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Ten Perfume Picks For Winter

I will remember this winter as a time of searching for comfort as well as increased awareness. Two concepts that can be seen as contradicting. I prefe...
27-01-2018 19:31

Bruno Fazzolari- Feu Secret (Perfume Review)

I have an attitude when it comes to new perfume lines. It comes from a lifetime of sniffing and collecting fragrance, but mostly from blogging about i...
07-01-2018 19:35

Guerlain- Mon Guerlain (Perfume Review)

Usually when I take a perfume for a test run I also compose the review in my head as I\'m going about my day. Once in awhile just as I\'m building the...
19-11-2017 19:33

Two American Perfumers And Their Modern Approach To Fragranc

The year was 2005 and people who love perfume had more places to visit on the Internet. Just as independent blogs provided more venues to discuss frag...
31-07-2017 19:36

Aftelier- Memento Mori Perfume Review

The Parting of Lancelot and Guinevere, photo by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1874*The sample of Aftelier\'s Memento Mori has been sitting on the side table...
30-06-2017 19:37

Summer In New Jersey- My Top Pick Perfumes

My perfume picks this summer will focus on the here and now. Or mostly on the "here". Scents that evoke life in suburban New Jersey as I know it. The ...
24-06-2017 19:29

Moresque- Aristoqrati

I\'ve mentioned Aristoqrati by Moresque as one of my top perfume picks this spring, and true to that it\'s the perfume I\'ve been wearing the most ove...
19-04-2017 19:27

Perfumes for an Italian Spring

We usually go to Italy in the early fall around our anniversary, because that\'s where the Blond and I have spent our honeymoon. Three years ago we we...
24-03-2017 19:26

Oriza L. Legrand- Rêve d'Ossian

In this still place, remote from men,Sleeps Ossian, in the Narrow Glen;In this still place, where murmurs onBut one meek streamlet, only one:He sang o...
03-02-2017 19:32

Edward Bess- Spanish Veil

The name Edward Bess is probably familiar to those interested in elegant makeup. In the early days of his eponymous line Edward himself used to man th...
26-01-2017 19:36

Atelier des Ors- Iris Fauve

When it comes to iris perfumes my opinion is that more is more, and even that is barely enough. I\'ve already told you that I\'ve been hoarding the la...
25-01-2017 19:37

Clinique- Aromatics In Black

I realize that I\'m one flanker behind. Aromatics In Black was a 2015 release, followed by Aromatics Black Cherry last year. Prior to that Clinique ha...
04-01-2017 19:32

2016 Perfume Top Picks, Hall of Shame, And Some General Kvet

It\'s becoming a numbers game. How many of the year\'s over 1500 new perfume launches can we even get to smell given the 365 days a year, one nose, a ...
31-12-2016 19:32

Coty- Nokomis (Vintage Perfume)

I didn\'t know anything about Nokomis by Coty when I picked a half full bottle at a random estate sale. To be honest, I barely remembered it ever exis...
11-12-2016 19:30

Lady Gaga- Eau de Gaga

One way to cope with an oppressive heatwave is to perfume yourself with dignified summer colognes. There are all those beautiful classics such Acqua d...
11-12-2016 19:30

Mona di Orio- Oudh Osmanthus

The first time I\'ve smelled Mona di Orio\'s Oudh Osmanthus back in 2011 when it was still called simply "Oud", my reaction was "well, it\'s not oud"...
11-12-2016 19:30

Perfume Cheap Thrills

I started the day by posting about a $5 eye shadow primer, so it\'s fitting to end it with a much-requested list of perfume cheap thrills.  The probl...
11-12-2016 19:30

Parfumerie Generale- Ilang Ivohibé (Revisited)

The first time I wrote about Ilang Ivohibé by Pierre Guillaume of Parfumerie Generale was just before I got my first bottle of this perfume, as I dra...
11-12-2016 19:30

Parfumerie Generale- Iris Oriental (Formerly Iris Taizo), Re

Back in 2007 I made a comment about the newly-launched (back then) Infusion d\'Iris, saying that for pretty and easy going iris perfume we already hav...
11-12-2016 19:30

Bois de Turquie- Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier

Poor Bois de Turquie. It was launched in 2008 just around the time the North American distributor of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier went AWOL or out of...
11-12-2016 19:30

Serge Lutens- Baptême du Feu

The last theme I thought Serge Lutens would want to revisit is gingerbread. It seems like I\'m the only one who truly loved his 2008 Five O`Clock Au G...
11-12-2016 19:30

Coralina by Oscar de la Renta (Essential Luxuries Line)

My first order of business was trying to find out who or what is Coralina. It\'s a lovely name for either a perfume or an orange tabby, but I was inte...
11-12-2016 19:30

Nina Ricci Fleur de Fleurs (Vintage Perfume)

I had no idea I wanted (needed!) a bottle of Fleur de Fleurs, a Nina Ricci perfume from 1980 (via Nigel Groom, second edition) until I actually had on...
11-12-2016 19:30

More Top Perfumes You can Actually Find- An Updated List

A friend who was combing through my various perfume lists happened upon this post from 2008, Twenty Five Top Perfumes You Can Actually Find. She had a...
11-12-2016 19:30

Chanel N°5 The Hair Mist (Le Parfum Cheveux)

I\'m a sucker for Chanel No.5 paraphernalia. A hopeless sucker. Which reminds me that I\'ve just finished my most recent tub of body powder (must rect...
11-12-2016 19:30

Books and Fragrance- An Autumnal Roundup

Searching for inspiration or a clever idea to use in this post, I idly googled "books to read in autumn". I\'m not sure what I was expecting, but the ...
11-12-2016 19:30

Aroma M Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Sometimes a perfume arrives in your life at exactly when you need them. That was the case with the newest Aroma M Geisha perfume, Vanilla Hinoki. Perf...
11-12-2016 19:30

Bruno Fazzolari- Jimmy & Monserrat

Because one cannot wear Cadavre Exquis every day in a 90-degree weather.It\'s a good time to remember that Bruno Fazzolari has a special gift for hand...
11-12-2016 19:30

Perfume Oils- My top 10 Picks For Summer

I\'ve heard from people who regularly forego regular perfumes in the heat of summer. For some it\'s a matter of sillage. I guess not everyone wants to...
11-12-2016 19:30

Guerlain- Eau de Fleur de Cedrat (Vintage Perfume)

Here\'s something for the dog days of summer: a classic Guerlain eau. Eau de Fleur de Cedrat was originally launched in 1920, a year after Mitsouko a...
11-12-2016 19:30

Sarah Jessica Parker- Stash

There\'s a lesson there for all of us in the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker didn\'t give up on perfume. The 2005 Lovely didn\'t resemble the very prec...
11-12-2016 19:30

Best Ten Perfumes You're Not Wearing- Spring Edition

Or: Beyond Diorissimo and Apres l\'OndeeWe need some fun here. Between the weather that killed the magnolia and wisteria blossoms before they reached ...
11-12-2016 19:30

Cadavre Exquis by Bruno Fazzolari & Antonio Gardoni

Art by Chris BuzelliMany things went through my head over the course of wearing Cadavre Exquis, the new limited edition perfume by Bruno Fazzolari ...
11-12-2016 19:30

En Voyage- Rainmaker

One of my favorite things in the world is being at home on a rainy afternoon, the stormier the better, wrapped in a blanket with assorted cats, readin...
11-12-2016 19:30

Chabaud Maison de Parfum- Vintage

My original plan was to do a general overview of the entire Chabaud Maison de Parfum line, because all of a sudden I realize that there are about fou...
11-12-2016 19:30

Rania J- Ambre Loup

I\'ve stopped asking myself how many amber perfumes one needs about ten bottles ago. The deciding factor is rather simple: if I like it and feel the f...
11-12-2016 19:30

Quarterly Perfume Statistics- According to Basenotes

It\'s time for a quarterly evaluation of my "Most Worn" statistics as logged on Basenotes. Since my previous post I\'ve been more diligent in entering...
11-12-2016 19:30

Eris Parfums- Belle de Jour, Night Flower, Ma Bête

Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. Described by Homer in the Iliad:"Strife whose wrath is relentless, she is the sister and co...
11-12-2016 19:30

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Azzaro Chrome Under the Pole ~ new fragrance

Azzaro Chrome Under the Pole ~ new fragrance

Azzaro has introduced Chrome Under the Pole, a new limited edition flanker to 1996\'s Chrome for Men... -
Young   Gifted and Danielle Peazer Launch a Fragrance Collection

Young Gifted and Danielle Peazer Launch a F...

British dancer, beauty blogger and model Danielle Peazer presents her first perfume line in the spring of 2016 in cooperation with Young Gifted. The collection includes three fragrances: Peace, Love and Happiness, named after the tattoo symbols... -
Top 10 Winter Fragrances 2015

Top 10 Winter Fragrances 2015

While I am almost impervious to cold, I hate the inconvenience of winter. Imagine the shock-and-awe factor of a blizzard before the urban industrial era. People must have looked out into the eerie silence of a storm, a thick, blank curtain of... -
The Velvet Collection from Velvet   Sweet Pea's Purrfumery

The Velvet Collection from Velvet Sweet Pea...

Opening a package from Velvet Sweet Pea\'s Purrfumery is such a treat. From the beautiful natural scents (cruelty-free and yes, they\'re even Leaping Bunny certified) composed with the world\'s finest ingredients, to the delightful... -
Opus Oils: Perfume Personas

Opus Oils: Perfume Personas

We all have our own intensely personal perfume preferences.  Some of us are fortunate enough to find the right perfumer who can express our personalities and persona through the medium of fragrance.  I have written about Kedra Hart of Opus Oils... -
Calvin Klein CK One Gold ~ new fragrance

Calvin Klein CK One Gold ~ new fragrance

Calvin Klein will launch CK One Gold, a new limited edition flanker to 1994\'s CK One, in August... -
The Gift of Muguet

The Gift of Muguet

In France on May Day it’s tradition to present a loved one with a bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valley (or ‘Muguet’ as it is called in France). To celebrate May Day and the beauty of Muguet, I’ve pulled together two reviews from the archives …... -
Bunch o? limited edition collector bottles 2015, part 22

Bunch o? limited edition collector bottles 20...

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is ?special? (or not, as the case may be), and some of these may not be available in the US. Today\'s... -
Little Mix Wishmaker

Little Mix Wishmaker

British pop girl band Little Mix is launching their second fragrance in July 2016 named Wishmaker, intended for a younger audience. Their first perfume Gold Magic was introduced a year earlier. ?Little Mix believe that dreams can... -
Celebrate the Arrival of Spring with Oriflame Live In Colour

Celebrate the Arrival of Spring with Oriflame...

  With a new scent in the Oriflame collection, the Swedish house announces the arrival of spring and the beginning of the nature\'s awakening. The fragrance that opens the spring chapter is full of energy and light, and its composition is... -

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