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The Monday Mail ~ help Sydney find a new perfume

Sydney wants our help. She has been interested in perfume ever since coming across Dior Dune at a yard sale as a teenager. She\'s about to drain her ...
29-02-2016 18:54

Tom Tailor Beach Club Woman, Tom Tailor Beach Club Man

The German fashion brand Tom Tailor will offer a new fragrant pair inspired by summer; the pleasures of drinking cocktails by the sea and part ...
29-02-2016 18:54

What Is The Most Versatile Perfume"

More than a month ago we ran a poll on the most versatile perfume. I asked you to name a fragrance or several that you consider versatile and can wear ...
29-02-2016 18:54

A dry eau

The video for Serge Lutens L\'Eau de Paille. ...
29-02-2016 18:54

Parfums de Marly Athalia & Nisean ~ new fragrances

French niche line Parfums de Marly will launch two new fragrances, Athalia and Nisean... ...
29-02-2016 18:54

That Old Black Magic Has Me In Its Spell...

Robert Elder\'s Sebastiane Parfumes were designed "to transport you to a world of memories and the desire of a journey to another place o ...
29-02-2016 18:54

Monday scent of the day 2/29

Happy Leap Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m trying Etat Libre d\'Orange Hermann à mes côtés me paraissait une ombre. Either I am anosmi ...
29-02-2016 18:54

Synethesia - My Sensory Mash-Up World

When I began the creative process that would lead to my first perfume collection, I was not all that interested in creating a perfume collection. ...
29-02-2016 18:54

Expanding Your Smell Vocabulary via Wine Tasting

How to improve both your sense of smell and your ability to speak about aromas via wine tasting" Elisa explains. A few months ago I read a senten ...
29-02-2016 18:54

A Bathing Ape ~ new fragrance

Japanese clothing / streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, aka Bape, has launched an eponymous fragrance. ...
29-02-2016 18:54

Dior J'adore Lumière

J\'adore Lumière comes out in the spring of 2016 as a new edition of the popular Dior J\'adore perfume from 1999. Dior?s in-house perfumer Fr ...
28-02-2016 18:55

Nautica Voyage Sport

Nautica is calling us again to sail on the waves of the new fragrance Nautica Voyage Sport which arrives as a variaton of the original edition Naut ...
28-02-2016 18:55

Perfumed Horoscope February 29 - March 6

    The question this week is whether we can allow ourselves to dream and let dreams play a more significant role i ...
28-02-2016 18:55

Olfactive Studio Sends You On Vacation With Still Life in Ri

While in the Northern Hemisphere we are all fed up with winter, cold and rain, and while the sun is starting to show itself in a shy way with ...
28-02-2016 18:55

Clean Summer Splash ~ new fragrances

Clean has launched two new fragrances, Summer Splash Sunkissed Skin and Summer Splash Warm Cotton Breeze... ...
27-02-2016 18:54

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Premieres Roses 2016

Yves Saint Laurent presents its annual limited edition Paris Premieres Roses in the spring of 2016. The fresh and sumptuous scent that evokes a spr ...
27-02-2016 18:54

The meetup poll, episode 1

(PSA: a "regular" lazy weekend poll is coming up shortly!) Want to meet local perfumistas" Here\'s your chance to find out if there\'s ...
27-02-2016 18:54

Amouroud Safran Rare: Sexy Well Mannered

Have you ever met anyone whose body odor you actually like and eventually become addicted to" If so, isn\'t this a baffling experience of carn ...
27-02-2016 18:54

4 shower gels ~ quick body product reviews & a quick ?what?s

I love scented shower gels, and since I do use up every bottle I buy, I have way less guilt about buying plenty of them than I do about buying more p ...
27-02-2016 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ 4 questions, late February 2016

As always, answer as many or as few as you like! Or just talk about something else altogether. 1. What fragrance are you wearing today" 2. The l ...
27-02-2016 18:54

By Kilian Celebrate New Burlington Arcade London Boutique ?

We are all drawn in by differing means ? a memory recaptured by scent, the heady tug of glamor, an overwhelming need to dress ourselves in another ...
27-02-2016 18:54

Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Parfum Eau de Toilette Édition d'

In April 2016, Lolita Lempicka will launch the new edition of Le Premier Parfum; a new summery Eau de Toilette called Lolita Lempicka Édition d\'Ét ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Ghost GirlCrush ~ new perfume

British fashion house Ghost will launch GirlCrush, a new fragrance for women, in April. GirlCrush is a flanker to 2015\'s Girl, and will be fronted b ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Petal Portraits - Petales: A Multi-Sensory Event

The arts of photography, perfumery and dance will come together on March 3 for a multi-sensory event at the Rabbit Hole Studio Gallery in Brooklyn. ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs ~ fragrance review

Lanvin recently launched Éclat de Fleurs, a new flanker to join the "family" of the classic Arpège and 2002\'s Éclat d?Arpège. Éclat de Fle ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Friday scent of the day 2/26

Crack that whip, it\'s Friday! We\'re wearing leather for our weekly community project. Thanks to thegoddessrena for the suggestion! What fragrance d ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Perfume at the Pier: Marlen at NYC Elements, Day 3 of 3

For my third and final day at the 2016 Elements Showcase in NYC, I had the great opportunity to discover some exciting fragrances from Jeroboam, th ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Ghost GirlCrush

Following the youthful floral - fruity direction of the Ghost Girl edition from 2015, Ghost presents its new version Ghost GirlCrush in the spring ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Loewe Aura Floral ~ new fragrance

Spanish luxury brand Loewe has launched Aura Floral, a new fragrance for women. Aura Floral is a flanker to the 2013 version of Aura... ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Best in Show: Mimosa Perfumes (2016)

\'Cat paws soaked in milk\' is how writer Susane Irvine described mimosa\'s charms and that holds true for many of us, too. The yellow b ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Flowers in Paris

A little bit of pretty for a grey February morning: Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home goes to the wholesale flower market in Paris with Clariss ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Treat your mum like a queen

The \'royal family\' for The Body Shop British Rose. ...
26-02-2016 18:56

By Kilian Has Become an Estée Lauder Brand

According to BUSINESS WIRE, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. has announced the acquisition of the prestigious French perfume house By Kilian, w ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Ferragamo Emozione Dolce Fiore ~ new perfume

Salvatore Ferragamo has launched Emozione Dolce Fiore, a new perfume for women. Emozione Dolce Fiore is a flanker to 2015\'s Emozione... ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Gucci Flora Anniversary Edition ~ new fragrance

Gucci has launched Flora Anniversary Edition, a new fragrance for women. Flora Anniversary Edition is a flanker to 2009?s Gucci Flora, and celebrates ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Thierry Mugler Angel Muse

In April 2016, Thierry Mugler will launch the latest addition to the famous gourmand, Angel, the "futuristic - gourmet" Angel Muse. As An ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Estee Lauder adds By Kilian to portfolio

?Kilian Hennessy?s innate passion for luxury and fragrance influences every aspect of By Kilian,? said John Demsey, Estée Lauder group president. ?As ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Liquides Imaginaires Ile Pourpre ~ new fragrance

French niche line Liquides Imaginaires has launched Île Pourpre, a new unisex fragrance in the brand\'s Eau Imaginaire range... ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Penhaligon?s Blasted Heath & Blasted Bloom ~ fragrance revie

Going back as far as the 18th century, the English have been lauded by visitors for their clean selves, homes, streets and towns. Buckets and basins ...
25-02-2016 18:56

$11 Shopping Challenge - Big Vanilla On a Little Budget

Vanilla, sweet, cozy, and comforting - is probably among the most popular fragrance ingredients ever and ranges from breakfast cereal w ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Thursday scent of the day 2/25

Happy Almost-Friday! What is your fragrance today" I\'m still doing leather ? today\'s entry is Robert Piguet Bandit. Tea at the moment is an As ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Shay Blue English Cherry Blossom

Shay Blue London is ready to launch their new spring-time fragrance English Cherry Blossom. The new perfume will be available for purchase on ...
25-02-2016 18:56

Four from Terranova ~ new fragrances

Terranova has launched four new fragrances: Oceana, Ile de Santal, Fig & Sambac and Lotus Blush... ...
25-02-2016 18:56

L'Ile Pourpre, The New Perfume of Liquides Imaginaires

On February 15th, the french niche brand Liquides Imaginaires  launched the first opus of its new trilogy, Les Eaux Imaginaires. The press event wa ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Milton Lloyd Fragrances: Beyond the Body Spray

For the longest time I had been hearing and reading people saying how a Milton Lloyd fragrance or other was a good "dupe" for this or tha ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Wednesday scent of the day 2/24

Hump day! What fragrance are you wearing" (and a quick PSA: the splitmeet is still open!) I\'m doing day 2 of leather with Masque Milano Russian ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Perfume at the Pier: Marlen at NYC Elements, Day 2 of 3

For Day 2 of Elements Showcase I brought along my friend Annika from Finland to help me explore some of the better-known French brands such as Etat ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Profile 18 Amber Wood ~ new fragrance

Actor Rob Lowe\'s grooming and skincare line for men, Profile, has launched their debut fragrance, 18 Amber Wood... ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Recommend Me a Perfume : February 2016

We have our ?Recommend Me a Perfume? thread this week. You can use this space to ask any questions about perfume, including fragrance recommendations. ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Givenchy Live Irresistible Eau de Toilette

Givenchy launched its good-mood fragrance Live Irresistible in July 2015 in the concentration of Eau de Parfum. The fragrance has opened a new sub- ...
24-02-2016 18:57

The beauty of decay

For her latest project, commissioned by the Smithsonian\'s Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum for the fifth installment of its Design Triennial, sh ...
24-02-2016 18:57

Perfume at the Pier: Marlen at NYC Elements, Part 1

  My trip from the Ft Lauderdale airport in Florida to Elements NYC started out with some minor trauma; somewhere between the security gat ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau Sereine ~ new fragrance

Le Couvent des Minimes has launched Eau Sereine / Botanical Cologne of Serenity, a new unisex fragrance inspired by the \'peaceful water of a lake in ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Diesel Only The Brave Extreme ~ new fragrance

Diesel has launched Only The Brave Extreme. The new fragrance for men is a flanker to 2009\'s Only The Brave, and follows 2014\'s Only The Brave Wild ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden ~ new fragrance

Naomi Campbell will launch Bohemian Garden, a new fragrance for women, in March. Bohemian Garden was inspired by the carefree bohemian lifestyle... ...
23-02-2016 18:54

A Perfume Day Tripper: Jodi at NYC Elements

When I still lived in Nebraska, getting to Elements was a major undertaking involving a flight or two, baggage claims, overnight stays and time off ...
23-02-2016 18:54

5 Perfumes: Dressing Table Fragrances

Sometimes I want a glamorous perfume. I don?t mean a blatantly sexy fragrance, but one that oozes retro allure. Imagine Carole Lombard, swathed in si ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Biotherm Eau Soleil ~ new fragrance

Biotherm has launched Eau Soleil, the latest in their series of perfumed body sprays... ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Mauboussin Arielle Dombasle LE SECRET D'ARIELLE

The good old 80\'s are back! Springing to our minds through an intoxicating, feminine, very sensual fragrance with personality. Those are just a fe ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 2/23

And now it is Tuesday, which Deva described in the comments last week as Monday\'s ugly little sister. What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m star ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Issey Miyake L`Eau d`Issey Summer 2016

Issey Miyake presents the annual limited editions of the original fragrances L\'Eau d`Issey and L`Eau d`Issey Pour Homme. The new summer editions f ...
23-02-2016 18:54

55, 3

The commercial for the new Fahrenheit Cologne from Dior: "a new encounter between men and elements". ...
23-02-2016 18:54

Le Flacon : Kyiv?s Perfume Gem

I have long held that the owners of perfume boutiques all over the world have more similarities than differences–artistic dispositions, creative ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Monday scent of the day 2/22

Ack, another Monday. Hope it is going smoothly so far" And what fragrance are you wearing" I\'m in Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers G, but not, ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Clash London - Democratic Scents

  Clash is a fragrance brand that made its debut a year ago, opening its first shop in Lisbon with almost no publicity. I was surprised to ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Givenchy Eclats Precieux ~ new perfume

Givenchy has launched Éclats Précieux, their annual limited edition travel retail exclusive fragrance. Last year\'s entry was Jardin Précieux... ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Here in the city of my sleepless wandering

Vinnie Woolston in the director\'s cut (the director being Colin Tilley) of the new commercial for Yves Saint Laurent\'s L\'Homme Ultime. ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree ~ new fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez has launched Narciso Poudrée, a new flanker to 2014\'s Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez... ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Premiere Robe 2016 ~ new fr

Guerlain has launched La Petite Robe Noire Ma Première Robe, a limited edition flanker to the the 2012 version of La Petite Robe Noire. The 2015 edit ...
22-02-2016 18:54

Elements Showcase in NYC This Weekend!

Elements 2016, showcasing a range of niche and artisan fragrance brands, will be held this weekend as part of the Capsule trade show at Manhattan?s ...
21-02-2016 18:54

New & upcoming perfume books for 2016

New and upcoming perfume books for 2016: My Life by Jo Malone, An Odyssey of Flavours and Fragrances from Givaudan, On The Scent by Paolo Pelosi, and ...
21-02-2016 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope February 22 - February 28

  This week is largely about the inner excitement finding constructive direction. The only way to really work ...
21-02-2016 18:54

Demeter Nutmeg Ice Cream ~ new fragrance

Demeter has launched Nutmeg Ice Cream, the latest addition to their Fragrance Library... ...
21-02-2016 18:54

The splitmeet, episode 5

The splitmeet (episode 5) is open for business. PLEASE read the instructions! For people who would like to chat in addition to, or instead of, splitt ...
20-02-2016 18:54

Purity and character

A video for Molton Brown Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise. You can read more about the Helston Furry Dance here. ...
20-02-2016 18:54

Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, late February 2016

Our same old open thread poll: talk about anything you like ? the perfume you?re wearing today, your last great (or horrid!) fragrance shopping exper ...
20-02-2016 18:54

YouTube Fragrance Vloggers: The Face of our Fragrance Commun

In a time when social media seemed to lessen face-to-face interactions, fragrance vloggers challenged traditional perfume reviewing and actually sh ...
20-02-2016 18:54

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance ~ new fragrance

Ralph Lauren has launched Tender Romance, a new floriental flanker to 1998\'s Romance. Tender Romance is geared towards the Millennial age cohort... ...
20-02-2016 18:54

Hermes Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate & Eau de Neroli Dore ~ fragr

Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate and Eau de Néroli Doré are the latest additions to \'Les Colognes\' at Hermès. It is not my favorite collection ? I own a lo ...
20-02-2016 18:54

Mendittorosa Odori d'Anima - Le Mat & Sogno Reale

Mendittorosa Odori D\' Anima creates perfumes as aromatic symbols that speak to and from the soul. The tarot symbol Le Mat (the Fool) and Sogno R ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Estee Lauder Pleasures Aqua ~ new fragrance

Estée Lauder will launch Pleasures Aqua, a new limited edition fragrance for women. Pleasures Aqua is a flanker to 1995\'s Pleasures and follows rece ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2016 ~ reissue

Estee Lauder\'s Bronze Goddess, the brand\'s yearly limited edition summer fragrance, is back. It is basically 2015 all over again: the same packaging ...
19-02-2016 18:53

The last great classic

Perfumer Maurice Roucel on his own fragrances:With «KenzoAir», man has accepted his feminine side and retained something of the little boy that he onc ...
19-02-2016 18:53

ESXENCE Scent of Excellence 2016 in Milan

ESXENCE is one of the major niche perfume shows which takes place in Milan every spring. If you are a perfume lover or a journalist, you can c ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Nest Citrine ~ new fragrance

Laura Slatkin\'s Nest Fragrances brand has launched Citrine, a new fragrance for women... ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Perfume Discontinuations, Museum Closures, Bosch

As an illustration of the idea that time doesn’t always separate the wheat from the chaff, two gems–Bulgari Black and Guerlain Nahèma extr ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Bloomatnight, part the second

A bottle-porn teaser (it does not really show the completed bottle) for the upcoming McQueen Parfum. (If you missed the floral-notes-related teaser, i ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Cerruti 1881 Sport ~ new fragrance

Cerruti will launch Cerruti 1881 Sport, a new limited edition fragrance for men, next month... ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance

Ralph Lauren launches Tender Romance in the spring of 2016, as the new edition of the romantic fragrance collection that started with the original ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon ~ fragrance review

Over the past two weeks I\'ve immersed myself in the ten-fragrance Derek Lam 10 Crosby collection, so this week I\'m treating myself to a springtime ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Friday scent of the day 2/19

It\'s Maurice Roucel Friday! Our community project for today: wear a perfume by Maurice Roucel, if you have one. Thanks to Elisa for the suggestion! ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Balbec: Natural Beauty, Natural Scent and the Green Future

Sometimes we run into an artist, an entrepreneur, a thinker, and our first reaction is ?I?m looking at the future.? These are important moments t ...
19-02-2016 18:53

Mary Kay Forever Diamonds ~ new fragrance

Mary Kay has launched Forever Diamonds, a new fragrance for women... ...
18-02-2016 18:55

Diptyque Oud Palao ~ fragrance review

Diptyque launched Oud Palao last autumn. I just got around to trying it this week. Why" Because I was 99.9 percent sure I wouldn\'t like it. Oud ...
18-02-2016 18:55

Lalique's Rêve d'Infini Is Not as Simple as It Seems

Each new edition from the house of Lalique is a reason to rejoice for any fragrance lover. When the brand launches something on the market it ...
18-02-2016 18:55

Nautica Voyage Sport ~ new fragrance

Nautica has launched Nautica Voyage Sport, a new fragrance for men. Voyage Sport is a flanker to 2006\'s Nautica Voyage... ...
18-02-2016 18:55

Natural Fragrance Review: Acorelle Pure Patchouli

Summary: From French organic and natural beauty brand Acorelle, Pure Patchouli (Patchouli Essentiel) is a creamy, sweet blend of patchouli and labd ...
18-02-2016 18:55


A \'sequel\' to The Factory, the Jean Paul Gaultier brand\'s latest campaign for Le Mâle and Classique. Use your mouse to move around the 360º view. ...
18-02-2016 18:55

Mauboussin Le Secret d?Arielle ~ new perfume

French jeweler Mauboussin has launched Le Secret d?Arielle, a new fragrance in collaboration with French-American singer Arielle Dombasle... ...
18-02-2016 18:55

Perfume Review: Andy Tauer's Lonesome Rider

There are few fragrances that have been mapped, both literally and figuratively, for the wearer. Andy Tauer, the artisanal perfumer from Switzerl ...
18-02-2016 18:55

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News most viewed Today

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Dirty Sexy Wilde

Opus Oils Babylon Noir, M?Eau Joe, Dapper, Di...

Kedra Hart of Opus Oils is an indie-perfumer with an aesthetic like no other. She mixes opposites, in both feeling and effect, to create perfumes that are modern and young, yet deeply steeped in nostalgia. It reminds me of how DJs splice... -
L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragrance

L?Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privee ~ new fragran...

L?Artisan Parfumeur will launch Rose Privée, a new floral fragrance, in April. Rose Privée celebrates the "rare and iconic" Rose de Mai (May Rose, aka Rosa × centifolia) of Grasse... -
Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new fragrance

Aedes de Venustas Grenadille D?Afrique ~ new ...

West Village niche perfume boutique Aedes de Venustas will launch Grenadille D?Afrique next month... -
The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fragrance

The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom ~ new fr...

The Body Shop has launched Black Musk Night Bloom, a new oriental fragrance for women. Black Musk Night Bloom is a flanker to 2015\'s Black Musk... -
Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Collection Parfums Couture

Herve Gambs Paris company known for their beautiful room fragrance, presented their perfume collection Collection Parfums Couture. at TFWA 2013 in Cannes. The new collection includes five fragrances in metal flacons colored in gold:... -
Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance review & quick pineapple poll

Frederic Malle Music For A While ~ fragrance ...

Allure irrésistible. At a party on Paris? rive gauche (where the \'intellectuals\' with black AMEX cards and shop) a woman?s fur coat (SO 80s, SO démodé) is lifted from her bare shoulders, exposing her neck to the candlelight... -
Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de Toilette by Cartier

Speed Sniff: L’Envol de Cartier Eau de ...

There are so many fragrance launches each year it?s difficult to write about them all. Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you to the point reviews fragrances that are quick and easy to digest. After all, sometimes all one … Continue reading → -
Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense by Nicolaï Parfumeur Créateur

Five Scents of Autumn: Ambre Cashmere Intense...

The next chapter of my column dedicated to scents of autumn is linked with a 25 year old brand which has gained cult status; Nicolaï now is kind of lingua franca in perfumery circles and at the same time an occasion for dialog with those who... -
Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Christian Dior in Oil Elixirs

Les Elixirs Precieux Christian Dior were launched in 2014. The in-house perfumer of Dior, François Demachy, now developed four aromatic oils ? Rose, Ambre, Musc, Oud ? following the Arabian traditions of mixing and using oil perfumes. The names... -
Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

Hermes Epice Marine ~ fragrance review

A new fragrance in the upscale Hermessence range from French house Hermès always makes me happy, even when I don\'t love the juice ? it\'s pretty rare that one has bored me, although it has happened. The new Épice Marine is number 11 in the... -

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