, which includes editions like Jett ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Jennifer Lopez JLust ~ new fragrance

Jennifer Lopez has launched JLust, a Kohls-exclusive follow-up to 2013\'s JLove and 2015\'s JLuxe... ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Fragrantica's Live Coverage of Esxence 2016: Interact with U

Throughout the next two weeks, you\'ll be able to experience the wonders of Esxence 2016 - the international fragrance expo in Milan, Italy - from ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Burdin. Blast From the Past

It\'s really tough not to compare the present time with past ones (less hurry-scurry and without tons of flankers) when you\'re talking about Burdi ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ Easter basket, episode 4

Happy Easter, everyone! It\'s time to fill your (fantasy) Easter basket: 1. You can pick one perfume, new or old: what is it" 2. And you can hav ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Azzaro Chrome Limited Edition ~ new fragrance

Azzaro has launched Chrome Limited Edition, a summer flanker to 1996?s Azzaro Chrome... ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Maisìa: Gabriella Chieffo Announces Her 2016 Collection Excl

Last spring, Sergey Borisov and Elena Vosnaki introduced the Italian perfumer Gabriella Chieffo to Fragranticans around the world. You can read Ele ...
26-03-2016 18:54

New Stars by Tiziana Terenzi: Tyl Assoluto a Secret Hint o

Fragrantica continues to announce Esxence 2016, the Milanese art-perfumery and cosmetics exhibition. Today we`re going to tell you about one of the ...
26-03-2016 18:54

Helmut Lang Cuiron, Eau de Cologne & Eau de Parfum ~ fragran

Helmut Lang\'s perfumes (originally issued in the early 2000s) are often described as "cult" fragrances. I never tried the perfumes when th ...
26-03-2016 18:54

(Another) wild thing

Model Lexi Boling for Prada Candy Kiss. ...
25-03-2016 18:52

Jennifer Lopez JLust

Jennifer Lopez will launch her new fragrance called JLust in the spring of 2016. The fragrance belongs to the collection that was founded by the JL ...
25-03-2016 18:52

& Other Stories Havana Blues ~ new fragrance

Swedish brand & Other Stories has launched Havana Blues, a new fragrance... ...
25-03-2016 18:52

Friday bottle porn

A better image of the Guerlain Mitsouko bottle from the Arita Porcelain Lab in Japan (we originally announced it here). Via Monsieur Guerlain at Faceb ...
25-03-2016 18:52

African Leather MEMO Paris: New Vetiver

I was introduced to the new African Leather MEMO Paris some time ago but though I tried to sit and start a review, I didn\'t have any luck. African ...
25-03-2016 18:52

Friday scent of the day 3/25

Happy Friday, and welcome to our first Picture Challenge! Our community project for today: wear a perfume that matches the painting ? Max Ernst, The ...
25-03-2016 18:52

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct ~ new fragrance

Abercrombie & Fitch will launch First Instinct, a new fougère aromatic amber fragrance for men, later this year... ...
25-03-2016 18:52

Interview with Anatole Lebreton

  Looking through Facebook and web pages you often see some perfume news that sometimes recall a mosaique that completes itself step by step. O ...
25-03-2016 18:52

Esxence-2016: Adjatay The Different Company

The Different Company, which is pretending by its own name to stand out from everything \'ordinary\' in perfumery, is coming to Esxence with a new ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Thursday scent of the day 3/24

It\'s Almost-Friday, and William Morris was born on this day in 1834. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing La Via del Profumo Tawaf. I ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Keep on playing

Antonio Banderas, doing his thing for Her Golden Secret. You\'re welcome. ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Smelling the Luxurious Nana.M Perfumes

Nana.M is a small and exclusive French perfume brand from Grasse that is the true essence of niche as I see it. A very talented perfumer, Céli ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Millennials in particular are using more fragrance

Over the last decade, skincare led the gains within the prestige beauty industry, fragrance was challenged as consumer usage declined, and Boomers dro ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Esxence 2016: Coeur de Parfums by Maison Incens

    The French perfume house Maison Incens is launching a new fragrance collection at the Esxence art-perfume exhibition in Milan (March ...
24-03-2016 18:52

News from Hermès: Muguet Porcelaine

On the 1st of May, the French House of Hermès will present its new edition called Muguet Porcelaine, which will become the 13th fragrance i ...
24-03-2016 18:52

MAC Air of Style ~ new fragrance

Cosmetics company MAC has launched a new version of Air of Style, first released in 2007...* ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Perfume Milan: What To Do Before After Esxence

Milan is considered to be the second capital of Italy and cannot be described in a single word: it is the capital of Italian business and tourism, ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul La Corte ~ new perfume

Salvatore Ferragamo has introduced La Corte, a new addition to the Tuscan Soul Collection. The last fragrances to join the series were Terra Rossa an ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Chanel Boy - New Perfume

Olivier Polge has created his second fragrance for Chanel (the first was Misia) which has become the 17th Chanel Exclusif. It is Boy Chanel. J ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Esxence-2016: ÔIKB, the New Fragrance by Santi Burgas

?At first there is nothing, then there is profound nothingness, after that is blue profundity.? Yves Klein ÔIKB is a new fragrance by a you ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Edition Riviera ~ new fragr

Givenchy will launch Ange ou Démon Le Secret Edition Riviera, a new limited edition flanker to 2009\'s Ange ou Démon Le Secret, which was a flanker t ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio ~ fragrance review

Still Life in Rio,the ninth release from French niche line Olfactive Studio, is a tribute to sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, "the city of wonder, env ...
24-03-2016 18:52

Yves Rocher Pop?Exotic ~ new fragrance

Yves Rocher has launched Pop\'Exotic, the brand\'s limited edition summer fragrance for 2016. Last year\'s model was Bleu Végétal... ...
23-03-2016 18:53

10 Years of Terre d'Hermes: Facts Trivia

"A perfume does not necessarily need a subject, a concept; if it is beautiful it exists in itself." Thus stated perfume maestro Jean Clau ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Wednesday scent of the day 3/23

It\'s Hump Day! A few PSAs: the Tauerville Fruitchouli giveaway is still open. So is the Swapmeet and the Prix Eau Faux. What fragrance are you weari ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Older Than Kolnisch Wasser

Let`s forget about the newest art-perfumes and selective fragrances for a while. Let`s forget about marketing-niche-branding-packaging, let`s dro ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Made in México: An Interview with Perfumes Artesanales

We had the opportunity to learn a bit about Perfumes Artesanales, created by Ivan Sanchez in Mexico City. He has been creating and perfecting his p ...
23-03-2016 18:53

April Aromatics Ray of Light ~ perfume review

Berlin-based indie botanical brand April Aromatics has been around since about 2011, but as usual I\'m way behind. I\'ve tried a few but no more ? if ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Wild Party ~ new fragrances

Carolina Herrera has launched 212 VIP Wild Party, a new duo of flankers to 2010\'s 212 VIP and 2011\'s 212 VIP Men (which were flankers to 1997\'s Ca ...
23-03-2016 18:53

The History of Iso E Super in Perfumery

Among other synthetic perfumery ingredients, Iso E Super stands out a little. This enigmatic ingredient has given rise to numerous rumors and ...
23-03-2016 18:53

My Brussels

Brussels has an image problem. Its city planning suffered from an overly strong infatuation with brutalist architecture in the 60s and resulted in stu ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Shake your booty?

...for Jil Sander Sun Shake. ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Forever

The company which makes watches and jewelry, Thomas Sabo, was founded in 1984 in Germany. Back in 2010, it added perfumes to their collection, whil ...
23-03-2016 18:53

This Week in Fragrance: Fragrance Day, Resident Evil, I Smel

Fragrantica member Annie_OK reported in our Fragrantica Fragrance News thread the following news this week: Monday March 21st was National Frag ...
23-03-2016 18:53

Boy Chanel ~ new fragrance

Chanel will launch Boy Chanel, the latest addition to the Les Exclusifs collection. The unisex fragrance was developed by house perfumer Olivier Polg ...
23-03-2016 18:53

ESXENCE 2016 Events Calendar

      As we previously announced, ESXENCE The Scent Of Excellence 2016 will be held in Milan from March 31th until April 3th. Beside the e ...
23-03-2016 18:53


The great Jacques Brel. ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Happy National Fragrance Day: Share a Favorite Scent Memory!

The UK\'s Fragrance Foundation wants you to share your favorite scented memory! Here at Fragrantica, we invite you to share a favorite sce ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Musty, metallic, stale, yeast, weak tea, rotten egg

[Lucian] Osuji and co-sniffers Andy Weyer and Chris Rydell can detect an ?off? odor in the 10 minutes it takes to heat a water sample to the temperatu ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Avon Little Black Dress & Black Suede Sport ~ new fragrances

Avon has reissued their 2001 fragrance, Little Black Dress, in a modern version... ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 3/22

It\'s World Water Day. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Frederic Malle Une Rose. (I was reminded by yesterday\'s Monday Mail.) Reminder: ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Muguet 2016 Guerlain

  Lily of the valley, with its at once sharp and deeply green floralcy, represents something more than a spring-time blossom; it\'s ...
22-03-2016 18:54

4 from Smell Bent ~ new fragrances

Indie line Smell Bent has launched four new fragrances in the Pop Mantra collection: Should Have Known Better, Never Say Never, One Day and Two Weeks ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Tauerville Fruitchouli Flash ~ fragrance review

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats. The Fruitchouli match is ready to begin. On the right we have peach and apricot in their full jammy splendor. ...
22-03-2016 18:54

Parfums MDCI Fetes Persanes ~ new perfume

French niche line Parfums MDCI has launched Fêtes Persanes, a new fragrance... ...
22-03-2016 18:54

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News most viewed Today

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Dirty Sexy Wilde

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Di...

Kedra Hart of Opus Oils is an indie-perfumer with an aesthetic like no other. She mixes opposites, in both feeling and effect, to create perfumes that are modern and young, yet deeply steeped in nostalgia. It reminds me of how DJs splice... -
L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragrance

L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragran...

L?Artisan Parfumeur will launch Rose Privée, a new floral fragrance, in April. Rose Privée celebrates the "rare and iconic" Rose de Mai (May Rose, aka Rosa × centifolia) of Grasse... -
Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new fragrance

Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new ...

West Village niche perfume boutique Aedes de Venustas will launch Grenadille D?Afrique next month... -
The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fragrance

The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fr...

The Body Shop has launched Black Musk Night Bloom, a new oriental fragrance for women. Black Musk Night Bloom is a flanker to 2015\'s Black Musk... -
Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Paris company known for their beautiful room fragrance, presented their perfume collection Collection Parfums Couture. at TFWA 2013 in Cannes. The new collection includes five fragrances in metal flacons colored in gold:... -
Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance review & quick pineapple poll

Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance ...

Allure irrésistible. At a party on Paris? rive gauche (where the \'intellectuals\' with black AMEX cards and shop) a woman?s fur coat (SO 80s, SO démodé) is lifted from her bare shoulders, exposing her neck to the candlelight... -
Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de Toilette by Cartier

Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de ...

There are so many fragrance launches each year it?s difficult to write about them all. Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you to the point reviews fragrances that are quick and easy to digest. After all, sometimes all one … Continue reading → -
Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense by Nicolaï Parfumeur Créateur

Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense...

The next chapter of my column dedicated to scents of autumn is linked with a 25 year old brand which has gained cult status; Nicolaï now is kind of lingua franca in perfumery circles and at the same time an occasion for dialog with those who... -
Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Les Elixirs Precieux Christian Dior were launched in 2014. The in-house perfumer of Dior, François Demachy, now developed four aromatic oils ? Rose, Ambre, Musc, Oud ? following the Arabian traditions of mixing and using oil perfumes. The names... -
Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

A new fragrance in the upscale Hermessence range from French house Hermès always makes me happy, even when I don\'t love the juice ? it\'s pretty rare that one has bored me, although it has happened. The new Épice Marine is number 11 in the... -

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