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EnVoyage by Shelley Waddington Part 1 - Carmel and Cosmologie Series

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EnVoyage by Shelley Waddington Part 1 - Carmel and Cosmologie Series EnVoyage by Shelley Waddington Part 1 - Carmel and Cosmologie Series

EnVoyage by Shelley Waddington Part 1 - Carmel and Cosmologie Series

The Milky Way, NASA

There is a word that comes to mind whenever I have a perfume experience that really sends me:  


Celestial for me describes the air imbued with electric energy, a sharpening of awareness, an enriched atmosphere, with uncountable subtle and not so subtle sensations triggered in the mind and memory, joined with a harmonious sensual experience.

When that word automatically arises as I experience a perfume, I know I've found what I'm always looking for.  It's a word that comes to me repeatedly while in the midst of several EnVoyage perfumes.

Another would be swooning; a word often used by perfumistas to describe a state of surrender to a perfume. It is a close cousin to another favorite that recurs under these special sought-after circumstances, and that is: intoxicating.  Certain perfumes have an inner effect similar to the lift off and release felt after a glass of champagne.

Driving all other cares and worries and thoughts away in the full attention required to process all the lovely sensations that an especially effective perfume unfolds. Bringing you into the beauty of the present moment.

Shelley Waddington has been making perfume for a long time, and as her experience and skill have grown, we become the lucky beneficiaries. She is an independent perfumer living in the exquisite coastal town of Carmel, California.  She long ago sought classical training in France, and that in combination with her own R&D in the understanding and use of natural materials, isolates and aroma chemicals made her one of the original artisan perfumers.  She fluidly expresses a personality and view point sharpened by constant self exposure to fragrant beauty; crossed with deep knowledge of how fragrance materials work together in evocative ways.  With these perfumes, the whole is far more than the sum of its parts.
Many of her perfumes have a bright and a piercingly beauty that enlivens and energizes. Those that make soft, quiet references to intimacy are inviting in their complexity, yet tighten up the unconscious interior process of following and participating along with the mysterious relationships of the notes as they reveal themselves.

Here are a some of my favorites from the recent hedonistic Festival of Perfume I recently held for myself:

From the Carmel Collection:  I previously wrote about Carmel Boheme, and then went for one of my rare full bottle splurges, but I now know that the others in this series are brothers and sisters in the story they create together.

The place Carmel was settled by California Bohemians at the turn of the last century, aiming for a sea-side Eden, and they lived a wild and free life that many have tried to recapture for themselves ever since.   There's a common thread of headiness, not specifically but something like the effect of  lilies breathing fragrance out into the pure blue Pacific sea air in all the perfumes...
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EnVoyage by Shelley Waddington Part 1 - Carmel and Cosmologie Series EnVoyage by Shelley Waddington Part 1 - Carmel and Cosmologie Series


Fuente de la noticia: Indie perfumes
Fecha de publicación: 01-08-2013 11:59
visto: 96

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