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The Booster Club by Angela M. Sanders ~ book announcement

In the first of what I hope will be a long-running series, Angela Sanders has resurrected the art of the comic caper, and done so brilliantly. Quirk ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Perfumed Horoscope November 30 - December 6

Every now and then there is a point in time that turns out to be No-Nonsense; little heavier than we are ready to admit to ou ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Parfums MDCI Les Indes Galantes ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parfums MDCI has launched Les Indes Galantes, a new "exotic gourmand" perfume for women... ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from Executive Editor an

Yes, Fragrantica is a global leader in fragrance information and news. But even more so, Fragrantica is a special community of like-minded lov ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon ~ new perfume

Annick Goutal will launch Rose Pompon, a new "idealistic rose" fragrance for women, in February. The packaging features illustrations by Au ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Candy’s Christmas Gift Edit: Stocking Stuffers to Wall

Gift guide, gift guide, we all love a gift guide! Dear readers, I’m definitely working my way into this Christmas spirit quite heavily this year and ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection Majestic Rose : Perfu

It’s easy to dismiss the new Oriental Collection from Yves Saint Laurent as yet another banal attempt to capture the attention of the Gulf marke ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Rose Silence, Tea Tonique, L'Eau Magnetique by Miller Harris

The British niche brand Miller Harris, founded and run by independent perfumer Lyn Harris, has graced our vanities and bathrooms with their quirky ...
30-11-2015 18:54

A Printemps fairy tale

Printemps Haussmann in Paris celebrates 150 years with this Christmas fairy tale. Below the jump, Kate Winslet at the opening of the holiday windows, ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose

Elizabeth Arden, Cannes 2015. Just before the upcoming holidays, Juicy Couture is launching their new fragrance which fits perfectly among ...
30-11-2015 18:54

Monday scent of the day 11/30

Happy Cyber Monday! It\'s also Lucy Maud Montgomery\'s birthday. What fragrance are you wearing" (And a special request: there are so many deals ...
30-11-2015 18:54

New Eau de Cartier 2016

Cartier Parfums is preparing a new version of Eau de Cartier EDP for launch in January, 2016. The creators decided to refocus on the original ...
29-11-2015 18:53

The Myriad Muses in Myrrh: Part 2

If the creation of myrrh in the tale of the World\'s Creation is poetically explained through classical mythology (see Part 1), it is actual histor ...
28-11-2015 18:53

Christmas Scents: Part II, Cinnamon

  We\'re continuing the discussion about scents of Christmas and New Year! The first article from this series was about spruce (how about ot ...
28-11-2015 18:53

Santa Eulalia Vesper ~ new fragrance

Barcelona-based Santa Eulalia has launched Vesper, a new fragrance "that describes a romantic evening stroll around [Barcelona]"... ...
28-11-2015 18:53

My Favorite Lavender Fragrances, Part III of III

Summary: Marlen completes his discussion of some of his favorite lavender fragrance discoveries along his journey from being lavender-averse to now ...
28-11-2015 18:53

Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture

The high-end fashion designer Elie Saab launched his first fragrance named Le Parfum in 2011. The latest edition Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture c ...
28-11-2015 18:53

Lazy weekend poll ~ whispering to Santa (or the gift-giving

Our eighth annual holiday gift poll. Here are the three questions: What is the fragrance-related gift you?d most like to receive this year" Let ...
28-11-2015 18:53

Tory Burch Perfume, Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Collection

  Tory Burch launched her first fragrance in 2013, and accompanied it with a make-up and cosmetics collection, and scented candle. The col ...
27-11-2015 18:53

La Parfumerie Moderne Annees Folles ~ new perfume

Niche line La Parfumerie Moderne has launched their fourth fragrance, Années Folles... ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Christmas from Another Planet

The holiday windows at Galeries Lafayette. The theme: Christmas from Another Planet. Below the jump, the making of the Christmas tree. ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Monsoon Rose Gold

The house of Monsoon celebrates roses and at the end of November launches Rose Gold which will delight all fans of intoxicating floral fragrances s ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Bvlgari Splendia, Irina & Desiria ~ new fragrances

Bvlgari will launch Le Gemme Imperiali, three more fragrances in the brand\'s luxury Le Gemme series. Splendia, Irina and Desiria were inspired by th ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Friday scent of the day 11/27

It\'s Black Friday! Stay safe, people. As our community project today, we are giving thanks: wear a perfume you\'re thankful for. (suggested by thego ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Holiday fragrance gifts 2015, part 1

It?s Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day ? but either way, we?re kicking off our annual string of holiday gift posts. Today: scent-related Christmas Crack ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Frederic Malle Dans Tes Bras Perfume Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we have a wonderful giveaway thanks to one of our readers. Alice would like to find a new home for her bottle of Frederic Ma ...
27-11-2015 18:53

Byredo Subzero Collection Candles: the Glacé Trio

Cassis Glacé, Figue Glacée and Prune Glacée are the three new candles offered by Byredo for the winter festive season. Holiday candles often come i ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Chillin? Out

Barneys New York introduces Chillin? Out, their "wondrously wintry" theme for their Holiday 2015 windows. ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Sospiro Anniversary Edition

The Sospiro collection will be enriched with a new limited edition created especially for the market of the Middle East and presented exclusively a ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture ~ new fragrance

Elie Saab will launch Elie Saab Le Parfum Rose Couture, a new flanker to the brand?s debut fragrance, 2011?s Elie Saab Le Parfum. Rose Couture follow ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 ~ open thread

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating today! Today also marks the birthday of Charles Schulz, who passed away in 2000.Whether you?re celeb ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Profumum Roma: New Home Fragrances

Profumum Roma, the famed Italian niche fragrance brand, is launching a series of 6 new scents in reed diffuser form for interiors this holiday seas ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose ~ new perfume

Juicy Couture has launched Viva La Juicy Rosé, a new flanker to 2008\'s Viva La Juicy... ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Art Revival: Arte Profumi

  More and more contemporary brands have one major problem: their founders come up with too much. They make up unbelievable stories, cast ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Your overdue Catherine Cooksons

Where once perfumes promised a ride on a magic carpet to sensual Araby, now they capture the olfactory experience of handing your overdue Catherine Co ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Pantheon Roma Trastevere

As the fifth fragrance of their niche collection, Pantheon Roma introduces Trastevere, inspired by one of the most popular Italian districts. ...
26-11-2015 18:55

The SWITCH Collection: Sirin, Alkonost, Natural Perfumes and

I would say that after all those Soviet years when perfumes were considered a bourgeoisie attribute, we lack a beautiful, fragrant and intrinsicall ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Flower of the Mountain – Christian Dior Diorissimo (Vi

Do you ever have those fragrances that you want to love, but just don?t" They often appear entirely suited to your desires and tastes, and often come ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair ~ new fragrance

Vilhelm Parfumerie has introduced The Oud Affair, a new unisex fragrance... ...
26-11-2015 18:55

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur ~ new fragrances

Tory Burch will launch Jolie Fleur, a new trio of perfumes inspired by flowers in Tory Burch\'s garden: Jolie Fleur Verte, Jolie Fleur Bleue and Joli ...
25-11-2015 18:54

5 perfumes: Euphoria

It has been said of great poetry ? as well as of pornography, of course ? that you know it when you see it. A few perfumes have struck me with an ana ...
25-11-2015 18:54

Limited Engraved Editions by Serge Lutens

Every year, one of the perfumes in the beautiful bell shaped bottles from Serge Lutens arrive at the market in numbered limited editions. Usually, ...
25-11-2015 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 11/25

It\'s hump day, Thanksgiving Eve (aka Drinksgiving), and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. What fragrance are you ...
25-11-2015 18:54

Books From Around The World

It’s fair to say that much of my recent reading has been inspired by your recommendations left in the comments, often under articles that had li ...
25-11-2015 18:54


The first ad spot for Calvin Klein CK2. Below the jump, what it all means. If you\'d prefer to stick with your own misty water-colored memories, here ...
25-11-2015 18:54

The ultimate in comfort and cured meat

J&D\'s Foods (remember Power Bacon deodorant") have introduced bacon scented underwear for men and women... ...
25-11-2015 18:54

Bunch o? limited edition collector bottles 2015, part 27

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is ?spec ...
25-11-2015 18:54

A very fresh citrus but with an edge of nastiness

Diorama (Edmond Roudnitska for Dior 1949): Mouret?s RondeauCristalle (Henri Robert for Chanel 1974): Martinu?s Concerto for flute, violin and chamber ...
25-11-2015 18:54

KAJAL PERFUMES PARIS - Ibrahim Faris and Moe Khalaf about Th

The house of KAJAL PARFUMS PARIS introduced itself with their first perfume Kajal Eau de Parfum in 2014, which was of excellent quali ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Tuesday scent of the day 11/24

It\'s Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec\'s birthday today. What fragrance are you wearing to celebrate" I\'m in Aedes de Venustas Oeillet Bengale. Remin ...
24-11-2015 18:54

The smell of the baking cake

But best of all, those with a sweet tooth could try the one-woman opera Bon Appétit! by Lee Hoiby: adapted from a classic Julia Child cookery broadcas ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Made With Love at Papillon Artisan Perfumes

There is no perfumery quite like Papillon Artisan Perfumes. Situated within a peaceful lodge  tucked just inside the New Forest, this perfumery doesnâ ...
24-11-2015 18:54

By Kilian Royal Leather ~ new fragrance

French niche line By Kilian has launched Royal Leather, a new fragrance for London (see also: By Kilian Single Malt)... ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Happy holidays from Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Parfums wishes you happy holidays for 2015. ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Rise of the Animalics: The New Dirty Trend Part II of III

PART II: Animalic ingredients were key elements to vintage perfumery. They turned floral compositions in alluring experiences that dealt with subli ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Toilette ~ fragrance review

?What"? you might be asking. ?Black Orchid. Umm, haven?t we covered this ground before"? Well, yes, sort of. Robin reviewed Tom Ford Black ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Parfums de Marly Akaster & Carlisle ~ new fragrances

French niche line Parfums de Marly has launched two new fragrances, Akaster and Carlisle... ...
24-11-2015 18:54

Desigual You ~ new perfume

Spanish fashion brand Desigual has launched You, a new fragrance for women... ...
23-11-2015 18:53

New Escentual Post: DIOR J’adore Touche de Parfum

I’m not sure why, but as the festive season approaches I often find myself yearning for fragrances from the house of Dior. Perhaps its the glittery ...
23-11-2015 18:53

The giant in the forest of tree-shaped automotive air freshe

Little Trees, the giant in the forest of tree-shaped automotive air fresheners, trounced a small rival in a trademark suit in federal court in Manhatt ...
23-11-2015 18:53

New fragrances from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Indie line Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has launched Fou d\'Opium, Zeitgeist 55, Albino (A Study in White), Reveries de Paris, The Voices of Trees and Noel E ...
23-11-2015 18:53

Jeanne Lanvin Scandal

Avant-garde fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin created the revolutionary Scandal perfume in 1933. In that regard, in January 2016, a new limited editio ...
23-11-2015 18:53

Pinrose Garden Gangster & Secret Genius ~ new fragrances

"Try-at-home" fragrance house Pinrose has launched two new fragrances for women: Garden Gangster and Secret Genius... ...
23-11-2015 18:53

Le Jasmin en Inde

In episode three of the Quest for Essences series, Dior\'s François Demachy goes to the south of India to look at the production of jasmine. For some ...
23-11-2015 18:53

The Quest for Essences : Rose, Jasmine and Bergamot

Where do the perfumery ingredients come from" How are they produced" What do they smell like" Out of all aspects of fragrance, the comp ...
23-11-2015 18:53

Monday scent of the day 11/23

Another week begins, and I\'m already running late. Hope your Monday is going well! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing Le Labo Tubere ...
23-11-2015 18:53

Sergio Tacchini Club Intense

2012\'s CLUB has received its successor, CLUB INTENSE, which is aimed at modern, confident men. With its stronger aromas, "Sergio Tacchini inv ...
22-11-2015 18:56

Frédéric Malle: New Limited Edition Boxes

In 2012 Édition des Parfums Frédéric Malle presented a couple of limited edition boxes that were collector\'s editions, containing different sets o ...
22-11-2015 18:56

Montblanc Legend Spirit

Montblanc announces Legend Spirit for 2016 as a new version of the original Legend from 2011 with the slogan "Follow Your Spirit." The or ...
22-11-2015 18:56

Aroma M Voluptuous Nostalgia

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in Roman HolidayMaria McElroy of Aroma M has ventured into an imaginative version of vintage territory, inspired by a gl ...
22-11-2015 18:56

Hiram Green's Voyage: A Precious Peacock

The latest fragrance from Hiram Green, Voyage, cites India as its inspiration: "An ode to the exotic mysteries of India, our new fragrance is ...
22-11-2015 18:56

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thanks from U.S. Editor and Wri

Greetings from Philadelphia, fragrant friends! I hope this season finds all of you warm, safe and filled with joy! We\'re experiencing a lengthy an ...
22-11-2015 18:56

H M Mandarin Gold, The New Noir

The collaboration between HM and the house of Balmain attracted the public?s attention and besides a fashion collection it resulted in a perfume ex ...
22-11-2015 18:56

Perfumed Horoscope November 23 - November 29

Astrology suggests that the heavier period that we have entered now could culminate this week. It may be the beginning of a new trans ...
22-11-2015 18:56

New Dior Video-Project: The Quest for Essences

Dior introduces three videos about rose de Maï from Grasse, Calabrian bergamote and jasmine Sambac; all of them are produced by La Fabrique Films, ...
21-11-2015 18:55

The land of bergamot

In episode two of the Quest for Essences series, Dior\'s François Demachy goes to Calabria to talk about bergamot. (If you missed it, here\'s the Rose ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Lazy weekend poll ~ 3 questions, World Television Day 2015

Happy World Television Day! We have 3 questions ? answer as many or as few as you like.1. What fragrance are you wearing today"2. What\'s a great ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Chloe Love Story Eau de Toilette

Chloe introduced the romantic scent of orange blossom called Love Story in September 2014, inspired by the love padlocks on the bridge of Pont ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Notches on the bedpost

These affairs ? always flings, rarely long-term, never exclusive, amicable break-ups ? have included old-school classics (Robert Piguet?s Fracas), ins ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Le Galion Sortilege Elixir, Essence Noble & Sovereign ~ new

French perfume house Le Galion has launched three new fragrances: Sortilége Elixir, Essence Noble and Sovereign... ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Yves Rocher Secret d`Essences Rose Oud

Yves Rocher\'s Secret d\'Essences has received a new edition: ROSE OUD joins the unique collection known for characteristic fragrances and the ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Viktoria Minya Hedonist Cassis ~ new perfume

Indie perfumer Viktoria Minya has launched Hedonist Cassis, a flanker to 2013\'s Hedonist... ...
21-11-2015 18:55

Uplifting Power of Beauty

“In the small bag that seldom leaves his shoulder as he traverses the dusty thoroughfares of his surrogate hometown, Younis carries a bottle of ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Antonio Gardoni: On Maai, Animalics and Being an Outsider

Maai is the perfume that put Bogue and the perfumer Antonio Gardoni on the map of perfume social media. Almost all bloggers are crazy about Maai, w ...
20-11-2015 18:55

The queen of flowers

In episode one of a three part series, Dior\'s François Demachy looks at the Rose de Mai of Grasse. ...
20-11-2015 18:55

New Blood: Blood Concept - an interview with Antonio Zuddas

I have really admired the Blood Concept brand from the very beginning of its existence as it is an incarnation of an art with an inhuman face, far ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Yves Rocher Rose Oud ~ new fragrance

Yves Rocher will launch Rose Oud, a new fragrance in their Secrets D\'Essences line, in January. The first rose in the collection, Rose Absolue, is n ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Christmas Scents: Part I, Spruce

  Welcome to a new series of articles dedicated to discussion about trees, plants and spices that create a festive mood and explain fragrances ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood ~ new fragrance

Jo Malone will launch Orris & Sandalwood, a new unisex fragrance in the Cologne Intense Collection, in January. The scent was inspired by the iri ...
20-11-2015 18:55

The Myriad Muses in Myrrh: Part 1

Who has heard of the beautiful Myrrha, the woman claimed to be more beautiful than Aphrodite herself, who gave birth to Adonis" And who among ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Enfleurage Sanctuary, Roses & Amber ~ fragrance reviews

Was it really six years ago that I wrote a shopping report about Enfleurage, New York\'s most specialized purveyor of natural aromatics" Yes, ap ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Victoria?s Secret Winter Bombshell ~ new fragrance

Victoria’s Secret has launched Winter Bombshell, a new fruity floral fragrance for women. Winter Bombshell is a flanker to 2010?s Bombshell perfume ...
20-11-2015 18:55

Friday scent of the day 11/20

Friday is finally here! Our community project for this week: wear a fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, if you have one. What fragrance did you pick&q ...
20-11-2015 18:55


A short spot for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Florever. ...
19-11-2015 18:54

Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Thank You from the Editor-in-Ch

Fall has come even to Southern California and we are finally enjoying the red sycamores, local ambassadors of fall in our tropics ("I don ...
19-11-2015 18:54

Wednesday scent of the day 11/18

It\'s hump it\'s Mickey Mouse\'s birthday (Steamboat Willie was released on this day in 1928). What fragrance are you wearing" My pi ...
19-11-2015 18:54

Thursday scent of the day 11/19

Happy International Men\'s Day! What fragrance are you wearing" I\'m wearing a dab (really, just a dab is enough) of Yves Saint Laurent Kouros. ...
19-11-2015 18:54

BVLGARI LE GEMME ORIENTALI: Lazulia, Selima and Zahira

The luxurious Bvlgari Le Gemme collection that launched last year first presented six fragrances inspired by gems, all housed in beautiful fla ...
19-11-2015 18:54

L?Occitane au Bresil Olinda ~ new fragrance

L?Occitane has launched Olinda, a new fruity floral fragrance in the brand\'s L?Occitane au Brésil range (made in Brazil and celebrating Brazilian bi ...
19-11-2015 18:54

Candy’s Christmas Gift Edit: Scented Candles

That’s right, I’m about to drop a whole heap of Yuletide realness in your browsers. I apologise in advance, but at this time of year it’s simply ...
19-11-2015 18:54

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News most viewed Today

Gallivant London & Brooklyn ~ fragrance reviews

Gallivant London & Brooklyn ~ fragrance revie...

I recently had the chance to experience the new Gallivant fragrance line, and after admiring its packaging and display (city maps! 30 ml bottles! tiny paper airplanes instead of blotters!), I had to decide which of the four fragrances to try on my... -
Top 10 Summer Fragrances 2014

Top 10 Summer Fragrances 2014

For some reason, I\'m easily irritated by the question, "What are your plans for the summer"" As my husband keeps reminding me, it\'s just a harmless conversation-opener, but somehow it never fails to set my teeth on edge ? more... -
Boucheron Place Vendome White Gold ~ new fragrance

Boucheron Place Vendome White Gold ~ new frag...

Boucheron will launch Place Vendôme White Gold, a new limited edition fragrance for women, next month. Place Vendôme White Gold is a flanker to 2013\'s Place Vendôme... -
Issey Miyake  L'Eau d'Issey Florale Tester Perfume

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Florale Tester Pe...

 L\'Eau d\'Issey Florale by Issey MiyakeWomen Edt TesterL`Eau d`Issey Florale by Issey Miyake is a Floral fragrance for women. In head the freshness of the mandarin sparkles. A floral heart like a petal, light and delicate, reveals a soft and... -
Its pre-regulation state

Its pre-regulation state

Recreating CK One in its pre-regulation state was remarkably easy. Will Andrews of Coty tells me ?Firmenich had the original formula on file ? which was a welcome surprise as computerisation of formulae was uncommon even in the 90s? ? a simple case... -
Radley London Eau de Parfum ~ new fragrance

Radley London Eau de Parfum ~ new fragrance

UK-based accessories brand Radley London has launched their debut fragrance, Radley London... -
L?Occitane Terre de Lumiere  ~ new fragrance

L?Occitane Terre de Lumiere ~ new fragrance

L’Occitane has launched Terre de Lumière, a new fragrance for women “inspired by the Provençal light”… Read the rest of this article » -
Givenchy Jardin Precieux ~ new perfume

Givenchy Jardin Precieux ~ new perfume

Givenchy has launched Jardin Précieux, their annual limited edition travel retail exclusive fragrance. Past entries in this series include Rêve d?Escapade, Givenchy Bloom and Un Air D\'Escapade... -
Moschino Fresh Couture ~ new fragrance

Moschino Fresh Couture ~ new fragrance

Moschino will launch Fresh Couture, a new woody floral perfume for women. Fresh Couture is fronted by model Linda Evangelista... -
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Blue Edition Pour Homme

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Blue Edition Pour...

This spring the house of Giorgio Armani adds another edition for men named Acqua di Gio Blue Edition Pour Homme to their collection Acqua di Gio. The fragrance is available in limited number in a flacon with an image which depicts sea and... -

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